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Updated Survivor Rankings

2020.07.01 11:25 veelachanel Updated Survivor Rankings

3rd post of updated Survivor season rankings. 30 seasons in 48 days. 10 to go!
Top and bottom ranks changed this time!
  1. Cagayan- I love this season so much. From the decimation of the brain tribe with Spencer and Tasha making it so close to the end (and Kass but I can't stand her so), to Tony and all his crazy antics... its just a great season. The tribal council with the double idol was hilarious. There are so many things to love in this season, and two things to dislike- JTia and Kass. Woo, silly Woo with his honor and martial arts codes, could have been a millionaire. But instead we got Tony, who i love. He is like a combination for Russell and Boston Rob, but with ADHD. FTC was brutal and amazing. Love it.
  2. San Jaun del Sur (BvW2)- I really like BvW. I hope they do it again. I didnt love the one on one reward challenges, that was odd. Exile island.. meh. This season was all about the drama and the people. The BvW drama, the tribe decimation, the needy tribe who couldn't get their shit together.. and then the people! I loved so many (Nat, Jeremy, Baylor, Reed, Josh, Keith). Even the ones I didn't like, it was like I loved to hate them (Missy, mostly.. she is the kind of woman I just cannot stand, having to be attached to a guy) I don't know how I feel about Jon and Jaclyn. On the one hand they seemed like the just assumed they were safe all the time, which was annoying, but they didn't seem like bad people. And poor Jacyln, she tried so many times to talk sense into Jon and he just wouldn't listen. But then Jaclyn had to act like such a princess so often, she was hard to deal with sometimes. I would love to see anyone from jury on, back in the game anytime. I was glad Natalie won. Such a badass. "Jaclyn did you vote for who I told you to vote for?... I'm playing this for Jaclyn." I do wish Missy had been kicked out though. FTC- Baylor gave a beautiful speech, but Reed OMG... might be my favorite ever FTC speech!
  3. Cook islands- didn't love the original sorting of tribe by ethnicity anymore than I like when they separate by sex. But other than that I liked nearly everything about this season. There were so many interesting people: ozzy, yul, nate, Johnathan.. there were more but I can't remember any more names right now. The challenges were fine. I dont hate exile yet. The Aitu 4 story was wonderful. The mutiny twist was a gut punch. I love when people are super dominant on this show and when people don't just bring a goat to the finale, so I think the final 2 (im calling it 2 bc Becky never had a chance) came down to the two best players. It was maybe the first season where I would have been happy with whichever one of them won.
  4. Pearl Islands- One word really says it all... RUPERT. But im gonna give some more words anyway. This was the best theming so far. I loved the entire pirate thing. This was the best intro (against mostly Rupert, but also others), the challenges were great, and I loved watching OG Sandra again, because I dont remember ever liking her before.
  5. Philippines- man the "characters" this season... people I really, really could not stand: Roxy, Abi-Maria (I honestly wonder if she is a sociopath, and i despise the way that as hateful as she is she tries to act religious), Lisa (she was like a slightly more savvy version of Lil.. constantly undecided, whiney, emotional). People i liked: Malcolm, Denise, RC (once she realized Abi was batshit crazy), Penner (I could not stand him on his first season but liked him on his other seasons), Jeff. I think Artis and Peter were fine, but had the bad luck of joining Abi's crew. Her face on Artis' vote of was one of my favorite parts of the season. I hope she tried to learn from this, like she said at the reunion. RC and Pete at the reunion cracked me up.. Somehow I forgot Carter ever existed, despite making it as far as he did. I liked the challenges a little more this seaosn than in the last few. And there were a couple really good tribal councils. All in all a good season.
  6. Palau- I LOVED Palau!! The decimation of Ulong was great to watch, mean but true. Steph was obviously amazing. The entire Tom and Ian storyline was one of the best stories I have seen so far. Ian stepping off that thing legit shocked the hell out of me. I was also shocked that Tom actually won, since so often the person with the best game gets kicked off when peopel decide they're a huge threat. And even many "side characters" were great! Bobby Jon, James, Angie, Coby... i could name others. I will say that I fully agree with the jury's assessment of Katie. She was worthless in challenges and at camp. I think it's absurd that she even got one vote. But I dont like that style of play. On top of all that, the music, theme, setting, and challenges all make this one of my favorites.
  7. Heroes vs Villains- I think this season is a tad bit overrated. Don't get me wrong, its very good! But I've seen so many people rank it as their top season out of all 40 and thats too far for me! I had some strong questions about how some people ended up ont he tribes they did. I STILL dont see Sandra as a villain at all coming off her first season... what did she do thats so villainous, let someone else take the fall for dumping the fish?? Come on, please. Danielle... i literally still barely remember her from her season, not sure she was important enough to be a villain. Candice as a hero?? I could not stand her in her first season. I dunno how Sugar got there at all, since she wasn't really a hero or villain in her first season. Some villains impirved a lot from their first shots- Coach I found funny instead of annoying, Jerri didn't bother me at all.. Some heroes did not improve their legacies- Colby, James, Stephanie. Had some big moves yes, had what I think was the first tribal council whispers, again has Russell play a mob boss style game but not win. At first i thought the "second chance challenges" were a cool idea, but soon I got bored of seeing challenges I've already seen once or more times. All in all a great season, just not the best season.
  8. Blood vs Water- i really liked this season. It was so unique. If the post merge had been as good as the premerge, it might have been my top season. The BvW twist made for so much great drama at the beginning. And also led to the "fuck you Brad Culpepper" line which is one of my favorite moments ever on the show. I think it was brilliant to make the first seaosn like this be with returnees because I felt invested in them immediately. Most of the returnees were great. And their loved ones were so interesting too! I loved Vytas, John, Hayden, Ciera, and Caleb. I hope they all come back one day. There were a couple great dramatic moments- Tyson giving Gervase the idol and rock pulling. There were some things I didnt love- Colton being back, Monica being such a follower who never made a move. There were many people i would have rather won than Tyson bc ive never really cared much for him, but he DID play a good game, so it felt deserved.
  9. Tocantins- I loved the vast majority of the people on this season. There were only three people I absolutely despised (see below). JT, Stephen, Taj, Brenden, and Sierra were my favorites. The challenges were fine. The love part of the auction were my favorite 5 minutes this season. I miss having a theme. I was SO GLAD they never tribe swapped. Here is what I did NOT LIKE- I cannot stand Coach, Tyson, and Debbie to a lesser extent (coach lies while claiming he never lies, talks about Erin making "evil smiles" but then does it himself every time he gets his way, Debbie lies and freaks out on Sierra then has the gall to kiss her cross like she is being some kind of Christian woman). I seriously wanted to scream every time coach opens his mouth. Even Jeff acted exasperated with Coach when he wouldnt stfu about exile and how his body is messed up. Then he falls to the floor and talks about how medical wouldnt even let him stay if they saw him. Good GRIEF. Why on earth do people think this is a great episode and his time on exile was so wonderful? Is it because the whole episode just proved what a drama queen he is and ended in him getting voted out, or do people actually like him? The only person I have ever seen thats more dramatic, more narcissistic, and more of a liar is Donald Trump. Also the FTC was so nasty between JT and Stephan, so that made me sad. Im glad to hear that they're actually still friends.
  10. Samoa- So, some elements of this season were very dull, and i realize thats because of the Russell edit. So why is this ranked so high? Because I very, very strongly remember this season more than any other seasom before or after it, because of Russell. My first time watching survivor I quit watching during Vanuatu because it was so boring in the premerge. This season is where I started rewatching it, due to the intrigue of Russell. I enjoy him the way I dont enjoy other villains becaude HE OWNED IT. He said he would be a villain and he was. And he did it in the most hilarious way.. and then had the best reunion show showcase ever. I have always been sad that he lost to a player who did nothing due to a bitter jury. I like dominant players, and he was. He was right. Nat's decision to ally with him was her big move. Things I didn't like this season. Ben the racist, hateful, thinks he God's gift douchebag... "bros before hoes" using Shambo while talking shit about her, galu tribe seemed like such entitled assholes so it made it fun to watch Russell wreck them, why so many sports challenges???
  11. China- kinda surprised I liked this season so much considering how much most of the players annoyed me. I liked Denise, , LOVED James... i was iffy on PG and Amanda, and i really was very put off by Todd and John-Robert. They were both so skeevy.. I dont understand the Courtney fascination bc she was a whiney brat the entire time. I dispised Jamie so much I wanted to scream every time she came on the screen. Aside from the players themselves, the setting was amazing. I loved the challenges, the rewards were phenomenal. It had some enjoyable moments, like poor James and the double immunity. One big issue i had w the reunion show is that I hate that Jeff asked Erik if he was still a virgin on national televison....
  12. Guatemala- I loved all the challenges this season bc I felt like they really embraced the Mayan culture theme. The setting was so cool. The drama of the first ever hidden immunity idol.I loved so many of the players too.. Rafe, Brian, Brandon, Steph, Danni, Bobby Jon, Gary, Amy, and others. I dont think Danni was a goat at all. I saw a lot of strategy in her game. I am a little sad for Steph because she was such a dominant player, but she pissed off too many people I guess.. I think Rafe may have been my favorite player this season. I really enjoyed his morality. On the negative side, Judd, Jamie, and Lydia irritated me to no end!
  13. Caramoan FvF: This season is underrated. Admittedly, the premerge was terrible. The "fans" were almost all morons. Shamar is one of the most immature and hateful people I've seen on this show. And in what world are most of those "favorites" anyones favorites?? I can see Malcolm, Cochran, maybe Andrea, maybe Dawn, maaaaaaybe Brenda bc she was very smart and her first go felt like a missed opportunity. But Philip, Francesca, Brandon, Erik, and Corrine? People liked them? Philip was ok till after the brandon boot, then he got annoying fast. Dawn's ptsd about Cochran flipping seemed extremely dramatic, and all of her crying and overly emotional shit just aggravated me to death.. I can't even get started on Brandon's complete mental instability... I ended up loving Brenda this time around, and couldn't even work up anger at her making Dawn take her teeth out because honestly Dawn was so terrible. I feel like Brenda got screwed badly with the loved ones "twist", and i hated that for her. She vote out confessional broke my heart. The post merge was MUCH better than premerge. Challenges! They repeated some of the more unique challenges that I really like this season, like when they chase each other through the water with the sandbags, nasty foods challenge (damn Cochran shocked me, and the fan who was in the final 3 cracked me up "why, why??" And "i bit the beak!" Hahahahha), the one where two people hold up nets while other people throw the coconuts, the the where they swim under the platforms... And they brought back the island expert reward, which is cool. Plus the guy told them "no bitching in the jungle" which was awesome. The tribal council where Malcolm pulled out 2 idols and the three amigos all ended up potentially immune was amazing And one of my favorite tribals ever. I wish they had just shocked them after the vote instead of giving them time to strategize, But being able to make them turn on each other "live" was kind of fun! I ended up really liking Eddie and Reynold also. it. Was sad Erik got medivaked bc i was enjoying his "im doing my own thing" playtime. FTC was brutal, but i still liked watching it. I cannot believe the fan who made it to final 3, whatever her name was,, thought she was anything but a goat. I mean come on.... In the end, I loved Cochran this season much more than the first time he played and I was happy with him as the winner. He made me laugh on multiplie occasions (like his comment to Jeff about women putting their fingers in his mouth more often than Jeff would think and telling Jeff not to talk about his mom) and was a good strategist. I dont know why people hated the reunion, other than the addition of Twitter crap.
  14. All Stars- I loved seeing the players come back again. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chapera (and esp Boston Rob) dominate the game. The whole bitter jury FTC was great to watch.
  15. Fiji- I really, really hated the have vs have not twist. It was so unfair and just made me hate so many of the players at the beginning, esp on Moto. And then of course... there was Rocky. He has to be one of my least favorite players ever... i mean what a total jackass. I also really disliked Lisi. I liked ex a bit in the game, but hated the way he spoke to Casanda during FTC was horrible. I did like several people: Yau-man, Earl, Dreamz, Anthony, Boo, Michelle, the 4 horseman alliance was really interesting towatch crumble. Seeing the first time an idol under modern rules is played correctly was fun.
  16. Outback- I loved outback in my first watch and rewatch. So many great people came out of that season. I also enjoyed the setting a lot. What killed it to me was that Tina won over Colby. I though that was crazy then and now.
  17. Micronesia FvF: Kind of stream of consciousness ideas here- hate parvati, love James calling her out, so many weird exits, cirie made so many stupid decisions at the beginning, girls were so petty and snarky. I hate the whole black widow alliance. Ozzy blindside broke my heart. Eliza and all her faces were really just annoying, but he "its a fucking stick" line was iconic. I wanted to throatpunch Natalie every time she spoke. And speaking of Natalie, oh erik... The fans mainly seemed useless. Amanda should have won. The end.
  18. Redemption Island- People hate on this season way too much. Yes, Boston Rob ran circles around his tribe. Maybe that doesn't make for super exciting TV but I really enjoyed that. When this season originally aired, it's what made me love Rob. Rob put on a clinic on how to dominate Survivor, and it was fascinating to watch. I dont hate the redemption island twist either, but im not a survivor purist. I'm cool with them doing weird ahit like that. I did enjoy a few other players: Andrea, Steve, Matt, Julie, Grant, Ralph, David, Francesca (Fransesqua rofl), maybe a couple others. Philip irked my nerves a lot, but not as much as Coach or NeOnka.
  19. Amazon- I hated the premerge so much that I made a reddit post about it. Post-merge did improve it though I still doubt this will stay in ny top 5 or even top 10 once I have rewatched all 40...i also thought Jenna was an awful choice for the winner. But i did love Rob C.
  20. Borneo- I totally changed my opnion on Hatch in the rewatch. I really wanted Kelly to win when I watched this as a 16 year old girl. Now I fully appreciate Hatch's game and I'm glad he won.
  21. Nicaragua- People I liked- Marty, Jane, Kelly B., Fabio, Benry, Alina.. I felt bad for alina.. I dont know why she was so hated.. I am iffy about Brenda and Sash. I kind of like them bc they're smart, but they're also sneaky asses. And they allied with... Neonka, who may be the worst person alive- knocking kelly down, stealing food, being hateful, quitting, and the refusing to forgoe the reward for everyone when she was going to leave that day anyway. Pure evil. Holly was irritating.. I think Chase was kind of an idiot, he admitted himself that he is playing with heart not head. I was mostly neutral to everyone else. I cant believe these dummies built a box around their fire... with wooden chests. The challenges were decent this season. I definitely don't think this season is as bad as some people say. It isn't great, but I think a lot of the hate it gets is bc it can right after one of the best seasons. I dont hate Fabio as a winner either. At first i thought he was a dingbat, but he seemed to get a bit better as it went on. Plus I always love when one person is on the outs but continuously wins challenges so they can't get kicked out. I was a little surprised that he won over Sash until FTC, but I guess he didn't backstab people the way the other two did. He cracked me up during FTC every time one of the other two got shit on. And then went back to looking like a nitwit at the reunion lol.
  22. South Pacific- Brandon Hantz was just supremely irritating. His creeper montage about Makayla...uuughh. the way he was shaming her in his confessional was disgusting to me. I liked Coach better this season but I still feel like he doesn't walk the talk.. like the whole thing about wanting to take the best to the finals, but then chickens out and doesn't take ozzy. I liked Ozzy a bit less this season while he was in the game, but still felt really bad for the Cochran betrayal. I know it was a big move, but ultimately it was the wrong one, as he found out. I liked Ozzy more on redemption and when he came back in. Him winning that card tower immunity challenge felt like total vindication. The entire religious theme was very odd and almost cultlike. I am a Christian but I dont believe in God affecting petty things like a game. Brandon... i dunno what to think about his spirituality, sometimes he seemed genuine, but then he did some very unChristian things, but then his whole story about his past life was very touching and AHHHHH i don't know. And Coach leading a prayer looking for an idol he already had. I definitely didn't like the way they tried to excuse away things by saying it was God's will. The whole "mantra" of that tribe was even worse. It was all just so cringeworthy. Brandon giving up the immunity was as dumb as when Erik did it. Albert not giving it back ruined any chance he might have had to win. The challenges were fine but not spectacular. I still dont mind redemption island and I was really glad Ozzy made it back in and sad that he didn't win the last challenge. I was fine with the winner Sophie, out of the three who were left, who I think played a clever game but did not get a great edit. I never would have thought she would win based on the edit. I was really glad for the bitter jury, because at least 2 of the final 3 deserved to be wrung over the coals. I feel like Coach and Sophie may have actually learned about themselves based on their answers.
  23. Gabon- This season was like a train wreck that you can't help but look at. I dispised nearly every person on this season. The big exception is Sugar (though i was also good with Matty, Marcus was fine I guess, there were a couple others). Seemingly from sheer luck, she ended up in all these power situations and it was hilarious. I love her orchestrating the whole fake idol use on Randy... but i hated how ugly she was after. I actually wish she had won, but I was fine with/neutral to Bob. How Susie made it to the top 3 I will never know. I will be very happy to never ever see Ace, Corinne (especially her, she is the freaking devil), Randy, or Crystal again... sadly I already know some come back.
  24. Africa- Had a few memorable people and I really liked the setting. Ethan was fine as a winner but I feel like he reeeeeally just flew under the radar and didn't really do anything.
  25. Marquesas- Most of this season was dull. Most of the people were forgettable. Boston Rob was an obvious exception (but really only in hindsight). I literally forgot the winner ever existed.
  26. Panama- As I was doing this list, I somehow forgot about this season. I didn't realize it until I saw Danielle on HvV and couldn't rememeber who she was. I had to go look up stuff about it to even remember it. Once I vaguely remembered the season I think I remembered liking Terry, Cirie, Bruce, and Aras, disliking nearly everyone else and absolutely dispising Shane and that one girl with the blond hair (courtney?)..i still dont remember why Danielle was a villian... anyway, if must be pretty bad to forget all about it, but mainly because of Cirie's strategizing, misses out on the bottom rank.
  27. One World- This season is so idiotic. I hated it the first time it played and it almost made me quit watching again when it was live. In fact, I remember recently seeing a memory pop up on my Facebook feed where I said, "what a shock, the idiots all voted their leader to win", about this season. But Jeff Probst's face when the men walk into tribal council after winning... almost made it worth it 🤣 I say almost because Colton ruined everything about this season, including this particular tribal council. Ditto for Alicia. I felt bad for Troyzan, who i feel was a very good player. Many of the other players were fine, but no exceptional. In the end, I'm glad Kim won of the people left. That being said, I believe she is extremely overrated and only looked so dominant because the majority of the players were terrible. I liked the one world twist, but then it only lasted a few episodes... this is one of my absolute least favorite seasons.
  28. Vanuatu- I heard this season was underrated... i would counter that its rated low for a reason. I found much of it to be very dull until the last couple episodes. But I despised so many of the characters that it was hard to enjoy. And then it had a mediocre winner.
  29. Thailand- I had zero interest in pretty much this entire season. I disliked nearly everyone on the show. And then it had a mediocre winner.
  30. Worlds Apart- I despise so many people this season. I'm neutral to a few of them, but the only one I really like, of course, is Joe. I'm pretty ok with a few others, like Jenn, Hali, Lindsey, and Kelly. I guess Sierra was fine. Maybe Mike?? I didn't like him at the beginning but then he got the underdog edit, which I always enjoy. But from way too many people, so much negativity, so many just ugly people. Even the ones that have good moments ruin them with the bad moments. I found myself in the position of rooting for Mike, who I am still not even sure whether I like or not. I was legit confused in the finale because I thought I rememebered Sierra winning this season! And Will joins the "most horrible people of Survivor" club. Dan and Rodney aren't far behind... and I swear Rodney is the biggest freaking man-baby I have ever seen. I did love Jenn's FTC speech. This is the first season that I genuinely considered giving up on and skipping the rest of it.
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