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Parvati is a third-year Shadhika Scholar pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Banking & Insurance and a participant with our grantee partner site Vacha, in Mumbai. Parvati was interviewed by Kendra Nicolai, Program Officer, and Sabah Siddiqui, Donor & Program Associate. Parvati transformed herself into her 10-hand divine form that inspired Shiva to take the handsome form of Kalyansundar. In the same way it's important to dress up for your partner. Parvati Mahadev Insights Consulting Partner at Brand Scapes Consultancy. Mumbai Area, India. parvati mahadev. parvati mahadev--India. 4 others named Parvati Mahadev are on LinkedIn. See others named Parvati Mahadev Add new skills with these courses. Learning Digital Business Analysis; In Parvati ’s case, she renounced all fun and dedicated her life to being as dull and austere as her hero. Of course Shiva found her drab lifestyle incredibly alluring and she became his partner. The resulting children included Ganesha and Kârttikeya. If you think that your horoscope is causing delay in your marriage, then shiv Parvati mantra for marriage is a powerful mantra to give you immediate results in finding the right partner for you. The mantra is an effective remedy to get married without any problem to the right person and live happily with him/ her. Now, HuRENDEC partners World Vision, in helping to implement stronger child protection systems in Udayapur, and Parvati is an active social mobiliser ensuring this in her community. “Although I got married at a young age, I am happy that Parvati was able to do something with her life. Partner Parvati Imports. Oct 2017 – Present 2 years 9 months. Perungudi. Wholesale dealers of PVC Edge Band Tapes and Fevicol . Dealers of all Interior Hardware accessories . Sole Proprietor Steel Link. Jan 2014 – Present 6 years 6 months. Chennai , Virugambakkam.

Kama's interlude translation

2020.09.16 00:38 ComunCoutinho Kama's interlude translation

Interlude: Love/Corruption is always by your side

Mash: da Vinci... We need to have a very important talk.
da Vinci: Oh, I know. This is a concern we can’t overlook. Not treating it is not an option. We could be too late for it, even. At this point, we should even be considering means to do it by force.
Mash: Is it really that bad…? Yeah… it is. I… understand. I'll do anything necessary, no matter who objects. Because this problem is not just ours… Have you already told Master?
da Vinci: I just called them before you came in. They should be here at any moment n-
[Fujimaru opens the door]
Fujimaru: Hello. / da Vinci called me here. Is there anything you need?
da Vinci: Sorry for calling on such a short notice. We got some pretty important we need to talk. It’s-
[Fujimaru starts falling asleep]
Fujimaru: (Huh…?)
[Fujimaru collapses]
Mash: Ah! S-stay strong, Master! Master…!
da Vinci: This is terrible! Call the infirmary immediately, ask for a stretcher.
[Fujimaru wakes up in the CCC classroom, hearing lots of students talking with each other]
Fujimaru: H-huh…? I’m in…. / A classroom…?
???: Good morning. How late must have you gone to sleep last night to be able to take naps between one class and the other?
[Kama appears, in her second Ascension]
Fujimaru: Huh? Why…
Kama: What’s wrong? Are you still half-asleep? Don’t tell me you forgot who I am?
Fujimaru: Who…? / I didn’t forget you, Kama.
Kama: Sheesh. Some jokes are just not okay. I’m Kama. Your classmate… and girlfriend, remember?
Fujimaru: Who…? / I didn’t forget you, Kama.
Kama: Yes, that’s me, Kama. Can’t have you forget me. I’m the classmate you’re dating with. I’ll get mad if you bully me, you know? Blep.
Fujimaru: Yes, my girlfriend. My girlfriend and… / You’re also a Servant, right…?
Kama: Hmm, seems like the effects are not perfect in my current state. Well, it seems like you’ve accepted the bare minimum premise, so I guess that’s enough… Anyways, Fujimaru. I’m the lovey-dovey (lol) girlfriend you connected your heart to, and this is our usual classroom. That’s all you need to know. Can you see our quiet and fun lives?
[All classmates shown in this section are wearing their Ascension or Costume that looks the most like a school uniform]
Nero: Aye, I beat you barely. This PE class we just came back from showed me you are talented! Come on, it is still not too late. How about you quit the Assassin club and aim for the imperial championship in my club?!
X: I’ll never! I already told you dozens of times, the Saber club is my greatest enemy! The only club playing for our school in the national championship is my Assassin club, which is the REAL Saber club, and you know it very well. When you’re coming home back from school, take the paths with the most viaducts and dark alleys, please!
Mordred: Ugh, this sucks. The next class is so boring. Should I ditch it?
Astolfo: Oh, great idea. I’m going with you.
X Alter: Agreed… The school shop has a very limited amount of potato yokan, so this must be the most guaranteed route to get one.
El-Melloi II (Young): Hey, stop right there. You forgot who the teacher in this class is? As the class representative, he’ll yell at me instead of yelling at you!
Brynhild: … (Knitting in silence)
Caesar: Hmmmmmmm. I knew this next semester’s budget wouldn’t be easy to manage. Where should I be cutting expenses from…
Jekyll: Can I help you? You shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help from a fellow student council member.
Caesar: No, you do your own job, secretariat. I want my job as easy as possible, but I alone am enough. [Ceasar thinks of Arjuna] It is a job our dear “fair and impartial” student council president tossed directly to me. He did it because he thinks I can do it. Then I must. I cannot lose to him in the upcoming elections and I cannot lose to him here either.
Suzuka Gozen: Howdy, peeps. I’m hecking late.
Minamoto no Raikou: Won’t you even apologize for it, Suzuka?! How many classes do you think you already missed?
Suzuka Gozen: Yo, that’s not my fault. It’s was pretty much all Nagiko’s fault actually.
Sei Shounagon: Ahahahaha, you wouldn’t believe how many people line up for just a cup of tapioca! It’s like we live in a society!
Fujimaru: Are those… all of our classmates?
Kama: Yes, they are. Some classmates are your friends, some aren’t. There’s nothing out of the ordinary in this school environment. There’s nothing you need to worry about in this peaceful spectacle. And to top it off, you have me as your girlfriend. Life couldn’t be happier, could it? No, it couldn’t. Now, Fujimaru, let’s make out. Let’s see, I just analyzed all the wishes in your deep psyche and… you want us to drink some juice from the same bottle, listen to music sharing a pair of headphones, and…? Huh, is this really enough for you? Everything listed here feels too platonic. Now you’re getting me embarrassed. You really don’t wanna do it hidden behind the school or in the gym warehouse? You don’t need to hold back on anything. Show me more of the desires on the bottom of your heart. I got it, how about I give you a nickname? As your girlfriend, I should be calling you by a cute pet name.
Medusa: Sorry for the stupid question, but… you’re not planning on calling them senpai, are you?
Kama: Wha, don’t scare me like that. What are you talking about, classmate Rider? Are you glitching? Ok, I admit my first idea was to spice the backstory with this minute age gap. But ultimately I decided against calling you senpai by default because I always choking on the word for whatever reason. Maybe the word doesn’t sit well with this body? Whatever, that’s why I decided to make us the same age. That’s the most classic trope, no?
Medusa: Is that’s so…? I didn’t understand anything, but ok, understood. No matter what you’re doing, even if you’re no longer yourself, seeing you smile next to people you love makes everything right. After all you’ve been through, anything is better than seeing you cry.
Kama: …? With all the preexisting data I’m recycling, it’s no surprise not every single line of dialogue is going as scripted. Well, as long as Master is still under control enough to preserve the general flow of events, it doesn’t really matter.
Fujimaru: Not sure what’s going on, but I think she’s worried about you.
Kama: Huuuh…? I don’t recall my divinity having any relationship to Greek antiheroes… but I can’t deny I care about her. I heard her land has Eros, apparently a divinity very similar to mine, so maybe that’s why? Yeah, that sounds about right. Don’t sweat the details! Anyways, we already enjoyed the interval mood enough already. Next up is…
[Kayneth enters the room]
Teacher: How noisy. Are you the new first-year students? To your seats. Class is about to begin. May our studies today be refined as always. Study responsibly as you savor your mundane happiness.
[The school bell rings]
Kama: Time for a fun class. By the way, my seat is right next to yours. Should I keep you entertained aaaaaall class long, like the good girlfriend I am…?
[Time skip as Kayneth continues to write on the blackboard]
Teacher: …and therefore, the concept of Noblesse Oblige is a moral duty, not a legal one…
Fujimaru: (Exchanges glances) / (Exchanges notebook scraps)
[Fujimaru looks at Kama a few times]
Kama: C’mon, there's nothing wrong with taking glances at your girlfriend in the next seat, but you’re overdoing it. How often will you keep looking? Not that I mind.
Fujimaru: (Exchanges glances) / (Exchanges notebook scraps)
Kama: Ehh… You really want to know that? Well, fine by me… [Kama writes her own note and passes] Yeah, that’s right. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, I’m full of surprises… but you knew that already. [Fujimaru passes one more note] You’re so much more eloquent in text… I can see you’re the type to send late night messages and regret it the next morning.
Kama: Huhuhu. I already had my share of fun playing girlfriend in class… Time to move one to the next phase.
[Kama approaches]
Fujimaru: …?
Teacher: Hey! What are you two thinking you’re doing? No making out in class… Though I understand how you feel, of course, I most certainly do. I once had a fiancée and she…
[Someone crashes the classroom windows]
Teacher: Wh-what’s this?
Terrorist A: WOOOOO, sorry for the intrusion, we’re evil terrorists!
Terrorist B: We completely occupied the school! And we’re taking everyone in this class as hostages! Don’t move! We’ll kill you if you do!
[The two terrorist start shooting everywhere]
Fujimaru: This was very sudden.
Kama: So, what should we do? I don’t think we have much of a choice in this scenario. Our dear classmates might die if we don’t take them out. We hid our powers to pretend to be regular students… But now is the time for us to unleash them.
Fujimaru: What are our hidden powers?
Kama: C’mon, did you forget everything? You’re an elite spy from a confidential government organization, returned from war, and a trained counter-terrorism professional, remember?
Fujimaru: Now that you mention it, yeah, I am. / My identity… will be exposed to everyone…?!
Kama: Yeah, that’s what we’re doing here. Stop questioning the script before it gets annoying. And I, your girlfriend, am the only one who knows your secret. I’m something of a partner and official love interest. I’ll get into a moderate amount of danger while we fight together, so make sure to awaken your powers and save me, ok? Yes… Savor the catharsis you desire. Feel good from the bottom of your heart. But only here…
[Battle against 6 terrorists. You must have Kama on the first row. When the battle starts, Partner and Official Love Interest activates, giving Kama a permanent irremovable NP gain buff and all her Skill cooldowns advance 2 per turn instead of just 1. Every time a terrorist dies, they activate “WHY THERE’S A GUY LIKE THIS HEREEEE”, giving a permanent defense debuff to all other terrorists, including the ones on the backrow.]
(We beat terrorists, interacted with a mysterious transfer student, faced against the Secret Student Council… A lot happened today, but now our school day is finally over…)
Fujimaru: Whew, today was a fun day…
Kama: Really? I’m glad it was. It feels so wonderful to be your girlfriend. Still, is this what your student life was like? Just a school, a girlfriend, friends, a teacher… Honestly, this format was a nice new experience to me.
Fujimaru: You say it like / you never dated or had friends before…?
Kama: … You’re right. As you may already know, I had a spouse named Rati, goddess of lust. And a friend name Vasanta, god of the spring. Oh well… the current me only knows all this as just objective facts. I don’t feel it too clearly as things I’ve personally experienced. You definitely knew that part, didn’t you? You know very well how Servants works. Us silhouettes recorded in Human Order show humans but one side of the real deal. Especially for a god of many facets like me. That’s why I can’t say I know them… I don’t know what kind of love did the original love god Kama hold for them. Or… what kind of love did they hold for Kama. [Pause] Wait, what am I talking about? Ignore the worthless monologue. How pointless. Though, when is anything I do ever not pointless? I got way too carried away trying out this new premise. Yes, a modern Japanese school can be a perfect stage for indulgent love, ugly love, dirty love, pristine love, all rolled together. I'm feeling a high affinity to this setting. Huhu, I liked it. Sounds like the most comfy place to build myself a sanctuary… Just kidding. But you must be tired of it already. Let’s replace these stage props. Enjoy the next show!
[Arrow 2 opens on the Oniland amusement park. Kama is on first Ascension.]
Fujimaru: Huh… I’m in an… amusement park…?
Kama: Why are you spacing out, dad? Yes, we’re in the amusement park.
Fujimaru: DA...!? (Dies from shock)
Kama: Mom unfortunately couldn’t come with us, but you promised this for so long that you decided to bring me anyways, remember? What a shame. She’s always so tired from work, so she really could use this day off… Ehehe, thank you for this. I love you, dad!

Fujimaru: I love you two! As much as you love me! / My dear daughter… A Servant…?
Fujimaru: I love you two! As much as you love me! / My dear daughter… A Servant…?
Kama: Yeah yeah, real funny, can you stop now? You just need to maintain the charade now. Immerse yourself from the bottom of your heart. All I’m doing here is just for you.
[Kama runs off to the attractions]
Kama: Hurry, hurry! You’ll get late for the ride, dad!
Fujimaru: Don’t run. / Stay close or you’ll get lost.
[We reach the place where the attractions and Mephistopheles are]
Kama: Yay! So many rides! Which will we go to?
Clown: Weeeeeeeeeeelcooooooooome! I see you’re wondering what to enjoy first, and I must say: that’s the spirit! As the clown in this dreamland that is our Wonder Joyful Dream Theme Park, I must welcome you with utmost gratitude, emotion and hospitality! This a gift, on the house! It’s a perfectly ordinary balloon, eeheeheeheehee!
Kama: A balloon. Thank you, mr. clown!
Fujimaru: This clown looks dangerous to leave alone with a child. / You’re not taking lost children anywhere, are you?
Fujimaru: This clown looks dangerous to leave alone with a child. / You’re not taking lost children anywhere, are you?
Clown: Well guessed! I take all of them… to lost children office in the backyard!
Clown: Oh me, oh my, why must us clowns be such a suspicious profession! I have never done anything questionable, you know? Never! You can’t hear any tictac from this balloon, can you? The sound you’re hearing is coming from somewhere else, no?
Fujimaru: …?
Kama: Ignore it, it’s just foreshadowing.
Clown: In any event, I just want to you enjoy this Something Park to the boooone!? And that was my last line of dialogue! Sad!
[Mephisto runs off]
Kama: Must suck to be scary when you’re a clown. Yeah, I think he really should rethink this idea of having a job that spreads love. There’s no guarantee anyone will like you back… Anyways, where are we going first? I can’t choose. You chose, dad!
Fujimaru: They’re doing a superhero show over there. / Let’s go talk to the mascots. / The merry-go-round is a classic.
[We watch a battle between Assassin Okita and a Mecha Chibi Nobu]
Kama: Waah, get them, Shinsen Black. Uh, she said she’ll lose because we’re not cheering loud enough! Oh no, you need to cheer with me, dad!
Fujimaru: Here’s your chance! Land the final Jet Sandanzuki! / G-get them… (blushing)
Fujimaru: Here’s your chance! Land the final Jet Sandanzuki! / G-get them… (blushing)
Kama: C’mon! You’ll make her lose!? Cheer more! More!
Shinsen Black: Thank you! I couldn’t have defeated the evil Nobbu without your cheers! Now go buy our merch at the tent over there! Don’t miss out on our great deal, pickled radish that comes with a ticket for a hand shake!
[The crowd applauds]
Fujimaru: They’re doing a superhero show over there. / Let’s go talk to the mascots. / The merry-go-round is a classic.
[We go to a mini Edison]
Mascot A: Huhahaha! Being fluffy is the first principle of mascotmanship! You may gather around me, children! On top of being safe, I also light up.
[A mini Paracelsus is also there]
Mascot B: Huhuhu… Sorry for not being fluffy. Well, not exactly. As a plushie, I should be at very least soft. What’s my gimmick? Uh, I can perform an alchemy show. I accept unofficial participants. I just need you to sign this contract…
Kama: Wah! They’re both really cute!
Fujimaru: Are they… really…?
Kama: They’re adorbs! Can I take a photo with them?
[We take one photo of Kama with each mascot]
Kama: Ehehe, my treasures now.
Fujimaru: (Well, if she’s happy, that’s all it matters…)
Fujimaru: They’re doing a superhero show over there. / Let’s go talk to the mascots. / The merry-go-round is a classic.
[We head to the merry-go-round]
Red Hare: I’m Lu Bu, not a horse, but I’m ok with playing the role of horse in this merry-go-round! Now, hop in little lady. (Said with an unnecessarily good voice)
Kama: Yay! [Kama hops on the horse] Dad, can you see me? This is so nice, I wasn’t expecting it to be this fast!
Fujimaru: I see you, dear. / Hold tight to the horse, it’s dangerous!
Kama: Okaaaay!
[The merry-go-round goes a few laps]
Fujimaru: (Seeing her like this,) / (I can really appreciate how cute my kid is…)
[Later, on the food court]
Kama: *chew* This hot dog is so good, dad!
Fujimaru: You got some ketchup on your cheeks.
[Fujimaru wipes their daughter’s cheeks, flustering her hard]
Kama: Wait, don’t act so naturally wiping my cheek. I’m not a child… Wait, I am a child. Your child. Cough, cough. Ok, I’m back in character… This tasted so good! Hey hey, I wanna ride the ferris wheel next!
[We enter the ferris wheel]
Kama: (sticking her face to the window) Whoa, so tall! Look how far I can see!
Fujimaru: Having fun?
Kama: A lot! Thanks for bringing me here, dad! Are YOU having fun, dad…? That’s the entire point here.
Fujimaru: I’m having a lot of fun.
Kama: Ehehehe, that’s what I like to hear. But… you know? I feel like this is not thrilling enough. The wheel is so slow and quiet, you get what I mean…? No, that’s not it… I’m not saying I want to go the ghost house. As expected, we need one extra scene before we leave the ferris wheel… Oh, right, the only scene I prepared is the same kind as the previous one. I’m going with this because it’s the only desire I could read from you, so don’t go calling me an one-trick pony, alright?
[We hear an announcement from below]
Terrorist A: Yeehaw, sorry for one more intrusion, we’re evil terrorists!
Terrorist B: We put bombs on this amusement park! We’ll blow it all up if anyone escapes or if any ride stops!
Kama: O-oh no! We gotta do something! Dad, you’re the only first class former military scientist specialized in explosives who happens to be at this park during the attack…
Fujimaru: Ok, I understood my backstory this time. / I knew it… All along I was…
Kama: F-forget all this backstory talk. Just go with the flow.
Fujimaru: Ok, I understood my backstory this time. / I knew it… All along I was…
Kama: By the way, I was once kidnapped by an evil organization because I’m a kid genius with amazing psychic powers, but dad came to save me all alone. I can help you in your fights. I decided to never use my powers again, but… I don’t to lose the amusement park! Let’s have a fun time beating the bad guys together, and enjoy as you defuse the bombs, dad!
[Battle against 6 terrorists. You must have Kama on the first row. When the battle starts, Genius Psychic Girl activates, giving Kama the same buffs as the first fight. Every time a terrorist dies, they activate either “BUT OUR PLAN WAS PEEEERFECT…!?” or “Uwaaaaaaah!!”, giving a permanent attack and defense debuff to all other terrorists, including the ones on the backrow.]
(We were unharmed in our battle against the terrorists and disarmed the bombs. The amusement park is in peace again…)
Fujimaru: The fireworks parade is so pretty. / My jaw dropped. I could watch this forever.
Kama: Yeah… Me too. It’s easy to see how this production was very meticulously calculated to amuse an audience. It forces you to feel the bulk and history of humanity’s centuries long entertainment culture. You’ve seen all of this since it’s all reproduced from your deep psyche, but it all feels kinda new to me. No, I’m probably just being too influenced by the circumstances here. I’m now a child… and children express their impressions honestly. And get lost in thought. That’s why this is happening.
Fujimaru: Gods were never children…?
Kama: You’re asking if I have a child self… not counting this form that I have as a means to providing love? Yes, but it’s the same case as what I talked about before. I know it only as objective information. Pradyumna. My reincarnation as a child of Krishna and Rukmini. The one who re-encountered Rati, who reincarnated the same time as he did, and slayed the asura Shambara… Ah, but he’s the me I know the least. I’m the me who was burned by Shiva’s flames. This makes me bound to something. This eternal pain that turns me to ash is the key difference that separates me from Pradyumna. So I… … What am I talking about? Did this firework show contain a magecraft effect that made my mouth looser? I wouldn’t be surprised, with how pretty they are. Can’t say I regret it. Anyways, I hope you understood that that me has nothing to do with the current me. Remember that guy who's just as connected to Vishnu as Krishna? Rama, was it? I don’t have any opinions about him, negative or otherwise. I don’t want to get involved with him because he’s part of the same system as Shiva, and that’s pretty much all I think about him. Not to mention trying to interfere with that couple’s love is way more effort than it’s worth… It’s, in essence, trying to interfere with the connection between Vishnu and Lakshmi. Oh, hell no, hell no… Anyways! We already seen the parade, so we’re done here. Next! You’re already wanting the next setup, aren’t you? I’ll flip the page already!
[Third arrow opens on a spring mountain with second Ascension Kama]
Kama: Come, boss! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, come closer to watch them. I feel really grateful to have you as my manager. I didn’t know anything when I applied for this job, but you were so kind to teach me how to work from the first step… [Kama pours a cup of alcohol] For you, boss! Bottoms up!
[On the jungle with second Ascension Kama]
Kama: We’ll definitely return home alive, the two of us. Like hell I’m going to let us die in the belly of a giant anaconda…! You tricked it into swallowing dynamite? Nice one! I’ll ignite for you. I just have to shoot inside its mouth…! Come here, come here… Now go to hell! #[email protected]&%*! (bleep censor) [Explosion]
[In a spaceship dogfight with second Ascension Kama]
Kama: Hh… This is bad. I’ll try doing a Super Lightspeed Subspace Multidimension Warp Sailing as we dive into that asteroid belt! It’s dangerous… but it’s the only thing we can do now. Will you trust me, partner…? Really? Thanks. Pray to anything, even to that canned meat if you need to, that we don’t warp into space debris! Here I go! [We warp]
[In a camp, still with second Ascension]
(When I came to my senses, I was laying down next to the campfire, with my head sitting on her thighs. It’s so comfortable. I’m falling asleep…)
Kama: Are you enjoying it…? Are you pleased from the bottom of your heart?
Fujimaru: Yeah. / I’m really loving it… Yawn…
Kama: Huhu. I’m my attempt to let you savor all kinds of setups, I may have rushed the plots on the second half. But we still have a lot more to go over. I still have a lot more I can provide. My love is unlimited. I can spoil you rotten in any way you want…
[Fujimaru starts falling asleep]
Fujimaru: (The hand stroking my hair feels so gentle) / (It really makes it hard to keep my eyelids open…)
Kama: Are you getting sleepy? Yes, yes, it’s fine. Be my guest. Time and space mean nothing when you slumber inside me. The cradle of corruption you’re in lasts forever… Oh… But really, when you’re like this, it feels like I’m the parent and you’re the child. Entrust your life and your future to me, never questioning the idea that you’re being loved, no matter how baseless and illogical it may be, and fall into a slumber you don’t know when you’ll ever wake up from. Oh, how defenseless you are.
[Fujimaru falls asleep completely]
Fujimaru: Zzz… zzz…
Kama: Ah… Ah, I can’t handle this, I absolutely can’t. You’re way too to defenseless for me to contain myself. I’ll have a relapse here.
[She switches to third Ascension]
Kama: Bonnou Muryou Seigandan. I vow to end the anxiety and hate beyond measure. Once I burn all your worries… you'll be able find relief, in the truest meaning of the word, in the root of yourself, won’t you…?
[She slowly approaches until an alarm rings]
Kama: Huh?! What’s going on here? I didn’t hear anything about this!
Type 1 Key Provision Reaction detected. Requesting activation of the Emergency Defense System.
Kama: Hmph… You set a system like this on the Master instead of on me? You always know the right way to annoy me, goddess. An anti-virus software that reacts very specifically to when I try to do this.
Fujimaru: Eh, what’s happening?! / A fire? An enemy attack?
Kama: No idea. All I know for sure is that I’ll really hate whatever is going to happen. Ruining my mood is that woman’s forte. Consciously or unconsciously.
Preparations, trini, dve, ekam… Ohn Namah Shivaya
[The defense system summons Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren]
Yu Mei-ren: Huh? What’s this? I’m not complaining since me and Xiang Yu were summoned to together, but what were we called for?
Xiang Yu: Starting processing… Concluded. Remain calm. We are not the true selves. We are akin to visions granted a role.
[The defense system summons Sigurd and Brynhild]
Brynhild: Oh my. Where are we…?
Sigurd: I can estimate my role is the same regardless of where we are. Most likely to fight.
[The defense system summons bear Orion and Artemis]
Artemis: It’s your friendly neighborhood goddess! I personally volunteered this split body for this program! Anywhere I go with my darling is a date, not to mention we’re getting summoned as a pair for a very lovely reason.
Orion: Oh crap, I feel like I got myself into real trouble again…
Kama: Yeah, ok, I already get what this program is! A real eyesore! This is my field, a field of the love attribute, so you hit me with an offensive program of people with affinity to said attribute, is that it? There’s no worth in shooting my arrows on them! I already feel like I’ll pop a blood vessel just from looking at them!
Yu Mei-ren: I’m not sure what we’re doing here… What are your commands, Xiang Yu?
Xiang Yu: We must be here due to our functions being requested. As such, we will inevitably see our work. I shall not force you anything you are indisposed to.
Yu Mei-ren: No, no! I shall stay by your side, wherever you go…
Sigurd: I’m on a similar case. In fact, I decided to never miss a chance to act cool in front of my love.
Brynhild: Gee, Sigurd…
Artemis: Oh, you’re a love god? No wonder you smelled so similar to Aphrodite and Eros. Your kind tends to be an nuisance even when you’re just doing your assigned role, you know? I mean, going by the thing you handle, you’re specced just for this. Sucks to be you.
Orion: Pretty much all of you are nuisances, not just Aphrodite.
Artemis: Anyways, as the representative of all the lovey-dovey couples summoned here today, I'm stoked for this job~!
Orion: I’m the same character type as Xiang Yu and Sigurd…? Fine, ok, but I wanted to live more freely and…
Artemis: Darling, you think now is the time to complain? You believe this world has any place you can escape me.?
Orion: Prolly… not! (for both questions)
Kama: Ah, how annoying. Way to ruin the first time I felt motivated in a long time. The worst part is easily how everything is running exactly as that goddess thought it would. I can’t stand this. You’re not making me run away without a fight. You get what I’m saying? I’m GOING WILD! What are you waiting for? Give your resources!
Fujimaru: I’ll consider this a mock battle… / Don’t get hurt, guys…
[Battle. Wave 1 is Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren. Wave 2 is Sigurd and Brynhild. Wave 3 is Orion. You must have Kama on the first row. When the battle starts, “I’m GOING WILD” activates, giving Kama the same buffs from the previous two battles and making her generate stars every time she kills an enemy. At the start of the first wave, Xiang Yu activates A display of eternal love, giving a 3-turn defense debuff to our party. At the start of the second wave, Sigurd activates A display of bloody love, giving a 3-turn attack debuff to our party. At the start of the third wave, Orion activates A display of love between man and god, giving a 3-turn star gen debuff to to our party.]
Kama: Screw you! Stopping showing off! My heart starts palpitating and it makes me furious! Are you picking a fight with the god of love? Don’t even try to pretend you aren’t, I know you were added to the program just for this!
Voice echoing from somewhere: Y-you’re making me sound bad… That’s not it, I never had any ill intent. Who else could I use as an effective stopper to your rampages? I had no intention to pester you, I just figured that these people would be the only ones able to stay true to themselves enough to intervene under the rules of the love-filled world you built inside Master… Sorry.
Fujimaru: (I’ve heard this voice before) / (I know, it’s Par)
[Kama returns to second Ascension]
Kama: Shut up already. I get it, stop. I know I can’t pull any further pranks with you spying on us. Playtime is over. I don’t know if you’ll remember all this when you wake up, but I’m not taking any criticism about the events that happened here. Good bye.
Fujimaru: Ah, wait. / If this is really the end, I have something I need to say…
[Fujimaru wakes up in their room]
da Vinci: Hey, look who woke up.
Mash: Master, how are you feeling?
Fujimaru: Good morning. Not bad, actually. / A lot better than I was before.
Parvati: I figured you would. I had to stop her before she overdid it, but some more inference wouldn’t hurt. Oh, sorry, Master. You’re surprised by my presence here, right? Erm, have you understood the whole situation…?
da Vinci: I don’t know. You could say we only got to this situation because they never realized what was going on. Let the explain. It all starts with... your stress levels.
Mash: Honestly, you were on the brink of passing out from stress! Since you couldn’t keep your nervousness and sense of responsibility off your mind for a moment, both your physical and mental health were reaching a danger zone. Upon learning that, we swiftly started building a program that could allow you to rest, but…
da Vinci: We wanted your rest to feel as natural as possible. We can’t get you dependent on machines. But just when we were about to tell you everything, you lost consciousness on your own.
Parvati: Do you understand why…?
Fujimaru: Yes, I do. / That’s why I have somewhere I need to go now.
Parvati: Okay. Go ahead. Good luck out there.
[Fujimaru enters Kama’s room]
Kama: Wheeeh. W-what are doing here?
Fujimaru: I still haven’t thanked you yet.
Kama: T-thank me? What do you mean by, err, no, emm… Ahem. Fine, I’ll ask. How much do you remember?
Fujimaru: It’s hard to say how much. / I remember pretty much all of it.
Kama: Whhaaaaaat? Wait, were you lucid? The whole time? “It all felt sorta like a dream, but I was lucid most of the time”, you say…? You, ah, but, you were indulging me in all those weird scenarios and…
Fujimaru: I assumed you were just playing make believe with me. / You thought I hadn’t figured things out from the start?
Kama: … I… see. I’ll remind you that granting love is my Authority, so don’t try to assume any deeper meaning in anything we did. What form of love it is, or how you interpret it, is really none of my concern, got it? You didn’t make me embarrassed in slightest. No, no. You had no effect on me whatsoever, understood? All I’m getting out of it is that feeling of wasted time when you think you’re drinking with a friend, but it turns out the friend was sober the whole time.
Fujimaru: It wasn’t wasted time. / Thank you. I feel a lot better now.
Kama: …
Fujimaru: You knew I was about to pass out from fatigue, so you / forced me to relieve my stress, wasn’t it?
Kama: Just because you breaking on me this soon would be upsetting… You’re like a toy to me. You should understand, since your Servant is a twisted love god who can’t do his job right. That’s such an eccentric pick that even I don’t know what to think of you as a Master. So, I think you don’t need to be anything more than a toy for me to play with random forms of love. And I don’t care what you think of me. Huhu, no, that’s not right. I should make you put all cards on the table. What do you think of me? Of this love god who shoots arrows of lust, taking people in and out of the uncertainty of love? Of this love god synonymous to temptation?
Fujimaru: A god who encourages me when I hesitate. / A god who gives me the courage to step forward.
Kama: Kh… You giving me such an innocent answer point-blank was so unexpected it’s giving brain damage… Can you quit with the unabashed integrity? You’re reminding me of Parvati a little.
Fujimaru: Uh… Sorry…?
Kama: (It makes sense… in hindsight. After all, this kid is a much Parvati’s Master as they’re mine. It would be weird for them not to have anything in common with her. No, that’s not all… Sigh. Took me forever, but I understand now. At least I feel like I do. They’re similar not only in their aura of virtue, but also in how big their presence feels to me. That must be why they’re so hard to get a good read on, and how they manage to upset so often. They’re someone I can’t ignore, someone I can never stop keeping track of even if I try, someone who is constantly invading my thoughts… And the reason why this Master, supposedly just a human, just a toy, has a presence as big as hers inside me is… Hmph. Perhaps because… she is a goddess connected to my basis as a god, and they is a human connected to my basis as this Servant. Ugh… do you understand? I’m a threat and my eyes are locked onto you. Can’t ignore or forget you. Just like my never-ending pain…)
Fujimaru: What’s wrong? / Are you okay? You’ve been making all kinds of faces without saying a word.
Kama: It’s nothing…! You’re the one with a problem here. I’m upset with your carelessness. I hope you learned your lesson! Never let your stress accumulate beyond your limits again! You never know when a simma like me will show up to take advantage of your moment of weakness! Ah… you thought that was a warning? No, that was just a threat. You won’t have Parvati’s fortifications in you forever. Keep tiring yourself like that and you’ll be too weak to resist a truly dangerous temptation next time. I mean it. Yes, you seriously could be swallowed by my unlimited love. Be prepared. A troublesome god like me can indeed encourage you to take a step forward, my carefree Master with no sense of danger… but that’s a step down a precipice of corruption you can never climb back from. Don’t forget I’m always watching… Always.
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2020.09.10 08:58 Trygve11 What a Possible Ideal Survivor Universe could look like

Been thinking on a ideal winner post and how’s that’d change the Survivor landscape here’s what I came up with 1. Hatch (There’s an argument for Wigglesworth but I think Hatch was probably the ideal winner and I think a lot of us agree, outside of his negative backlash) 2. Tina (Argument for Colby here but I think Tina was a great winner and starts the trend of the challenge beast losing) 3. Ethan (Argument for Lex here but I think Ethan is way more liked and is a better winner because of social play) 4. Vecepia (Argument for Kathy but Vecepia is from my home town so I mean some bias. But either way I think either would be good winners) 5. Brian (not the greatest person but he’s the Ice Man you can’t deny he’s a great winner) 6. Rob C (Reinvented Survivor strategy and was definitely the best player that season so yeah a great winner) 7. JFP (don’t worry Sandra wins later and he was a great player this season. One of the original villains) 8. Rob M (I mean him and Amber played the same game but she pissed less people off. I think Rob M is more of a different situation than Russel’s where his partner played the same game but wasn’t the strategic mind like Rob was) 9. Chris D (Definitely a deserving winner. Should’ve been back on WaW 10. Tom (Argument for Ian but Tom is iconic in how he dominated in strategy and in challenges definitely a deserving winner) 11. Dani (Argument for Rafe here but I think Dani being the first UTR winning game is definitely unique and deserving) 12. Cirie (Need I explain why? She was a great strategist and was going to go to the end if she beats Danielle in fire as Aras was going to take her and Aras beat Terry in the final challenge) 13. Yul (He’s nicknamed The Godfather... that says it all) 14. Earl (Him and Yau Man were the 2 best this season a well deserved win) 15. Todd (Had a great FTC and played a phenomenal game. There’s an argument for Amanda but I think Todd just having that FTC speech is just great) 16. Parvarti (Because this season has no winners to begin with I think Danielle replaces Cirie and Burton replaces JFP as they already won this season. I don’t think this changes too much here. I’ll still go with Parvarti winning) 17. Kenny (Played arguably the best strategic game this season. I think there’s an argument to be made for Matty, Sugar, and probably Crystal to win but I think Kenny was the best this season) 18. JT (Love Stephen but JT all the way this season) 19. Natalie (Russel yes is a great strategist but you have to admire the social game that she played here. And it was probably better that she won over him to be honest) 20. Jerri (don’t worry Sandra will win but Jerri was a deserving winner here. She wins if she gets to the end and Parvarti has won a season in this universe, Russel is Russel and Sandra is Sandra) 21. Sash (honestly no clue here but we’ll go Sash however a Fabio win isn’t bad either. Sash probably played the best game but S21 is its own mess in it of itself. It’s like Gabon but even less strategy. Brenda is an option but I wanted someone who made it a bit farther) 22. Sandra. (Ok... sense B Rob has won already I say Sandra replaces B Rob here as Russel’s rival as they hated each other in HvV and she wins this season basically employing relatively the same strategy as Rob but she’s more social/nicer than he is allowing her to win without needing to win challenges.) 23. Sophie (Love Coach but you can’t ignore that ending tribal. She was in exactly Todd’s position and she pulled off a great tribal allowing her to win the game. And her performance in WaW showed how she can play the game. She’s a great player and we can’t deny that) 24. Kim (If anyone says anyone else deserved to win they’re wrong straight up) 25. Malcolm (Theres an argument for Denise to win here but I personally think Malcolm may have been a better winner (this also helps fix another issue later) than Denise. But obviously with certain players like a Denise not winning they probably return) 26. Cochran (With that being said I think Denise returns here over a Fransequa or someone like that. I doubt that changes too much for Cochran and Dawn so yeah Cochran still wins) 27. Tyson (Arguments for Hayden and Cierra here but Tyson definitely played the most dominant game here and deserved the win) 28. Tony (No one else deserved the win more than Tony here. A great winner and a well deserved win and honestly the llama noises deserve the win alone) 29. Natalie (A very entertaining and dominant winner. She made a lot of moves that were both big and good for her game like the Alec Jon, and Baylor vote offs. A well deserved win) 30. Carolyn (However an argument for Mike and Rodney are both welcomed as any of the 3 could be the best winner here but to me Carolyn had more social agency than Mike. And I also want to get another girl winner) 31. Jeremy (Need I explain this? A very deserved win and that’s coming from someone who loves Spencer) 32. Aubrey (there’s an argument to be made for Michelle and Cydney as well. I’ll personally go Aubrey but again an argument for all 3) 33. David: (Was a unanimous winner if he made FTC and e had a great story. I like Adam I really do but you can;t deny that David had that win in the bag. 34. Sarah: (By far the best player this season. However a lot of things change with more winners/reputable players so Tony maybe tries harder. As in this universe Aubrey, Sandra, Tony, Malcolm, JT and Cirie are all winners. However Sarah probably still wins. 35. Devon: (Robbed god anyone? I know multiple reports go around on who wins if Ben doesn't make FTC. But I think a lot of us feel that Devon should've won this season 36. Wendall: (I think we just leave this season the same tbh. Yes Dom was more dominant but Wendall was way more social and made the right connections and orchestrated a few key votes) 37. Nick (We love Angelina but she didn't deserve a win, Mike gave up, and I think Nick being a very good social orchestrating the John vote and getting the Goliath alliance to tell him what they were doing was amazing) 38. Victoria (Look... Chris U isn't the best winner even tho I'm fine with the win. Gavin would also not be the best winner which leaves probably Victoria as the best candidate. However with Aubrey and David getting a win I think Adam and Michelle replace them. Personally I think those two stand a better chance at winning than Aubrey and David but We'll stick with the vets not standing a chance) 39. Tommy (Prob just leave it the same here except Dan Spilo breaks his foot again and he can't compete) 40. Tony (Imma just leave this the same but change the cast up but would love to hear your theories on the cast)
40 Casting Notes: Earl said no because he couldn't make it because of his kids, Tommy and Chris (Now Victoria) were both were unable to be in S40 because of timing issues. Natalie W, Vecepia and Todd all did not receive a call for various reasons. Cochran was never going to play again. Brian was never returning. JFP perhaps plays in HvV perhaps not maybe he's a 1 time guy but because he's not in S16 he doesn't piss production off. Hatch also doesn't because there's no Romber to boot both him and Tina off the cast. And JT had some weird stuff happen during GC that I dont think we're sure on but he's out as well. Also rumors say that Tom failed his physical and Chris D was not called.
Men: Tony, Hatch, Tyson, Jeremy, Malcolm, David, Ethan, Yul, Rob M, Rob C, JFP
Woman: Sarah, Cirie, Aubrey, Sandra, Jerri, Dani, Tina, Natalie A, Kim, Sophie, Parvati
More Notes: I decided to do a cast of 22 for WaW as no matter how hard I tried I couldn't narrow it down to 20/I also tried to build a realistic cast in this hypothetical universe. Other notes are that there is more female winners in this universe as well. How do you think this hypothetical S40 plays out. Does it play out the same does it not. Let me know your thoughts.
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2020.08.25 21:30 SurvivorVillain In Defense of Russell Hantz

I know on this sub the Idol King gets tons of flack, but I am writing this to prove that Russell is a great player and should have won at least once. In this post, I will mainly explain why he should have won, and some things that could have changed the game for him which were very possible
Samoa- So in Samoa, Russell starts out by burning Jaison's socks and dumping out the water. This was a good move since it created chaos, which is what he uses to play his game. Another thing he did that night was tell his Katrina story which was actually a really underrated social move at the time, you could even hear one of the Foa Foa girls say that she felt bad for Russell. That's a great lie and a great move. In addition, a few days later, he did the unthinkable and found an idol without a clue, the first to do it. The one in Guatemala doesn't count, as the tribe was told of it's existence, which is a clue IMO. Russell was able to use the idol to control the vote up until the Ben viteout when he knew voting Jaison would sink his game, as he would do as Russell said. Another critique of Russell is that he doesnt establish bonds with the other tribe. When Shambo came to Foa Foa, Russell told her about the idol and developed a little Alliance with her, as they both hated Galu. When the tribes merged, he successfully picked of the Galus with several key votes. Yes, the first vote out was Natalie White's move, but that was about her only move in the game. In the second vote, he makes a great read on the Galu tribe and plays his idol, eliminating a threat in Kelly. In the next vote out, he is able to establish a bond with Fincher, a former Galu, and convincing him to vote out Monica. So at this point Russell has two Galu allies, further disproving the notion that he has no social game and cares little about the other tribe. Then, the next vote he blindsides John and he is shocked, but great blindside. He then picks off the Galus till only Brett is left and is forced to vote off his allies since he keeps winning. So in the end, he is left with two goats, Mick who did nothing, and Natalie, who rode Russell's coattails. In the end, the jury picked the wrong winner and Russell lost 5-2.
HvV- In his second of back to back seasons, Russell starts out making alliances with Danielle and Parvati, which he would hold for the rest of the premerge. While the Villains were winning challenges, he had a feud with BOSTON rob over control of the Villains tribe. While the rest of his tribe was doing yoga, he looked for the hidden immunity idol and found it. When his tribe went on reward for chocolate, he used Coach's honor and integrity approach to teh game against him by asking him to join his alliance after he shows him and his ally Jerri the idol. This makes them want to reconsider their status in Rob's alliance, which sets the stone for them betraying Boston Rob in the near future. The Thai Sun voteout is just incredible. First, Russell plants a Russell Seed in Thai Sun's mind and convinced him to vote Parvati. Russell then plays his idol for Parvati, voting Thai Sun out. In the next vote, he eliminates Rob by flipping Jerri, and the next vote she proves her loyalty to the Idol King by voting out her close ally in Coach. Since only men have been voted out, his moves have the effect of making him look like he is on the bottom. So J.T. on the Herows agrees to give him the idol. Russell did an amazing job acting and making J.T. comfortable that Parv would go home. When Courtney goes home instead, he tells J.T that Courtney went home since Parv played an idol, thus alleviating any concerns J.T. may have about Russell's loyalty. When the merge came, he continues his charade with the Heroes and makes all of the heroes except Amanda, Candice and Rupert comfortable. He then votes out J.T. with his own idol in a stroke of brilliance. After the vote, since Sandra could flip to the Heroes, giving them a 5-4 advantage over Russell's Villains, but he foils her plans after convincing Candice that she would be more welcome with the Vollains. So she does and Amanda is sent home for the first time. In addition, this vote proves Parv's ties to Russell are stronger than those she worked with in seasons past, proving his social control over his Alliance. After this vote, he disgards Candice as she is no longer needed, and works with the Heroes AGAIN to vote out Danielle, since she was getting too close to Parv that she is a threat now. So just like Tony in WaW, Russell blindsides someone who is getting to close to his main partner in crime. After this vote, Rupert and Colby are picked off, leaving the 4 villains left. at FTC, Russell doesnt "own up" to his game, since it was a good game and instead Sandra wins from a bitter jury who had no respect for the amazing gameplay of Russell Hantz.
RI- I'll keep this one short. When Russell drew the purple buff he was doomed because he was too big of a threat having played such an amazing game just two seasons earlier. HvV was recent, while Rob's villainous performance in All-Stars was not, leading to him being voted out 3rd. Yes, production did tell him allegedly to vote Stephanie, but he wanted to prove that he had changed, so he stuck with his Alliance and got voted out and handled it with style. "I'll be back, and you better be ready". So on RI, he loses the duel and goes out like a legend, walking off and making one last move, convincing Ralph to show that he has the idol. His loss prompted his tribe to be at a numbers disadvantage and to be picked off one by one post merge. It is entirely possible that he wins this season if he draws the yellow buff, as shown by postgame interviews which show his desire to work with Natalie T, Matt Elrod, Andrea and Ashley, which he likely would have done and most likely succeeded at, considering the tribe was full of sheep who were willing to let Rob win. If this happens, Rob likely goes premerge and Russell leads his Alliance to FTC, leading to his win most likely at FTC
Thanks for reading and Keep Hope Alive!
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2020.08.20 08:35 IndiaParentingFamily Hindu Gods and Goddesses Names

Hindu Gods and Goddesses Names
Hinduism is perhaps the biggest confidence on the planet. The fascinating element about Hinduism is that it's anything but a religion, however an act of different convictions and ceremonies. One of the most established (with obscure roots) religions on the planet, Hinduism doesn't have an author.
Depending on the most essential standards, Hinduism emphatically accepts that "every single individual are divine" and that strict amicability is of prime significance. These are only two of the numerous rules that the confidence holds. As Hinduism doesn't set solid principles on adoring God, the practices differ across societies and locales. This outcomes in changed methods of knowing, perceiving, and connecting with God. As there are a wide range of stories and strict writings, so there are numerous names also.
In Hindu folklore, there are three noticeable Worlds, three Goddesses and three Gods. The three divine beings known as the Hindu trinity are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Ruler Brahma makes, Lord Vishnu continues and Lord Shiva pulverizes so as to secure the universe and uprightness. These three Gods speak to the repetitive idea of our reality from birth, life and obliteration to ensuing recovery. These three Gods consolidate to frame the incomparable enormous soul likewise called Brahman or universe. Henceforth they are likewise called the Trimurthis or the Trinity of Hinduism.
We comprehend that finding and knowing different names from such a shifted extend is an enormous errand. This is the reason IndiaParenting presents to you an assortment of Hindu God and Goddess names for young ladies and young men from across India, looking through the strict writings.
Hindu God Names

- Names of Lord Shiva

Master Shiva is known as the lord of benevolence and empathy. He shields the fans from common indecencies, for example, desire, eagerness, and outrage. He gives aids, gives effortlessness and stirs astuteness. While Vishnu is the preserver, Shiva is a definitive destroyer. He wreck all the universes toward the finish of creation and breaks up them.

- Names of Lord Ganesh

Ruler Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu lord of beginnings is customarily loved and summoned before any significant occasions. He is known as the remover of deterrents. Ganesha is viewed as the offspring of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ruler Ganesha is one of the most venerated Hindu divine beings.

- Names of Lord Krishana

Master Sri Krishna is the most comprehensively venerated and one of the most noticeable Hindu god. He is the eighth indication or symbol of the Hindu god Vishnu. Ruler Krishna's lessons are conveyed in the Bhagavad Gita which is one of the stories of Hinduism.

- Names of Lord Murugan

Ruler Murugan or Kartikeya is the child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the sibling of Lord Ganesha. Master Murugan showed for the sole reason for executing Tarakasura. He is likewise called 'Deva Senapati' and 'Yuddharanga'. In this manner he is the divine force of war and General of the military of the divine beings.

- Names of Lord Indra

Well done on choosing to name your infant dependent on Names of Lord Indra. Know Lord Indra Names for Baby with Meanings for naming your infant. Investigate rundown of various Names of Lord Indra for Baby Boy and Baby Girl. Hindu Mythological Names dependent on Lord Indra. Name Of Hindu God or Lord Indra in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam

- Names of Lord Kuber

Vishnu is one of the crucial divinities of Hindu folklore. He is the preserver divine force of Hindu trinity and shields the universe from being wrecked and props it up. Vishnu has come to earth in nine structures called the symbols to secure the world, the last Kalki symbol is yet to come.

- Names of Lord Vishnu

Vishnu is one of the crucial divinities of Hindu folklore. He is the preserver divine force of Hindu trinity and shields the universe from being wrecked and props it up. Vishnu has come to earth in nine structures called the symbols to secure the world, the last Kalki symbol is yet to come.

- Names of Lord Hanuman

Ruler Hanuman is likely one of the most celebrated and regarded figures in the Hindu Mythology. He is loved by numerous who wish to pick up quality and boldness in their lives. He is a manifestation of Lord Shiva and the child of the breeze god Vayu.

- Names of Lord Kamdev

Master Kamdev is notable as the Hindu divinity of affection. Kamdev is the blending of two words in particular Kama and Deva. Deva implies divine or authentic while the Kama represents yearning, want or enthusiasm, for the most part as in sexy love or sexuality. As indicated by the Shiva Puran, Lord Kamdev is the child of universe maker "Master Brahma". Agreeing people of old Scriptures, Lord Kamdev was resurrected as Pradyumna, the child of Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmini.

- Names of Lord Kartikeya

Ruler Kartikeya is the most well known Hindu god among the individuals of Tamil Nadu. He is the child of Lord Shiva and Parvati, his sibling is Ganesha and his spouses are Valli and Deivayanai, he is known by various names like Subramanya, Subramani, Muruga, Shanmuga, Skanda, Karthilkeya, Arumuga and Kumaraswamy. Muruga is personally connected with bumpy locales, referred to in Tamil as Kurinji and is venerated as the watchman divinity. Master Muruga is a unique God with exceptional forces. By venerating master Muruga with profound commitment, confidence and bhakti all the difficulties and challenges throughout ones' life disappear and great days begin showing up.

- Names of Lord Lakshman

As indicated by the Ramayana, Lakshman is supposed to be a one-quarter sign of Vishnu and a symbol of Shesha, a snake related with Vishnu. On that premise, Lakshman got known by the name of Sheshavatara. Despite the fact that Sheshavatara isn't the main name related with him. He is known by a few distinct names, and some of them can be followed in Valmiki Ramayana

Hindu Goddess Names

- Names of Goddess Parvati

About Goddess Parvati: The goddess Parvati is viewed as the celestial force and spouse of Lord Shiva, the destroyer. Like his significant other Shiva, the goddess Parvati is said to have both gentle and horrendous viewpoints. The goddess Parvati is referred to by various names as Lalita, Uma, Gauri, Kali, Durga, Haimavati, and so forth.

- Names of Goddess Durga

In Hinduism, the goddess Durga, otherwise called Shakti or Devi, is the defensive mother of the universe. She is one of the confidence's most famous divinities, a defender of all that is acceptable and amicable on the planet. Sitting with on leg on each side of a lion or tiger, Goddess Durga fights the powers of evil on the planet and ensures her fans. She is the partner of Lord Shiva.

- Names of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is the partner of the god Vishnu. She is one of the most mainstream goddesses of Hindu folklore and is known as the goddess of riches, excellence and virtue. She is conjured regularly for a glad and prosperous life.

- Names of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is the partner of Lord Brahma, the maker. Wearing white that represents virtue and quietness. Goddess Saraswati is hailed as the Goddess of getting the hang of, learning, shrewdness, music, and style in Hindu folklore.

- Names of Goddess Radha

This Shri Radha’s (Priyaji’s) Namavali (index of names) is based on Her Nitya Vihar Rasas. Chanting these Holy Names grants a Devotee the boon to become a Sakhi in Nikunja and enter Her abode Nikunja in service to Her Divine's holy feet. Shri Dhruv Dasji Maharaj urges the readers & ‘Rasik Ananyas’ (Solely devoted to Shri Radhavallabh) to recite and sing only these special names of Shri Krishna’s beloved.

- Names of Goddess Sita

Well done on choosing to name your infant dependent on Names of Goddess Sita. Know Goddess Sita Names for Baby with Meanings for naming your child. Investigate rundown of various Names of Goddess Sita for Baby Boy and Baby Girl. Hindu Mythological Names dependent on Goddess Sita. Name Of Hindu Devi or Goddess Sita in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam. Think about in excess of 3 Goddess Sita infant names.

Indian Names based on Indian Mythology

Do you wish to name your kid dependent on a fanciful character? Browse our extensive database of names dependent on the Ramayana, Mahabharata and strict gods.

- All Names based on Indian Mythology

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2020.08.06 18:45 Merovingian4784 [M4A] [Discord] [Possible Audio] Looking for a friend and confidant to help develop audio logs from the edge of space!

Full disclosure: I posted this yesterday on Roleplay and RoleplayPartnerSearch to no avail. I know it's a bit of a scatterbrained post... but I'm working on tightening it up. Let me see if I can be as concise as possible right out of the gate:
tl;dr: I have been recording 'audio log' (clean/sfw) RPs during my commutes to and from work. I have a direction, but that direction is vague. Looking for someone to discuss ideas with, or for a co-actor who might like to partake.
I need an Aehla.
I don't really know how else to describe it, or how else to phrase it most concisely. But I need this key supporting character that we've created to help me along to develop this story and backstory of how everything came to be, and how we got to where we are today. Aehla is a bit of an enigma, and even her backstory is murky at best... so there is room for development there. She's part farmhand, part space ship mechanic. She falls under the same archetype as Kaylee (Firefly) and Parvati (Outer Worlds), but is a bit more hardened and weathered. Both innocent and jaded, both naive and knowledgeable, both talkative and closed off. Like I said.... enigma. She speaks with a southern twang, but not quite a hillbilly or southern belle. Definitely is NOT a city girl, but knows about some city things.
Mitchel Bly, also known as "the Merv", has recently been dishonorbly discharged as a mid-level intelligence field operative of the Federal Navy, one of the major controlling factions in the inhabbited bubble of the Milky Way. Left with very few options upon his discharge, he takes refuge on a nearby planet: Epirus. With very few credits to his name, and few skills that translate well to civilian life, he makes ends meet by taking short-haul and medium-haul courier jobs. This is an exploration of (and dissertation on) terrestrial life, and the dichotomies of rural vs. urban living.
After running into some trouble with a vehicle he purchased at a 'recycle lot' (the Mehr Savant), he finds a small shop off the beaten path to help him with some service. The woman the works there is blunt and to the point, and notices immediately that he's "not from around here". Her and her cohort help fix the Savant, but seem very coy about the entire job. It seems that not many people know about their little shop, and they might want to keep it that way...
This RP comes with promises to include: suspenseful plot twists, and thoughtful tag-ups, action beats that would make Michael Bay jealous, the discovery of Town 9 and what really happened there, space travel!, and more!
I'm looking for someone to help me a long with some character development and audio-based roleplay. I have an original "character" (Mitchel Bly, aka 'The Merv') that I play as a part of a greater RP, but I say "character" in quotations because it's more of a characterization of myself and how I would play out the situations that I find myself in. Let me see if I can breakdown a few things here, and maybe that would help:

The RP:

  • This RP takes place in the universe of Elite: Dangerous, a space exploration and combat videogame developed by Frontier Studios. This is absolutely unimportant, as the setting is the only element that's important at this point.
  • The year is 3295, and humanity has advanced to become a space-faring and galactic civilization. This specific part of the RP takes place on a terraformed Earth-like world called Epirus, but may include settings far beyond this.
  • This is a human story, and does not include interactions with aliens, extraterrestrials, etc.
  • The RP is from the FIRST person, and is intended to be acted out real-time (think DnD without the dice).

The format:

  • This RP already exists in a few different formats. It is an ongoing text based RP on Discord that takes place in the year 3305 - well after the events laid out here.
  • I am currently creating this RP as a series of 'audio logs', and would like to continue to do so if possible. Incorporating other spoken characters in this RP would be cool, but it is not a must.
  • The first THREE audio logs are available upon request - it's come to my attention that I can/should not include links in posts, but I am happy to send them via DM.

The problem:

  • Mental energy is limited, but motivation is high. I have at least an hour every day to work on this now, which is great!... but development and direction is a bit lacking at the moment and that's really something I need to work out. I have a starting point and an ending (ish) point; I need to figure out the in between.

The goal:

  • Continue to develop and record RP audio logs to paint an fuller picture of WHO my character is and how he got to where he is now.
In an ideal world, I'd love to have a 10 minute Discord voice call with someone who'd be interested (in acting, participating, or just helping) to see how things go. We could discuss what we each have ideas for, what we'd like, or may just ask each other questions? Like I said, I'd very much like to (a) explain this more in depth if possible and (b) keep this going, but I feel like its time to get more voices involved.
If you don't want to do a voice call, that's ok too! I'm happy to discuss via text also.
Send me a PM if this is something you might be interested in and we can go from there!
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2020.08.06 18:43 Merovingian4784 [M4A] [Discord] [Possible Audio] Seeking a partner for the edge of the Universe - Audio logs from the future? past?

Full disclosure: I posted this yesterday on Roleplay and RoleplayPartnerSearch to no avail. I know it's a bit of a scatterbrained post... but I'm working on tightening it up. Let me see if I can be as concise as possible right out of the gate:
tl;dr: I have been recording 'audio log' (clean/sfw) RPs during my commutes to and from work. I have a direction, but that direction is vague. Looking for someone to discuss ideas with, or for a co-actor who might like to partake.
I need an Aehla.
I don't really know how else to describe it, or how else to phrase it most concisely. But I need this key supporting character that we've created to help me along to develop this story and backstory of how everything came to be, and how we got to where we are today. Aehla is a bit of an enigma, and even her backstory is murky at best... so there is room for development there. She's part farmhand, part space ship mechanic. She falls under the same archetype as Kaylee (Firefly) and Parvati (Outer Worlds), but is a bit more hardened and weathered. Both innocent and jaded, both naive and knowledgeable, both talkative and closed off. Like I said.... enigma. She speaks with a southern twang, but not quite a hillbilly or southern belle. Definitely is NOT a city girl, but knows about some city things.
Mitchel Bly, also known as "the Merv", has recently been dishonorbly discharged as a mid-level intelligence field operative of the Federal Navy, one of the major controlling factions in the inhabbited bubble of the Milky Way. Left with very few options upon his discharge, he takes refuge on a nearby planet: Epirus. With very few credits to his name, and few skills that translate well to civilian life, he makes ends meet by taking short-haul and medium-haul courier jobs. This is an exploration of (and dissertation on) terrestrial life, and the dichotomies of rural vs. urban living.
After running into some trouble with a vehicle he purchased at a 'recycle lot' (the Mehr Savant), he finds a small shop off the beaten path to help him with some service. The woman the works there is blunt and to the point, and notices immediately that he's "not from around here". Her and her cohort help fix the Savant, but seem very coy about the entire job. It seems that not many people know about their little shop, and they might want to keep it that way...
This RP comes with promises to include: suspenseful plot twists, and thoughtful tag-ups, action beats that would make Michael Bay jealous, the discovery of Town 9 and what really happened there, space travel!, and more!
I'm looking for someone to help me a long with some character development and audio-based roleplay. I have an original "character" (Mitchel Bly, aka 'The Merv') that I play as a part of a greater RP, but I say "character" in quotations because it's more of a characterization of myself and how I would play out the situations that I find myself in. Let me see if I can breakdown a few things here, and maybe that would help:

The RP:

  • This RP takes place in the universe of Elite: Dangerous, a space exploration and combat videogame developed by Frontier Studios. This is absolutely unimportant, as the setting is the only element that's important at this point.
  • The year is 3295, and humanity has advanced to become a space-faring and galactic civilization. This specific part of the RP takes place on a terraformed Earth-like world called Epirus, but may include settings far beyond this.
  • This is a human story, and does not include interactions with aliens, extraterrestrials, etc.
  • The RP is from the FIRST person, and is intended to be acted out real-time (think DnD without the dice).

The format:

  • This RP already exists in a few different formats. It is an ongoing text based RP on Discord that takes place in the year 3305 - well after the events laid out here.
  • I am currently creating this RP as a series of 'audio logs', and would like to continue to do so if possible. Incorporating other spoken characters in this RP would be cool, but it is not a must.
  • The first THREE audio logs are available upon request - it's come to my attention that I can/should not include links in posts, but I am happy to send them via DM.

The problem:

  • Mental energy is limited, but motivation is high. I have at least an hour every day to work on this now, which is great!... but development and direction is a bit lacking at the moment and that's really something I need to work out. I have a starting point and an ending (ish) point; I need to figure out the in between.

The goal:

  • Continue to develop and record RP audio logs to paint an fuller picture of WHO my character is and how he got to where he is now.
In an ideal world, I'd love to have a 10 minute Discord voice call with someone who'd be interested (in acting, participating, or just helping) to see how things go. We could discuss what we each have ideas for, what we'd like, or may just ask each other questions? Like I said, I'd very much like to (a) explain this more in depth if possible and (b) keep this going, but I feel like its time to get more voices involved.
If you don't want to do a voice call, that's ok too! I'm happy to discuss via text also.
Send me a PM if this is something you might be interested in and we can go from there!
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2020.08.01 10:30 yogatherapynews Ashram Yoga - The Spiritual Tradition of Yoga From Past to Present

Ashram Yoga - The Spiritual Tradition of Yoga From Past to Present
The History of Yoga and its Growth, Change, and Development
Yoga began its emergence into civilization some 10,000 years ago through the Tantric tradition. Evidence of deities resembling Shiva and Parvati were found in the Indus Valley civilization after archaeologists began to excavate numerous statues from ancient city grounds, reminiscence of the 10,000 year old tradition. This was the yoga of the pre-Vedic, pre-Aryan age, in which the top the tradition flourished throughout various parts of India. Shiva being the central figure in a majority of these recovered statutes gives evidence to the historical doctrine that denotes Shiva as the founder of the yogic system.
In the yogic tradition, Shiva is traditionally considered to be the symbol of supreme consciousness. His partner and counter force is Parvati, who represents supreme knowledge, will and action. For about the is also responsible for all creation as she is the acting force within the universe. This force or energy is also known as kundalini shakti, the cosmic force which is dormant within all living beings. Our Rusty is also regarded as the mother of the entire universe. Her grace and guidance is responsible for the liberation of the soul, releasing the individuals from the bondage of worldly matter. Concho said to be imparted to humans through Parvati out of love and compassion for her children. Yoga was a manifestation an extension of the Tantric system. Just as Shiva and Parvati are inseparable, so too are tantra and the yogic system importance of yoga speech .
Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words, those of tanoti and trayati. Trayati means liberation and Tanoti literally translated as expansion. We can then assume that tantra is the science of expanding the consciousness and liberating the energy known as shakti within the body. Tantra is the way to attain liberation from the bondage is of the world in the physical identification with the body and objects associated with it.
In tantra we pursue the path of liberation by first understanding and gaining insight into the limitations and capacities of the body and mind. After we have understood these limitations, we then begin to explore the expansion of consciousness which eventually leads to the liberation of energy within the body. After we have crossed these various levels the individual consciousness expands and is liberated into the universal consciousness which permeates through the entire universe.
The yoga of yore
For a long time in history yoga was a secret system with its practices and techniques hidden from public view. In ancient times yoga was an oral tradition, its teachings and practices number inscribed or written on parchment. Only through the guru disciple relationship was the teachings of yoga revealed, and only to those who are ready to study the spiritual practices and techniques. This system was very productive and useful as it ensured clear understanding and a strong relationship between the disciple, the guru, and a spiritual teachings. Much importance was given to the personal experience of the yogic system, and the correct path was outlined by the guru who helped remove any confusions or ignorance regarding the spiritual practices and techniques. Only through sincere aspiration with the guru's guide their disciples; disciples who pursued too much intellectual contemplation or were seeking the path of yoga in order to gain boons or powers were denied the teachings and access to the knowledge of yoga.
The first time that yoga was written in the book are inscribed on paper was within the ancient tantras. Later it was also revealed through the Vedas which were written sometime around 500 BC. Although the Vedas do not give any particular reference to any spiritual practices or techniques, they do you know the system of yoga through metaphors and symbolic representation. It is said that the Vedas were revealed to me rishis and saints who were immersed in a deep yogic state of meditation known as samadhi.
It wasn't until the Upanishads that yoga began to take a definite shape and noticeable form within a written system. The Upanishads contained the essence of the Vedas, revealing the most essential points inscribed in the numerous books that collectively made the Vedas. The Upanishads are said to be the culmination of the Vedas and together they make up the a Vedantic.
The next significant texts in the history of yoga was the Patanjali yoga Sutras which are said to have been written in the second century A.D. Patanjali's yoga sutras formed the raja yoga system, a definite and unified perspective of yoga with references to techniques, philosophy, and spiritual ideals. Patanjali's yoga sutras are often referred to as the eight fold path of yoga. The eighth sequences consisted of yama(self-restraint), niyama (self observance), asana, pranayama, pratyahara(withdrawal of the senses),dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi. Whether practiced in sequence or as a complete system the eight fold path provided a clear perspective of the spiritual path. It also gave an outline for how to accomplish the unification of individual consciousness with the universal cosmos.
Later in the sixth century BC yoga began to adopt the Buddha's meditation practices as well as the ethical and moral philosophy that later became the outline for Buddhism. Unfortunately this transition and adaptation removed a lot of the preparatory practice that were designed by the yogis to prepare one for meditation practices, many of which are necessary and often times vital to the preliminary preparation for contemplation and concentration.
Yoga philosophy believes that before any meditation practice can be done the elements of the body and mind must be balanced in harmony with one another. For this reason Gorakhnath presented an extended series of practices to prepare the body for meditation. These practices were later employed as the hatha yoga system. Later one of the major authorities on hatha yoga composed the hatha yoga pradipikia, a text that is widely used today and is referred to as Light on Yoga.
The practice of yoga in the 20th and 21st century.
While the spiritual philosophy and practices of yoga have endorsed a higher order of living and thinking, today yoga has been disseminated for a wide variety of purposes and practices, some spiritual, some not. Although many people practice yoga in order to gain wisdom of the spiritual life, there are also many who utilize yoga in order to aid in the health, fitness, stability, balance, and well-being of the human body, mind, and soul. With modern language in mind, many forms of yoga have emerged including yoga psychology, yoga therapy, yoga fitness, yoga dance, and just about any synergy imaginable especially those associated with the arts and other forms of self-expression although we have not the time to discuss all of these.
What makes yoga fundamentally one of the most successful systems for human well-being is the fact that yoga practically and systematically works with all the aspects of the human body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Yoga is a holistic principle which works to unify the various elements in the body. Once these elements have been balanced than unification with higher orders can be achieved including that of community unification, harmony with nature, and merging with the cosmic divine. But these higher orders do not have to be pursued in order for yoga to be useful. Today yoga has successfully been used as an alternative form of therapy for diseases, disorders, and dysfunctions.
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2020.07.27 12:59 Ledwards49 Winner rankings by STRATEGIC game

So after I finished re-watching seasons 1-30 and listening to TEOS I posted my season rankings which had some very unpopular opinions that weren't too well received but I'm back again to post my winner rankings which I'm sure will also upset some people!
This is based on each winners strategic game and again is only for seasons 1-30, I could have a guess where the others would fall but I need to re-watch them first. (There will be a new #1 though!)
I'll provide a brief explanation for each placement. Please ask me anything!
Here we go.
  1. Kim Spradlin - This woman had OPTIONS. Played as close to a perfect game as you could, controlled the entire game and never even needed to use her idol. I love Kim.
  2. Yul Kwon - Fantastic strategic game. People discredit Yul's game because of his God idol but he played it perfectly.
  3. Tony Vlachos - Degree of difficulty for this win is HIGH. Dominated the strategy in Cagayan.
  4. Todd Herzog - Another great strategic game, no complaints from me!
  5. Boston Rob Mariano - Dominated strategically from the beginning. I do think he was slightly lucky that Zapatera threw a challenge, could've easily gone into the merge without the numbers after voting out Matt Elrod but it worked out well.
  6. Natalie Anderson - Amazing finish to the game, blindsided on the Jeremy vote but played it very well to get back into the numbers.
  7. Brian Heidik - Didn't put a foot wrong strategically but don't think the degree of difficulty was close to the players ranked higher.
  8. Richard Hatch - Similar to Brian, no strategic mistakes in my opinion but simply not as difficult so comes in a bit lower.
  9. Tina Wesson - Very close to Hatch but I give him the slight edge over Tina.
  10. Tom Westman - Wasn't in danger too often because he was immune so much but when he was, he did very well to make sure he survived the vote.
  11. Sophie Clarke - Put herself in the dominant alliance which controlled the game and correctly identified that she could beat Coach at the end. She called her shot and to do it at such a young age is very impressive to me.
  12. Parvati Shallow - Pulled off some great blindsides and was on the right side of every vote but was willing to go with Cirie to the end where she potentially loses.
  13. Amber Brkich - This is probably the one that will draw the most criticism but I really don't think she did anything wrong strategically. She calls her shot on beating Rob at the end and she's right. I give her a lot of credit on the initial vote of Rob C and I think Amber is the one who brings in Rupert and Jenna which proves to be the dominant alliance.
  14. JT Thomas - Similar to Amber in that he had a partner the entire game. Like Amber, JT doesn't do anything wrong strategically but in this case, his partner would've voted him out had he lost immunity at the end.
  15. Chris Daugherty - Played a great strategic game but it was TWILA who should get the credit for bringing in Eliza and blindsiding Leann at the final 7 so Chris comes in a bit lower.
  16. John Cochran - Only on the wrong side of the vote once thanks to the three amigos, never really controlled the strategy of the game but never needed to!
  17. Earl Cole - Very similar to Cochran, never really controlled the strategy but never needed to.
  18. Tyson Apostol - Another one I think many will disagree with. He's lower for me because I think his strategy shouldn't have worked. He played himself into a position at final 7 where his alliance of 3 should've been next out. Why Ciera voted out Caleb here I will never know but it puts Tyson higher on the social rankings. I also think it was a mistake to not play his idol at final 6 and avoid going to rocks.
  19. Denise Stapley - Did amazingly well to survive every vote but never had a huge say in the strategy. Also came really close to taking Malcolm to the end where she would've lost the game.
  20. Natalie White - She called her shot! Obviously would never have won the game if not for Russell doing the heavy lifting strategically but she very early states her strategy of going to the end with Russell to win and she's RIGHT.
  21. Sandra Diaz-Twine 1.0 - Comes in on the low end because she was blindsided when she lost Rupert and on the wrong side again when Christa goes. Does great at the final 5 but gets very lucky at the final 3.
  22. Danni Boatwright - Might have been higher if she actually let us know what she was doing but gives the camera nothing. Does well to survive but more on the mistakes of others. And gets very lucky that the final 3 challenge is designed for tall people to win.
  23. Vecepia Towery - Doesn't do a lot wrong early but is never in control which leads to her on the outs at final 5 and going home at final 4 if not for winning immunity. Also have no idea why she votes Neleh at final 4 because she loses to Kathy and Paschal I think.
  24. Mike Holloway - Mike is very hard to place for me because while he makes a terrible move to put himself on the outs, he does a great job of getting the votes on his biggest physical threat and is on the right side of the votes a lot. He does very well early on but does blow up his game, so needs to be at the low end.
  25. Sandra Diaz-Twine 2.0 - Never controls the strategy and would've lost the game had she succeeded in her strategy of voting out Russell which is why she comes in so low!
  26. Ethan Zohn - Wanted to go to the final 3 with Lex and Big Tom where he is most likely voted out.
  27. Aras Baskauskas - Wanted to go to the final 2 with Cirie where he definitely loses the game!
  28. Jenna Morasca - Wanted to quit the game and gets very lucky at the end to win. Honestly believe Matthew thoroughly deserved to win over Jenna. Never had any real say in the strategy of the game.
  29. Bob Crowley - Terrible strategic game, but not as terrible as....
  30. Fabio Birza - Hands down worst strategic game!!
So there it is! Rankings like this can never be perfect, let me know what you agree with and what you disagree with! Would love to hear your thoughts.
Next up will be PHYSICAL games!
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2020.07.18 04:31 oldschooooolfan Ami Cusack, The Ice Queen
Today we honor one of the Survivor’s most complex villains, the Ice Queen herself, Ami Cusack.
Ami Cusack first played in Survivor Vanuatu. It was a season stacked with huge characters such as Chris Daugherty, Twila, Eliza and Rory. Personally, Ami was the biggest gem to come out of that season.
She started out at the Yasur tribe composed of all women. After Dolly’s elimination, Ami found herself in a pretty good position with her alliance. She was an asset in challenges and everyone loved Ami on a personal level. On top of that, she and Leann were the queens of the tribe as they were calling the shots.
Come the swap, Ami emerged as a very stone cold and cutthroat player as shown with her straightforward interactions with Bubba, Lisa and Rory. She entered the merge with the numbers advantage and massacred the men starting with Rory, Sarge and Chris. By that time, Ami was a very strong contender for the million up until Twila and Scout flipped on their initial alliance and orchestrated one of the best blindsides in history by eliminating Ami’s partner, Leann. Ami’s cocky ways and her control freak persona ultimately led to her downfall and was voted out at 6th place.
Ami returned 7 seasons later as a favorite in Survivor Micronesia. She quickly aligned with Eliza, Penner and Yau Man and voted together at first tribal council. However, the alliance of Amanda, James, Ozzy, Parvati and Cirie took over the tribe and voted out one of her allies in Yau Man. Despite being on the minority, Ami was generally well liked within the tribe, a good competitor in challenges and was never in danger of going home. At the swap, Ami found herself an opportunity to align with the fans and kept her options open. Ultimately she decided to side with the favorites and voted out Chet and Tracy. One round away from the merge, her tribe loses and Erik exposes Ami’s past conversations with the fans which made Ozzy weary of Ami. Despite her emotional pleas to Ozzy, Amanda and Cirie, Ami was voted out unanimously and placed 11th.
Complex and ice cold. That is Ami Cusack in Survivor. She had everything an all around Survivor great can be. In my opinion, Ami is the best female villainess Survivor has had. Time may have made her less popular but one thing is for sure. Ami is a certified Survivor legend.
Ami Cusack for a third season!
What are your thoughts about the Ice Queen? Do you want to see her back for a third time?
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2020.07.14 04:58 Caspian24 Rewatching HvV and I don't know why any of the Hero women are actually heroes

Sugar: she was pretty non-committal in Gabon, and her reaction to Randy playing the fake idol wasn't very honorable like a "hero." That reaction and giving the finger at FTC are my lasting images of Sugar.
Stephanie: she was a whiny player in both her seasons, and only seemed to be a physically powerful player. Steph getting pissy and saying she had never lost that much didn't do much to make me think she was a hero.
Candice: probably the one I am the most confused about being a hero. She abandoned her Aitu tribe to go be with her boyfriend, instead of sticking it out and trying to be a good teammate.
Amanda: Amanda aligned with two of the sneakier winners in Todd and Parvati in her first two seasons, and was an instrumental partner in the blindsides and strategy. She was good in challenges, but mostly after her alliances had taken out the other physical threats, so I don't know how far that goes.
Cirie: Cirie is the only one I am ok with being a "hero," but mainly because she was the woman who got up off the couch. She was definitely strategic and was instrumental in getting Erik to be "dumbest survivor ever."
I think the male heroes, male villains, and female villains are all accurate to their playstyle, but it just confuses me how these women were "heroes."
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2020.07.12 22:36 Real_Zhumabayev Peridiam asked his fans who they would want to see on a "Second Chance 2" Season. These were the Top 20 names said.

Peridiam asked his fans who they would want to see on a
Christian Hubicki: The plucky underdog from Season 37: David vs. Goliath was the most requested, with fans loving his quirkiness and overall demeanor. Christian was known for being remarkably smart, citing a slide puzzle-solving algorithm that he created. Christian is a fan-favorite, and many Survivor fans desperately want him on their TV screen again.
Rick Devens: The newsman from Season 38: Edge of Extinction was a fan favorite after winning his way back into the game, and flying through the game by the seat of his pants, having a lot of fun along the way. Rick was deemed the biggest threat due to his likability, and was taken out at the Fire-making challenge. Many fans quite like Devens, and would like to see him again.
Domenick Abbate: The first runner-up to tie the winner in terms of jury votes, Dom played a game on par if not better than that of the winner of his season, and some fans still believe that Domenick deserved to win Season 36: Ghost Island. Many fans would like to see Dom return again to see if he can top his showing in Season 36 and seal the deal.
Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper: From Season 3: Africa, T-Bird was on the ballot for the first Second Chance Season, but just barely missed the cut. T-Bird continues to be active within the Survivor community, however, continuing to be beloved by Survivor fans. Many fans would like to see one of the original Survivor moms to return and surprise everyone.
Davie Rickenbacker: From Season 37: David vs. Goliath, Davie was the last remaining David besides the winner of the season, Nick Wilson. Davie provided many memorable moments, such as his fiddling with a spear to distract the Goliaths, his conversation with God on whether to accept an advantage or not, or his idol play for the previously mentioned Christian Hubicki. Many fans would like to see Davie improve the quality of another season.
Chrissy Hofbeck: The runner-up of Season 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, many fans believe that she should have won over the winner of that season, Ben Driebergen, due to the circumstances in which he got himself there. Chrissy was a challenge beast, winning many immunity challenges, and acted villainous when it came to the family visit. Many fans would like to see what Chrissy is able to stir up in a future season.
Angelina Keeley: The third-place finisher of Season 37: David vs. Goliath, Angelina was a very memorable contestant. Whether it be asking a departing contestant for their jacket, negotiating with Jeff for more rice, or a chaotic ladder climb in the midst of an idol hunt, Angelina provided entertainment on all fronts. Many fans would like to see Angelina again for the entertainment value she provides.
Natalie Bolton: One of the fans on Season 16: Fans vs. Favorites, Natalie was a member of the infamous "Black Widow Brigade". While the three other members of the Black Widow Brigade returned for future seasons, Natalie hasn't. Whether it be flossing with jugulars, or asking very erotic jury questions, Natalie definitely delivered some memorable moments. Many fans would like to see if Natalie can win a season like her fellow Black Widow Parvati.
Victoria Baamonde: One of the castaways on Season 38: Edge of Extinction, Victoria was debatably playing the best game of the season before the winner, Chris Underwood, returned very late into the game. Chris had information from the jury stating that Victoria was the best candidate to win, so his first priority was to take her out, which he did. Many fans would like to see Victoria play in a season that does not involve a game-breaking twist.
Cydney Gillon: The only member of the Final 4 of Season 32: Kaoh Rong that has not yet returned, Cydney is known for being one of the badass women of the season. Cydney did not let the physically imposing Scot and Jason intimidate her and cemented herself as a strong competitor and candidate to win. Many fans would like to see Cydney return to see her bring home the win.
Jay Starett: One of the biggest threats on his season, Season 33: Millennials vs. Gen X, Jay was an entertaining and likable young guy that came close to winning. Jay was very close to the winner, Adam Klein, despite being rivals with him as well. Jay has also appeared on MTV's The Challenge, where he was a fan favorite as well. Fans would like to see Jay return to see if he could pull it off.
Kellee Kim: A castaway who was unfortunately at the center of controversy in Season 39: Island of the Idols, Kellee was taken out at the merge after being viewed as a threat. Kellee had shown herself to be a very intelligent player after her ousting of Jack one tribal before. Many fans feel that Kellee was wronged by Survivor production and want her to return so she can play in an environment that she can feel safe in.
Lauren O'Connell: A castaway on Season 38: Edge of Extinction, Lauren was another castaway that was taken out of the game by the swift return of Chris Underwood. Lauren was tightly aligned with fan favorite Kelley Wentworth, and proved to be similar, with her sarcastic attitude and overall stance on life. Similar to Victoria, many fans want to see Lauren play in a season without the game-breaking Edge of Extinction.
Devon Pinto: Devon was the 4th Place finisher in Season 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Devon was eliminated by Ben Driebergen in the new Fire Making Challenge. Many fans believe Devon was robbed of a spot at the Final Tribal Council due to the players having no pre-existing knowledge of the Fire Making Challenge. Many fans would like to see Devon again because he is a very solid player, and they would like to see him work his magic once more.
Gabby Pascuzzi: Gabby was the previously mentioned Christian Hubicki's partner in crime in Season 37: David vs. Goliath. Gabby was known for being aligned with Christian as well as her anxious nature, with her crying not being an uncommon event on the island. Gabby was well-liked, however, with many fans liking Gabby. Many fans would like to see Gabby return to see if she can pull it off.
Sean Rector: One of the earliest players, Sean was on Season 4: Marquesas, where he placed fifth. Sean was known for being lighthearted and fun, and being aligned with Vecepia, the winner of the season. Many fans argue than Sean should have been on Season 8: All Stars, and are confused as to why he has yet to return. Many fans would like to see Sean return to see if he can make his long overdue second attempt at Sole Survivor.
Janet Carbin: The 5th place finisher on Season 39: Island of the Idols, Janet is beloved by fans. Janet stood up for Kellee and the women of the island when Dan's behavior made many of them not feel safe. Janet was viewed as a mother figure for many of the castaways, and she went home at the Final 5 when Dean played his idol nullifier on her idol. Many fans would like to see Janet return because they admire her and they believe that her game was ended on a coin flip.
Hayden Moss: A competitor on Season 27: Blood vs. Water, Hayden is known for winning Big Brother, and almost winning the season. Hayden influenced the game at the final 6, causing a rock draw which unfortunately did not go in his favor. Hayden was known to be very strong strategically, and many fans would like to see him return because they believe he can pull it off.
Brice Johnston: The third person eliminated on Season 28: Cagayan, Brice wasn't the most memorable castaway on his season. However, Brice has been very active in the Survivor Community, starting his own podcast, and being a likable and charismatic figure in the community. Many fans would like to see Brice return to see if his likability in the Survivor Community can translate into success in the game of Survivor.
Jamal Shipman: One of the castaways on Season 39: Island of the Idols, Jamal is known for being well spoken and passionate about social issues. When Jack mistakenly called Jamal's buff a durag, Jamal did not angry, but simply had a conversation about race with Jack. When Dan's behavior came to light at the merge, Jamal was one of the few to speak up for the women, and to vote against Dan. Many fans would like Jamal to return because he is admirable, and they want to see if someone as admirable as Jamal can take home the money.
Other castaways that were also heavily requested in the thread were Carolyn Rivera, Shane Powers, Elaine Stott, Natalie Cole, Kelly Goldsmith, Hannah Shapiro, Reem Daly, Kenny Hoang, Greg Buis, Michael Yerger, Dean Kowalski, and Wardog DaSilva.
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2020.07.09 20:53 Ozone21337 Astrological Tips on How to Have a Happy Love Life

Astrology and Love
Vedic Astrology, also referred to as Hindu astrology, uses the horoscope or Kundali of a person to analyse their love life. The placement of the 5th house in a Kundali determines the path of one’s love life. If your 5th house is occupied by a benefic planet, you will have a love partner of your choice. The 7th house also influences a person’s love life.
Planetary transits have an important role to play in love and romance. For e.g., if a benefic planet transits in the 5th House, it’s a good time to express your feelings to the one you love. Also, if the 5th Lord is placed in the 1st or 7th House, it is likely that your love life will be happy and successful. The Dasha period of the 5th Lord also means you that have a lucky period in love and romance.
In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus represents love and romance. Hence, the placement of Venus plays a pivotal role in your Love horoscope. If Venus is placed in Pisces sign, there are chances that you will find a perfect match for yourself.
Now let’s have a look at some of the astrological tips for a blissful love life.
Note: Ask an astrologer on how to chant the mantras, the number of times it is to be recited, and for how many days.
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2020.07.09 05:17 achildofkemet Elemental Name for Daughter

My partner and I are expecting a baby girl at the end of October, and are searching for a beautiful name to give her. I would really love anything relating to earth and of African origin. We are open to other cultural origins such as Sanskrit, Hindu, and more. Some names we have already are: Ayoka, Iman(i), Ra, Suriya, Parvati, Afra, Indra. Not all of them have something to do with Earth, but these are our favorites so far. Please help!
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2020.07.08 06:07 Scdsco Chess pieces as Survivor archetypes

Pawn - weak early on, but blossoms late in the game. Capable of influencing the outcome of the game, even if they don’t seem very powerful. Lets others take the lead.
Examples: Michele, Natalie White, Bob
King - uses their allies as human shields. Their priority is defense, not offense. Good at moving the target off of themselves.
Examples: Sandra, Adam, Jeremy
Queen - plays aggressively and makes big moves. Is visibly the biggest threat in the game. A well balanced powerhouse.
Examples: Sarah, Rob, Kim
Knight - a wild card who plays differently from everybody else. Utilizes unexpected attack patterns and keeps others on their toes. A risky but deadly player.
Examples: Tony, Ben, Tyson
Rook - a power player who asserts control from a distance. A mastermind who traps prey before striking. Not the biggest threat in the game, but probably the second or third.
Examples: Sophie, Parvati, Yul
Bishop - cooperates with one or two other players to make moves. An unassuming, “middle of the road” player, but smart and reliable. Often outlasts their more dominant partner(s).
Examples: Wendell, Denise, Ethan
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2020.07.03 11:45 newfriend999 The Unbreakable Lavender Brown

Lavender Brown: Gryffindor, romantic, soldier, werewolf.
Popular opinions of Lavender Brown dwell on her Book Six relationship with Ron. Lavender is a romantic. She’s silly. And in HBP she’s in her first serious relationship which, of course, means LOVE. She is anyone who looks back at their 16-year-old self and cringes. But Lavender is tougher than she appears, open-minded and courageous.
Given JKR’s distaste for things pinky and girly, Lavender could have been portrayed as Umbridge Junior, all sugar and kittens. Jo Rowling introduces many wonderful characters who have a richer life than Harry’s limited point of view can encompass. The author carefully obfuscates her true plot intentions: as with Severus Snape, the twist in Lavender’s tale comes right at the end. This sweet, effervescent girl is thrust into unexpected horror, prey to the teeth and claws of the werewolf-wolfman Fenrir Greyback. This is no Disney story.

A Witch Rises
“Brown, Lavender” is the first Hogwarts newbie to be called for Gryffindor. She becomes Parvati Patil’s surrogate twin (the real twin, Padma, is sorted into Ravensclaw). Lavender and Parvati are depicted as distinctly feminine. They go for “woolly” Divination, another stalking horse: divination seems stupid but nearly all, if not all, Professor Trelawney’s predictions come true. The subject is sneered at by everyone whose opinion we value*, but is misunderstood and undervalued – except, of course, when the prediction concerns the Chosen One.
Harry has a succession of teachers take him under their wing. Ms Brown has Sybil Trelawney. When Trelawney is ousted, Lavender brings her daffodils: the flower of friendship and respect. Indeed, Lavender is a charmer: she continues Charms to N.E.W.T. level and we witness her cast the Locomotion Charm, which is top-notch witching. She is among the first of Dumbledore’s Army to produce a non-corporeal Patronus.
Yep, Dumbledore’s Army: founder member. Despite doubts early in Book Five that Voldemort has returned, despite being close to arch-skeptic Seamus Finnegan (they went together to the Yule Ball), Lavender arrives early for the first D.A. meeting. Again and again Lavender is attuned to the action. She attends Gilderoy Lockhart’s duelling club. She listens attentively to Professor Binns’ explanation about the Chamber of Secrets. She singes her robes rounding up Blast-Ended Skrewts in one of Hagrids’s disastrous Magical Creatures classes (after all the Slytherins have fled).
Poor old Neville Longbottom witnesses Crucio in Death-Eater-Moody’s classes. But Lavender gets Imperio’d! Barty Crouch Jr makes her imitate a squirrel. She really has no luck with men.

Right or Ron?
Lavender goes to the Yule Ball with Seamus Finnegan. Did anyone have the right partner that night? Seamus doesn’t measure up and next thing we know Lavender has a crush on the centaur Firenze. He’s half-horse, but let’s keep it P.G.
Trelawney advises Lavender to “Beware a red-headed man.” Not Barty or Sean. Not Fenrir. Never mind Uranus, here’s Ron Weasley… Lavender is all about Ron from the beginning of HBP. Why? How? Well, try this: the previous term he won the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor. “Weasley is our King.” Hermione and Harry were not in the stands, they were off Grawping. This moment of sporting glory liberates Ron from the shadow of his brothers and his famous friend. And Lavender noticed. And she went to work: complimented him, flirted with him, wished him luck in his Quidditch games and snogged his face off. Sadly, their showy relationship comes to an end when she sees Ron and Hermione leave his Gryffindor dormitory alone**.
Lavender attends Dumbledore’s funeral at the end of the year. In her final year at Hogwarts, Lavender joins Neville’s Army (Dumbledore's Army 2.0) to defy the cruel Carrows. She takes refuge in the Room of Requirement. When the fight comes, she fights.

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”**\*
Two bodies fell from the balcony overhead as they reached the ground. A grey blur that Harry took for an animal sped four-legged across the hall to sink its teeth into one of the fallen. "NO!" shrieked Hermione, and with a deafening blast from her wand, Fenrir Greyback was thrown backward from the feebly stirring body of Lavender Brown. –– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Hermione saves her room-mate’s life. She saves the girl who dalliances with the boy she loves. She stops Lavender being killed outright. Then Professor Trelawney, den mother, dispatches her attacker with a crystal ball.
Lavender is not dead because “feebly stirring” means alive. The only place where Lavender dies is the movie adaptation. In the book her favourite teacher is right there. Sybil Trelawney only has to keep her alive and safe for about 20 minutes because Voldemort stops the battle and withdraws his fighters. Then she can whisk the injured Lavender to Madam Pomfrey or whoever turns up from St Mungo’s.
Remus Lupin dies in this moment. Yet JKR is inclined to restore balance: Harry loses Dobby but gains Kreacher, Fred dies but has a twin, Colin Creevey dies and Dennis lives, Cedric dies and Harry lives. Even in the matter of the prophesy there is the option of Harry or Neville. Reluctant werewolf Remus Lupin is dead. Say hello to reluctant werewolf Lavender Brown. She's beauty and the beast, living life as a lycanthrope. Alive, Lavender + werewolf bite = Lavenderwolf.
Lavender is the warning to all little princesses. You can dream. You can play-act fantasies of love. But not all men are handsome princes (“our King”) or even charming Centaurs. There are bad men, even evil men. And those men may hurt you. Constant vigilance! Be on your guard.
Lavender is a survivor. She is not a victim. Can her romantic heart endure the monster within? Of course. She's Lavender Brown.

\Professor McGonagall snipes at Professor Trelawney during Christmas Dinner in Prisoner of Azkaban but is the first to comfort Sybil when she’s sacked by Umbridge in Book Five.*
\*Harry is unseen under the Invisibility Cloak and under the influence of Felix Felicis. As he leaves the Gryffindor common room, his lucky streak ends the Ron/Lavender and Dean/Ginny relationships.*
\**Telegram sent by "Huckleberry Finn" author Mark Twain.*
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2020.07.03 04:52 loratcha clay and air (and, at the end, ink)

updated. TL;DR2 at the end. Basically i think i'm doing what a lot of non-fiction authors do: re-writing something that's already been written about in order to try and make sense of it.
(long and rambling post, sry, but hopefully there's something worthwhile in here)
Aeruh, I command the air. Lay leaden on your tongue.
Aru is the rune for clay
also this from the Tor Q&A:
Q: Are the 3 words (a) Aerueh (where tinkers find polished horns, mentioned once in NoW), (b) Arueh (where fine dark ink is made, mentioned 3 times in WMF) and (c) Aeruh (the word Haliax uses to command the air to bind Selitos, in NoW) connected in any way (other than being spelled similarly)?
A: Ah hell. That’s a typo. A and B should be the same thing. They’re referring to a place.
I’ll have to fix that in the later editions of the book.
Let's start with clay - a few irl references via wikipedia
so yeah. and we know that PR is pretty well-versed in mythology, and also that KKC is (after a fashion) an hommage to/commentary on/reinterpretation of various mythological/religions traditions.
to continue - a closer look at breath and clay (some of this will be a recap from other posts):
there's also a version of the Prometheus myth:
But, as yet, there were no mortal men until, with the consent of the goddess Athene, Prometheus, son of Iapetus, formed them in the likeness of gods. He used clay and water of Panopeus in Phocis, and Athene breathed life into them. (here)
similar, but this time it's the wind:
There was also an account, stating that Prometheus had created men out of earth and water, at the very beginning of the human race, or after the flood of Deucalion, when Zeus is said to have ordered him and Athena to make men out of the mud, and the winds to breathe life into them (Apollod. i. 7. § 1; Ov. Met. i. 81; Etym. Mag. s. v. Promêtheus). Prometheus is said to have given to men something of all the qualities possessed by the other animals (Horat Carm. i. 16. 13). (here)
the Prometheus version is especially interesting, consider that Prometheus also stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans
Felurian says:
“long before the cities of man. before men. before fae. there were those who walked with their eyes open. they knew all the deep names of things.”
so men/humans were created at some point
Clay = adamah (Hebrew for "ground, earth, clay"), as in Adem, Edema
furthermore, wikipedia says:
Adam (אדם) literally means "red", and there is an etymological connection between adam and adamah, adamah designating "red clay" or "red ground" in a non-theological context.[7] In traditional Jewish theology, a strong etymological connection between the two words is often assumed
and then there's the Adem concept of vaevin/anger
“All things that live have anger. It is the fire in them that makes them want to move and grow and do and make.”
here are a couple interesting moments:
Elodin stopped and turned to face me on the stairway. ... He stared at me for a long minute. He looked me up and down as if I were a horse he were thinking of betting on, or a side of beef he was considering selling by the pound. But that was nothing compared to when he met my eyes. For a heartbeat it was simply unsettling. Then it almost felt like the light on the stairway grew dim. Or that I was suddenly being thrust deep underwater and the pressure was keeping me from drawing a full breath.
consider that when Kvothe tells Elodin the Felurian story, Elodin makes the Adem hand gesture for amazed respect (i.e. he's been to Ademre), also
Magwyn made another circle of me...then stopped in front of me and looked me fully in the eye. Her eyes were like Elodin’s. Not in any of the details. ...the similarity was in how she looked at me. Elodin was the only other person I had met who could look at you like that, as if you were a book he was idly thumbing through. When Magwyn met my eyes for the first time, I felt like all the air had been sucked out of me.
not sure what to make of this yet, but we've got a constellation of things:
also related:
Egyptian god Khnum ...[created]... humans from clay, on his potter's wheel, seated next to the goddess Hathor (left), who is imparting the breath of life into the clay figures by pointing the ankh [i.e "key"] at their nostrils.
Vashet is Magwyn's granddaughter. And Vashet's name means: the hammer, the clay, the spinning wheel... (see also bone ash)
edit: one more clay reference to add -
“What’s a clay?” I asked.
“Clay tablet,” Wil explained. “They were some of the only things to survive when Caluptena burned. Some have been transcribed, but not all.”
ok, finally, we get to
(b) Arueh (where fine dark ink is made, mentioned 3 times in WMF)
ink. says wikipedia:
An inkstone is a stone mortar for the grinding and containment of ink. In addition to stone, inkstones are also manufactured from clay, bronze, iron, and porcelain.
interesting tidbit:
The earliest excavated inkstone is dated from the 3rd century BC, and was discovered in a tomb located in modern Yunmeng, Hubei.
(Barrow Hill, anyone?)
all of which brings us finally (!) to Denna:
“Is there a type of magic that’s just . . .” She wiggled her fingers vaguely. “Just sort of writing things down?”
and the Kvothe/Chronicler exchange:
Kvothe came back up the steps carrying a small clear bottle. “Is there anything else you need? I have a good stock of paper and ink here too.”
“It may come to that by tomorrow,” Chronicler said. “I’ve used up most of my paper. But I can grind more ink tonight.”
“Don’t put yourself to the trouble,” Kvothe said easily. “I have several bottles of fine Aruean ink.
“True Aruean ink?” Chronicler asked, surprised.
Kvothe gave a broad smile and nodded.
on this last point in particular, see this fine post by u/-Yuri-:
TL;DR: nothing exactly earth shattering here -- mainly this is an attempt to dig deeper into the connections between
(a) Aerueh (where tinkers find polished horns, mentioned once in NoW),
(b) Arueh (where fine dark ink is made, mentioned 3 times in WMF) and
(c) Aeruh (the word Haliax uses to command the air to bind Selitos, in NoW)
and let's add
(d) Aru, the rune for clay
all of which probably have some relation to the ability to "breath life into matter" aka animate the inanimate, which also has something to do with the writing magic Denna is seeking.
and for the frosting, let's listen to Pat pronounce Edema Ruh
edit: a couple more things... (please keep the breath of life into clay idea in mind)
In Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. The word "golem" appears only once in the Bible (Psalms139:16). In Hebrew, "golem" stands for "shapeless mass." The Talmud uses the word as "unformed" or "imperfect" and according to Talmudic legend, Adam is called "golem," meaning "body without a soul" (Sanhedrin 38b) for the first 12 hours of his existence.
[...] Other sources say once the golem had been physically made one needed to write the letters aleph, mem, tav, which is emet and means "truth," on the golem's forehead and the golem would come alive. Erase the alephand you are left with mem and tav, which is met, meaning "death."
Another way to bring a golem to life was to write God's name on parchment and stick it on the golem's arm or in his mouth. One would remove it to stop the golem.
Maybe humans in KKC were created by combining all the Aru-s: clay, air, + Aruean ink:
related posts:
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2020.06.15 23:57 DrPepper450 (Spoilers) The comprehensive list of who was (or allegedly was) called for each season with returnees

So a lot of this could be heresy, or players flexin by saying they had a solid chance, but I did a deep dive on this; did I miss anyone/are any of these openly fake? And what would have happened if some of these people made it?!
S8: All-Stars Turned Down Offer: Elisabeth (S2) and Colleen (S1) and Sandra (S7) and Heidi (S6) Cut: Goldsmith and T-Bird (S3), Vecepia, Neleh, and Sean (S4), Clay and Helen (S5) Considered but not Chosen: Rodgfer and Skupin (S2), Gervase (S1)
S11: Guatemala Were in Talks but not Chosen: Rodger and Skupin (S2), Jonathan and Wanda (S10) Turned Down: Hunter (S4)
S16: Micronesia Cut: Sandra (S7) and Twila (S9) Rumored: Was initially going to be All-Stars 2, with Courtney (S15), Candice (S13), Yul (S13), Coby (S10), Shane (S12), in the mix, among others, but not chosen
S20: Heroes vs. Villains Couldn't Legally: Hatch (S1) Considered for Heroes: Skupin (S2), Terry (S12), Yul (S13), Earl (S14) Turned Down for Heroes: Ozzy (S13/16), Colleen (S1), Elisabeth (S2), Yau-Man (S14), Ian (S10) Turned Down for Villains: Corinne (S17) Rejected for Villains: Brian (S5), Fairplay (S7), Shii-Ann (S5), Judd (S11) Cut from Villains: Shane (S12), Penner (S13), Jenna Lewis (S1) Alternates: Erik for Heroes (S16), Natalie Bolton for Villains (S16)
S22: Redemption Island Always meant to be those 2, but Hatch claims he was in the mix
S23: South Pacific Rumored: Jenna Morasca (S6) and Ethan (S3) who didn't want to play against each other, Shane (S12) says he was replaced by Ozzy
S25: Philippines Rumored: That it was 3 female captains, potentially Stephenie (S11), Amanda (S15), and someone else, but this is a shaky rumor
S26: Caramoan Rejected Call: Matt (S22), Shambo (S19) Considered: Lisa (S25), Tyson (S18), Troyzan (S24), Stephen (S18)
S27: Blood vs. Water Didn't Pass Medical: So Kim (S30); her sister; RC (S25) and father (last minute replaced by Candice&John); Ashley (S22) and sister -- couldn't play due to partner and backup partner, Cirie (S12) and partner who couldn't play; Jerri (S2) whose partner couldn't' play; Jim (S23) and wife who couldn't play Cut: Penner with son (S13) but son was 17; Marty (S21), Jane (S21), Holly (S21) with daughter, Chelsea (S24) with father, Shane (S12) and son; Eliza (S9) and mother; Terry (S12) and daughter; Earl (S14); Kelly Goldsmith (S3) and fiance; Judd (S11) and wife; Sean (S4); Declined: Parvati (S16)/Fincher (S19), Denise (S25), Amber (S2)/Rob (S4), Greg (S1) and sister; Tom (S3) and Lex (S3), Tom (S10), Malcolm (S25) and brother; Yau-Man (S14)
S31: Cambodia Declined: Shambo (S19), RC (S25), Jeff Kent (S25); Greg (S1); Ian (S10); Josh (S29); Reed (S29); Jon (S29) -- missed call, Elisabeth (S2) Public Vote: Obviously, T-Bird, Culpepper, Max, Shane, Jim, Carolyn, Troyzan, Natalie T, Sabrina, Stephanie V, Mikayla were now choson. Rumor has it Sabrina pulled out prior to reveal due to family issues, and Mike as winner was disqualified
S34: Game Changers Declined: Earl (S14), Corinne, Ethan, Wentworth, Joe, Danni, Sabrina Pulled: Natalie A (S29) Cut: Carolyn (S30), Sophie, Marty, Jon, John Cody, Mike, Alexis (S16), LJ (S28), Penner
S38: Edge of Extinction Declined: Coach Rumored Declined: Danielle (S12/S20)
S40: Winners at War Declined: Cochran (S23), Earl (S14), Aras (S12) Alternate: Tina (S2) rejected: Hatch (S1) Cut: Tom (S10) - medical; Mike (S30)
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2020.06.05 12:18 ShankarTiwari How Marriage Prediction judge marriage compatibility with your partner: Guide you with remedies

How Marriage Prediction judge marriage compatibility with your partner: Guide you with remedies

If a marriage proposal is brought to the parents, they consult an astrologer and take the help of Free marriage Prediction reports. For marriage prediction, there are many rules in astrology. We are going to explain a couple of rules to know when will you get married prediction by simplest ways with remedies to avoid Late marriage.

Accurate Marriage Prediction by your Date of Birth:

If you have your date of birth time and place of birth you can just explore Marriage prediction Calculator by filing your data. Once you have your Marriage age prediction, look for Mahadasha Chart for marriage prediction. Remember Marriage prediction date birth is not a big deal.Under this Mahadasha table you will find the sub periods of other planets. Look for the current period of ten years from 2020 to 2029. (if your marriage age is running)
The order of Mahadasha is as follows…
· Sun
· Moon
· Mars
· Rahu
· Jupiter
· Saturn
· Mercury
· Ketu
· Venus
Know your Astrology by date of birth for Marriage!!
The Marriage Prediction by date of birth is done of both the horoscopes or kundlis to understand if the horoscopes of both the match. The Marriage kundali Matching for marriage would let us know if the partners are compatible with marriage by various methods out of which the main system referred to is the Ashtakoota Guna Milan system.
In this system, points or Gunas are given to eight factors:
Varna – This gives us information about the basic potential of a person, his inherent skills and abilities according to four types of personality.
Vashya – This tells us about the dominance in the partnership of marriage. It also shows the magnetic attraction between the partners.
Tara–This lets us know if the marriage would be beneficial to the health and well-being and the compatibility of the couple. It also lets us know about good fortune and longevity. Here maximum Gunas can be scored.
Yoni – This lets us know about the sexual and biological compatibility and also the love and sexual inclinations of a person. Sexual tendencies are described as animals. Certain animals are enemies or have an affinity with each other.

Maximum Gunas for this factor are

  • Graha Maitri – This tells us about progeny, harmony, and affection. It also shows the psychological compatibility of the couple.
  • Gana – This lets us know about the outlook on life. The highest score for this is when the partners have an identical outlook to life and the number of Gunas to be gained here.
  • Bhakoot Dosha– This lets us know that if the marriage and the family created by marriage would become prosperous. It would also tell us about longevity, happiness or sorrow, children, and health. Here we can gain a maximum of 7 Gunas.
  • Nadi Dosha– This compares the body doshas of a person i.e. Vat, Kapha, Pitta. It also shows spiritual compatibility, genetic compatibility of the couple, and whether the couple will have a long life together.
Also, if there are some Doshas in the kundali reading for marriage Astrology, there are various astrological marriage remedies available to have a happy married life.
Let’s see some of the astrological remedies for bringing peace and happiness into the married life of a couple Matching of horoscopes is very essential before marriage as per Marriage prediction in Astrology.


  • Fasting on Fridays is advised to appease Goddess Laxmi as it will help in increasing the happiness and relationship between the couple.
  • Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati need to be worshipped regularly.
  • Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranam once a day or the Gayatri mantra 108 times helps keep away negative energies.
  • Matangi Yantra must be worshipped and its mantra chanted 108 times daily.
  • Shree Lalita Sahasranama should be recited daily as an astrological marriage remedy to bring happiness.


  1. Avoid eating non-vegetarian food on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to reduce the clash of opinion between the couple.
  2. The southeast corner of the house should have a red bulb placed in it.
  3. If a weak Venus is in the marriage horoscope, a diamond ring of 3 - 5 carats should be worn in the ring finger to enhance the love between the couple.
  4. Mangal Dosha Shanti is advised if Mangal Dosha is present as per marriage astrology.
  5. Kalasarpa Dosha Shanti needs to be performed if one of the spouses is suffering from Kala Sarpa Dosha.
  6. Sweets to be donated barefoot on a Tuesday along with the spouse.
When will I get married free prediction? Will it be an arranged marriage or a love marriage? How will my married life be? How can I find My Marriage prediction by date of birth free? Our Accurate Marriage Prediction free report will give answer to your questions.
Marriage Predictions is able to express to you that your life Partner is appropriate for Marriage or not since a Love Marriage Specialist examines all factors that may become a barrier to your Marital Life. So, make proper decision for your marriage with the help of True marriage prediction for free report prepared by knowledgeable and experienced astrologer by avail on TABIJ.IN or call on +919776190123.
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2020.06.01 18:03 The_Sunhunter The Mythological Origins of the Summons from Final Fantasy VII: Post #2.) Shiva

Hello everyone and welcome all to my second post on the world-wide beliefs that inspired the summons from Final Fantasy VII. I would like to start out by saying thank you all for such the warm reception to my first post on this topic. Your kind, thoughtful, and encouraging words have absolutely made my day! I definitely did not expect that kind of reception and it warms my heart to know that there is a significant number of people who, like me, also find this topic to be extremely interesting. I would like to thank you all for giving me a platform to express my interests, but I don't think I can adequately express how happy you all have made me. So, I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you!
If you would like to check out my first post on the Ifrit summon, you can find it here:

Now, without further ado, let's talk about Shiva. And I will have to give a forewarning. I do find Hinduism to be a very complex subject, so if any of my information is incorrect or lacking, I most certainly invite you to add to wherever I may falter.

#2.) Shiva):
Another one of the most iconic summons in Final Fantasy, Shiva is presented as a blue-skinned woman with an affinity towards the element of ice, acting as a sort of polar opposite (pun intended) to Ifrit). The real-world Shiva is actually a male god from Hinduism who is a member of the trinity (called the Trimūrti) of principal deities that together represent the overall functioning of the universe. As members of this trinity, Shiva’s role is to be “the destroyetransformer”, while Brahma is “the creator” and Vishnu acts as “the preserver”. Shiva is typically depicted as the creator and foremost practitioner of Yoga, possessing a third eye which famously incinerated the love god Kamadeva, and having the crescent moon on his head as well as matted hair that the Ganges River flows from. Shiva is often associated with the earlier Vedic storm god Rudra, and the two names are actually sometimes used interchangeably. In fact, the Rigveda, the oldest of the four sacred texts that comprise the Vedas, as well as the Yajurveda state that the god Rudra has two contradicting natures; one being the cruel and unpredictable Rudra, and the other being the calm and kind Shiva; with Shiva in post-Vedic Hinduism incorporating both of these aspects to become the terrifying and beneficial recycler of creation.
Trying to discern why Shiva is female and associated with ice in Final Fantasy, I should first mention that there are four major sects in Hinduism; being Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, and the Smarta Tradition. According to Shaivas, Shiva is actually the Supreme Being and Ultimate Reality (Para Brahman), incorporating the aspects that are also associated with Brahma and Vishnu. However, Shaktism proposes that Brahman is actually feminine, being Adi Parashakti. This sect of Hinduism proposes a goddess (Devī) is thought to be the driving force behind the energy and creative capabilities of each of the gods (Devas)). According to Shakti beliefs, the mother goddess Parvati is an aspect of Adi Parashakti and is said to be the complementary partner of Shiva, which may explain why Shiva is presented as a female in Final Fantasy. Shiva is also often described as having a blue throat that was caused by drinking a poison called Halāhala, which may explain why Shiva was given an icy complexion for Final Fantasy VII. Shiva in the Final Fantasy series could also be based on the Hindu goddess Kali, a blue-skinned deity of destruction who is connected to Shiva in some way; either being the Shakti (dynamic energy) of Shiva, the consort of Mahakala (a form of Shiva), or the combination of Shiva and Parvati. Something neat about Kali in relation to Final Fantasy that I should mention is that the Fiend of Fire) Marilith) from the original Final Fantasy is partially inspired by Kali (as her alternative name Kary is a mistranslation of Kali), due to the frequent imagery of Hindu deities often having multiple appendages. So overall, I’m not sure why the Shiva summon is named after the Hindu Deva Shiva and isn’t instead named after a female personification of winter; such as the Greek horae Kheimon from NonnusDionysiaca, the Greek daughter of the north wind Chione), the Gaelic Beira/Cailleach Bheur), the Norse Skaði, or the Slavic Morana).

EDIT: Reddit users u/metapolymath98 and u/wtf125 have graciously pointed out that a probable explanation for why Shiva is a female in Final Fantasy is because of the Ardhanaraishvara, a being who is the combination of the male Shiva and the female Parvati.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Next up will be the watery Leviathan.
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2020.05.28 16:01 Shiromifeari [S] Discord Survivor: Last Chances

After 19 seasons, and 19 winners, many opportunities have been missed over the course of this series, as such, we will give these 24 players the chance to battle for the winner title one last time. In other words, it’s their last chance!
Let’s meet our contenders!


Agnès Oblige, from Lichstein Cave and Layne Coast. Best Known For: Causing TWO advantageddons, being a beast in challenges, executing amazing moves and generally being one of the most legendary players to set foot in this series. Previous Placements: (S9) 4th, (S12) Co-Runner-Up
Mercy, from Shear Hills and Fans vs Favorites. Best Known For: One of the most underrated players of the series, Mercy was able to get out of the stickiest of situations, however, that always made her a threat, one that was taken out way earlier than she should have. Previous Placements: (S6) 9th, (S8) 12th
Asuma Sarutobi, from Upolu and All-Stars. Best Known For: Being rocked out with two idols in his pocket, and later getting blindsided by Elsa, the person he promised to give his Legacy Advantage should he get voted out. Previous Placements: (S3) 7th, (S5) 12th
Gundham Tanaka, from Chocolate Mountains and Second Chance. Best Known For: Attempting to take control of the game many times over the course of his two seasons, but never quite doing so, though that never stopped him from going the lengths. Previous Placements: (S13) 4th, (S15) 9th
Iroh, from Aurora Glacier. Best Known For: Taking control early on, and keeping it that way for the entirety of his stay, not something many can say, unfortunately, Trinity’s idol had other thoughts about all the power he had. Previous Placement: 7th
Marceline Abadeer, from Blood vs Water. Best Known For: Being Bubblegum’s loved one, and going the lengths to protect and please her, after they were the last pair standing, she was blindsided for the danger they posed. Previous Placement: 6th
Scarlett, from Fuji Lakes, All-Stars and Heroes vs Villains. Best Known For: One of the scariest villains ever, Scarlett has executed moves no other player would ever think of, and has made deeps runs, evading an early elimination every time despite the huge target on her back. Previous Placements: (S1) 10th, (S5) 6th, (S10) Runner-Up
Squilliam Fancyson, from Wawanakwa and Second Chance. Best Known For: His fun personality, perfect for the Reality TV genre, always being painted as a mastermind, when in reality he’s just super cocky. Previous Placements: (S11) Runner-Up, (S15) 11th
Claude von Riegan, from Umbra Forest, All-Stars and Heroes vs Villains. Best Known For: Evolving from “Kitana’s Partner” to a high-profile player who could stand on his own, certifying himself as a legend in the process. Previous Placements: (S4) Runner-Up, (S5) 5th, (S10) 7th
Elise, from Layne Coast and Second Chance. Best Known For: Being one of the most self-aware players of all time, Elise can take power and kept it that way for as long as she wants, however, idols always screw her over, though she was able to accept the losses with poise and grace. Previous Placements: (S12) 5th, (S15) 8th
Maquia, from Wawanakwa. Best Known For: Being one of the most mistreated players in the series, having any allies she made get blindsided, not gaining anything from the Auction, and getting eliminated just because she lost the auto-elimination challenge. Previous Placement: 9th
Mary Wormhorn, from Medea Grotto. Best Known For: A recent face, Mary was clever when it came to her idol, which she used at the right time, she could even have beaten Eggman’s score of most votes over a season, however, thanks to a double elimination twist, she was quickly dealt with. Previous Placement: 9th
Parvati Shallow, from Shear Hills and Fans vs Favorites. Best Known For: A master of social savvy gameplay, Parvati has used her social skills to go on deep runs in both of her outings, nearly winning her debut, and later being blindsided for starting an immunity streak on her return. Previous Placements: (S6) Runner-Up, (S8) 7th
Quagsire, from Aster Fields. Best Known For: Becoming the last male standing quite early on, but surviving, and getting himself all the way to FTC, but not being able to compete against the strong women he sat next to. Previous Placement: Second Runner-Up
Ripper Roo, from Chocolate Mountains and Unfinished Business. Best Known For: Having one big improvement, after showing potential in his debut, but not being able to get farther due to his tribe’s misfortune, he got a second chance, and showed us what we all missed by nearly winning the season. Previous Placements: (S13) 13th, (S18) Runner-Up
Tyke Bulldog, from Lichstein Cave and Second Chance. Best Known For: A very underrated player, Tyke is known for executing big moves, without really being able to avoid the target on his back afterwards, leading to his early jury exits. Previous Placements: (S9) 11th, (S15) 10th
Alejandro Burromuerto, from Fuji Lakes, Fans vs Favorites and Heroes vs Villains. Best Known For: Being an amazing player who is never allowed to show his skills, Alejandro is a master of pleasing, which has always taken him to decent lengths, but never too far. Previous Placements: (S1) 9th, (S8) 11th, (S10) 10th
Caity Peters, from Layne Coast. Best Known For: Getting isolated against a five person alliance at the Final 5, but using her challenge strength to get herself into the Final 3, though she ultimately lost the crown to Gary’s more dominant gameplay. Previous Placement: Co-Runner-Up
Harley Quinn, from Aurora Glacier. Best Known For: A free agent, Harley had no loyalties whatsoever, eliminating whoever she wanted with almost no consequences, though she forgot to take out her biggest competition, Trinity, who would subsequently crush her at FTC. Previous Placement: Runner-Up
Ino Yamanaka, from Amber Coast and Second Chance. Best Known For: Wife of the legendary Ayano, and as such part of the power couple Ayino, Ino herself has proven she’s a legend by managing to go far despite always being in the minority with nothing but her social skills. Previous Placements: (S7) 7th, (S15) 6th
Levi Ackerman, from Shear Hills and Layne Coast. Best Known For: An unexpected player, after getting a second shot, Levi defied expectations and played a much more impressive game than his original run despite not getting as far. Previous Placements: (S6) 4th, (S12) 9th
Marge Simpson, from Upolu and Fans vs Favorites. Best Known For: One of our most consistent players, Marge evolved over her seasons, going from emotional and risky to a more refined style of gameplay, she came close to winning twice, but never managed to snatch the dub. Previous Placements: (S3) Second Runner-Up, (S8) Co-Runner-Up
Phil McGraw, from Layne Coast and Second Chance. Best Known For: Using his abilities as a psychologist to bond with players in the right ways, taking power and coming very close to FTC twice, but falling just short of the end both times. Previous Placement: (S12) 4th, (S15) 7th
Riolu, from Wawanakwa. Best Known For: Coming very close to reaching the Final 2 after many setbacks, but losing the final auto-elimination challenge to Squilliam and Lindsay. Previous Placement: 3rd
The Long Awaited Season!
The Season: THIS SEASON WAS GOLD, which I guess was expected given it’s the AUS2016 simulator, but still, I can’t deny how amazing of a run this was, everyone was there to win, they gave us one hell of a spectacle. There were a lot of idol misplays, but I can forgive them since paranoia was at its peak due to the high stakes. It was sad seeing so many amazing players go early, though Mercy, Asuma, Mary, Maquia and Iroh’s perfomances had me very pleasantly surprised. This season is sort of revolutionary since so many records were broken, 11 idols were found, the most out of any season, Ino broke Kotoko’s score of most individual wins across a survivor career, with 8, and Agnes got 33 VOTES, more than freaking Eggman! Who held that record for so long. Overall, this was an amazing experience, and a great way to build up the hype for WaW.
The Winner: I’m sorry if Elise’s win was somewhat predictable given how I edited her, it’s just... she’s our last distinct winner, so I had to make sure I gave the amazing game she played the justice it deserved. One could say she pulled a Tony since Ino had a better shot at winning against Parvati, and yet she still took her, but that just shows how amazing her social skills were. Sure, WaW will have a gender imbalance because of her, but she more than earned her spot in the season, she played from every angle, top, bottom, middle, she had her struggles, overcame them, and took the win by a long shot, definitely a contender in the conversation of who’s the GOAT of DS. Excited to see her on WaW!
Thank you u/dramaking_22 for allowing me to simulate the season on his discord server, as well as u/IAmWolfNinja for creating a spreadsheet of the results of the series up to this point!
And that’s all for our 20th season! For our last season, Elise will be joining our other 19 winners for one last game to determine the ultimate Discord Survivor winner! Who will become our two time champion? Find out next time!
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2020.05.21 03:00 mutent92 The Story of Survivor

During the 90s, there was once a kid who was infamous for going all out wild and partying hard with all his friends. The class clown / jokester kid that every group of friends had, who just wanted to blend in. Though he had his jovial fun, he always had a true sense of morality, inner strength, and grew to be quite courageous. That type of ethic is almost quite contagious.
In the year 2000, the boy was only but a 26 year old kid taking on the rest of the world. His true test of skills finally arose. Through trials, he earned his way into the New Jersey Police Department. His name was Tony Vlachos.
On the otherside of the world, a game was held. The first of many, in fact. A game in which a group of strangers were outcasted in the middle of nowhere, dwindling down in numbers until there was only 1 remaining survivor intact. Through brutal trials & games initiated by the spirit gods of their island, a victor arose, whose game would essentially latch. A man who played a devious game who set up how it'd be played for the rest of the millennia. The original villain, Richard Hatch.
Throughout the years, countless more games were held all across the world, many just alright, but most very memorable. Many more villains arose, but throughout those villains, resistance was inevitable. Many of the lost souls who were tragically forced into this game realized that there must be good to triumph against the evil. Heroes finally arose. Call it biblical or medieval, it was really just cathedral.
There are legends of many, names the world would pin, like the quick-shot ranchero, Colby Donaldson. The robin hood-esque pirate, Rupert Boneham.The leader who stood against the mighty flames of tragedy to save the lives of many, Tom Westman, who always defused our problems.
Through the heroes' resistance, the villains fought harder. The mighty amazon warrior, Parvati Shallow, led a cult of black widows throughout an entire slaughter. An assassin/mafia leader who fell in love with his partner in crime, decimated the legacies of many to bring his rock to the end, Rob Mariano, way ahead of his time. Probably the biggest of them all... the bearer of darkness, the one who makes those of fools, he who fights but with brute force, Russel Hantz, there are many players he schooled.
In 2010, a great war was held. The mightiest of heroes and the most devious of villains fought to the flesh and bone in an awe-epic battle. Gladiator wars, ambushes, banana famine, an apocalypse of the damned. The heroes were herded as a bunch of cattle, all pinned and straddled. It was an era where evil prevailed and the first queen was crowned, Sandra Diaz-Twine, the first 2-time victor. She won with not a bang, but with a whisper.
For a while, the dark ages lingered during the post-apocalypse. The villains ruled the games, so much so that the island gods were angered and threatened to wipe the games from the face of the world forever. The world would eclipse. We lusted a new endeavor. That is until a new villain's game was eventually born. In the battle of Cagayan, Tony Vlachos, the kid from New Jersey, played what was once known as the most deceitful game ever played, laying his blood & family on a word he'd sworn.
Taking pages from the books of Richard, Rob, & Russell, Tony frankensteined a game of his own, though it took many expenses. Through his bag of tricks, cut-throat stabs, and skills of llama tongue, Tony maneuvered his way to the end and won his game... though not without consequences. He risked his family's names, and decayed relationships with the closest of his allies. It was a game he contemplated if it was worth winning or not. His father's life for a cash prize?
For years, it was the norm for villains to be the strongest, the smartest, the superior. What other games are players supposed to play anymore? The concept is not so linear.
More time passed, more players played. Even Tony's Cops 'R Us partner, Lacina, won one of the most dominant games ever played on her crusade. A game where Tony got the boot. Out way too early due to his jovial & devious roots.
It seemed as if the way the game was played was set in stone, that is... until now.
Past victors were invited to play in the biggest war of them all. Winners at war. This was indeed, the most massive fight to the death there has ever been, a giant blood downpour. Everyone thought, there was no way for Tony to ever win again, especially through his original win. But a light was shined through the skies, and the stars aligned, and the eclipse eclipsed, and Tony Vlachos, the chosen one, played the most colossus, exhausting, heart-breaking game in history. It was time to redeem his sins.
His nature was to run, instead he stood. His mind craved to deceive, instead he bonded with his hood. His hands yearned to snatch, instead they created. Tony realized that he could not play the exact same game he played once before, but a game of trust, patience, and endurance. A game much more calculated. These players were the best of the best. The hardest to pull past through. There was nowhere to hide. They had better been ready, they were coming for you.
Through the burden of his past, he changed his ways. He rebuilt a burnt bridge in his partner of Lacina, there was now light in the upcoming days. He made his comrades laugh using his charm instead of making them cry with his deceit. Through laborious patience, he won 4 immunities instead of none, he had found his key. The hyenas scratched and bit and tore his skin as much as they could, yet through every obstacle, he prevailed. He did not play perfectly, but he played better than ever before in the grand scale. He is a flawed human, as is anyone else, but a man who was raised, taught, and mentored by the game's most wicked of villains earned his way to the end playing but as a hero in parallel. He battled against his own partner in the end, forced to take out his most loyal and powerful ally who he loved most in the game. But as soon as Tony stood within the final 3, he knew he had won. He had did it, and it was done.
Through the final tribal council, he explained to the fallen spirits of the islands why he deserved to be sole survivor. The spirits listened and they spoke, as advocates and advisors. He bowed his head before them in humility, as he admitted he could not have made it to the end if it weren't for them. Through this rough, he is our gem. He grew older & wiser. Through trial & error, he stood before them, and they granted him the title of sole survivor.
Tony Vlachos, the 2nd 2-time victor, the King of Survivor. This is the game of ours we decipher. He took his check of a two, and six zero's. In a world started by a villain, it ends with a hero.
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2020.05.16 06:15 uwuKawaiianPunchuwu My Post Season WAW Rankings

So I’m a fairly new Survivor fan! My first season was EOE, and since then I’ve seen WAW, Heroes vs Villains, San Juan Del Sur, Cambodia, Game Changers and One World! These are my post season WAW rankings.
20: Ben: I just can’t put him any higher when he asked to be voted out. Giving up your chance at 2 million to...make friends? I guess it’s noble but as a fan it’s frustrating to see him in the final 6, in a majority alliance, ask to be voted out when so many people would kill to be in that spot.
19: Amber: I really feel like Amber was doomed since the tribes were revealed. She on her own isn’t threatening but the poker alliance and Rob is literally the reason she was voted out. Nothing wrong with her game, just guilty by association which sucks because I really feel like we could see an UTR social player from her on her own.
18: Danni: I also feel like Danni was someone who could have gone further if she survived this episode. I’m not really sure what to believe when it comes to Danni because the edit made it look like she was the reasonable boot but her ig live made it seem like she was just a scapegoat for the oldschoolers to survive another week.
17: Sandra: I love Sandra as a character and usually it’s hard to put her higher on this list considering she had guaranteed safety with an idol, but gave it away to the person who voted her out. I do understand that the idea of Denise voting her out seemed unlikely but at the end of the day, she sorta sent herself home. I don’t look down on her quitting edge because she literally had 0 chance to return.
16: Ethan: I loved Ethan! He seems like such a sweet genuine guy. Unfortunately we didn’t see much of him in the game besides his alliance with Parv and Rob but he was one of the reasons I didn’t completely hate the segments on EOE.
15: Adam: I also liked Adam’s character. He seemed to know what he was doing when targetting Parv, but telling Rob was incredibly stupid! After that his game just slowly started tanking and he couldn’t reposition himself.
14: Rob: Another person who started off strong. Him and Parvati running Sele despite being huge targets was so cool to see!! Unfortunately, he played too aggressive with Ben and Adam which led to his downfall. I think he would have been pretty interesting to watch in the merge!
13: Yul: Loved Yul’s character. Just him speaking kept me interested. Also, I would love to see more asian representation on survivor. Overall, I think it was a bit silly of him to not try and work with the old schoolers. Also, him voting off Parv seemed really silly to me as well! I feel like it was obvious to see that if Parvati went that tribal, he’d be gone next. And as a fan, seeing Parv and Yul in the same alliance would have been awesome to watch!
12: Parvati: I absolutely adore Parvati. I think she’s amazingly charismatic. She was a huge threat coming into the game but positioned herself pretty well with Sele. Unfortunately she got swap screwed! Also I hate how useless the nullifier she got was!! Any of the other edge advantages would have saved her!
11: Wendell: I thought I’d really like Wendell but he seemed like such a douche all of pre merge. The way he talked to Parv and Michele really infuriated me. I wasn’t upset to see him go, but he had a decent game. He was in a good spot on Dakal, and then remained good with 3/4 of his tribe during the swap.
10: Nick: I feel like Nick was sort of boring this season. Not sure if he’s just not very entertaining but besides rooting for Michele to win even though he’d be leaving if she won immunity. I do give him credit for winning immunity when he needed it but I have to bump him down for taking out Jeremey!! That could have been a huge turning point in the season.
9: Tyson: Interesting character and did a good job repositioning himself with Dakal after the “poker alliance” was exposed. I just feel like despite coming back from the Edge, he didn’t have a big influence on the game.
8: Jeremy: He had a rough start with his closet ally being voted off first but he had a pretty good rebound with the new school sele alliance. I just think he was a bit more of a follower than leader this season but I think had Nick kept him in the game, he would have been way more interesting and done big damage.
7: Sophie: Sophie is someone who was fun to watch. Her attitude is just really entertaining and on top of that, she was a good strategic player. She had alliances her alliance with Yul and Nick which was unfortunately cut short, but she then managed to ally with Sarah and control the yara tribe despite being outnumbered. Unfortunately she was taken out by Tony for being too close to Sarah. I think had she gone any further she’d have been a serious contender to win the game.
6: Kim: I loved Kim on One World, she just completely controlled that season with ease. This season we saw Kim play from the bottom snd she did the best she could. She even managed to get enough numbers to reposition herself but unfortunately for her, Tony won immunity when he did. If he lost that challenge, I think she could have took over the game!
5: Natalie: She was the first boot but she worked her butt off on Edge. I don’t think Edge players should ever win, but I don’t blame her for trying to win! It’s a game for 2 million dollars. She also didn’t play an amazing game on return. I’m shocked she got more votes than Michele.
4: Denise: Denise had an interesting story. She started off sorta invisible, then had her moment with Sandra, and then went back to being pretty invisible. On paper she had an amazing game (2 idols, 2 immunities, majority alliance, took out Sandra), but the edit just didn’t ever make her seem like a frontrunner. Also, despite being good with Tony and Sarah, she had no chance at beating either in the end.
3: Michele: Once again Michele played a pretty UTR pre-merge game, but she was still playing! She started the game on the outside, being blindsided at the first vote, but managed to make the final 3 with 2 immunity wins, the most fire tokens bequeathed, and a good social game. I think some of the highlights of her game were flipping on Adam, winning immunity when she most needed, and being one of two/three people who saw how great Tony was playing. I also think she’s just so charismatic and gives great confessionals. I would love to see her play once again because I do think she cemented herself as a great player. Definitely didn’t deserve to be a 0 vote finalist. Also, her FTC speech was amazing.
2: Sarah: I really don’t like Sarah but she played a great game. She controlled pre merge with Sophie, then controlled merge with Tony. The only downside is that she was seen as the right hand woman. If she and Tony made it to the end he’d beat her. I wish we saw a more cutthroat side to her like in game changers but kudos to her none the less.
1: Tony: 0 votes cast against him, found an idol. Majority alliance, won 4 immunities. He played a near perfect game. I think he beats anyone this season. Also, unlike his partner Sarah, Tony always thought ahead as seen with the final 6 vote about Natalie’s idol. Also, the edit didn’t show it but Tony made a fake immunity idol and gave it to Sarah to protect her at the final 6. He just had such an amazing well rounded game.
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Swayamvara Parvathi Homam from Mhari Parvati Mat Parne {Hit Rajasthani Lok Geet} By Shabhu Lehri Kushwah गणगौर की कहानी  Gangaur Ki Katha  Gangaur Festival 2020  Spiritual & Religious Story Around the World For Free - Around the World for Free 3 - Parvati Gets Her Travel Shots Fengshuimeisterei - YouTube Ganpatila Durva Priy Ka Zhala - Ganpatichya Goshti - Marathi Real Life Love Partners of ' Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev ' STAR CAST Swayamvar Parvati Mantra 108 times for Marriage with ... Vighnaharta Ganesha ! Actress Akansha Puri As Parvati Mata Real Life Love Partner & Family Friends

When She Leads: Parvati

  1. Swayamvara Parvathi Homam from
  2. Mhari Parvati Mat Parne {Hit Rajasthani Lok Geet} By Shabhu Lehri Kushwah
  3. गणगौर की कहानी Gangaur Ki Katha Gangaur Festival 2020 Spiritual & Religious Story
  4. Around the World For Free - Around the World for Free 3 - Parvati Gets Her Travel Shots
  5. Fengshuimeisterei - YouTube
  6. Ganpatila Durva Priy Ka Zhala - Ganpatichya Goshti - Marathi
  7. Real Life Love Partners of ' Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev ' STAR CAST
  8. Swayamvar Parvati Mantra 108 times for Marriage with ...
  9. Vighnaharta Ganesha ! Actress Akansha Puri As Parvati Mata Real Life Love Partner & Family Friends
  10. Marriage Mantra - Swayamvaraparvathi mantra 1008 times ...

Married women perform Gauri Puja and pray for their husband's long life and marital happiness whereas unmarried women pray to Goddess Parvati for an ideal life partner. At the medical center, Parvati gets prepared for her trip by receiving all her vaccinations and then says goodbye to her business partner and best friend at the ESP Wellness center. Follow her on ... See how Lord Ganesha to life from a statue of clay and then blessed with various celestial powers by his mother Goddess Parvati. Partner rating: No mature To make your kids more creative ... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Mhari Parvati Mat Parne {Hit Rajasthani Lok Geet} By Shabhu Lehri Kushwah YouTube Ladi ki mai Munde bol na Kehna Kya h - Duration: 8:41. A.M. Ji 1,415,551 views Swayamvara Parvathi Homam enables you to find your perfect life partner, eliminate the obstacles that postpone your marriage and strengthen the relationship between you and your spouse. Vighnaharta Ganesha ! Actress Akansha Puri As Parvati Mata Real Life Love Partner & Family Friends. Sony TV Upcoming Vighnaharta Ganesha ! Marriage Mantra : Swayamvar Parvati Mantra 108 times Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (English: Lord of the Lords... Mahadev) often abbreviated as 'DKDM', is a mythological drama series based on the Hindu god Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev.[1] It ... Marriage Mantra - Swayamvaraparvathi mantra 1008 times Swayamvaraparvathi mantra for marriage = 3rd May 2015 Swayamva... Ich bin Parvati S. Hörler. Ich bin Fengshuimeisterin, Schamanin und seit 25 Jahren Meditationslehrerin. Meditationen auf Youtube biete ich an, da meine Semin...