Tobey Maguire dating

Reportedly, Maguire and Dieteman first met in August 2018, when they crossed paths at a party held for Leonardo DiCaprio.It seems like they've been dating ever since and they're going strong ... Tobey Maguire was previously married to Jennifer Meyer (2007 - 2017). Tobey Maguire has been in relationships with Kirsten Dunst (2001), Rashida Jones (1997 - 2000) and Sara Gilbert (1993 - 1996). Tobey Maguire is rumoured to have hooked up with Demi Moore (2002). Tobey Maguire and Tatiana Dieteman attend A Sense of Home Gala on November 1, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. WWD/Shutterstock. Going strong! Tobey Maguire and girlfriend Tatiana Dieteman are in ... Tobey Maguire has been in relationships with Kirsten Dunst (2001), Rashida Jones (1997 – 2000) and Sara Gilbert (1993 – 1996). Tobey Maguire is rumored to have hooked up with Demi Moore (2002). Tobey Maguire is turning 46 in Who is Tobey Maguire dating? Tobey Maguire is currently dating Tatiana Dieteman. The couple started dating in 2018 and have been together for around 2 years, and 18 days. The American Movie Actor was born in Santa Monica, CA on June 27, 1975. Tobey Maguire, 44, is joined by stunning model girlfriend Tatiana Dieteman, 27, as the couple go for a bike ride in Brentwood By Jason Chester for MailOnline Published: 08:43 BST, 29 May 2020 Updated: 08:43 BST, 29 May 2020 Tobey Maguire made the most of rising spring temperatures on Thursday as he ventured out […]

Spider-Man 3(2007) Better than you remember?

2020.07.13 09:00 apairofboots Spider-Man 3(2007) Better than you remember?

This is my first review about a movie in reddit. However, this is not my first time watching, talking, or reviewing this movie to another person.
You could call me a Raimi/Maguire fanboy. I grew up while these movies were either on DVD or being made(born 2003), so I guess it could be an biased opinion. But I have seen the other Spider-Man movies(TASM 1 twice, TASM 2 once, SMH about 3~4 times, and SMFFH twice) and not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it didn’t grasp me the same way the Raimi trilogy did and still does.
In Spider-Man 3, we see Peter ParkeSpider-Man(Tobey Maguire) excelling in his academic, professional, and personal life. However, after Harry Osborne(James Franco) discovers that Peter his Spider-Man(from the previous movie), he swears to his father that he will avenge him. Harry and Peter fight, which causes Harry to have amnesia. With that, we see Flint Marko and sees that he on the run from the law. It’s revealed later that Marko actually killed Peter’s Uncle Ben. After an science experiment goes wrong, it turns Marko into the Sandman. There is a hole plot how Mary Jane(Kirsten Dunst) is growing away from Peter and has her career ended due to 1 mediocre performance. Eventually, a “new body” to the Daily Bugle named Eddie Brock(Topher Grace) competes with Peter for an actual job at the Bugle instead of freelancing. In order for Eddie to get the position, he fakes his pictures(of Spider-Man) and beats Peter to the job. Peter(controlled by the symbiote) confronts Eddie and reveals the true about his pictures. Eddie is fires and his “girlfriend” Gwen Stacey(Bryce Dallas Howard) and goes on a date with Peter. Eddie is jealous and while at church, prays to God to kill Peter. Little does he know, Peter his at the same church, ripping of the symbiote of him. It lands on Eddie and turns him into Venom. Venom and Sandman team up and kidnap MJ and Peter goes to save her. While almost defeated, Harry shows up and saves Peter and the 2 team up to save MJ and defeat the 2 villains. Harry dies, Eddie explodes, and Sandman goes away(after explaining to Peter what actually happened with his uncle). The movie ends with Peter and MJ dance it the same bar where Peter hurt MJ.
Many people consider this the “bad one” or the “weaker link” in the trilogy. Compared to the 2 other films. I see there points and kinda agree. But why do I watch this one the most out of the 3. I enjoy this movie a bit more than the other ones. The 3rd act isn’t as good as the first 2 acts, but something about this movie makes me watch more than the others.
People have the right to their opinions and I’m fine if you like MCU Spider-Man than this version. However, my opinion is that despite its flaws, Spider-Man 3 is better than Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2.
Lets discuss the main villain in this movie. You may say, “Well there are 3 of them. Which one is the main one?” My answer is not Venom, Sandman, or even New Goblin, but instead Peter. More specifically, Peter’s ego. Peter is proud of how much he has improved since Spider-Man 2, but a bit too much. He thinks that now MJ likes him, he can do whatever he wants because he’ll give a Spider-Man related excuse. Now that people love Spider-Man, he lets that appreciation go to his head and thinks he is above everyone. And now that his time management skills are better, the ones closest to him will forgive all his faults. His ego led him to ignore Harry and let him dive into this whole revenge ideology. Imagine being in Harry’s position, having the person, who you think killed your father, be presented as a hero and adored by millions in your face everyday and turns to be your best friend must suck. Next is Sandman. When Peter learns the man who killed his Uncle is loose, he is furious. But he learns that the man who did this is the same man Peter let go away during the Spider-Man parade(or celebration). While under the influence of the symbiote, Peter confronts Sandman and Peter “kills” him. And Peter is happy about it(until he talks to Aunt May about it). Then Venom. Peter thinks that since he worked at the Bugle longer, he should get the staff job(which I understand). He sees the paper Eddie did and sees how people react to this fake article. Peter is the only one who knows while the citizens next to him think Spider-Man has turned evil. This is a direct hit to Peter’s ego because he thinks he reputation has been slandered(“In print, it’s libel”). So Peter confronts Eddie, embarrasses Eddie in front of everyone, has J Jonah Jameson fire him(himself), and has Gwen dump. But also, Peter’s ego hurts MJ the most throughout the movie. When her play goes wrong, he says the old get back on the horse thing and tries to explain that he has been through the same situation. She feels hurt and betrayed by him even though Peter knows MJ works at a bar, he still takes Gwen and does a whole dance routine to embarrass MJ.
This movie is a great conclusion to this trilogy. I love the acting, soundtrack, and the work Mr. Raimi our into this film. I would have loved to see a 4th Spider-Man film, this movie excels on this 5 year movie franchise. Sam a Raimi is to hard on himself saying that this movie is bad and how fans didn’t like it and how we feels bad about upsetting the fans. I hope I can meet up Mr. Raimi himself I let him know how his 3 movies affected me personally and how it inspired me. I’d like to also meet Alpha Chad Maguire himself because that would be cool.
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2020.05.28 00:21 DGenerationMC Three Over-Arching Fixes to The Amazing Spider-Man Films

Spider-MAN: Andrew Garfield was a 30-year old playing a high schooler and I can't let that slide. Tobey's age discrepancy as Spidey bugged me too, so let's not repeat it. TASM's Peter is a decade into his career as Spider-Man, putting him in his late 20s. No need to recap the origin story or Uncle Ben but they won't be ignored just taking a backseat to Parker's trauma over losing his parents at young age. A simple plane crash would suffice, no need for a big secret agent conspiracy. Keep Gwen Stacy as the girlfriend, but change it to be a romance dating back to college. This makes the tension with Captain Stacy a little more organic over their differing life philosophies since it's built-in and not coincidental. We saw Maguire's Spidey in college, we see Holland's in high school, so Garfield's can be an adult that is still figuring things out in terms of power, responsibility and maturity.
No Raimi Re-Dos: This coincides with the arguably main villain of the duology, Harry Osborn of Oscorp. Raimi did a pretty good job with his telling of the arc so instead of using the same evil corporation, we'll go with Alchemax led initially by Spencer Smythe and later Alistair. Keep Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan cast as fatheson but just as this family instead. Since Spencer dies from a genetic disease and Alistair is paralyzed, the whole "I need Spider-Man's blood" plotline works here but bubbling under the surface as he sends villains (ex. Electro, Rhino) after Spidey instead of suiting up himself. This builds to The Sinister Six that we won't get anyways, but a having a plan is nice, nonetheless. Also, forget the Daily Bugle, it can be a part of Peter's past but to set TASM series apart from it's predecessor, the daytime job is different.
Science Bro: The first two changes fit well into the third and final one where science takes a more upfront role as a theme. Since Peter is an adult that is not a freelance photographer at The Daily Bugle, he works as an assistant at Alchemax. This gives him an in to villains Lizard and Electro, who would both know Parker personally and professionally. Working underneath Connors makes Spider-Man facing his mentor's transformation into a revenge fueled monster that should be saved rather than beaten more gripping.
It also plays into Max Dillon becoming Electro as Spidey failing to save someone he considered a work friend can hang over the second film and eventually bites him in the ass at the end with Gwen's death. Science (specifically, Alchemax's cross-species obsession that inadvertently links to Peter being Spider-Man) plays a huge role, as experiments gone wrong and right can impact how obstacles are created (villains coming to be) and overcome (finding antidotes) to allow for a more cerebral Spidey that doesn't solve everything by simply punching his way out of things.
While I would've preferred another Raimi film or two between 2012 and 2014, I have grown to appreciate what TASM 1 & 2 attempted to do. Especially with what Garfield's iteration (cocky/confident) brought to the table compared to Tobey's dourness and Tom's naivety. Not to mention the love interest with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy being the more believable than other live-action counterparts. Let me know what you think!
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2020.05.21 22:18 NightEscaper Did any actor/actress had a successful decade as Leonardo DiCaprio had 10s?

So, I just a tweet about Leo's 10s and I was awestruck, to be honest.
-2010 Shutter Island came in February and earned $300 millions against 80 million budget It got good critical reception from critics and became a fan favorite. Leo's performance was hailed by critics and fans alike. Speaking honestly it is one of the best 1st-time watch films alongside Sixth Sense. The film has aged brilliantly today.
Inception by Chris Nolan another huge name especially after Dark Knight came in July of the same year. It earned $830 million against $160 million budget which was unexpected prior to its release. No one thought Inception would do such numbers but it did, mind you this wasn't a SuperHero film or film based on huge novel or even a typical summer Sci-Fi/Action film. Perhaps one of the last original blockbuster flick. Furthermore, it gets universal acclaim from both fans and critics and now has become one of the best films that came out in 10s and one of the best Sci-Fi films ever. Leo's performance again was raved as was other brilliant ensemble's It won 100s of awards including 4 Oscars and 8 nominations in total at Academy Award which included Best Picture nomination too most importantly.
-2011 J.Edgar by the legend Clint Eastwood came out in November. It got mixed to negative reception from fans and critics. It didn't earn massive but still doubled it's $35 budget with $85 million end gross worldwide. Leo's performance was again raved and earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. One of his underrated performance if you ask me.
-2012 Django Unchained by the amazing Quentin Tarantino came out in December. It got a very good response from critics and fans alike. It earned $430 million against its $100 million budget which isn't very common for Westerns to do. It became Tarantino's highest-earning film and still holds that title. Now here Leo's performance was raved by fans and critics as it was the first time babyface leading man Leo played the evil villain ever and nailed it absolutely. Some might say it's his best work as an actor to date but I disagree. He got a very deserving Supporting Actor nomination at Golden Globes although I believe he also should have been nominated at Oscars ahead of Chris Waltz who in my firm belief was co-lead of the film alongside Jamie Foxx and like always was brilliant. It won 2 Oscars including Best Screenplay and got Best Picture nomination too most importantly.
-2013 The Great Gatsby by the flamboyant Baz Luhrman came out in July. It got a mixed response from critics and fans alike. It earned $355 million against $100 million budget which is again a huge profit. Now this film's opening weekend of $50 million in the same weekend as Iron Man 3 was a shock and true show of Leo's bankability although I agree it was based on a top-selling book Leo's performance as J Gatsby again raved, he won AACTA Best Actor. The rest of the cast's performance was also brilliant especially Tobey Maguire's.
The Wolf of Wall Street by Don Martin Scorsese came out in December of the same year. It got a good response from critics and especially fans although some critics said it glorified a bad lifestyle. It earned $395 million against $100 million budget which is a huge win. Now people don't really appreciate that TWOWS was a 3hour long, Rated R, Non-SuperHero, Non-SciFi, Non-Action film that had only Leo as the huge star in it. It wasn't based on any top-selling book or a huge event. A film of this type earning this much is crazy and this truly showed what a star Leo has become. Leo's performance was all-timer stuff, his speeches were amazing, it is now considered his best work till date by many and also one of the best acting work of last 20yrs by any actor or actress He was robbed of an Oscar that year but that's me Rest of cast was amazing especially newcomer Robbie and always funny and lively Jonah Hill It received 5 Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Today this film and Leo's performance as Jordan Belfort has developed a cult following.
-2015 The Revenant by Alejandro Innaritu Gonzalez came out in December Made and Shot by last year's Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography winners for Birdman It got a good response from critics and fans but it was divisive. I personally believe this film could have been so much better had Innaritu focused more on substance than style but still it was pretty good and is one of the most beautiful films visually. Now another huge unexpected winner at Box Office, it earned $540 million against $135 million. Not common for Westerns or Period Pieces to normally earn and still highest-grossing Western ever. It was predicted to Bomb at Box Office against its huge budget which went over. It's the opening weekend of $40 million and the second weekend of $37 millions were huge shockers and further showcased Leo's star power. It won 100s of awards including 12 nominations at Oscars from which it won 3 which included Best Director and much deserving Best Actor for Leo finally. It came close to win Best Picture and was a strong contender. I get by many people that this wasn't Leo's best work as an Actor and I agree that he could have and should have won for other films but 2015 had one of weakest Best Actor lineup in history and Leo had this huge overdue narrative, good PR, a shockingly successful film and tag of being robbed for his last film. He was always going to win. The rest of the cast was amazing especially Tom Hardy who's performance as complex, evil, and racist fur trapper became a fan favorite.
-2019 After 4yrs long break from films and after a hugely successful Revenant, Leo returned to the silver screen. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino, his second collaboration It got largely positive responses from fans and critics alike though it was divisive. I personally believe this film could have been way better had it been edited shorter, better, and chapter wise. It gave world huge SuperStar duo of Leo and Brad, 2 of the biggest movie star in the world of our or any generation. It earned a massive $378 million against its $100 million budget which is a smash hit tag again. Dubbed by as one of the original last movies of it's kind it got fairly popular last year. It won 100s of awards including Best Picture and Screenplay win at Golden Globes. It got 10 Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Leo's complex performance as troubled Rick Dalton again raved universally. The rest of the ensemble was amazing, Brad Pitt was pitch-perfect and won his hugely deserving Oscar.
So there you have 8 films, 7 of them which are hugely successful. 6 of 8 films have Best Picture nomination in a single decade 13 Oscar Wins and 40 Oscar nominations in 8 films he was a key part of in a single decade Worldwide Box Office Gross of $3.3 Billion against a budget of $811 million budget from the 8 films he was a key part of in a single decade which is huge considering the type of films he made. Directors he worked with were Scorsese, Nolan, Tarantino, Innaritu, Luhrman, Eastwood. 5 Golden Globe Acting Nominations including 2 Wins 3 Academy Award Acting Nominations including 1 Win.
You can either hate him or love him but you can't deny he had a ball in 10s and I doubt any actor or actress enjoyed the same amount of success in a single decade.
EDIT I apologize that I forgot to add a very important point about Leo's success in 10s. Thing is Actors/Actresses give hits but Leo gave nothing but hits. Like his character in TWOWS says " Judge me by losses and not wins because I have very few of them".
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2020.04.30 14:57 onlyusernameavailab Tobey Maguire was the inspiration for Vince's Aquman 2 fiasco.

Came across this while reading about Tobey Maguire. Basically Macguire was pulling (somewhat) similar things to Vince after Spiderman 1 so the studio immediately met with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Not surprised they used this story in Entourage but kind of surprised they used Jake G in the Entourage version.
Story below:
"During the filming of 2003's Seabiscuit, Maguire sustained a back injury that left his ability to perform the stunt work required for Spider-Man 2 in question. The actor took a page from the pro sports playbook and essentially threatened studio Sony Pictures with a holdout, whereupon two things happened: the release date for Spider-Man 2 was pushed back from May 7, 2004, to July 2; and the studio's brass immediately met with Jake Gyllenhaal to discuss the possibility of taking over for Maguire, sending the latter into a panic.
Suddenly, the star — who admitted to the Los Angeles Times in 2003 that he had overestimated his importance to the production — became a great deal more accommodating, sending his doctor to work with the flick's stunt coordinators to smooth over the rough spots and firing the agent who had advised him on his course of action. Maguire, of course, got back to work, and the very public brouhaha was even alluded to in Spider-Man 2, as Spidey got up from a rough fall complaining about his aching back. Everyone had a good laugh, but the star very nearly missed out on a titanic paycheck — he was paid $32.5 million dollars for starring in Spider-Man 2 and 2007's Spider-Man 3. (Gyllenhaal, incidentally, finally found his way into the franchise in 2019 with his appearance as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.)
Read More:"
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2020.04.08 01:54 RaniPuspita The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire capital to booty bottomward Hollywood.
La verdad sobre la relación de Leonardo DiCaprio y Tobey Maguire .. tobey maguire
Back in 2005, the “Spider-Man” exquisite collaborated with a agenda cheat-grew to become-TV ambassador known as Houston Curtis to actualize a approved poker formidable for themselves and their affluent buddies place as abundant as some novice dollars may be in comedy on any night.
The declared goal, according to Curtis’s new e book, “Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist” (Skyhorse Publishing, co-authored with Dylan Howard): for Maguire and Curtis to win as ample as handy from their excellent suckers.
Until aggregate comatose bottomward difficult, they pulled it off, placing calm the bigger formidable that Hollywood has anytime visible. On Tuesday nights from 2005 until 2009, ambitious-confronted names — inclusive of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and “The Notebook” administrator Nick Cassavetes — flocked to The Viper Allowance or Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel to play.
Por si no lo viste! Tobey Maguire apareció en ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – tobey maguire tobey maguire
The stakes were so excessive, Curtis instructed The Post, that “winning $20,000 familiar like ­dropping.”
If the adventure sounds acquainted, that’s because it competitive the 2018 cine “Molly’s Game,” starring Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, the above Olympic-magnificence skier who turned into the hostess of the operation — and who afterwards could be arrested on gambling-related accuse irritated to a ambitious she ran in New York City.
But, Curtis writes, neither the cine nor Bloom’s personal account tells the accurate adventure of the LA recreation.
Tobey Maguire (Tierra-11) Spider-Man Wiki Fandom – tobey maguire tobey maguire
Curtis claims Bloom changed into not the administrator she declared to be and that she become broadly speaking there to prevent absorption in order that he and Maguire could win millions afterwards spooking their pals.
“Molly had annihilation to do with whatever,” Curtis said. “Initially, she aloof served beverages and we gave her numbers to alarm the guys.”
“The men” included billionaires who had aggregate however reputation. Celebrities had been added in to feature attraction and, once in a while, function accent harm.
Cómo Tobey Maguire se convirtió en el cerebro detrás de las .. tobey maguire
Rich men went home with their wallet ablaze of banknote however abounding of testimonies. Like the time blur ambassador Rick Salomon — abominable for starring in a band with Paris Hilton — broiled Affleck about Jennifer Lopez, the actor’s above fiancée.
“Did [her] ass receive blubber on it or changed into it fine?” Salomon requested.
The table turned into abashed into blackout ­before Affleck spoke back: “It was best.”
Sony planea película de ‘Spider-Man’ con ¿Holland, Maguire y Garfield? – tobey maguire tobey maguire
Curtis met Maguire at a 2004 poker formidable in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to Maguire, Curtis had a persevered career as a sleight-of-hand expert, scamming excessive-stakes newbie in LA.
When Maguire arrive Curtis to the actor’s Hollywood Hills home for a ambitious — in which players protected recommend Welcome in an effort to my blog, in this unique second I’ll exhibit concerning key-word. And these days, here is the primary photograph:
Foto 11: Tobey Maguire: la dura situación que atraviesa el primer .. tobey maguire
How about photograph above? Is genuinely with a purpose to terrific???. If you think therefore, I’l l give an explanation for to you some affect once more beneath:
So, if you want to get these tremendous snap shots regarding (The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire), actually click shop link to shop the images in your pc. There’re ready for attain, if you want and wish to reap it, genuinely click store symbol at the page, and it is going to be at once down loaded on your computer. At remaining if you need to have particular and the recent photograph associated with (The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire), please follow us on google plus or bookmark this web page, we try our exceptional to provide ordinary replace with all new and clean images. Hope you experience staying right here. For maximum up-dates and latest information approximately (The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire) pics, please kindly observe us on twitter, route, Instagram and google plus, otherwise you mark this page on bookmark area, We attempt to provide you up-date periodically with sparkling and new photographs, love your browsing, and find the precise for you.
Thanks for touring our website online, articleabove (The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire) posted . At this time we are pleased to claim we have discovered an awfullyinteresting topicto be discussed, namely (The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire) Some people searching for information about(The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire) and definitely this type of is you, isn’t it?
Por qué Hollywood se “deshizo” de Tobey Maguire y qué sucedió con .. tobey maguire
Tobey Maguire, el cerebro de las millonarias timbas de póker en .. tobey maguire
Tobey Maguire será Spider-Man otra vez en Doctor Strange 11? GQ .. tobey maguire
11 Razones por las que no volvieron a contratar a Tobey Maguire – tobey maguire tobey maguire
Tobey Maguire – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre – tobey maguire tobey maguire
The post The Biggest Contribution Of Tobey Maguire To Humanity Tobey Maguire appeared first on Wallpaper Nifty.
from WordPress
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2020.04.04 22:56 CaFoosh CaFoosh #4: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Date started: 13 March 2020 Release date: 2 July 2019 Viewing date: 2 April 2020 IMDb synopsis:
Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
IMDb rating: 7.5 During (what feels like) day 437 of quarantine, I watched the newest piece of Disney’s Marvel Studios mega Ponzi massive movie blockbuster scheme, Spider-Man: Far From Home. I took a break from watching Uber serious and stunning thrillers to watch a fun summer blockbuster MCU movie. Granted I’d say I’m a big marvel fan but not close to die hard. I am much more of a DC fan, and I’ve read plenty of their comics. Mostly Batman, who I have a large collection of. In many ways I consider Spider-Man to be the marvel equivalent of Batman. You can look at the avengers and how popular they are now, but 15 years ago no way. Lackluster live action and some mediocre animation and comics left the avengers as something mostly only those with comic knowledge knew. Now Spider-Man and Batman on the other hand. They are the flagship heroes for their respective brands, in many ways they are huge draws on their own. I’m not a huge Spider-Man fan, but I’ve got to say this first. It’s something I’ve thought about for a good while, and it may or may not be controversial. I believe that Tom Holland is the best overall Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Call it recency bias or whatever I think it is pretty clear. Tobey Maguire was solid, he nails certain aspects but strikes out in others. Solid Peter Parker, semi relatable semi realistic, but the goth turn in Spider-Man 3 speaks for itself. Maguire also played the friendly neighborhood hero very serious and left out the joking side. Garfield I have less to say because he is the complete opposite. A great Spider-Man, but a totally unrealistic Peter Parker. Andrew Garfield, nerdy? No way. Holland nails the quips, the awkwardness and the relatability that makes Spider-Man and Peter Parker such great character.
Let’s get down to brass tax. I think this is a solid entry overall into the MCU. It is not in the atmosphere of say, The Winter Soldier, iron man, or Infinity War but it is a serviceable and fun entry. I would put it among Iron Man 3, and Antman. It is successful in its primary theme of the pressure Peter feels in the wake of Tony’s death. They use set pieces like the grave and zombie iron man well to accomplish this kind of pressure. It also somehow makes the movie into a teen Romance, but most of it is swept until the end. While the big third head of the love interest is done away instantly by some quips his classmates make. It’s awkward, but it’s the first time we see these two characters show their feelings so I guess it’s fitting. Humor wise marvel has it pretty down pat, and I would say probably 65% of the jokes landed, but this is Spider-Man so seriousness is second hand. Supporting cast is full of very good actors, and we get some decent minor performances. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching the raimi movies, but I am not too sure on this carnation of flash Thompson. This is certainly not due to his race.
Yes, I know the MCU only takes elements of the comics. Flash Thompson is supposed to be the antithesis of Spider-Man, big burly dumb jock who beats on Parker. Not a rich kid on social media with mommy issues. It may be too early to call, and we may see more in Spider-Man’s 3-7 but I’m not sold on it right now. Jacob Batalon puts in another good showing as Ned Leeds, doing more of the same from the last movie. WCW zendaya also does solid as Mary Jane or MJ, doing a bit more than in the first film, and eventually becoming more acclimated with Peter. The real star from the supporting cast has to be Jake Gyllenhaal. He gives a great showing as Mysterio and he is every bit convincing and into the role. They sell Mysterio in an interesting way here, with a more modern take on the classic Steve Ditko created villain. In all, I enjoyed the movie but I didn’t love it amongst the other MCU films I mentioned before.
Good Performances include:
Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio
Tom Holland with another good entry as spiderman.
Some solid performances from Jacob Batalon, Zendaya, and Jon Favreau

This is a solid entry into the MCU, but nothing more than an average one. If I’m looking at the series at a whole, this may be one worth skipping despite its place in the timeline. 7.2/10
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2020.03.05 02:58 perfectlyurie Why do I continue to get attacked for saying Tom Holland is the best spiderman(in my opinion)?

Let me start of by saying I like the Tobey Maguire iteration of Spiderman. They are some of the best superman movies to date and even today they are still good movies that are really corny but still really enjoyable to watch. Only problem is I wasn't alive/ was too young to really be to nostalgic over Tobey. I'm 16 so I technically grew up with Andrew and Tom. And tbh I just love the Tom Holland interation of Peter Parke Spiderman. I think since tom Holland is still so young he's able to pull of playing a teenage kid believably and with ease. He's pulls of being sociably awkward/wallflowenerdy Peter Parker and Quippy somewhat confident Spiderman. He looks like a dorky teenage kid(perfect for Peter). He also has the advantage of being able to interact with characters from the MCU however he can handle movies on his own. He's able to do more things than any of the other two actors were able to do, plus he can do his own stunts since he is a dance free runne gymnast. He's the perfect ideal Peter Parker in my eyes but I understand not everyone sees eye to eye with that opinion. I don't think people are wrong for thinking he's not the best and choosing someone else instead but I also think its valid to like Tom.
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I was choking on a cinnamon jaw breaker when I was about 6 or 7 years. I stopped breathing and went into panic mode running down the hallway to let my parents know, I ended up tripping on the rug and landed hard on my stomach which dislodged the candy. It was terrifying.
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I like the face it makes after the elevator. It looks down the maze and thinks \"This shit? really?\"
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All the other dogs are cheering for him!
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Man, give that kid an award. Walking up so calm and casual to perform a life saving maneuver. Thats what heroes are made of.
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It's 69 days until 4/20/20. How do you feel?
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If Tobey Maguire made it into the Multiverse of Madness
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Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes
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A picture of my newly Adopted Sister.
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There is something known as the social model of disability that applies here. Being deaf for instance is generally considered a disability, but if society were set up such that we didn’t use sound as our primary means of communication than being deaf would not have any negative impacts on a person’s life and it would no longer be classified as a disability. This applies with mental illness as well, something is only a mental illness if it causes significant distress in a person’s life by definition. What is and isn’t a mental illness is a rather arbitrary line to draw and some of it is dependent on what society is willing to accept and accommodate. This means that one could eradicate a mental illness by changing society, that is entirely possible. `Mental illness treatment is a rather tricky thing in general. It usually involves a lifetime of medication and a various forms of therapy that can only ever lessen the problems while only occasionally producing anything resembling a cure in a minority of people. That is the current level that mental illness treatment is at. If you consider gender dysphoria a mental illness though, compare that to what happens when people transition. It cuts suicide attempts by an order of magnitude. Post-op trans people still have a higher suicide rate than the general population by a couple percent, but that’s still an order of magnitude better than the nearly 50% pre-op suicide rate. As mental illness treatments go, transitioning has insanely good almost perfect results. People would kill to have something even half that effective for anxiety and depression. The higher post-op suicide rate than the general population is fully explainable as a result of people not accepting them including often their own family.` Transitioning saves lives, that’s just an objective fact. Trans acceptance is suicide prevention. The only reason to not do it would be if it also has consequences that are somehow worse than the thing it prevents. I can’t even think of a single negative consequence though, let alone one worse than avoiding a proven suicide prevention measure. Calling sex reassignment surgery “mutilation” is misleading at best. It’s a cosmetic operation done in a starile hospital room under anesthetic by a trained surgeon, not a schizophrenic castrating himself with a rusty knife. If that’s the standard for calling something “mutilation” than a hip replacement is “bone mutilation” and open heart surgery is “chest mutilation”. If you are worried about children transitioning, people have thought of that. Although transphobes will often call it “chemical castration” in their usual fear mongering way, puberty blockers only postpone puberty for as long as a person is on them and the moment they stop taking them things resume as normal. Nobody is seriously suggesting doing anything irreversible to anyone under 18. `Homosexuality was once considered a mental illness too. However, people realized that they were freaking out about nothing and that everyone is better off when nobody goes out of their way to cause active harm in order to prevent a harmless action. That is happening again with trans people, though that movement has been consistently a few years behind gay and lesbian acceptance.` I should probably clarify where I’m coming from here. I’m the son of a trans women, and I dated a trans man once who I’m still close friends with to this day. My trans-parent was sent to conversion therapy, in a move that lead to multiple suicide attempts she blamed herself for it not working and that sort of thing can put people in a really dark place. She has since decided to embrace who she is and transition. My trans-man friend and I have shared things with each other that nobody else on Earth knows about us. I have known him for every step of the transition process, and I have seen his mental health improve quite a lot as a result. He was in a really bad place when I first met him, and now he’s doing much better. ` I would also like to add that I am diagnosed with mild autism myself, and I have problems with the way you seem to think of that sort of thing. I don’t know if this is intentional or if you’ve just spent too long around transphobic rhetoric (I’m going to assume the latter), but the tactic of comparing gender dysphoria to mental illness only serves to pin the existing stigma associated with mental illness to being transgender. It’s an appeal to ableism, basically. Calling it a mental illness changes nothing though. Mentally ill people still deserve a basic level of decency, the right to express themselves, and freedom from bullying. The word “delusional” is often carelessly thrown around in relation to transgender people, but that is factually inaccurate based on what is known about gender dysphoria and it only serves to bring to mind stereotypes of mental illness. I have to deal with enough ableism shit on my own, and I hate seeing it used against people I care about too. They don’t deserve that.`
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I wish i could give you 2 !delta 's. You've changed my view, thank you so much for sharing that personal bit mixed with scientifical facts. `​` Edit: i would like to add i have been diagnosed with autism as well, and often felt more feminine compared to males my age. People often think i'm gay because of the way i act. So that's probably where I'm coming from. I'm projecting my own experiences upon Lana. Thanks for making me realize that. ` Edit 2: I'm getting a lot of comments and pm's of people telling me not to worry about my feminine side. Honestly, I don't, I'm completely comfortable with it :).`
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Third Place
Before I begin, everybody should be treated with respect and understanding and I am in no way trying to suggest otherwise when it comes to transgenders. People can do what makes them happy, but it doesn’t mean it’s always the right thing to do. Here is my counter to your post: `Using deaf people as an example for the social model of disability for the subject of transitioning and transgender discussion is not effective. Being deaf is the loss of one of the five essential senses for human beings. Gender dysphoria is on a different level where the person still has full function but suffers from mental distress. It is a different and extremely more controversial topic than accommodating deaf people. In addition, this model suggests that the majority of people would have to change to accept and accommodate mental dysphoria in order to eradicate it. This is a huge feat to accomplish, especially with a controversial treatment of transition. A treatment shouldn’t have such a difficult condition to accomplish in order to have positive results. There are other treatments that need to be explored and improved to make a more practical and efficient impact. ` The level of mental illness treatment is low, I agree. However, it will stay this way in terms of gender dysphoria if we keep pushing it onto society to accept transition as a treatment. Post-op suicide rate may decrease, but you’re saying that it is still above average and only by having society accept transitioning will it decrease more significantly. Again, this is a huge condition to meet in order to have positive results. Therefore, transition should not be forced to be accepted. This is a controversial treatment for a reason, and educated and rational people believe that there are better ways to help people who suffer from gender dysphoria. ` Transitioning does save lives, factually. However, compared to what? This isn’t the only treatment that will do so. And I believe there are significant negative consequences of transitioning. How would someone with a mental illness know who they really are? (Like you said, mental illness is a tricky thing). Would we believe someone who has multiple personality disorder to say who they really are? No. They would need help and guidance in order to help them get their answer. I think what I’m trying to say is: it’s not about changing your physical qualities, it’s about embracing the qualities you have to achieve your purpose. I believe that this is the message that is being lost with transitioning.`
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They can work all the right angles.
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Classic schmosby
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2020.01.22 21:55 DrDreidel82 The new Spider-Man films are so bad they made me entirely lose interest in a character I was once obsessed with.

I feel like anyone who says the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films don’t hold up either haven’t seen them in a really long time or they just don’t know how to appreciate great filmmaking. I feel like many just dismissed them because they don’t like Tobey Maguire for some reason?
Those films IMO are the best superhero films to date. The music, the cinematography, the effects (not so much in the first one but in 2&3) the writing, the character arcs, the perfect amount of comedic relief, the perfect amount of drama. I don’t care what people say, everyone cast in those films played their roles perfectly. Peter Parker is supposed to be an awkward goober. Mary Jane matured from the first to the second and just embodies a strong woman with great morals she didn’t have in the first (other than making out with every damn guy on the planet). She has that innocence in her voice. James Franco did phenomenal as well as Alfred Molina, but the 3 standout performances in those films for me is Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, Rosemary Harris as Aunt May and J.K. fucking Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. That’s as good of casting as RDJ as Iron Man.
Willem Dafoe didn’t even need the goblin mask to scare to outta me. Rosemary Harris was so sweet and a great actress, when she was sad about the loss of Ben. Those movies were able to take the comic book world but make serious issues out of them (not that other comic films haven’t, many have). But in these new Spider-Man films she’s literally a sex object everyone wants to get with and nothing else. She serves the story in no way. I thought at the end of Homecoming, the one interesting thing was about to happen: she knows Peter is Spider-Man. But nope, in the second film it wasn’t even a part of the plot. She’s just cool with it, doesn’t care if he’s endangering himself, whatever. That larb scene man. Wow.
Not to mention how dumb the ending of homecoming is. “WHAT THE FUCK!” As opposed to the brilliant swinging scenes from the Raimi movies. Those shots of the city, that music, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
The new Spider-Man films are Disney channel movies at best. The whole cast other than Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Jake Gyllenhaal is completely disposable. (I know people will argue about Zendaya, I like her, I just don’t think she fits into these films at all). It’s like they just randomly went and selected some kids from a random school and asked if they wanted to be in these movies. Flash is just an absolute fucking disgrace. Why even have a bully if peter is already Spider-Man? Peter like didn’t even acknowledge his bullying. That kid is so damn cringey. Ned is supposed to be comic relief and is not funny in the slightest.
Okay yeah the car scene with Peter and vulture, wow, so tense, so well done... that’s probly the best scene from both movies.
And what’s with the “home” thing? In Homecoming the homecoming is barely a part of the plot it’s just what he was supposed to go to but bailed to fight vulture. I get it has a double meaning since he’s home with Marvel, still dumb.
And Far From Home, that movie didn’t even need to take place in Europe. He never even acknowledges missing home or anything like that? Like they just happen to be in Europe as a plot device for him not having his suit? Didn’t aunt May end up sending it with him? I don’t even remember.
This is nothing against Tom Holland. I feel like everyone just thinks he’s really likable so they confuse it with meaning the movies he’s in are just automatically great. They are not. He seems like a really nice guy. I don’t think he’s very funny and in some scenes he’s trying too hard to act like an innocent kid just to exaggerate the fact that Spider-Man is in fact a kid. Idk, he’s not someone I would say was “perfectly cast” like the others I mentioned earlier. He’s good, he’s a very good peter Parker, an okay Spider-Man, but he’s replaceable.
Hopefully the third film is interesting after the world knows he’s Spider-Man now. Or maybe they’ll just have everyone be chill with it and the fact they think he killed a bunch of people. If the rumors are true and Daredevil is in it, it should easily be the best of the trilogy, which is not a high bar to shoot for.
I saw every Spider-Man film opening night in theaters. I saw homecoming opening night and was so disappointed I didn’t bother seeing Far From Home til a month after it came out.
The Amazing Spider-Man films were pretty subpar, the second one was arguably horrible, but it at least still felt like Spider-Man to me. These movies do not feel like Spider-Man in the slightest.
Sam Raimi is a genius. Given that he’s a horror filmmaker (and can obviously do any genre he chooses except whatever the fuck Oz was) I wish he was directing Morbius.
One final note, those Raimi films had so many standout scenes in them. The iconic kiss in the first film, Spidey vs. Goblin’s final battle was so brutal, dark and epic, it really stuck with me growing up. Not many movie scenes do that anymore. The second film, holy shit, almost every scene. Ock’s experiment gone wrong. Ock killing the doctors. Spidey vs. ock on the side of a fuckin building. The iconic train scene. Even the third film was not as bad as everyone says. Ok so he dances funny and they fucked Venom up. Otherwise it is not a bad film, still leagues above most superhero films.
Anyways I know few people agree with me except the great folks over at raimimemes. Just wanted to get this off my chest.
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2020.01.22 06:22 MostlyMaybeSometimes How much muscle would an Indian guy need to have to get likes in online dating?

I am still trying to succeed in a swipe based world. Yes, I've tried talking to girls on the street or in bars/clubs. It is no better. Online dating still makes more sense.
I have been working out trying to get buffer. It takes me forever to gain muscle, but I am slowly getting there. Most of my clothes that used to be loose fit tightly now.
But what is my target/goal? How muscular do I need to be for it to matter? I would like to get at least a few likes/matches per week. And hopefully I'd like the matches to actually reply, converse, and meet up.
How much muscle do you think might be sufficient for this to become possible? Here's a scale I'm proposing for reference levels of buffness:
Where in that scale do you think it might be possible to get matches? I'm aiming for the middle zone because I don't want to do steroids and I don't have insane genetics to get to a steroid body without them.
I've put years of gym in. I'm constantly bulking/cutting. I work out every day. I have done my absolute best.
Do you think that will be enough? Or will it not matter?
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2020.01.22 05:53 MostlyMaybeSometimes How much muscle would an Indian guy need to have to get right swipes?

I am still trying to succeed in a swipe based world. Yes, I've tried talking to girls on the street or in bars/clubs. It is no better. Online dating still makes more sense.
I have been working out trying to get buffer. It takes me forever to gain muscle, but I am slowly getting there. Most of my clothes that used to be loose fit tightly now.
But what is my target/goal? How muscular do I need to be for it to matter? I would like to get at least a few likes/matches per week. And hopefully I'd like the matches to actually reply, converse, and meet up.
How much muscle do you think might be sufficient for this to become possible? Here's a scale I'm proposing for reference levels of buffness:
Where in that scale do you think it might be possible to get matches? I'm aiming for the middle zone because I don't want to do steroids and I don't have insane genetics to get to a steroid body without them.
I've put years of gym in. I'm constantly bulking/cutting. I work out every day. I have done my absolute best.
Do you think that will be enough? Or will it not matter?
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2020.01.14 04:56 VisibleChapter What I used to call broken dreams related to this kiss that wasn't.

Hey Stephanie G,
I'm not sure why you've been in my thoughts for the past week or so. I'm happily married now but you were my first true crush. I don't remember all of the details. I do know I used to think about you nearly every week for years but it's also been many more years since those times. I know we originally connected through the mutual loss of a parent. You were the first person I truly opened up to. I remember being young, naive, and super shy. I know we originally communicated via email and eventually progressed to calls/hanging out in person. I remember hanging out in my mom's basement and being so nervous that I didn't sit next to you on the couch right away. Instead I sat in the chair next to the couch and gradually talked my way over there. I also remember you trying to get me to eat the food I despised the most. I remember your talk of green roses and strawberry fields. And many other things.
I'll never forget us connecting and going to watch Spiderman 2 (with Tobey Maguire). We flirted all the way to the theatre. I remember shifting my car with one hand just so we could continue being affectionate. This affection continued all the way back to your mom's house. I remember laying on the bench outside her house and looking at the stars with you. And then I remember not kissing you for an incredibly stupid reason. I did it simply because of a bad dream I had. A dream that you would betray me. It was such a stupid decision based on nothing but inexperience and not wanting to lose someone else like I had before.
I know there were bouts of falling out and I can't remember the explicit details of when that took place. I do remember talking late one night, sneaking out of my mom's house because you wanted me to come over. I remember sneaking all the way to your window since you didn't answer your phone and seeing that you fell asleep. I remember calling your phone trying to have it wake you up but it never did. I tried for awhile but couldn't do more since your mom's room was right next door and I didn't want to wake her up. I'm not sure where that took place in the timeline.
Our last major interaction took place through a friend of mine. I can't remember all the details explicitly. I know the friend didn't make a move on you out of respect for me. I remember him telling me that if things would've went right between us then we would've been together for a very long time. After this we started talking again. Then I made a move. It took a lot for me to open up and say how much you meant to me. In retrospect, it was probably over the top. It was very hard for me to do so emotionally. I don't know if I've ever felt emotions as strong after that point in terms of putting myself out there. It was probably a mistake to do it over the phone as well. What was harder than opening up was you telling me you had a boyfriend. Awkward. Looking back though I'm not really sure how the timeline fits. The friend that reacquainted us told me that a big portion of the school already thought you two were dating (my friend and you) so not sure how you were dating someone else. Doesn't really matter now. Regardless if you felt the same way back then I would think things would be different.
I had such a hardcore crush on you... I remember thinking about you nearly every week for quite a long time. I used to think I loved you although I never said as much in person. I do remember saying when I "made a move" that I didn't want you to be the one that got away. Looking back, now that I've gotten to know love through my wife and a true relationship I feel a little foolish now that I've gotten to appreciate true love and an intimate relationship.
The only "regret" I have is simply not being more proactive and approaching things how I wanted to approach them. Far too often in our interactions I would talk to others about what to do / what your actions meant rather than just putting myself out there. This is highlighted the most via a conversation I had with a female friend of mine a few years after high school. She was basically my go to that I frequently talked about our interactions with. Anyways, a few years after high school she told me she purposely gave me bad advice. She did so because she was actually jealous and wanted me for herself but I was too naive to see that. Looking back, I see this as a more of a life lesson though and that's to stay on top of things as much as I can, which is why I no longer see it as a true regret.
The last time we "talked" was through a simple text message back in 2007. I was going through a rough patch and all I did was text asking if maybe you wanted to be friends and all you said was no. That response hurt but I understood and left it at that.
Still unsure why I've had you in my mind the last couple weeks, this many years later... Although through these reflections I did remember a quote you used to say: "don't think about the what ifs." I can happily say I haven't done that. I haven't thought about what a relationship with you would've been like. Mainly I've been reflecting about my past self and seeing if I've improved from all the way back then. This is part of the reason why I decided to write this; just to reflect and reminisce. Hope life is treating you well.
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2020.01.05 18:30 n_mcrae_1982 Casting the villain with someone who could've once played the hero.

I've noticed with Jake Gyllenhaal playing Mysterio in "Far From Home", that this was the third MCU sequel where the actor who plays the villain is someone who could've been plausibly cast as the film's hero, earlier in their career.

-In the audio commentary for "Winter Soldier", the Russos explicitly say "People have remarked, in an earlier age, Robert Redford could've played Captain America".

-If they'd made "Guardians of the Galaxy" back in the early 80's, Kurt Russell would've been the perfect choice to play Peter Quill.

-Back around 2003, when it looked like Tobey Maguire might not come back for "Spider-Man 2" (either due to back problems or contract disputes, depending on who you ask), there was talk of replacing him, with Gyllenhaal, being the most prominent choice. (Heck, he was even dating Kirsten Dunst at the time!)

Maybe subconsciously, the idea of the villain being a "dark mirror image" of the hero subconsciously influenced some of these casting choices. Who knows?
Either way, I say we petition Ryan Coogler to cast Wesley Snipes as a villain in the next "Black Panther" movie. (Kidding!)
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2019.12.31 14:01 DFT_PNK [Niche Spider-man Memes] Group Admin is trying to tank his own meme page

So this is a some drama about a Spider-man (respect the hyphen) meme group on Facebook, “Spider-man Shitslinging”. At some 35,000 members, it is one of the largest active superhero meme pages on Facebook. This meme page is EXCLUSIVELY for memes about Sam Raimi’s Spider-man Trilogy (the Tobey Maguire ones)
The group had been growing by the thousands of members throughout 2019, with that pace accelerating. Posting in in the hundreds per day. Things are going well entering the second half of 2019.
Now it is Fall of 2019. We have our admin, who we will call DK. DK decides to set the date for a “purge of sorts” to try and “improve” the quality of posts, and of of the group (Odd for a shit-posting meme group). DK publicly states that by the end of the year, any member that does not have 500 or more reactions on a meme of theirs, will be removed from the group on January 1st. DK claims that he’s okay with membership dropping to under 2000 if it means the quality of the group improves, as he believes there are too many “lurkers” (people who just look at the group’s memes without posting any of their own)
Panic sets in. People are posting dozens of memes a day just to try and survive come January 1st. Quality of all of the memes drop, as all of the memes revolve around the purge instead of Spider-man. Because of the over-saturation in the group, posts that would have typically gotten thousands of reactions, are now lucky to break 200. People resort to name calling against DK in their memes just to spur some reactions. The group is at over 300 posts per day average.
After two months of this hell (fast forwarding to yesterday), SOMEHOW many people have sympathy reacted to everyone’s else’s posts enough, so a lot of members have hit DK’s 500 reactions requirement for survival in the New Year. Unfortunately that is not where this story ends.
Late last night, DK makes a post stating that because of the name-calling and sympathy reactions everyone has garnered, he is raising the requirement to 1000 REACTIONS to a post (with only two days left in the year).
At this point, the group is in two factions. One half has accepted their fate in being removed from the group, largely because everyone is okay with leaving a group run by such a power-hungry admin. The other half is calling his bluff, presuming that this is all a ruse to get people to post more memes.
We are all anxiously awaiting New Years Day.
EDIT: Grammar
UPDATE: DK has posted a note “Thank you for participating in the Spider-man Shitslinging Social Experiment”. We all live to meme another day
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2019.12.19 13:08 InkMage94 This is the part where you run away.

Had an interesting neckbeard encounter several months ago. Would have posted it earlier, but I didn't know about this thread. TLDR at the bottom.
So, I have a close friend (let's call him J). J resembles a neckbeard. He struggles with his weight, he sweats quite a bit (both because of his weight and because he's on some medications) and he has a beard that does tend to drift down to the neck area. However, while J resembles a neckbeard (and while he's a massive nerd), he's not remotely like one in personality. An important thing to note is that while J and I are close, we aren't dating. He has a girlfriend currently living in a different state while she attends university. J and I hang out on occasion, which is usually fine. However, the fact that someone like me--a reasonably attractive female who loves a variety of nerdy things and has a bubbly and kind personality--is happy hanging out with someone who resembles a neckbeard can sometimes give the other neckbeards...ideas.
J and I were at the cinema to watch Spiderman: Far From Home. We were having a fun chat about the MCU, our knowledge of the Spider-man comics, where we wanted the MCU to go in Stage Four, and so on. About ten minutes into our chat, I smelled the rank stench of body odour, dirty sneakers, unwashed clothes and general lack of self-care. Cue our neckbeard, or N for short. He was hovering off to one side, fedora and all, in a Spiderman shirt that hadn't seen a washing machine since Tobey Maguire was swinging around New York. He stuck around for a while longer, until J left to go to the bathroom. Then he struck.
At first, N played it reasonably normal, if somewhat socially inept. Complimented me on my Black Panther shirt, discussed Endgame, talked about other nerdy things. The usual. But then he got weird. We compared seats: he was in the front row; J and I were in the middle area. He acted all sympathetic that we were 'so far back' (really, I prefer sitting a bit back, since sitting too close strains my eyes). Then N pulled out a second ticket. I don't know if he had a friend that didn't show up, or if he bought two hoping to find a 'm'lady' to accompany him. However, he was really pushing for me to leave J and sit with him. I politely refused again and again, while waiting with less and less patience for J to return. Then N came out with a line that I'm never going to forget.
"It's sweet of you to pay so much attention to someone so far below your own calibre; but honestly, such a delicate little gem like you should be with someone who won't abandon her. Someone who can be counted on to defend her." And then he tried to stroke my hair.
Wrong move. See, I play D&D. I play a bard. My favourite spell is Vicious Mockery. It's given me a lot of chances to learn how to improvise some truly fantastic insults.
It took me about half a second to get right into N's personal space. As close as J (who returned from the bathroom to watch the showdown) and I can recall, my response to him was as follows:
"If you don't get out of my space and leave me the fuck alone, you absolute dumpster fire, I will take that filthy hat off your head and shove it so far up your own ass that you'll have to make a deal with Mephisto to get it out. And how dare you act like you're in any way better than J? Considering he has a girlfriend and you get your rocks off harassing people at the movies..."
I was cut off there from the manager, who arrived to deal with the three of us. Considering that plenty of people had seen N hanging all over me when I was clearly uncomfortable, it was agreed that I was provoked. It was also pretty undeniable that I was the aggressor at the end. The manager decided that as long as N stayed in his seats and we stayed in ours, we could all watch the movie. And stay in his seat N did. The only times he looked back towards J and I, there was more than a little fear in his eyes. And it was gratifying to see.
TLDR: Neckbeards never expect m'ladies to fight back, and bards come out with the best insults and threats.
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2019.11.08 22:56 Nomad144 Shout-out to the guy at the coffee shop I work at explaining to his date why Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man

He was a hero, I just couldn't see it.
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2019.09.25 23:57 Cage8k What if Tobey MaGuire and Sam Raimi were NOT Fired and Ended up in the MCU???

This is a total fan theory. I like to think that this is how the franchise would have ended up if Sony didn't cancel Spider-Man 4...... *Spoilers for Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame*
Even though Spider-Man 3 was the highest grossing comic book of its time, domestically the first Spider-Man film was still the highest grossing (it's still the highest grossing Spider-Man film domestically). We all know that Spider-Man 4 was in development, and that Sony was already intervening with the project.
The original villain was going to be a favorite of Raimi's, Vulture. But Sony wanted the Lizard.
I TRULY believe, that if this movie had been released, it wouldn't have done very well. Not to say that it would have bombed, but I think it would have done about as well/poor as TASM2. Movies are very much affected by there predecessor, and by how much the audience cares. Look at X-Men; you had Apocalypse and then Dark Phoenix. People were done with X-Men by the time the ladder was released.
The original release date for Spider-Man 4 was May 2011), one year later The Avengers was released. I think people would have been over Spider-Man, especially since not too many people cared about TASM, which was released in 2012.
Now this is where I think things would have drastically changed.... Marvel recently released an alternate take of the infamous post-credit scene from Iron Man. Nick Fury references the X-Men and Spider-Man. That means that Kevin Feige wanted to include Sam Raimi's Spider-Man!
Furthermore, apparently Disney was trying to secure the rights to Oscorp Tower from TASM to include into the skyline of New York in The Avengers. This is all evidence on how long Marvel and Sony have been talking about Spider-Man joining the MCU.
I believe that after the set back of Spider-Man 4, and the huge success of the Avengers, Sony and Marvel would have come to an agreement much sooner. Now, this is where things get funky.
Marvel probably would have pushed a Spider-Man movie before Age of Ultron if they had the chance, but for my theory, I'm going to say that they start referencing Spider-Man in the first few films of Phase 2.
But then finally bring in Tobey for Age of Ultron. He would have been invited to the party at the beginning of the movie, or maybe only arrives after Ultron attacks the after party. Then throughout the film, Spider-Man is part of the team. He and Tony and Bruce relate to one another, being geniuses, but Tobey's Peter Parker also loves and respects Steve for his bravery and courage. At the end of the movie, Spider-Man is in the line up to be part of the New Avengers.
Then Civil War, this is where the movie could have taken far more from the comic. And this is why I don't think there should have been a solo MCU Spider-Man film prior to this.
This is when we could see Tobey really shine as Spider-Man, having to choose between Iron Man or Captain America. He chooses Iron Man, he releases his identity to the world, Tony builds him the Iron Spider suit and he wears it at the airport scene. Maybe instead of Rhodey getting hurt, it's Spider-Man. That's when Spidey switches sides, joins Captain America's team and then somehow we still have that great fight scene at the end of Civil War, but now we have Spidey involved.
Next, finally time for Tobey MaGuire and Sam Raimi to come back for a solo film. This would officially be Spider-Man 5 (though the MCU would probably have some kind of subtitle). I see this story being much like the PS4 story in terms of meeting Miles and introducing him to the universe. At this point, Tobey MaGuire has been Spider-Man for 15 years (2002-2017), maybe his character doesn't want to be Spider-Man anymore. Especially since the world now knows who he is and there's plenty of heroes in the world. Maybe he works at Stark industries or he's trying to start his own company, but the main story would be to train Miles. Have the Peter Parker and Miles Morales storyline be what the Tony Stark and Peter (Tom Holland) is.
Then in either Infinity War or Endgame (probably Infinity War, as to not steal too much thunder away from Iron Man and Black Widow), have Peter Parker die. He fought Thanos and died, or maybe sacrificed himself for Miles. Then the next Spider-Man solo film is Miles, trying to step into those huge Spider-Man shoes.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my theory! I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the MCU would have used Tobey and Raimi's Spider-Man! I'm a big fan of the character and the franchises and thought I'd share a fun thoery with all of you!
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2019.09.11 11:53 AlexanderYip The 3 movie portrayals of spider-man really mirror the 3 cartoons.

There have been 3 portrayals of Spider-man: Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield Tom Holland
The 3 portrayals are surprising similar to the 3 most famous spider-man cartoon TV shows. If anyone's unfamiliar with them I'll provide a link to the theme songs to give you an idea.
Maguire is like the 1967 series. It was beloved, it helped make spider-man a household name and it is very campy and has spawned a ton of memes. However by today's standards there are parts which are very dated but it is still very beloved.
Garfield is like the 90's series. They tried to make spider-man a bit darker and kinda cooler compared to the first portrayal and some people actually really liked it however its not as well known or well liked compared to its counter parts or even other superheroes franchises from that time. However its still very entertaining to watch (apart from a few cringy moments with bad direction/acting)
Holland is spectacular spider-man. It has vulture as the first villain, some people were against the slightly younger and more cartoony feel of it but quickly warmed up to it. It skips the origin story entirely (because everyone knows what it is by now) and starts off with Peter being spiderman for a few weeks already before he returns to school.
He learns to be humble and to stay grounded as opposed to letting the spider powers go to his head. There are a bunch of references to the comics (like Peter lifting that giant debris thing off his body) and most people consider it there favorite however sadly it got cancelled without finishing its trilogy. (TV only got 2 series and MCU only got 2 standalone movies)
I feel like there's more.
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2019.09.11 11:38 AlexanderYip The 3 Spider-man movie portrayals mirror their cartoon counterparts surprisingly well.

There have been 3 portrayals of Spider-man: Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield Tom Holland
The 3 portrayals are surprising similar to the 3 most famous spider-man cartoon TV shows. If you're unfamiliar with them I'll provide a link to the theme songs to give you an idea
Maguire is like the 1967 series. It was beloved, it helped make spider-man a household name and it is very campy and has spawned a ton of memes. However by today's standards there are parts which are very dated but it is still very beloved.
Garfield is like the 90's series. They tried to make spider-man a bit darker and kinda cooler compared to the first series and some people actually really liked it however its not as well known or well liked compared to its counter parts or even series from that time. However its still very entertaining to watch (apart from a few cringy moments with bad direction/acting)
Holland is Spectacular Spider-man. It has vulture as the first villain, some people were against the slightly younger and more cartoony feel of it but quickly warmed up to it. It skips the origin story entirely (because everyone knows what it is by now) and starts off with Peter being spiderman for a few weeks already before he returns to school.
He learns to be humble and to stay grounded as opposed to letting the spider powers go to his head. There are a bunch of references to the comics (like Peter lifting that giant debris thing off his body) and most people consider it their favorite however sadly it got cancelled without finishing its trilogy. (TV only got 2 series and MCU only got 2 standalone movies)
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2019.09.04 00:35 AnimationDynamite The problem with each individual peter parker and spider-man of the 3 movie franchises.

My thoughts on the 3 movie Spideys:
Tobey Maguire's Peter is a tad too shy and passive, even after he gains his powers. His Spider-Man behaves too much like a generic, 'Superman-esque' hero, as he rarely tells jokes and quips, something associated with Spidey; Tobey's Spider-Man isn't as light-hearted as it should be in my opinion. Peter isn't very believable as Spider-Man. However, the best thign about his character is how often he makes the responsible choice, no matter how it affects his life in the long-term. For example, not dating MJ until '2', to protect her from super-villains. For as 'campy' as the Raimi trilogy is in tone, its lead is rather serious in nature. Overall, Tobey's Peter lacks the courage and the sharpness of a definitive Spider-Man, but is the most moral and mature of the Peters.
Andrew Garfield's Peter doesn't have the look or personality of someone who would get bullied in any real high school. I mean look at the guy. Most of the other Peters don't have this problem. He's still an introvert, though. His Spider-Man is superior of Tobey's in certain areas, however; in some settings, he allows damage to be done before he swoops in and saves the day. Take 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' for example. In the beginning, instead of stopping Rhino, he lets him bulldoze and kill people first. However, I believe he matured between the two films. Overall, the most interesting take on Peter Parker, out of the three film franchises, in my opinion.
Tom Holland's Peter rarely has takes responsibility for his actions. Rather, he rarely HAS to take responsibility. This is the problem with a young, novice Spider-Man living in the MCU; there's always someone, whether it be Happy or Tony, to pick up the slack for Peter. Part of the initial appeal of Spider-Man was that Peter was all on his own when it came to his heroics, so this goes against what the original Peter stood for. Spider-Man only REALLY started interacting with the extended Marvel universe once his character was thoroughly established. If they showed what Peter was up to BEFORE he met Stark (when he wore his homemade suit), I wouldn't have this criticism. Better yet, they should have made him an adult when they introduced him. That way, people who dislike this Peter won't say Tony was his 'Uncle Ben'. I'm not asking for his origin again, though. Once again, I appreciate another take on Peter's character, and I believe Tom Holland is the most believable out of the movie Peters; he gives the best performance in my opinion. (As for what I think about the whole movie rights fiasco, I think this Peter is too intertwined with MCU events to properly go on without it).
Overall, It's unlikely a definitive Peter will ever come to theatres. However, the willingness to take Peter's story in different directions should be appreciated.
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2019.08.30 15:14 Phill24 Why I don't like Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker

When comparing the films to the comics you often hear ''Maguire wasn't a good Spider-Man, but he was a great Peter Parker'' - And I just wanted to explain why I don't think he's a good Peter Parker and not very accurate the comics at all.

In the comics Peter Parker actually has charisma and a personality (How else do you think he attracted hot women like Betty Brant, Liz Allen, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane?) and he would stand up for himself whenever someone would try and give him a hard time. In issue #8 of The Amazing Spider-Man he even challenges Flash Thompson to a boxing match, and when Jameson would try to screw him over, and pay him less money, he'd come back with ''Ok, I'll just take these pictures to some other paper'' - Which would usually cause Jameson to crack and pay Peter what he originally asked for. Also Peter Parker has a sense of humor in and out of costume, so it's not like he's this quiet, meek person that starts cracking jokes as soon as he puts on the mask. He's more introverted as Peter Parker, but he still has his sense of humor. And Maguire hardly cracked any jokes as Spidey, and when he did it always felt forced and awkward. Tobey Maguire was too wooden, had no personality, and his Peter Parker was too ''Aww shucks'' - The closest he got to getting Peter Parker's character accurate to the comics was from Amazing Fantasy #15, but even then comic book Peter had more balls than Maguire's Peter, because in that comic Peter is seen asking Sally Avril out, and this was before he even got his powers and gained more confidence in himself. Movie Peter couldn't even talk to the girl he's been living next door to for years. In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker is now in college, but he's still the same timid person he was in high school. By the time Peter goes to college in the comics he's got a group of friends (Gwen, MJ and Harry) and actually has a social life. Later on he ends up dating Gwen and when Peter meets Mary Jane for the first time, he's openly flirting with her. Comic Peter as a personality, a sense of humor, would stand up for himself, and gained more confidence in himself as time went on.
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2019.08.23 10:59 TheLegendOfLame What does everyone have against Uncle Ben? Also, what would be wrong with a proper reboot?

Everyone I see complaining about the whole disney sony thing are freaking out about the possibility of seeing Uncle Ben die again, and to me, it seems a bit overreacted. He died only twice in theatres. What's the problem with seeing him a third time? Yes, people know Spider-Man's origin story, but it's good to set a starting point for the code the character goes by. What drives that character. Is seeing Uncle Ben dying for a third time really that annoying to audiences? I for one wouldn't mind it, as long as it was justified of course. A bad example of showing something akin to Uncle Ben again is how BvS did the whole Batman dead parents thing.
If we did theoretically have a new Spider-Man series that tried sticking reallly faithfully to the comics and the origin story and whatnot, would it really be that bad? I feel if we had a solid screenplay with a solid actor and director it could be everyone's favorite Spider-Man movie. It wouldn't be like the Raimi movies, where theres a community that loves it and everyone else hates it. It wouldnt be like the Webb movies that virtually everyone hates (besides a select few). It wouldn't be like the MCU movies which kind of alienates those like me who want a comic accurate adaptation. It would be a series everyone could enjoy.
I love the Raimi movies for the screenplay, because it is the most accurate adaptation of comic Spidey to date, but not only was it ruined by Sony in it's third movie (which killed the series) but some parts of it people didn't like (Tobey Maguire's acting was a big one for many people I know personally).
I think it's pretty universally agreed that Tom Holland looks like Peter. I just want a Tom Holland movie that makes him act like Peter. I'm not the first person to mention this, but the MCU Spidey is just Miles Morales with Peter Parker's name (in terms of his personality, among other things). I get why, they wanted something fresh to bring to the movie screen, but I really wished they saved that for Miles actually coming to the big screen, hopefully at some point to take up the mantle for a potential Peter death, post-college for a few years or something (assuming the movies went that long).
I realize this is a post most people probably won't agree with or downvote but... Idk... I want casual audiences to know the Peter I know... The Peter I grew up reading... Most of them will only watch what's on the screen, not read what's on the page. It's kind of funny. My two favorite Superheroes I feel have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to movie adaptations. Batman and Spider-Man. Batman I feel sad for the same reasons. The movies never go into parts of why I love the character so much, and really dissect him as a character. (To avoid turning this post into a Batman post, watch "Why Batman is the best superhero" on YouTube, as I feel that really captures what I wish the movies did).
I realize this turned kind of into a rambling rant as I went on, but I felt the need to kind of put my thoughts out in a place I could get some discussion, and maybe see if people agree or disageee with me.
TL;DR: I feel like everyone hates the idea of rebooting Spider-Man on the big screen, and I understand why, but what if said reboot had the potential to be the best Spider-Man series ever?
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