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[Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0171

2020.09.25 16:00 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0171

There were long days. There were bad days. And then there were really long, really bad days that left one feeling like nothing but shit.
Today was one of those last ones for Lucas. It had started off bad and gone downhill fast. The only positive in the whole damn thing was that he finally found out just how right his instincts were about his LT. But even that soured with the knowledge that if he’d just ignored Charlotte’s pleading years ago when the Lt first assaulted her, all of the evil that that man and his brother caused since could have been avoided.
And then Angelo would not have had to go through what he did.
The process of charging Leonard Mayliss was ludicrously simple since everything was caught on the security camera. Even the paperwork involving the official arrest went smoothly. But then, the interrogation (aka inquisition) of 1PP’s high command began, and he had neither Detective Nascerdios nor Detective Quail there with him. Quail was still on her man-hunt for the Harris brothers, and God knows where the fuck Daniel took off to after the arrest, but he sure didn’t hang around 1PP long.
Lucas diverted as much as he could to the two absent detectives, but High Command wasn’t interested in the opinions and reviews of the detectives officially linked to the case. They wanted to know how a beat cop from the Fifth seemed to know more about the case than they did.
He answered their questions as honestly as he could and held nothing back, receiving in a dressing down for not reporting Lieutenant Harris at the time of the incident and another for not realising Angelo’s involvement before now. After hours of relentless grilling, he finally snapped and asked if he needed his rep to be present because as far as he was concerned, he’d done nothing wrong.
Things wrapped up quickly after that point, and he was dismissed for the evening. Shortest promotion in history, he mused to himself, as he went to check on both Mason and Angelo on his way home. But that part didn’t bother him. With the Harris’ out of the way, he could climb the ranks of the NYPD in his own time.
Because he was still in uniform, the officers with Mason let him in to see his roommate. Mason was fast asleep, so after watching him for a few minutes, he left more upbeat than when he went in. “As a heads up,” he said to the two officers manning the door. “The other witness in this case, had an attempt made on his life because someone came in dressed like a doctor. Don’t trust anyone.”
“Nice of you to tell us that after you went in.”
Lucas was unrepentant. “I wanted to see him.” He tapped his forefinger against his hat at them in farewell and made his way to the ICU, where surprisingly, he was permitted straight through to Angelo’s room once his identity had been confirmed. So maybe he wasn’t on 1PP’s shit list after all. Unlike Mason, Angelo just looked unconscious. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was breathing, he was pale enough to be dead. He’d lost a lot of blood on top of whatever else that poison did to him.
It almost made him want to go back to 1PP and say to Mayliss’ guard, “Here. Hold my badge.” But being a cop was all he ever wanted, and he wouldn’t throw it away on a little gratuitous revenge.
He left the hospital and caught the subway home, still mulling things over as he walked the last few blocks to his front door. “The first thing I’m gonna do when I get upstairs is grab a beer,” he murmured to himself as he let himself in the front door and made his way up the stairs.
Living on the second floor made the elevator ridiculous in his mind. Though he certainly wouldn’t have said no to it when they lived on the ninth. Which brought up another point of interest: How long were they all going to be living in Llyr’s? He was the Nascerdios who was usually situated over in San Francisco. A three-story mansion, not including the two sub-levels or the underground car park. Back when Llyr didn’t pass Lucas’ sniff test, he’d found Llyr’s address and used Google Maps to have a look at the place from the outside. Very, very fancy, and Miss W would absolutely hate it.
But that wasn’t his problem, and he had enough of his own.
He slid his key into the apartment door and let himself in. “Hey, I’m home,” he called out, just like he always did.
The lack of response was weird. Usually, someone was milling around somewhere to shout back a greeting. Lucas sat on the stool and unlaced his boots, noticing that both Boyd’s sneakers and work boots were in the pile. So at the very least, the big guy was home. Sam’s Givenchy sneakers that Lucas thought they were going to have to surgically separate him from when he died were also amongst the pile.
Just as noticeably, the flip-flops Robbie had been wearing all day were absent. He hadn’t been at the hospital either, which would’ve been his next guess. Failing both of those, he’d probably gone back to work off some steam.
Not a bad idea. He might do the same in his new room. Oooor … he could fall into bed and catch up on sleep. He’d make his decision after his first beer.
As was his habit, he went to check on Sam first. As the youngest member of the household, he might have been in his twenties, but he still had a lot of growing up to do, and Lucas still saw him more as a high schooler than a college near-graduate.
He caught sight of the piece of paper taped to Sam’s door before he could read the words.
“Stay out. Leave Sam alone, gentlemen. Ivy.”
His hand froze at his shoulder and then lowered to his side again. If Miss W said to leave him alone, he was going to leave well enough alone.
On his way to their side of the apartment, he detoured past the fridge and grabbed a cold Bud, tossing the lid in the sink behind him. The trash was now kept out of sight in one of the cupboards under the sink, and he didn’t feel like backpedalling. He’d fix it up later.
He took his first swig at the laundry area and the second and third down the hallway. “Knock-knock,” he said, rapping the back of one knuckle against Boyd’s door.
He heard the roll of a chair right behind the door, and then the door opened. Boyd was still sitting in a wheeled chair which he pushed back with his heels to open the door fully. “Hey,” he said sheepishly.
Something was off. Lucas looked past him to where three blocks of wood and a packet of tools sat in the middle of the unmade bed. To his left, he saw a built-in table with a spread of food that quickly reminded him he hadn’t eaten all day.
He saw Boyd twist his head to follow his gaze and chuckle at him. “Here,” his roommate said, passing him the wrapped turkey and salad roll that had been made big enough to dwarf a works hotdog. “Start with that.” Boyd’s eyes went to Lucas’ beer and he huffed a sharp sigh.
“I can get you one while I’m up,” Lucas offered, tipping the bottom of his bottle towards the kitchen.
“Nah, I can’t have a beer at the moment.”
Why not? It was on the tip of his tongue to ask, but he knew the direct route was also the direct way to get Boyd to shut down, hard.
He took a moment to unwrap the roll “So what’s all this?” he asked, lifting his fingers off the roll long enough to point out the lumber and tools on the bed.
“A carving project,” Boyd answered, hesitantly.
“I didn’t know you carved.”
“I haven’t in years. I made my little brother a pretty cool toy soldier set back when I was ten.”
Lucas rested his shoulder against the door and took a bite of his roll. “So what inspired you to take it up again?”
Boyd shrugged and dropped his eyes to the table.
Okay, sensitive subject. “Any thoughts on what you’re going to make?”
“Nope,” Boyd admitted. “Working on putting a hole in this lot first. But there’s plenty here if you want to dig in.”
Robbie wasn’t in the habit of making up more than was necessary because he hated waste. Something about Boyd had changed since Robbie put the lunch together. Something Boyd was dancing around. He needed to come at this from a different direction. “What do you think of the new layout?” he asked, lifting his eyes to the room.
Boyd kicked back and twisted his chair to face the same way. “It’s bullshit,” he said, with a whole lot of passion. “Unless Llyr’s people were working on this the whole time we were living up the other end of the apartment, which never would’ve happened because renovations are never that quiet. This is impossible. We even have HVAC for fuck’s sake.”
Lucas looked up at the vent in the ceiling. “Shit, I didn’t even notice that,” he admitted.
Boyd stood up, and with his right hand over his head, he went up on to his tiptoes and brushed his fingertips across the ceiling. “That ceiling height hasn’t changed an inch, yet we have a foot of fucking HVAC running above it.”
“That’s impossible!”
“Tell me about it. And don’t get me started on how that kitchen and living room out there shouldn’t be but is.”
“And what’s over there?” Lucas asked, noticing the open barn door.
“Fantasyland,” Boyd answered, waving his hand for Lucas to go and look.
Lucas saw the dressing room, which lit up as soon as he went in. “JEY-SUS CHRIST!” Even though it wasn’t his dressing room, Boyd had permitted him to look, so he went over to the drawers and pulled the top one out. A jewellery drawer. Boyd, who didn’t own a piece of fucking jewellery, had a drawer set specifically designated for jewellery. Cufflink holders. Watch holders. Ring slots. Fucking runway lighting and mirrors on three sides! And half the padded coat hangers on one end of an empty rack were for suit jackets.
“Keep going,” Boyd said, gesturing for Lucas to move on to the other room. “It gets better.”
Lucas wanted to poke his nose in every drawer in the room, but he still followed Boyd’s direction. “No—fucking—way!”
“What am I going to do with all this fancy shit?” Boyd asked, coming up behind him once more.
“Well, I’m pretty sure someone’s introduced you to the concept of a shower and crapper at some point in your life,” Lucas jeered. His fighter instincts had him dropping low, just in time to avoid the sweeping arc of Boyd’s loose-fisted punch. He popped back up onto his feet again and leapt away, making sure to keep a good grip on both the beer and the sandwich. “I don’t know what you’re bitching for, man. You’ve got your own private bathroom. If anything, you suck.”
“Is yours the same as before?”
Boyd may have asked the question innocently enough, but Lucas heard the hitch in his voice at the very beginning and knew the nosey prick already knew the answer to that.
When Lucas gave him the same look he gave miscreant teenagers, Boyd’s lips kicked up on one side. “I was just seeing where the hell I was,” he admitted with a sideways grin. “I woke up here, with nothing around me that I recognised. I went room by room until I saw all of Robbie’s crap in his room and then I went out into the living room and found my chair.”
“Wait … you woke up in your room?”
Boyd’s shoulders twitched, his smile falling away. “I … might’ve fallen asleep in the car on the way home from work this morning.”
“You weigh nearly three hundred pounds!”
“Two eighty-ish.”
“Who the fuck got you out of the car and upstairs?”
Boyd shrugged. “My guess, Robbie and Angus must’ve pulled it off together somehow. All I know is, no one was home when I woke up.” With a sharp huff, he rolled his eyes, “Well, no one except Llyr and Miss W, and that was something I was not walking in on to ask them ...”
“What do you mean, Llyr and Miss W?”
Boyd’s right eyebrow arched high. “They were in Llyr’s room gettin’ bus—sy.” He drew out the word and waggled his eyebrows so that there was no misunderstanding.
Only Lucas was sure there had to be. “Llyr, and Miss W?” he asked in disbelief. “Are you sure?”
Boyd’s eyebrow dropped back to normal. “Well, let’s see. Grunt, grunt. Groan, groan. Oh yeah, Llyr. God, yeah. Loud scream of Llyr’s name, and then even more grunting.”
“Well, fuck,” Lucas growled in annoyance.
“It looks like I owe Robbie ten bucks.”
Boyd burst out laughing. “You bet against Robbie when sex was the wager? You moron!”
“Shut up! I thought I had it in the bag. Miss W made it clear she never wanted anything to do with Sam’s … hey – do you think anyone’s told Sam?”
Boyd shrugged again. “Sam’s locked himself in his room.”
“And Miss W’s put a note on his door telling us all to leave him alone.”
“Really?” Boyd went back to his bedroom door and craned his neck on the angle to make out Sam’s door at the other end of the double hallway. “With everything else, I didn’t even notice that there.”
“Well, you wanna see the one cool factor about my room? Apart from the fact, the whole thing’s been soundproofed.”
“What’d you get soundproofing for?”
Lucas knocked his half-empty beer against Boyd’s chest and led the way next door to his room. “Open it up and take a look.”
He stepped aside and let Lucas go first, knowing the dimensions of his room were identical to the one he had upstairs. His queen-sized bed was flanked by built-in wardrobes, and very little else of his was in the room.
“So?” Boyd asked, turning back to him.
“Watch,” he said with a grin, and walking over to the bed with his hands still full, he hooked his foot under the foot of the bed and gave it a heave. The whole thing flipped up into line with the other two wardrobes, making it look like a full bank of closets. The floor was packed from wall to wall and wall to wall with tatami mats.
“They turned your bed into a murphy bed,” he said, missing the point entirely.
Lucas pointed his food and drink at the flooring. “They’re professional tatami mats,” he said unable to hide his excitement.
The blank look on Boyd’s face meant he still didn’t get the significance.
“Fine,” Lucas said, going back to the doorway where he put his roll and beer against the wall outside. When he came back into the room, he went to the left of Boyd, and in a blur of speed, put his foot on the wall and pushed off it in an upwards direction. He collected Boyd around the neck and shoulders and twisting sharply in mid-air, he used his momentum and weight to flip Boyd off his feet into a three-sixty degree spin that slammed the bigger man into the mats on his ass.
While his opponent was still dazed, Lucas wrapped his legs around Boyd’s waist from behind and locked one of Boyd’s arms above his head in a kata-ha-jime which he leaned back into to prevent Boyd’s superior strength from breaking the hold. “Say uncle,” Lucas taunted, once he felt Boyd start to struggle within the hold.
“Let me go, you little asswipe, before I rip your fucking legs off in your sleep and shove one up your ass and one down your neck.”
Lucas tched and tightened his stranglehold. “So much violence,” he laughed. “And threatening a law enforcement officer to boot…”
“Seriously, let me go before I lose my temper and pull shit on you that they don’t teach in any fancy fighting school.”
Sensing the fun was over, Lucas released his hold and rolled backwards out of the way, using his hands on the floor to flip himself back up on to his feet in case Boyd tried anything.
All Boyd did was climb to his feet and rub his shoulder where the hold had been at its tightest. “Last time I share my lunch with you, asshole.”
“Do you get it now?” he asked, gesturing at the compacted rice core mats. “They’re professional martial arts mats, man. They take the impact so instead of breaking your ass, it just bumps it.”
Boyd nodded. “So you can train in here.”
“Properly, and without disturbing anyone with jumps and pounds.”
“Have you looked in the wardrobes, yet?”
Lucas shot Boyd a quizzical look, and the older man chuckled. “You want to bet another ten bucks against at least one of them being filled to the brim with everything you could ever need to train with?”
Not interested in losing even more money, Lucas went to the nearest pair of wardrobes and after opening them, found nothing but drawers and hanging space. But, just like in Boyd’s room, there was a second set of cupboards down towards the end that backed onto Boyd’s ensuite. Lucas shot across to them, trying not to behave like a five-year-old on Christmas morning, but finding it really hard not to.
Especially when he opened the doors and found it was a ‘walk-in wardrobe’ going back almost six feet. Within the space was a large assortment of straps, gloves, protection pads, headgear, mouthguards, rash guards and two full-sized, top of the line combat mannequins, not including a designated space for his own Bob Man upstairs. Enough equipment for three people to train with simultaneously. When he turned to see what was behind him, he found a rack of sweat gear, fabric mats that were three by two feet in size and a fully decked out first aid station including a bar fridge with a shelf packed with cold packs and drinks.
Drinks … and protective sitting mats for the flooring?
He looked back near the door and saw the HVAC controls that would allow him to isolate the room from the rest of the house. Which were also the point of the drinks and protective mats. He wouldn’t be able to train in any air conditioning, any more than he could walk out of the room mid-training into it to get a drink. Either of those was without a doubt, the fastest way to catch pneumonia.
It was a sixteen-foot square professionally kitted space.
His own mini-dojo.
It was all … too much.
And it suddenly dawned on him that none of this was temporary.
Lucas slowly looked at his roommate, who stood in the middle of the room with his arms folded across his chest. “Do you get the feeling this relocation is a whole lot more permanent than ‘for our protection while the case is still ongoing’, man?”
“Yeah,” Boyd agreed, bobbing his head ever so slightly. “The question is, are we okay with that?”
That … is an excellent question.
* * *


((AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yesterday's larger post was as a thank you to my NREMT friend who helped me with all of my paramedic information in the last couple of posts. Today's was because I was having too much damn fun to stop. But tomorrow it will go back to its normal size, as I really can't keep spending all day on this, even if I do have all the fun in the world writing it. 😍🥰 ))
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I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
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2020.09.20 22:55 Zelbinian Kickstarter Roundup: September 20, 2020 20+ Ending Soon (including: Plantopia: The Card Game) & 55+ New This Week (including: Cascadia)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter board game projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (The occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between midnight and noon PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
Puzzle Dungeon Deluxe Edition Reprint The endlessly playable monster-hunting solitaire card game. // Has raised $19,263 of $6,000 so far. (~321%) ☑ 1 358 $18 / $54 Sep 21 kicktraq #reprint
Plantopia: The Card Game A strategic card game based on the wonderful and wacky world of Life of a Potato. // Has raised S$147,439 of S$5,000 so far. (~2949%) ☑ 2 - 5 4104 $17 / S$36 Sep 21 kicktraq
Crazy Taco Start a new day at the mexican fast food restaurant. Do not lose popularity and deal with all the customers and issues that may happen. // Has raised €7,678 of €4,300 so far. (~179%) ☑ 1 - 2 338 $18 / €23 Sep 21 kicktraq
EvolveSum: A Card Game with Cats & Children's Illustrations Adorable playing cards, featuring cats and illustrated dreams drawn by children from an Indonesian orphanage. // Has raised S$1,504 of S$1,500 so far. (~100%) ☑ 2 50 $23 / S$30 Sep 22 kicktraq
Last Days of Athobrae - Final Countdown A strategy, resource gathering game where the planet falls to pieces beneath your feet, and the first to build a ship and escape wins! // Has raised $6,852 of $4,750 so far. (~144%) ☑ 2 - 5 82 $59 / $84 Sep 22 kicktraq #take3
Elite An empire-rebuilding strategy game set in not-too-distant-future earth. // Has raised $9,288 of $12,000 so far. (~77%) 2 - 4 48 $40 / $194 Sep 22 kicktraq
Katootsie!© - The Exciting NEW Party Game! (Updated Project) Welcome to the updated Kickstarter page for Katootsie!© The exciting NEW party game that relies on quick-thinking word savvy! // Has raised $3,776 of $3,500 so far. (~108%) ☑ 2 - 10 80 $25 / $47 Sep 22 kicktraq #take2
Rurik: Stone & Blade (Reprint & Expansion) Seize your destiny and claim the throne! The first expansion to the critically-acclaimed Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, a euro-style board game. // Has raised $161,427 of $50,000 so far. (~323%) ☑ 1 - 4 2247 $39 / $72 Sep 23 kicktraq #reprint #expansion
Shamrock Deckbox Handcrafted Leather Deckboxes for trading card games such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon or YuGiOh! // Has raised €641 of €500 so far. (~128%) ☑ 12 $60 / €53 Sep 24 kicktraq #bling
Scenic Resin Terrain for 28mm Tabletop Wargames Miniatures Ready made resin terrain and accessories for WW2 28mm Miniatures offering ruined town pieces alongside earth and log emplacements. // Has raised £714 of £250 so far. (~286%) ☑ 20 $ / £36 Sep 24 kicktraq
SUPERCHARGED A car racing game for 1-5 players set in the 1920s and 1930s // Has raised $8,385 of $8,000 so far. (~105%) ☑ 1 - 5 185 $47 / $45 Sep 24 kicktraq
The Wretched: Second Printing Bringing The Wretched back into print. // Has raised £11,353 of £750 so far. (~1514%) ☑ 820 $8 / £14 Sep 24 kicktraq #rpg
Remember 3 A board game about tactics, memory & deceit // Has raised €1,155 of €1,400 so far. (~82%) 3 - 5 24 $21 / €48 Sep 24 kicktraq
ANTEMATTER A cosmic mash-up of poker and space strategy // Has raised $92,816 of $30,000 so far. (~309%) ☑ 3 - 6 769 $60 / $121 Sep 24 kicktraq
Lark A Game of Challenge & Chance // Has raised $8,091 of $10,000 so far. (~81%) 141 $25 / $57 Sep 24 kicktraq
Rock, Paper, Doomsday A witty card game where the worst card wins. // Has raised $5,774 of $10,000 so far. (~58%) 3+ 66 $20 / $87 Sep 24 kicktraq
Ivion - The Herocrafting Card Game Play out the brutal climax to an epic story in Ivion, an immersive 2 player experience. Craft your hero and reach for glory! // Has raised $33,368 of $28,743 so far. (~116%) ☑ 2 362 $39 / $92 Sep 24 kicktraq
Votes for Women A card-driven board game on women’s suffrage and the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. // Has raised $22,615 of $15,000 so far. (~151%) ☑ 1 - 4 373 $50 / $61 Sep 24 kicktraq
BOMBS: the card game. a print and play card game designed to play with friends and family. // Has raised MX$2,569 of MX$2,000 so far. (~128%) ☑ 2 - 5 37 $2 / MX$69 Sep 25 kicktraq
Boss Babe The Game The #AntiMLM Board Game where nobody makes any money and everyone loses. // Has raised $11,470 of $10,000 so far. (~115%) ☑ 2 - 4 221 $25 / $52 Sep 25 kicktraq
Finding Sasquatch Be the first to find Sasquatch in this fast paced adventure card game! // Has raised $8,936 of $3,500 so far. (~255%) ☑ 2 - 5 304 $20 / $29 Sep 25 kicktraq
Blitz: Speed War A 3D Printable Real-Time-Strategy Board Game for 2 - 4 players // Has raised $1,607 of $500 so far. (~321%) ☑ 2 - 4 50 $10 / $32 Sep 25 kicktraq
"Grammin Adventure" Made in Japan / グラミン探検隊 "Grammin Adventure" is designed to learn the basics of programming thinking while having fun! // Has raised ¥79,639 of ¥100,000 so far. (~80%) 2 - 4 17 $ 39 ¥4,685 Sep 25 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Players Backers Min / Avg Pledge Ends Comments
10+ Game A Card Game for Players & Inventors // Has raised HK$79,072 of HK$46,500 so far. (~170%) ☑ 2 - 6 214 $24 / HK$369 Oct 15
6° The Movie Connection Card Game - as seen in The Scotsman With simple, easy-to-understand rules, players or teams race to win. Great for families, in the pub, on holiday or just a rainy day. // Has raised £1 of £30,000 so far. (~0%) any 1 $26 / £1 Oct 18
8th Air Force/20th Air Force Twin WW2 games "8th Air Force" and "20th Air Force" simulate the massive USAAF strategic bombing campaigns against Germany and Japan // Has raised $1,512 of $3,000 so far. (~50%) 17 $65 / $89 Nov 16
Aced It! Are you cognitively there? A satirical card game for 2 to 5 players about the best words, really good brains and to trump your opponents. // Has raised €342 of €12,000 so far. (~3%) 2 - 5 10 $19 / €34 Oct 17
Arms & Influence A political strategy card game, where you compete with neighboring nations to achieve world dominance. // Has raised $8,346 of $7,500 so far. (~111%) ☑ 3 - 4 144 $19 / $58 Oct 17
Automated Alice: A Cooperative Dice Game Based on the novel by Jeff Noon // Has raised $8,563 of $11,000 so far. (~78%) 1 - 4 260 $29 / $33 Oct 08
Bots Up - The bot battling card game Build a bot, send it to battle and compete to be the last bot standing! Find out more at botsupgame.com // Has raised £10,313 of £3,500 so far. (~295%) ☑ 2 - 5 336 $20 / £31 Oct 15
Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants A castlepunk Forged in the Dark roleplaying game. Mask up. Spill Blood. Drink the Rich. Join the discord! https://discord.gg/R72Endm // Has raised $23,896 of $10,000 so far. (~239%) ☑ 778 $10 / $31 Oct 16 #rpg
Capitalism: The Board Game A strategy-driven turf war circular board game. // Has raised $3 of $45,000 so far. (~0%) 3 $65 / $1 Oct 14
Cascadia A puzzly tile-laying game featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest with gorgeous artwork by Beth Sobel! // Has raised $109,484 of $8,000 so far. (~1369%) ☑ 1 - 4 3625 $29 / $30 Oct 21
Castaway Curse (Second Printing) The shipwreck adventure game, now available with international shipping! 2-6 players, 20 min/player. Ages 13+ // Has raised $4,136 of $1,000 so far. (~414%) ☑ 2 - 6 16 $100 / $259 Oct 15 #reprint
CHARMS: Quests for Antiracism A question and answer expansion for antiracism using CHARMS: A Game of Insight, or use as stand alone discussion prompts. // Has raised $1,023 of $100 so far. (~1023%) ☑ 3 - 8 31 $35 / $33 Oct 08
Check Yes Romeo Check Yes, Romeo is an improv narrative dating simulator card game meant to get to know people better. Find your lucky match. // Has raised $1,278 of $5,000 so far. (~26%) 29 $45 / $44 Oct 16
Choo Choo Game. The Choo Choo card game is a train building game for everyone. // Has raised A$341 of A$750 so far. (~45%) 2 - 12 7 $21 / A$49 Oct 15
Climate Change Memory The old school Memory game for 2-8 persons, now with opposite images to stimulate your sustainable way of living. // Has raised €236 of €17,000 so far. (~1%) 2 - 8 9 $21 / €26 Oct 14
Coalition The Napoleonic Wars 1805-1815 // Has raised $6,435 of $2,500 so far. (~257%) ☑ 2 - 6 73 $52 / $88 Oct 05
Deck Organizer System New Deck Organizer System (D.O.S.), organize game cards effortlessly! Interlock as many trays and sizes as needed for your games! // Has raised C$251 of C$1500 so far. (~17%) 6 $13 / C$42 Oct 17 #bling
DOPPELT ODER NICHTS Ein Kartenspiel, bei dem niemand sicher ist. Du hast die Wahl, aber wenn du dich überschätzt, trifft es dich doppelt - ENGLISH AVAILABLE // Has raised €1,796 of €7,000 so far. (~26%) 4 - ? 48 $21 / €37 Oct 17
Embarcadero - Rule the Waterfront! Build the city of San Francisco on the hulls of abandoned ships during the California Gold Rush. // Has raised $33,091 of $5,000 so far. (~662%) ☑ 1 - 5 605 $60 / $55 Oct 02
ENGKANTO: A Filipino Mythology RPG Board game A Filipino Mythology inspired RPG board game! Play as an ancient Filipino Bayani (Hero) and set off on a journey to find Biringan City // Has raised A$3,401 of A$35,000 so far. (~10%) 31 $37 / A$110 Nov 14
Escape Deathrace 2182 "Micro" - A Game That Fits Anywhere. A pocket-sized table-top dungeon crawler that pits you against your friends (and aliens!) in a cosmic street race to save the galaxy! // Has raised $1,872 of $8,200 so far. (~23%) 1 - 4 24 $25 / $78 Oct 17
Everbane The Card Game // Has raised CHF1,453 of CHF60,000 so far. (~2%) 2 - 6 35 $33 / CHF42 Oct 14
Facility 07: Exploration - Espionage - Battle Royale Twist! Infiltrate an evil genius' lair to stop him from destroying the world! Take That, Spy-Style! 2-6 semi-co-op players. Tons of laughs. // Has raised $4,614 of $14,900 so far. (~31%) 2 - 6 104 $39 / $44 Oct 15
Flourish A delightful game about crafting gardens from the creators of Everdell. In English, German, and French. // Has raised $74,792 of $15,000 so far. (~499%) ☑ 1 - 7 2008 $39 / $37 Oct 01
Forgotten Depths - Co-op Dungeon Adventure A quick-playing but substantial experience of exploration and combat // Has raised $17,889 of $26,000 so far. (~69%) 1 - 3 620 $30 / $29 Oct 15 #take2
Fruit Salad: The Multiple Games in One Game We will be creating a board game called Fruit Salad. This game comes with 8 different games perfect for all kind of players. // Has raised $283 of $7,064 so far. (~4%) 6 $25 / $47 Oct 14
Good vs Gooder Fun debates for funny people—a family-friendly party game celebrating the gooder things in life // Has raised $8,581 of $18,500 so far. (~46%) 3+ 110 $29 / $78 Oct 16
In Home Alley Ball: High-Quality Cardboard Alley Game Alley Ball game made from high-quality eco cardboard! Perfect for temporary entertainment but sturdy enough to last for years. USA made // Has raised $180 of $3,000 so far. (~6%) 1+ 2 $179 / $90 Nov 01
In Too Deep (Reboot) Hack into criminal minds in the undercover operation of a lifetime. Save the city without losing your soul in this game for 1-4 agents. // Has raised C$83623 of C$50000 so far. (~167%) ☑ 1 - 4 1156 $50 / C$72 Oct 08 #take2
INKAS: The Legend™ - Miniature Board Game with Golden Llamas A strategy game for 1 to 4 players, where you must battle gods and enemy nations in your quest to become the founder of a NEW empire! // Has raised $5,242 of $30,000 so far. (~17%) 1 - 4 96 $39 / $55 Oct 15
Inventure Quest Challenging co-op adventures, powered by you. RPG party game for all levels of experience. Infinite characters, settings, & quests! // Has raised $3,317 of $11,500 so far. (~29%) 2 - 6 52 $27 / $64 Oct 15 #take2
Lion Challenging Party Game Challenging party card game. This game will make your party really cool. // Has raised $2 of $1,000 so far. (~0%) 4 - 9 2 $24 / $1 Oct 31
Lucky Luau Flower matching and lei making fun from beautiful Hawaii! // Has raised $3,265 of $4,000 so far. (~82%) 2 - 6 110 $15 / $30 Oct 15
Ludicrous Adult Party Game The adult party game that will unleash the deviant in everyone. // Has raised £216 of £10,000 so far. (~2%) 3+ 8 $26 / £27 Oct 17 #take2
Math Eclipse Educational card and dice game for kids to learn multiplication and division. // Has raised $35 of $1,500 so far. (~2%) 2 3 $13 / $12 Oct 19
Mythalix: Chapter 1: Greek Mythology Gods and Titans clash in a new world. Battle opponents, control areas & build your deck in this light strategy board game. // Has raised £5,253 of £10,000 so far. (~53%) 2 - 4 114 $33 / £46 Oct 15
Name That Puppy - A Party Game For Puppy Lovers A card game for all ages where you compete to pick the best name for different adorable puppies. // Has raised $331 of $500 so far. (~66%) 13 $15 / $25 Oct 03
Never Say Never The Hilarious Game of Horrible Hypotheticals // Has raised $2,278 of $7,000 so far. (~33%) 39 $20 / $58 Oct 18 #take2
Oak & Steel a 3.5x game set in the American Old West // Has raised $5,408 of $12,000 so far. (~45%) 2 - 4 133 $45 / $41 Oct 02
Office Buzz The Drinking Game To Become The CEO // Has raised $4,880 of $5,000 so far. (~98%) 4 - 10 166 $18 / $29 Oct 15
RECIPE RUSH This card game is for foodies, families, and friends who enjoy chaos, sabotage, thievery, double-dipping, and sometimes sheep cloning. // Has raised $1,565 of $10,000 so far. (~16%) 2 - 4 20 $25 / $78 Oct 15
RUMSKI (Second Edition) A quick-thinking, rummy style, strategy card game // Has raised $1,418 of $3,500 so far. (~41%) 2 - 6 30 $13 / $47 Oct 15 #newedition
Scratch the Deck Game Changers A cool card game for people who love cats featuring some new feline friends with extra special powers. // Has raised €1,319 of €333 so far. (~396%) ☑ 2 - 4 56 $16 / €24 Sep 27 #newedition
Secret Sinners A deviously strategic card game where players accuse each other of being evil! Hide your past sins carefully or fall straight to hell! // Has raised C$2972 of C$23500 so far. (~13%) 3 - 8 56 $27 / C$53 Oct 12 #take2
Sharks Feeding Frenzy Life getting you down? Wouldn't you rather be a shark? Eat new and exciting people! // Has raised $6,475 of $10,000 so far. (~65%) 2 - 6 103 $29 / $63 Oct 13
Soulgivers Absorb the Souls of the fallen heroes and capture the Fragment to survive the Decay in this competitive strategy game for 2 players. // Has raised €40,238 of €40,000 so far. (~101%) ☑ 2 560 $82 / €72 Oct 14
Stack O'Cats The most fun you'll ever have trying to get cats to do what you want them to. // Has raised $1,943 of $2,800 so far. (~69%) 2 - 5 59 $22 / $33 Oct 18
Stink! Dice-rolling card game designed for family game nights. // Has raised $1,696 of $2,000 so far. (~85%) 52 $11 / $33 Oct 18
Symfony : The Lyrical Card Game A card game that pits your lyrical know-how against your closest friends! // Has raised C$4 of C$7000 so far. (~0%) 2 - 5 4 $23 / C$1 Nov 16
TeWero Te Wero is a rapid-fire card game designed to encourage your use of Te Reo Māori. // Has raised A$1,472 of A$7,400 so far. (~20%) 2+ 25 $20 / A$59 Oct 03
The Sable Scourge A board game for ordinary citizens. // Has raised $472 of $20,000 so far. (~2%) 2 - 6 18 $35 / $26 Oct 06
They Were Soldiers and Dak To - Hill 875 The board game of the battle that changed the war in Vietnam! 450 Americans faced long odds against the NVA at LZ X-Ray. Nov 14, 1965. // Has raised $9,762 of $24,900 so far. (~39%) 2 94 $69 / $104 Nov 14 #take2
Untamed: Feral Factions - Spirit Strike Edition A beautiful, shuffle-building, card battle game featuring 12 unique animal factions and the new Spirit Strike expansion! // Has raised €19,481 of €9,000 so far. (~216%) ☑ 2 - 4 792 $11 / €25 Oct 06 #expansion
What's The Point? - The Cactus Card Game What's The Point? is an exciting, family-friendly, and cacti-loaded card game! // Has raised $4,303 of $3,000 so far. (~143%) ☑ 2 - 6 82 $25 / $52 Oct 15
Xmas PileUP A pocket-sized, Christmas-themed, stacking-dexterity game for the whole family. Featuring cute Christmas tree shaped meeples! // Has raised £5,259 of £1,000 so far. (~526%) ☑ 2 - 4 239 $13 / £22 Sep 29

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2020.09.17 21:44 Pjd7510 Group Select Survey Results

Top 3 answers get +3, +2. and +1 balls, bottom 3 answers get -3, -2, -1.
Question 1: Favorite Baseball Player and Why
Growing up every day with Chipper and Andruw Jones in the Braves lineup for the first like 15-20 years of my life was special, Chipper in particular. Acuna is catching up fast, though.
I asked for one player though, not your entire Barves lifestory
Jake Arrieta, his rise really mirrored the cubs, and that 2015 season was incredible.
Arrieta can pound a bag of dicks for being absolute shit
Barry Bonds. He was the greatest hitter of all-time and it isn't even up for discussion. He was a hall of famer before the "alleged" steroid use and became the greatest player of all-time after. The man would get one pitch in the strike zone to hit every night and he would hit it for a home run everytime. No batter has ever been feared the way Barry was feared, not even close. Everyone can say they hate Barry Bonds and don't respect him or whatever crap they want to spew out, but the truth is, when he came up to bat, literally everyone stopped what they were doing to see what he would do, and then when he'd hit a massive home run, everyone would be in awe of his insane abilities.
Barry Bonds is lowkey one of my favorite players, this is valid reasoning.
David Ortiz. Self-explanatory.
Fuck the Red Sox
Jason Kendall bc he was a leadoff catcher and gritty as hell. He refused to ever sit out a game even though he played such a demanding position.
Kendall was one of my favorite Pirates to watch, glad to see someone else is a big Kendall fan
matt kemp, restored my love of the game. in his prime he was incredible and he seemed to be having a blast playing. oh and i'm hyper vain and he dated rhianna while being the best player in the sport and i think that's cool as fuck.
Kemp should have won MVP over Braun. Fuck Ryan Braun
Frank Thomas? Frank Thomas is just a mythical figure of childhood for me. The 2006 A's were an extremely formative team for my baseball fandom and Frank Thomas was probably the first time a player I was already aware of outside of the A's became relevant to the A's, and having him play for Oakland felt like being blessed by a god. Objectively or statistically there are more dominant hitters than Frank Thomas in history but in my mind he's the most impeccable hitter of all time.
I forgot that Big Hurt was an A. Thomas was a fun player to watch
Rickey Henderson. Unbelievable talent with a rare skillset, combined with a cool "hometown hero" story, long career, endless mythology and great stories.
Yankees Legend Rickey Henderson
Vladimir Guerrero for teaching me that strike zones are merely suggestions
It's a shame his son took that lesson the opposite way
Mariano Rivera, just a great feeling when he would come into the game and lock it down. ice cold blood in the veins, and a great team player and ambassador for the game.
There will never be another as good as Mo when it comes to locking down a game
+3 Ruairi, +2 Rose, +1 Jiggy
-3 Pole, -2 Dylan, -1 Bnavis
Question 2: Favorite High School Story
We used to pay "high stakes" Call of Duty at my friend tommy's basement. We played gun game on black ops. if you lost you got fingered in your butthole
that time in high school I went to Edinburgh to perform a musical for some Scots
Did you play the bag pipes?
9th grade a bunch of us gathered in the school library the first night of winter break and binged the lord of the rings movies. Extended editions, of course.
Thats a good way to spend a night
Four Loko Night, many shenanigans were gotten up to and the night culminated in ejecting flaming pumpkins off a bridge into a gorge
And this is how states burn to the ground
me and a couple guys got onto the very top roof of the palmer house hilton, managed to avoid a bunch of security. got good pictures
Sounds like a blast
probably driving to a city of 30k people in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, getting piss drunk and doing Too Much Molly for one person. we did all this shit and it's like 1:30, walk to a dominos and wait outside for our shit. all of a sudden this dude comes up to us and asks us if we were the ones that catcalled his gf (we were not) to which one of my buddies said "nah but i wish i would've." dude gets in his truck and chases us down streets of moose jaw saskatchewan for thirty minutes as we run for our lives while smoking grape flavored cigarillos. we get separated, i lose my phone, sleep on a merry-go-round in a park in october (so like it's 25 degrees at best) and walk to a starbucks to find a stranger that'll let me use their laptop to contact my friends bc i don't know their numbers, forgot my facebook password, forgot my gmail password to reset it, end up on this middle aged man's 15 year old dell laptop for forty minutes trying to figure out how to contact my friends while still fucked up, eventually a dude i partied with happened to walk past and i ran outside and got him to call dan, dan picks me up and we drive back home and eat pizza hut
Holy shit
Oh boy strap in for this one. So it's freshman year of college. I live in the dorms. I'm single and have next to no experience with girls/parties. It's Halloweekend (the weekend of Halloween so very many parties at SDSU). Unfortunately, I was not in a frat so I was not allowed in any frat parties, so I had to party in the dorm. Anyway. My roommate went to his gf football game (she was a cheerleader for a community college 30 minutes away) so I was just hanging out in my room with the door open to talk with anyone from my floor that wanted to hang. This girl from the floor below me (that I had just met a few days ago and showed off my baseball knowledge to in the study room) walks by my room and stops. She says hi and comes in and I'm talking with her. She has a bottle of cranberry juice and vodka and offers me some. Obviously, I accept. She says she has a full bottle of vodka in on her floor and she'll bring it up to party with me. A really attractive girl wants to hangout with me on Halloween while she is dressed up and wants to get me drunk? Hell yea! So she goes down to her floor and I wait for her to come back. But then about 20 minutes have gone by and she has not come back, leaving me to believe she had bailed :(. So I go across the hall to my friends room to drink and play super smash bros. About an hour or two goes by and I've had some shots just vibin on the floor. A few of the girls who went out to a party had come back and I was hanging out with them. Then the girl from the floor below came back with friends and was trashed. She was in our study lounge puking in the trash so I was in there taking care of her and helping her out. I was just rubbing her back and getting her water while holding her hair. There was a weird dude on our floor who was into her also trying to help but it was super weird and uncomfortable with him there because well as I said he was weird and creepy. After an hour, one of my other friends said Chase and Diego were letting people in their room (now these kids didn't talk much to anyone, except Chase. Me and him were boys). So I went over to their room to see what was poppin' because this was a moment of a lifetime. Chase was a little drunk but Diego was smashed and so was his gf. Total in the room it was me, Chase, Diego, his gf, a dude name Kayvon, and two other girls, Leah and Katie. I was just hanging out talking with everyone and then the three girls were talking about french kissing. Leah hadn't ever frenched so the other girls wanted to show her how. So they passed each other around like a bong just frenching it up. I was dumbfounded. This is what college is??? I'd seen videos but I didn't think they were real. Diego was getting super into his gf making out with these two other girls, kinda hyping them up. Once they had stopped frenching, Katie and Leah left the room. Diego started to get the spins and tried to lay down on his bed. Then he vomited on himself. Me, already experienced with vomit in the evening, tried to help him out and get him up and to the bathroom or at least the trashcan. I did what I could but then his gf was acting all crazy and yelling at me to get out of the room, so I did. I returned to the cute drunk girl on the couch, as I told her I would be gone for just a few minutes (it was really about 20-30). She was super excited to see me again. At that point, she asked me to watch the World Series with her, as the Mets and Royals were going to play Game 5 (I believe) on the Sunday (the next day). I told her of course I would and that I'd be watching in that very study lounge. After a little while longer, I told her she needed to go to bed so I walked her down to her room while the weird creepy dude followed us. I wasn't going to let him walk her to her room because frankly I didn't trust the dude. Got her to her room, said good night, and that was the end of that. I went back to my room and told my roommate and his gf about the eventful night I had. Jumping back to earlier in the story, cute girl said she had returned to my room about 30 minutes later but she couldn't get the vodka from her floor because some dudes had taken it. I had left my room at that point so she ended up going out to the party instead since I wasn't there. I did end up dating that girl for a decent amount of time, but that's for a different survey.
Ruairi remains the undisputed king of storytelling
was homeschooled for most of high school and didn't go to college. i'm not gonna get balls but at least be gentle with taking balls away
Rose you are a treasure, no ball loss for you
Frosh year. My roommates and I had a couple dorm floor mates who either only have weekday meal plans, or no meal plan at all. So we started casually stealing them some non-perishable goods to last them over the weekend. Through natural progression, this slowly turned into us creating an entire klepto organization that eventually fed most of our dorm house. We had a few tricks. One was bringing sports bags in with us - they would make you check backpacks at the door, but since sports bags might have expensive equipment, they let you take them in. So we'd just stuff them full of gallon bags of cereal, bagels, etc. Our dining hall had a patio area, where at night, you could see in from the outside, but not vice versa. We would load up our plates with one type of food, grab a gallon or two of milk, a tray of cookies, etc., saunter out to the patio, bag/pack everything up, and then toss it over the railing to our Outside Man down below, who would then take it back. At the end of the year, the dining hall had a program where you could return anything you "walked off accidentally" with with no repercussions, so we went to collect and tally any cups/bowls/plates/silverware we'd liberated, and found ourselves with two full boxes of stuff. Fearing *some* sort of repercussions from the sheer volume of stuff, we waited until the DH was closed one night, climbed over the railing, and left the boxes on a patio table.
This is amazing
I jumped out the window of the classroom once just to prove to a friend how oblivious our teacher was. I then walked in through the front door, greeted said oblivious teacher, and sat back down at my desk. She was very confused.
+3 Ruairi, +2 Cory, +1 Jiggy
-3 Dylan, -2 Iama, -1 Bnavis
Question 3: Favorite Vacation You Took
does the scotland one kinda count as a vacation? if so, that one, if not, fuck idk I've only ever been to Vegas or Mexico on vacations so imma go with one of the 14 times I went to Mexico
I would love to go to Mexico
Winter 2010, we went to a resort in Turks & Caicos. Joe Girardi was there too. He and my mom are best friends now.
Pics or it didnt happen
lake house in new hampshire with all my cousins, just waterskiing, swimming, and hanging out by the water every day for a week
That sounds fantastic
italy, rome's cool as fuck
Another high effort answer from Bnavis.
when my sister lived in vancouver i flew there and then we drove from vancouver to tijuana together and camped on beaches and shit
I've always wanted to camp out on a beach, that sounds dope
Well, since my brother and I played baseball year round from elementary school through high school, we didn't take many/any vacations. So I will have to say the only real vacation I've taken is my trip to Texas a few weeks ago. It was amazing getting to see my best friend with our other best friend. Shot real guns for the first time. Went to the beach a couple of times and the water was so warm, it was amazing. Had Texas BBQ and it was to die for. It was super cool being in a somewhat small town since I've grown up in San Diego/Temecula for my whole life and haven't lived in a farm-like town. It was a super cool experience and I would easily risk getting coronavirus to do it again.
Thats pretty dope, small towns are always fun to go to
my favorite 'vacation' ever was actually recent. i dogsit for my sister sometimes when she goes somewhere and get to spend a week or so getting paid to relax at her apartment in san francisco with her dog and drinking and eating good food. it's nice because it's not touristy, i'm not staying at a hotel or anything, it's more like dipping my toes into living in a big city for a week or two and then getting to return to my normal life afterwards. my 'favorite vacation' was when i was there for over a week last year just chilling with no responsibilities other than taking care of her dog
The best vacations are the ones where you do absolutely nothing
New Zealand, September 2019. Gorgeous land all-around, really good (and cheap) beer, fun time exploring with friends, Lord of the Rings shit everywhere, good beer, very nice populace.
Thats dope, New Zealand is on my must visit list
All my friends and I rented a house in Hatteras in the Outer Banks a few years ago. Massive house, right on the water, perfect water. Took a lot of acid, listened to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew while the mosquitoes ate my body apart while the sun went down.
Thats pretty dope
Backpacking around Europe for a month with my buddies when I was 17. We visited 8 countries, sleeping in hostels and trains.
That is the dream, glad you got to live it
+3 Ruairi, +2 Rose, +1 Bgro
-3 Bnavis, -2 Pole, -1 Wharble
Question 4: You are now Commissioner of MLB, what changes do you make? (For time constraints I am going to post the top 3 answer and bottom 3 answers as many of these are similar)
negotiate things with the unions to make sure i can do the following fire rob manfred from any position he may hold (also joe west, cb bucknor, angel hernandez, and laz diaz) fix the minor league wage system so players make a living wage; also adjust the prearb/arb/fa system for better fairness abolish the dh and/or maintain the al/nl system abolish bad extra inning rules and/or robot umps, if they have been implemented bring back the bullpen car more doubleheaders bring back disco demolition night
Love all of these except getting rid of the DH
very slowly turn baseball into blurnsball from futurama
  1. no interleague 2. no divisions, just leagues 3. 12 games against each league opponent, 168 game schedule (until expansion, see 9; after expansion this will become 165 games, 15 against each league opponent) 4. al dh, no dh in nl 5. top 3 make playoffs in each league, 1 gets a bye. 2v3 in a best of 7, winner vs 1 in a best of 9, best of 11 world series (i realize it's not fun viewing but it gets the best result) 6. fines for anyone who tries to institute unwritten rules or whatever the fuck, promote the shit out of guys like tatis/tim anderson that make the game fun 7. no baserunner on 2nd rule 8. legalize steroids 9. expand to 38 teams, play one season. bottom 7 in each league go down to make a 24 team mlb and a 14 team mlb2, following this, use the english promotion/relegation system but with 4 from each league now. so effectively, bottom 4 in the al automatically go down, top 3 from al-mlb2 automatically come up and then a playoff of 4v7 and 3v6 from mlb2's al (best of 3 round 1, best of 5 round 2) to determine the fourth team that rejoins the majors. 10. create a more fun environment at the game. music throughout the game, including during play, also every team has a small waterpark at the ballpark 11. encourage players to have cool cleats why is trevor bauer the only one taking advantage of this 12. go back to pre-2017 balls
Jiggy gets it
make the wild card a 3 game series played in 2 days (games 1 and 2 as a double header,) expand to 32 teams (portland and montreal/charlotte/nashville,) universal DH (i don't mind both leagues having different rules but universal DH is probably the pandemic induced rule that makes the most sense to keep,) execute Alex Bregman on live TV, don't kill the minor leagues, don't do any other dumb bullshit, sit back and watch the money stack
Yes absolutely bring back the Expos, fuck Ass Bergman
pay the minor leaguers, institute a salary floor, institute something resembling a RFA system instead of arb, ban Rob Manfred from baseball idk I'm tired
Go back to bed bud
Overhaul the free agency system to disincentivize service time manipulation. Add a salary floor for teams.
+3 Jiggy, +2 Rose, +1 Iama
-3 Bnavis, -2 Pole, -1 Wharble
Question 5: You have been signed by the WWE! Congratulations! What is your In Ring Name, Gimmick, and Finisher
Thiccums, whatever vince gives me, and either the spear or the clothesline from hell
Show some creativity and own your own gimmick. Jobber status for you
I am The Ogre. I come out in full Shrek cosplay. My finisher is the GET OUT OF MY SWAMP.
Wrath-Hog Bounty Hunter Bearhug Life Force Squeezer
So do you hunt other wrestlers? Are you a hunter for an authority figure? As of now you are a Jobber
just give me minus points for this
Chicken Bryan Kane's little brother, thus making me the Undertaker's grandson The Carraba's Crusher - honestly it'd just be ember moon's eclipse bc it's the coolest shit
Only issue, Kane is already Undertakers brother so you would also be Undertakers brother. That said maybe we can bring Taker out of retirement for a one off with you
Ring Name: The Notorious Ruairious. Gimmick: I am a Northern Irishman who uses a wicked head butt to stun and knock out opponents. I have swagger, but am very humble. I throw off my opponents by complimenting their bodies rather than trash talking them. Finisher: I get the opponent on the ground and do a jig over them, as my kicks knock them unconscious.
This is a dope gimmick, would likely book you to face Sheamus for 3 months before going for the WWE Title.
Ring name is Anne Phibian, my finisher is a Frog Splash and my gimmick is that i am extremely into frogs and i brutally beat down opponents and share Frog Facts with the audience on the mic while they are incapacitated
Instant top heel in the Women's division. Would book you to face Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania for the Women's Title.
The Mortician (Cory *Graves*). My gimmick would be crawling my up through the bottom of the ring to start each match. We would then have to wait for the mat to be repaired before beginning the match. Finisher: The Scalpel - I run back and forth between the ropes a few times, gaining momentum, eventually bouncing off, going into a horizontal pencil dive motion, and kicking my opponent square in the chest.
I can see some good feuds between you and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Could be a good wrestlemania match.
Bitch, I'm Big Pepsi I'm sponsored by Pepsi Co. to deliver the sweet taste of Pepsi products to the world, BY FORCE The Baja Blaster - I yeet a full cup of MTN DEW Baja Blast (tm) into my opponent's eyes before hitting them with a shoryuken from street fighter
I dig it. Will book you as a main eventer before having you job to Roman Reigns and then banish you to the midcard forever
My ring name is "El Ratoncito Miguel" which translates to "The Little Rat, Miguel". My gimmick is that I always pretend I'm not actually there to fight, I'm just lost and looking for directions. I insist way beyond a humorous amount of time that I'm really not a wrestler and you must have me mistaken and how do you get to Union Street. Then, when everyone's going home and the lights are turned off, that's when I attack. My finisher is called Open-Face Slap, where I run to one side of the ring and then charge full speed at you and open face slap you.
Instant Top Chicken Shit Heel. You can win the WWE Title on a fluke before losing it at Mania to someone like Daniel Bryan
+3 Bgro, +2 Ruairi, +1 Rose
-3 Bnavis, -2 Wharble, -1 Iama
Question 6: Here have a ball
+1 to everyone who said thank you
No balls to everyone who said ok
No one told me to go fuck myself so no one loses a ball
Question 7: One of these has to go what do you get rid of.
+1 Balls to everyone for correctly choosing a seafood based item
Question 8: Penguins are...
+1 Ball to everyone who said Badass
No Balls for those who said "they aight"
No one loses a ball
Question 9: Society has completely collapsed, what do you do to survive.
bold of you to assume I'd make it out of a societal collapse
Wonderful spirit Wharble
Hoard some precious resource so I can trade it for other things that I need.
the world is my oyster
But what are you doing to survive
kill myself, i'm not a fool. i wouldn't survive a day in the wild
Just excellent effort from Bnavis
honestly i wish i had a nice plan for you but i know i wouldn't make it. just hangout with my gf for as long as possible and do enough mdma to forget about our impending doom
I have a co-worker who has a full survival shelter with many guns. I go to him to survive.
Good move
i don't believe in my ability to survive alone in an apocalyptic scenario so i would determine if i'm reasonably close to a costco. if i think i'm close enough i believe a society of about 200-300 people could survive in a barricaded costco for several months at least without issue, and i will try to get a footing there. if i can't make it to something like that i will seek out the strongest most prepared looking person in my neighborhood and pray they show mercy.
Good to have a plan
Hoard gasoline and water (a la The Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road). If that doesn't work out, I would travel from settlement to settlement, bard-style, recanting happenings from neighboring settlements and regaling folks with song.
That man making the best of a bad situation
Go to the basement of the newspaper office downtown. Literally nobody ever goes there, and there's no easy way down there without a pass. Also has a showeshittespace. Also has a secret tunnel to the building across the street if I need to bail.
Not bad
Now that society has collapsed, I work as a software developer to survive.
In a post-apocalyptic society I dont think we will need software
+3 Cory, +2 Rose, +1 Dylan
-3 Bnavis, -2 Wharble, -1 Iama

Question 10: This question comes from my wife: What should I make for dinner upon the completion of survey results
Everyone gets a ball for leaving some awesome recipes.
Question 11: What is your happiest memory?
that's an incredibly personal question that I will not answer because it will make me emotional!
that one time i homered in little league
Was it a moon shot?
watching the 09 world series win with my dad
That was an amazing year
being held by someone who loves me dearly
honestly last new years me and gf and a few friends went to a rave and got drunk/did a fuckton of ecstasy and danced our asses off then went to this little hidden rooftop in downtown saskatoon that i stashed a few bottles of tequila and some cigarettes on and danced and smoke and drank up there and yelled at strangers on the street until like 4 then got an uber home, passed out, and then made a fuckpile of waffles and watched horror movies in the basement all new years day it was so fucking fun
Thats fucking awesome
Oh man this is a tough one. There are two that stand out in my mind, but I'm not sure which one to go with. I will tell another story about the cute girl I mentioned earlier in this survey. So this was a few months later (4 or 5). We started dating shortly after that Halloween night for the record. We spent pretty much everyday together since we lived just a floor apart and quickly became best friends. Anyway, it was a few months later and we were in her room. It was a Friday and I didn't have class until 1 on Fridays. We were making out on her bed and at one point she stopped and just looked at me. She started crying and I was confused so I asked her what was wrong. Through a cracked voice she says "I love you." It was the first time anyone had ever told me they loved me in that way and I had been thinking about telling her that I felt the same way leading up to this day but was too scared to. When she said it, I was then able to say it, which surprised her because I wasn't a very open person back then. It's one of the best feelings to have someone you love tell you that they love you back. And even though we aren't together anymore, the memory is still a good one for me, because it reminds me that I can be loved and I can feel love for someone, even in times when those things don't seem possible.
This brought a tear to my eye my dude
it feels slightly underwhelming to call it my happiest memory because it didn't last in the end but i think the most undeniably happy thing i can think of is entering my first real romantic relationship as a teenager. a lot of that time of my life i was fighting with depression and a genuine and significant romantic relationship was a realization that i could be deserving of love from other people and that i could connect and relate to another person in ways i was afraid i wasn't capable of.
This fucking hit me hard because I've been there
Camping with my brother and parents. Usually our trips involve some amount of shouting and fighting, even the really good ones. But this trip, we just spent three wonderful days in the wilderness, enjoying nature, eating good campfire foods, laughing and playing board games. Some catchphrases were spawned while playing those games that my family still quotes to this day.
That's awesome, I'd give anything to have that kind of time with my family again
I went to a concert with a friend of mine that had just left the company we had worked for. She was in a relationship but she asked me to go with her because she had an extra ticket. It was a great time, really fun, great vibes. Didn't realize at the time that would be the person I'd be living with about 3-4 years later. Don't know if it's my happiest memory but it makes me really happy, know what I mean?
Thats awesome dude
Either various moments on my solo bike trip across the country where I just felt total tranquility and satisfaction near the end of my trip OR this one time when my first nephew was like one and I was his favorite person and I took him out for a walk. He was distracted and I walked a little ahead of him and when he turned and noticed me a little further away, we made eye contact, he grinned a wide smile and then ran to me arms wide open for a hug. Kids do that kind of stuff all the time to people they know and trust but I've never felt such pure unadulterated love as I have from that kid in that moment. There is no artifice or conditionality in that sort of love. It felt good to be the cause of that someone else's sheer joy and seeing his face light up when he saw me, thats a memory that always brings me happiness.
No one loses a ball for this round
+3 Rose, +2 Bgro, +1 Ruairi

Ok lets tally up the results......
Lottery will be done and posted with out first round. Thank you for your time you wonderful people
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2020.09.05 23:10 Autibot0528 Captain Fox: Part 1

Prologue Time: 5:30 Date: July 20, 1946 Location: 1 mile away from Northern Japan.
Hey. I'm currently writing this in my 4th journal. If I die during this mission, whoever finds it owns it. My name is Brendan Ryan, I was a Carpenter pre-war. I'm not your typical man. I fought the entirety of the battle of Tarawa forward, without getting any major wounds. I consider myself lucky. Now we are at the Japanese doorstep.
I'm a paratrooper, and we have no reinforcements until the landings on the beach. We're tasked with severing the enemy supply lines. I'm here with a couple of buddies from Basic. Corporal Shephard, and Captain Benson, and Private Thatcher. always looking over Shepards Shoulder is Lieutenant Peirson, he's got him on a tight leash. But if shephard breaks free, we all get bit. together we make up Echo Squad.
It's about time to jump. It's now or never.
Chapter 1 The experiment Time: ??? Date: July 23, 1946 I felt weird. My whole body had been hurting for two days. But this day, It stopped. I heard two Japanese speaking above me, then it became an argument, then a gunshot, then silence. It was at this moment, I woke up. Then, with inhuman strength, I broke free of my restraints and curb-stomped the Japanese doctor.
I ran to the nearest Mirror and looked. I panicked after seeing myself, normal, say for fox ears and a tail. But as I was looking for a Note on what happened, I found my equipment and uniform, and my helmet which had two slits on its sides. Probably for my ears, so I tried it on, it fit perfectly. I then saw a data Scroll. I read it, and saw room 202, I knew I was in that room.
Subject 202...injected with yokai serum...deceased...10% humanity Subject 203...injected with yokai serum...deceased...25% humanity Subject 204 injected with yokai serum...comatose...50% humanity Subject 205… injected with yokai serum...pending...95% humanity
It all became clear. My men were being held captive, and being turned into monstrosities. I then Experienced a humungus headache, along with words when I closed my eyes, such as ¨Kill them all¨ or ¨let go of your humanity!¨ When my headache stopped a few seconds later, I heard at least 10 japanese soldiers behind the door. I pulled My Tommy gun and got ready to fire. They came in with a stretcher. An American soldier lay on it. He was screaming. “Freeze" I yelled and pumped 100 rounds after kicking away the stretcher. When the smoke cleared. The enemy forces lay dead.
I looked towards the soldier. He was quiet, nearly too quiet. When I looked he saw that he had already been injected with the serum, I got him off the stretcher and put him on my back. About two hours of running through the jungle we ran into an American tank and truck convoy.
We waved them down and the machine gunner got so scared He shot the MG at least ten times in the air after shining a light at our heads. He ordered something over the radio. A half-track pulled over and got us in. they realized the soldier was turning. He was in severe pain and I gave him morphine. As we headed back to the base, we were intercepted by a Japanese Banzai charge.
The driver automatically got gunned down by an enemy SMG, so I crawled over, got onto the Browning and started firing, I said, “run to the base and give the order to fire the artillery on my position”. I radioed every tank to cover them while also returning to base. The order was received, reluctantly to say the least. For two hours I defended against waves on waves of Japanese. The only thing that stopped me was two shots in the shoulder. As I bandaged up, I heard the artillery guns firing off in the distance. I knew I was going to die. Everything went black as the artillery came down.
Chapter 2 Aftermath Time: 11:11 am Date: December 18, 1946 San Francisco, CA I had been in a coma for 148 days and woke up in an American hospital. I asked the nurse, “first of all, how's my wife doing, secondly are there any visitors.” the nurse explained that after the war ended, My wife, Mary saw my condition and became a nurse, and she was the nurse, Mary explained that multiple Military Policemen were waiting outside, I invited them in, with them was the general of the US army, George Marshall, he explained the war was over and he had been waiting months to give me some things.
He ordered one of his MP’s to give him a briefcase, the big one. And he was given one, he gave it to me. I opened it, and sitting there, was my M1928, Uniform, Helmet, and a medal of honor. The act of courage I displayed, holding off multiple waves of Japanese Soldiers, not giving up until the bombardment began earned me this award. Also given to me was a purple heart, for saving that soldier, named PFC Ryan “You're a war hero.” he said. I replied “I'm no hero, I just did what was necessary to keep My men alive. Also, did you guys ever see a bunker in a forest with a thermite busted door? Because you might want to read any notes you can find.”. He had a look of horror in his eyes. “What did you find, captain.”, he asked.
I said, “I was in that bunker. That's how I found PFC Ryan, Him and I had been subjected to Inhumane experiments. We weren't the only ones. Those who we did find were dead. Either on a stretcher, on a lab table, or the floor with gunshots put through them. Most of them were... animals or bipedal, but we're still animals. All were U.S soldiers. One of them was one of the three plane crash survivors. It was my best friend¨.
Chapter 3 Kickstart Time: 11:30 am Date: December 18, 2020 Persian Gulf
Thanks to science and modern medicine, I now know a couple of psychological effects of the experiment done on me back in `46, such as sudden outbursts of violence and anger. But, along with the psychological problems, there were also physical benefits, like increased awareness, speed, agility, and intelligence. Alongside me was my brother. The Iranians were well dug in, but had bad aim. Our mission was to take out a SAM turret near the DZ. some of us auto-shifted, but were shot dead. “Indigo-Sierra, do you read, over!¨, I screamed over the radio. ¨Yeah how copy?¨. ¨I need AC-130 support from grid Alpha-10 to Delta-10, Pronto!¨ ¨Copy, enjoy the view, boys.¨ within minutes the enemy bunkers were reduced to rubble. The enemy was defending fiercely, determined to stop the NATO advance.
Then the tanks arrived, the Karrar MBT´s of the Iranian Military Versus The M1A2 Abrams. Obviously, American fire support won. Then from behind us, we saw a blinding light from the USS Nimitz, followed by a shockwave. An ICBM destroyed the fleet. We were alone, with no air cover. In essence, we were screwed. As the tanks blew up the bunkers, enemy reinforcements had arrived. Our sergeant, Thomas Ryan ordered us to fall back, we had blackhawks on the way. I was determined to hold the line long enough for reinforcements to arrive.
I Loaded a box into my LMG, as I heard an Arabic war cry. As they crested the hill I unloaded on the wave of enemies. My brother stood by me, hitting anyone on the ridge with his M82 anti-tank rifle. Then I heard him scream in pain. He had been shot, right through the chest, by a rival sniper. I tended to his wounds as my British friend, Winston, covered us. That's when he started coughing up blood. He wasn't going to make it. He said in between gasps for air "please, brother, don't let me die here". I was then filled with grief as he took his last breath right as the chopper landed.
That sadness was quickly replaced by rage. They had killed the one thing I cared about more than my country, and I snapped, and all I saw was a blood red for what felt like 4 seconds. When I came to, I was pointing my .357 magnum at an Arabic soldier, he was begging for mercy.
I looked around and lowered the gun, realizing what I'd done. I had shifted, then slaughtered the entire Frontline of enemies, and was just about to kill their weakest link. I told him to scram. He ran as fast as possible. I went back to the chopper, and headed back to the replacement fleet. But, when I got on, the crew looked at me like I had 16 heads. They would never look at me the same after my massacre.
Chapter 4 4 hours in hell 5:50 am Date: January 5th, 2021 Fort McArthur As I attended the church service, I couldn't help but listen to the radio, the screaming voices overpowering the pastor. As I walked out, a single helicopter hit the ground. At least 160 bullets and a Dud Rocket riddled the main body. The rocket pierced the nose and just sat there. The gunner, lieutenant Herrmann, died in my arms as I unloaded him. Fully overcome with Rage, I grabbed my M16, a PPQ, 2 machetes. 6 frags, 20 medical kits, and 4 smokes to call in bombing and artillery strikes. I hopped onto the outbound chopper. If I had a single sentence to describe the situation, it would be "going into autopilot".
When we reached the clearing I saw them. Winston was holding off at least 300 enemies, 15 others were in defensive positions, but I knew that they couldn't hold for long. I jumped off the chopper at 10 feet and ran to my comrades. One man, Sergeant Greenmann was by a tree, his eye hanging out of his socket, firing his Grenade Launcher. I traded my m16 for his grenade launcher, and fired 20 grenade launcher rounds at the enemy. The enemy began retreating. I quickly chased them and slit the enemy commanders throat. Big mistake. I felt the first chunks of lead hit me, and then went numb. Still filled with adrenaline, I popped the chopper smoke, and yelled for my comrades to, "get to the choppa!" As the chopper arrived, they said that there was no more room. I fired a flare gun for another chopper to arrive. I collapsed and blacked out as the chopper took off. As I woke up, I realized I was still in the field. Tragedy had struck, The Rescue Black Hawk had crashed, the pilot and door gunner were dead. I went to save Winston, who had been flung from the aircraft. But he choked out his last breath in my arms. I went, as the anime kids say, "super saiyan." But not really. I Simply got really triggered and killed every insurgent there. I saw an allied Chinook land and started running to it, all the while waving my arms around. They got me in and looked shocked. I had about 100 bullet holes, and a bayonet stab wound. But I was still walking. I sat down and drifted into unconsciousness.
We had lost so much during the battle, but a more personal loss was my legs. They were crippled during the fighting. Doctor said they're sending me home, and that I'd never walk again.
I begged and pleaded with the doctors to let me fight. The military was my life. I even threw in an insult, ¨I've killed more commies and nazis than you've had good MREs¨. They gave me a month to heal, or I would be shipped back. And so, that night. I crawled from my bed to the wall, only making it 3 feet. The next morning, I crawled 4, and so on, Until the pain stopped 29 days in. and so, With my son's help, I walked out of that tent, a new, and capable force. Unfortunately, I had to take physical therapy to get used to walking again. At First I hated it with every fiber of my existence. But it slowly grew on me
Chapter 5 The last stand 9:15 pm May 9th, 2021 Macarthur defensive position #513 We got word 2 days prior of an oncoming attack today. My son, Que, had a M82 Barrett Anti-Material Rifle. I was cleaning my M249s barrel when they came. 10 T72 Armatas, 20 karrar MBTs and 1,000 men with air support and heavy weapons, 2 miles out.
I radioed to base ¨Macarthur O.P.D.P(Outer Parameter Defensive position) #513, we have incoming tanks and air support, requesting assistance immediately¨. No response. We were out alone in the evening, with enemies incoming 1 mile out.
We figured the least we could do was defend. So we fought, He took on the heavier targets, while I fired on anything firing towards us. While we fought, an enemy sniper must've gotten in a raised position out of our firing arc. As I fired with reckless abandon, Que spotted the enemy and I tried to take the shot with my rifle, It jammed and while I was getting the jammed casing out, I heard another scream In pain.
Que, My own son had been shot in the Femoral Artery. He was going to die, and he knew it. He gave me a blood soaked letter, to his daughter. He told me to give it to her and to tell her ¨daddy was so proud of her. And that he was sorry he couldn't make her birthday¨, before dying. In a Tear filled rage, I tore Into enemy troops, Burning them, cutting them, shooting them, even blowing them up until I ran out of ammunition and hope, and surrendered. An arabic soldier walked up to me, and hit me in the head with his rifle, and I blacked out.
Next thing I knew, I was strapped to a table, and to my left was a whole manner of torture devices. I thought, `ugh, just like old times, eh. Cmon.´ I was quickly greeted by the enemy's Chief medical Officer. Doctor Muhammad Benson. It's funny because I had served with him during The Second World War.
¨we can do this the easy way, you willingly giving the position of the Gerald R Ford, the united states supercarrier, or we torture it out of you.¨ he told me in a friendly voice, like your pediatrician. Then when I did not respond, he slapped me. Then, he said ¨You know, We have ways of making your kind talk!¨ he brandished my weakness. A katana, and he poured a can of apricot juice on it. He put the blunt end on my jugular and dragged along my neck. ¨w-well, If I die, I'm dying for freedom!¨ I told him, He shot me in the leg. And went to answer the knock on the door. He opened it and Mary was tied to a table a foot away from me. She was a code talker. ¨finally someone at the very least competent. he pulled the same trick on her, and she said ¨go to hell, traitor.¨ he pulled a gun and shot her in the chest. I broke free of the restraints, and beat him to death with my bare hands. I took his gun and went on a rampage. Afterwards, I Grabbed the katana, and put it in my bag. Mary was bleeding badly and I grabbed her and ran the 20 miles back to base.
Mary had lost a lot of blood, and we were the same blood type, so I gave her a transfusion of two litres. But, I didn't take into account, my DNA was altered, and that she would be of the same species as me in 2 to 3 days.
Chapter 6 I'm coming home! May 14th, 2021 2:14 pm With hostilities still going on, the war ended when the leader of the Iranian Army and his command staff were killed in a bombing raid by british forces, the president had to give into demands of ¨surrender now or the capital will be bombed into oblivion¨. Hell, if the limeys just kept quiet, we could have kept the war going for another year or so...but they deserve the victory credit.
As I got onto the boat, I wondered how fast I would adjust to civilian life. But one thing is for sure. I'm going to make a grand speech in 2 years. As the boat departed, I had a gut feeling that I shouldn't head back, cause in 2 years, something horrific would happen, but I just ignored it, and assumed it was superstition. With Mary, now with the same abnormal features as me, we held hands as the ships sailed off to the suez canal, and from there Rome, and then home.
epilogue May 14th, 2023
As I prepared to step onto the podium, I got a bit nervous and flipped through my script. I was ready. I stepped onto the podium and began my speech. ¨War...War never changes, In 1776, this great nation accepted that armed conflict was the only way to preserve our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If our founding fathers could only see us now...
From Antietam to Amiens, Okinawa to Baghdad, we have fought. And now, Communist China is at our doorstep. Democracy itself is under threat of annihilation. That is why today, May 14th 2023, we gather together to honor the completion of the statue of valor.
This sprawling monument may have been designed by RobCo International, but it was built by yo-¨ suddenly I heard a 45. Pistol fire twice, and next thing I knew, I was on the ground, In severe pain, I told my wife ¨take care of our daughter...¨ I trailed off as I fell into Unconsciousness. They put me in a cryogenic chamber, seemingly saving me for later, and for 25 years, I stayed that way. Until one day when it all came crashing down, literally.
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2020.08.29 18:20 IdolA29Augl Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota

Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota
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2020.08.17 02:36 Readerstein [Sweet Nola] - Chapter 9

Chapter 1
The second semester courses have all but finished and the dreaded time of exams have finally arrived. For Nola, she couldn't wait to get it over. There was the after exam party, Eleanor's and Allie's concert in the city theatre and last but not least, a corporate paid vacation to the USA coming up. There was a whole slew of summer events waiting for her.
In her free time when she wasn't out drinking in the pub with her college colleagues, she read through her neatly written notes and researched beyond what the courses covered. Her notes were written in beautiful neat female handwriting.
After the humiliation she considered in the research project module, she upped her game tenfold regarding her thesis. She rang up her company writing with the urgency of a cry to war. With her supervisor and team, she worked them aggressively to the bone. There was such fury and fire from Nola's mania that two team members transferred themselves to a different team wanting out. The end result was a thesis plan so fully formed and well written that it had in its own right become a perfectly submittable thesis.
Her roommate that possessed incredible mass, Lauren, walked into the kitchen. Her flabs wobbled like jelly as she waddled to the sink. Her stubby short arms reached for the cupboards for a glass and she filled it with tap water. Despite her looks, she was a neat person on the outside. She'd clean her glass after using it instead of dropping it into the sink as Nola would have done in her old home. She'd wash the dishes the rare time she didn't order takeaway and she hardly came out of her room so she didn't make a mess outside. She worked at home in her room all day. She had a motherly and considerate personality. She leaves her room door open for Allie when Nola was out and she was approachable in case he needed anything. Nola and Lauren were good friends and she would invite her out to the college parties when Eleanor was over to look after Allie.
Lauren caught Nola looking at her with an empty bliss.
"How's studying going?"
Nola threw her head down on the table and breathed out a hefty sigh.
"I need to study with a drink in one hand and notes on the other."
"Sure, there's beer in the fridge."
Lauren did not catch her sense of humour at all.
"If I start now, I'll be knocked out before Allie even gets home from school. What a bad example I'll set," she paused, seeing if Lauren at least knew how to smile. She didn't. "What about your work?"
"Oh, it's going so-so." She bobbled her head as she spoke and her flabs jiggled like a wave. "It's tough, organising the team's Jira and Confluence and picking up the messes they leave. I'm currently learning how to use JAVAX on the side."
Nola gave a look of feigned understanding.
"I've also been planning my wedding."
Nola's life revitalised at this point. That, she understood.
"Sit down, tell me if you have time."
And so Lauren described her dream wedding that she was seeing through, a mediaeval fantasy themed wedding. Nola's knowledge of fantasy only went as far as the Lord of the Rings movie. She imagined the groom and bride in chain armour while saying their vows at the altar in a fashion of being knighted by the priest.
Nola sat and listened with wide eyes and her heavier than usual eye bags. Lauren was such a land whale and managed to bag somebody considering her uptight personality. She would dawdle on and on with women chatter but on tech. She was stern, righteous and commanding. Nola guessed that her boyfriend was held on a leash like a dog. She felt envious.
"We have a house by the lake eyed."
"Things are moving fast," Nola commented. "Are you thinking of having children?"
"No. Well, maybe. Twenty-nine is still young. There's tons more time to mull over. I'm in no rush at all."
Tons more was right, Nola thought. Twenty-nine though; it seems most marriages with people she knew were married by then. Beauty had an expiration date. Nola's sister was three years older and she learnt she was engaged a few months ago.
Lauren excused herself to go stare off at her computer again. Allie came home not so long later and now the two of them sat at the kitchen table doing school work. She looked at him quietly doing homework. He looked back at her. They traded looks every few seconds like a game to see who how long they could look before the other spotted the staring.
"What~?" He giggled.
"Just thinking."
"Thinking 'bout what?"
"Thinking about-" and she jumped over to him and lifted him up, took him to their bedroom and had a sibling wrestling match where Nola always lost due to exhaustion. This was all she needed. She flicked on the TV in their room and watched an afternoon cartoon mindlessly with Allie before falling asleep.
The five exams took place over a period of two weeks around the college. Most of them were sat in the large event halls of the college gym. For one of the exams, she came in ten minutes late. Everybody in the class breathed a collective sigh when they saw her grab her seat.
The electronic bell rang to signal the end of the exam. While the examiners collected the papers. Mark, who was sitting in front of her, turned around to give the predictable banter at Nola on her usual tardiness.
Ben was two seats behind her and had always left thirty minutes before the exam was over so he wasn't trapped to stay to the very end. Not many decided to leave before the exam was over. She had not spoken to him since the study period started. He said he was busy studying.
She headed home to study more and the days repeated like a drunken stupor to her. Study, eat, study eat, study, eat study, study eat more sleep study eat study eat sleep...
The last day of exams took place and plans of drinking had been on the table since the beginning. Tonight will be the last big one since the hDips will be graduating and they made up two thirds of the classes. She felt a bit depressed but that may be because today's was the hardest exam. The exam was the social marketing module taught by the cowboy strapped American. She had created a very social class with multiple group projects that Nola greatly enjoyed. Some projects actually involved real start-ups looking for strategies. Hard working college students, who paid expensive tuition fees, were giving them ideas for free! Nola felt she took a bite of the infamous non-paid internship of the great states of America. Annoyed as she was, she felt at home with real business scenarios compared to the theoretical nonsensical Marxist theory that the Texan taught in class.
There was only one question for the exam and that was: 'Describe Social Media through Marx's Gobble Gook'. This was not how it was phrased but it was indeed an accurate interpretation of the one question of the exam. Easy, she thought. She put her pen to paper.
“Well, the knowledgeable labour aristocracy derives...and the rate of exploitation depends on the varying...finally, by Marx (1867), it is given through proven mathematical theory that... profit rate is equal to the surplus value divided by the fixed costs plus variable cap...” As she wrote, she wondered if Marx and Engels were appalled to see their precious philosophy applied to social media and causing suffering for the poor marketing students.
The Texan lecturer's class involved the study of a textbook that sought to apply the theory of communism to social media. It was an apt model, she thought. However, the text was the most pretentious and coercive, academically abstractly dense as one could write, jumping from far-fetched hyperlinking of dense references and written in the most peremptory and obtuse mangling of words as possible. It was without doubt, the worst book she had ever laid her eyes upon.
After her intense study on the communist manifesto of social media, she felt ready to compose her thesis for next year in flowery abstract language that academics flaunt in.
Not once did the pen waver and when the final bell tolled, the ink cartridge was drained to the tip. Two whole exam books were filled up in its entirety with fast, sloppy cursive. Her normally neat handwriting was sacrificed for speed.
She came out of the hall and shielded her eyes when the summer sunshine struck. She saw her close group of friends in her marketing course and her usual beta orbiters chatting to each other in a circle.
Nola slinked into the group and saluted Asim beside her with a casual wave. The Korean was speaking rather hotly about the exam.
"The whole theory of Marx's is so stupid. I have never read something so stupid in my entire life," Jeong said.
"Yeah, I agree," Nola nodded.
"What I'm saying though, is you have to force yourself to write what the examiners looking for," Keith said.
"Yeah, that's common sense," Jeong agreed.
Nola knew why Jeong was probably so annoyed. It was because he was South Korean and he hated the commies in the north. Jeong didn't like communism because it opposed his religion. Jeong had told Nola in one of the many drinking parties that he was a devout Christian. It surprised her. He proudly told her that he was part of the Shinsheonji Church of Jesus. He believed that the founder of the church, Man-hee Lee, was the second coming of Jesus Christ, our lord and saviour.
"Did you see her?" Jeong was talking about the cowboy strutting lecturer. He did not let his grudge go away easily, "We call that cosplay where I'm from."
"I think it looks exotic. She's Texan and that's how all Texas dress up, I'm sure."
"Yeah, of course. They all strut outside wearing a wide brim hat, long brown cowboy coats and those boots with those spinning stars at the back. Yeah, I'm sure they all look like they jumped out of a Wild West serial." They laughed.
Nola asked them all for a picture. There were some in this little group, like Keith, that weren't part of the marketing master's. For them, this was their last exam. Nola was going to make sure she'd get pictures of everybody. She had taken Ben's advice. She would post it in their class' group chat. But mostly, it was for herself to look back on.
They headed in their group of four down to town for some grub that would line their stomach for the alcohol tonight. It was going to be the biggest party of the class.
They went to a pizza joint that Keith recommended after searching for the best pizza parlors in town online. It was nice, a bit rundown. It was ran by actual Italians that made pizza that wasn't anything like actual Italian pizza.
Nola fiddled with her phone, scrolling through the messages in the group chat and put out a message if anybody would like to join them. She had seen Ben in the corner of her eye as they exited the student building. Even he had stayed to the very end of that exam. She was about to message him privately and saw his profile; he had not been online for over a month.
Last time, he didn't go to the party after the Christmas exams as well. Everybody did. Except him. So be it. She went up to the counter to grab two more slices of pizza and shoved it aggressively into her mouth.
"No drinks?" Jeong asked.
"Oh, we're be drinking soon Jeong-ny boy. The bar's just a short walk from here,” Keith said. "We won't be parched by the time we get there."
"Some of them are already there," Asim checked his phone.
"They headed straight there after the exam."
"I'm full. Let's get this party started," Nola growled with hunger for the drinks. "They'll be on round three by the time we get there."
"You'll catch up in no time."
Nola leaned back and rubbed her tummy like a big momma bear. Her eyes swirling in craze for alcohol. Her college friends thought she was a beer meister due to her fridge-like build that suggested a large calorie intake. She was actually a cocktail person. She liked the colourful taste and looks of those little dainty drinks.
When they arrived at the bar, they found one of their classmates buying a pint. He was tall, handsome and blond and a fine Aryan specimen. 
"There's five of them out at the back."
Nola gave a sly pat on the buttocks of the tall, stoic man which made him twirl and spill some foam from his pint.
"Nola, you big perv," said Asim. They all laughed except the prude Korean who shook his head and muttered, "Westerners" beneath his breath.
Soon the beer garden crowed with students from the marketing discipline and some others but it remained predominantly a turf for the marketing students. Nola went around taking pictures of the final day. She knew when she would look back further along the years that time seemed to have flung by. The year had passed slowly in the beginning, life in a new city, meeting new people, a new home and a refreshing restart from the stagnant office life of withered old men.
Next year would be lonelier, there would be no classes, and the whole year was focused solely for writing their thesis. She couldn't believe people paid for the course. A year of nothing with an expensive college fee. She was lucky that the company paid for all of her expenses.
A tall, bald man went over to Nola's table. He had deep sunken eyes and heavy eye bags, no doubt from studying, she assumed. His ears was pointed and the top of his head was pointed. He had a Van Dyke beard and wore a long, thick, black overcoat. His whole menacing appearance resembled some mook from a mafia or a vampire movie. He stood a head and a half taller than Nola. Nola had learnt that he was from Latvia from past conversations with him. That made sense, she thought, a former Soviet country just like myself.
The bald thug of a man had let them know of a music competition in the club beside this bar. There was a DJ contest held tonight and one of the marketing students had entered. With enough people, they could rig it. Nola and her crew went in with full intent to help them. The music was awful and she left with a splitting headache. She left alone and went back to the original bar. She had hoped to see Ben there. Ben was the first person she met in college, the only one that seemingly eluded her. There was no surprise when she saw the same familiar faces at the bar. She decided to go back home. At least Allie was always there.
The exams were over, college life has halted. There was the paid vacation to look forward to.
She had received an email with all the details regarding the work convention in San Francisco. This was the third time she would go on a corporate trip and she had learnt from a friend on how the reimbursements were handled. The friend was one of the employees who handled the accounting for corporate trips. She told Nola that as long as it didn't surpass one thousand euro, they didn't inquire deeply into the expenses. Added in with a little photoshop to doctor two airplane tickets into one expense, she could travel with a companion. Every year, hundreds of millions disappeared mysteriously for the poor global behemoth of a company.
She planned to take a friend with her, all airline expenses paid for the lucky one.
But before that, Eleanor and Allie were preforming at the City Hall Theatre next week. Eleanor, a world renowned pianists, was drawing huge news for the music festival in the modestly sized city. Nola had invited her beta orbiters but not Ben. There has never been a person that annoyed her so much as him from doing nothing.
Eleanor looked across to Allie who had the honours of finishing off Mozart's Sonata for 2 Pianos in D. A roar of applause erupted from all five hundred in the audience of the concert hall.
There was an after party in the small bar in the upstairs lobby. Allie was surrounded with journalists interviewing the little prodigy. Some jested lightly about him being in a wheelchair. I'll give up my legs to play as well and so on. Eleanor fended them off, becoming disgruntled in her quick tempered manner after that joke. Nola stood across from them and watched with a colourful cocktail in hand. Nola didn't mind the jokes. Pity was the thing she hated the most.
There were professional music producers who attended the event for Eleanor and they were arguing over each other with Nola in the middle about signing recordings and collaborations. She appeared meek to their offers and thought to herself that she might ask Eleanor later. She wasn't planning to give up Allie to anyone.
She looked at Allie, now chatting joyously to a group of girls his age, playing some game whereby he placed his hand on top of theirs, moving their little fingers in unison to play an invisible keyboard.
"What's the matter?" Eleanor popped over to her standing table after relishing in front of the press and soaking in appraisal and then kicking them all away. "You look a bit melancholic. Are you sad because Allie's coming over with me for a month."
"It's more than that Ellie. Take care of him for me and send pictures regularly to me." Nola listed her lengthy requirements to Eleanor. Eleanor's eyes rolled up for the whole duration. She decided to change the subject.
"Have you found somebody to travel to your work convention?"
"No. Sarah's working and all my closer classmates are gone on their own paths and holidays." She sighed.
"Did you ask Ben? I thought I saw him earlier. He has good taste in music to say the least," she said to Nola but she wasn't listening. She was looking lethargically around the room.
Her Korean friend Jeong was by the bar counter flirting with a lady in a red dress, abandoning Nola. Lauren was here with her hubby and Matt was here as well. He had developed quite an infatuation with Eleanor since they met when he drove them over to their new home. Eleanor saw him as a handy butler. Behind Eleanor, she saw a phantom. She was sure of it. A phantom that appears whenever she averts her eyes.
It jumped and darted down the stairs. Nola brushed passed Eleanor, nearly toppling her drink, pushed herself across the crowd only to find the man walk back up the stairs. The man wore the black and white formal attire and a masquerade mask.
He slowly took of his mask. His handsome, young face, tanned skin, flaxen hair, lean physique and unmistakable eyebrows had caught Nola. What drew her in the most out of his attributes was his strangeness. An eccentricity that Eleanor had noticed.
He paused, looking unsure of what to say, “What are the chances? I'm here as a photographer for the event.” He raised up his professional looking camera with a large flash attachment and a lens that protruded seven inches of air in front of him. “I saw the event on the papers. Thought I'd come, ha-ha. How's it going?”
"You should have told me. I could have gotten you tickets for you for free." She wanted to scold him, the fact that he didn't show up for the final party as well. She furrowed her eyebrows. Why didn't he just say so if he wanted to come?
She dragged him away downstairs and outside. They walked down the cool, empty night street.
"Don't you have to stay by your brother?" he asked. "What's wrong?” he asked again when she didn't reply.
"My brother's fine," she let out a sigh and then continued, "he's going over to Eleanor’s for a few weeks."
"Let me see your photos."
Ben sweated in the cool, night air, keeping up with her as she walked with a vigorous pace and purpose.
Ben turned on the camera and passed it over to her hands while it still hung around his neck. He had swapped the memory card when he dropped down the stairs and was perfectly content with her swiping through the photos.
"These are amazing!" There was a photo that showed Allie up close angled from the bottom. "How did you even get this angle?"
"I was hiding beneath the floorboards for that one."
She laughed not believing him. "Send me all of them. You have some serious talent." She looked at him, he was much closer now; he had thick eyebrows that balanced the masculinity of his youthful, delicate face. He wore an expression of sly innocence that Allie did often, like when he's hiding something.
"Things like art are wholly subjective,” he answered.
They discussed the music performance, music they like, surprisingly they both liked to listen to movie soundtracks, talked a good length about the art they like, of her friends and his photography adventure. A man had broken into his home once and he vowed to find the culprits. He went through extreme lengths, studied criminal profiling and broke into nearby surveillance cameras. Once he deduced as much as he could, he waited patiently for the culprit using the hacked CCTV cameras. He even snuck into a neighbour's house suspecting them. In the end he failed to find the culprits, he said this all with icy coldness. His final year project came from this experience and his obsession with photography stemmed from this event as well.
He kept her second guessing at every turn as he told her. What he lost in the burglary, he had gained something else. It was the same with Allie, she thought. He had the night of his life tonight because he couldn't walk. She decided to tell Ben about his brother's disability.
There were complications during their mother's pregnancy that the doctor could not explain. He was taken out by an emergency C-section. He suffered an unexplainable neurological disorder. Anything below his waist, he couldn't move except his toes.
"Isn't that weird? How does it happen that the toes can wiggle but not the upper parts! I just don't know," the frustration crept into her voice. Ben could only look at her.
"World's fucked," he casually lets out. She laughed. A laugh that she used to veil her sadness.
They arrived onto the cobblestone street of the main shopping district. It was bustling with happy couples, groups of trashy, dolled up girls in tight, short dresses and two happy drunks staggering and shouting obscenities at a copper statue.
"I have a proposal to make."
Ben listened and could not believe what he heard. Nola had invited her to a trip abroad to San Francisco, airline tickets paid.
"Are you sure you want me?" he asked, eyes wide in disbelief. Eleanor seemed to be the natural choice but she was staying with Allie. He roughly estimated how much it would cause for the other expenses. He came to the conclusion it was a once in a lifetime out of the deal.
"I think you'll make for a good travel companion." she looked at his clear cut features trying to guess his thought process. "I think I'm pretty dependable and hassle free if you're worried," she reassured him. "Come, and bring your camera."
He accepted. He was starting to like her as a person.
Chapter 10
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2020.08.10 14:44 charlesgwynne NEM lists XEM on bitFlyer ahead of Symbol launch

NEM lists XEM on bitFlyer ahead of Symbol launch

NEM XEM holders should prepare for a blockchain snapshot to receive a 1-for-1 allocation of the new XYM token on Symbol

XEM, NEM’s native token on the original NEM blockchain (NIS1), has been listed on Japanese crypto exchange bitFlyer. Based in Tokyo, bitFlyer was founded in January 2014 by Yuzo Kano, a former Goldman Sachs trader. bitFlyer has offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Luxembourg, and is one of the largest Japanese crypto exchanges by trading volume.
Iain Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of NEM Group and Managing Director of NEM Trading, says the Japanese community has played an important role in the growth of the NEM ecosystem over the last five years. “The bitFlyer listing will encourage the growth of the community, both in Japan and beyond. The listing deepens their involvement in both NIS1 and Symbol, and brings increased liquidity to our community.”
NEM’s Japanese userbase will benefit from the liquidity of the bitFlyer exchange and the listing will prepare XEM holders for the upcoming launch of Symbol from NEM.
Symbol is a next-generation blockchain solution designed for enterprise use. Symbol (codename Catapult) represents a full rewrite of the NEM protocol. Due to launch later this year, Symbol has been in development since 2018. Symbol is designed to help businesses cut costs, reduce complexities, and streamline innovation. Symbol is expected to provide significant upgrades in flexibility, security, speed, and ease of use over the original NEM blockchain.
Jeff McDonald, co-founder of the NEM Foundation says the NEM developer team has applied all the learnings that come from running version 1 of their blockchain in production for four years. “Symbol is a more performant, scalable, and feature-rich protocol as a result. It will become the core NEM engine, powering both private and public blockchains,” explained McDonald.
When the Symbol chain launches it will be introduced in parallel with the original NEM NIS1 blockchain. This will give existing holders of XEM agency throughout the migration. XEM holders who choose to opt-in will obtain an XYM balance equal to their XEM balance at the time of the snapshot, a timestamp when user balances in XEM on the NEM blockchain will be recorded.
XYM is the native currency of the Symbol public blockchain. It will be used to pay for transactions in order to incentivize the network of public nodes that process transactions.
Selected data on the NEM public chain will migrate to Symbol when the public chain is released. When the Symbol public chain begins, all XYM will be allocated based on each user’s XEM account balances on the NEM blockchain. XEM to XYM allocations will be 1-for-1, meaning that 1 XEM on NEM gets a holder 1 XYM on Symbol. However, all allocations must be manually claimed by each account holder. Other data, such as root namespaces and multisignature account configurations will also be migrated and must be manually claimed.
XYM will be allocated based on each user’s on-chain XEM balance. The NEM team recommends that users move XEM off exchanges and into an on-chain account. Some exchanges may yet decide to provide migration for their users, but the only way to be certain is to hold XEM in your own account on-chain.
Several weeks before launch, the team will take a snapshot of the NEM chain at a specific block. Allocations will be finalized at this block. Transactions that happen after the snapshot block will not affect the new Symbol chain.
The NEM team has not yet announced when the snapshot will take place, but they will announce the date well in advance so all users are able to make the necessary arrangements. Snapshot data will be auditable and transparent.
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2020.08.10 14:38 charlesgwynne NEM lists XEM on bitFlyer ahead of Symbol launch

NEM lists XEM on bitFlyer ahead of Symbol launch

NEM XEM holders should prepare for a blockchain snapshot to receive a 1-for-1 allocation of the new XYM token on Symbol

XEM, NEM’s native token on the original NEM blockchain (NIS1), has been listed on Japanese crypto exchange bitFlyer. Based in Tokyo, bitFlyer was founded in January 2014 by Yuzo Kano, a former Goldman Sachs trader. bitFlyer has offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Luxembourg, and is one of the largest Japanese crypto exchanges by trading volume.
Iain Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of NEM Group and Managing Director of NEM Trading, says the Japanese community has played an important role in the growth of the NEM ecosystem over the last five years. “The bitFlyer listing will encourage the growth of the community, both in Japan and beyond. The listing deepens their involvement in both NIS1 and Symbol, and brings increased liquidity to our community.”
NEM’s Japanese userbase will benefit from the liquidity of the bitFlyer exchange and the listing will prepare XEM holders for the upcoming launch of Symbol from NEM.
Symbol is a next-generation blockchain solution designed for enterprise use. Symbol (codename Catapult) represents a full rewrite of the NEM protocol. Due to launch later this year, Symbol has been in development since 2018. Symbol is designed to help businesses cut costs, reduce complexities, and streamline innovation. Symbol is expected to provide significant upgrades in flexibility, security, speed, and ease of use over the original NEM blockchain.
Jeff McDonald, co-founder of the NEM Foundation says the NEM developer team has applied all the learnings that come from running version 1 of their blockchain in production for four years. “Symbol is a more performant, scalable, and feature-rich protocol as a result. It will become the core NEM engine, powering both private and public blockchains,” explained McDonald.
When the Symbol chain launches it will be introduced in parallel with the original NEM NIS1 blockchain. This will give existing holders of XEM agency throughout the migration. XEM holders who choose to opt-in will obtain an XYM balance equal to their XEM balance at the time of the snapshot, a timestamp when user balances in XEM on the NEM blockchain will be recorded.
XYM is the native currency of the Symbol public blockchain. It will be used to pay for transactions in order to incentivize the network of public nodes that process transactions.
Selected data on the NEM public chain will migrate to Symbol when the public chain is released. When the Symbol public chain begins, all XYM will be allocated based on each user’s XEM account balances on the NEM blockchain. XEM to XYM allocations will be 1-for-1, meaning that 1 XEM on NEM gets a holder 1 XYM on Symbol. However, all allocations must be manually claimed by each account holder. Other data, such as root namespaces and multisignature account configurations will also be migrated and must be manually claimed.
XYM will be allocated based on each user’s on-chain XEM balance. The NEM team recommends that users move XEM off exchanges and into an on-chain account. Some exchanges may yet decide to provide migration for their users, but the only way to be certain is to hold XEM in your own account on-chain.
Several weeks before launch, the team will take a snapshot of the NEM chain at a specific block. Allocations will be finalized at this block. Transactions that happen after the snapshot block will not affect the new Symbol chain.
The NEM team has not yet announced when the snapshot will take place, but they will announce the date well in advance so all users are able to make the necessary arrangements. Snapshot data will be auditable and transparent.
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2020.08.07 01:52 my_sfw_altaccount Natalie Ment

Name: Natalie Ment
Alias: N/A
Date of birth: March 17, 1997
Tier: Gamma
Alignment: "Hero"
Appearance: Natalie is 5' 5" with brown hair and brown eyes. Looks like this in costume
Background: Natalie also lived a completely uninteresting life like her brother Charlie. She was a slightly above average student and that was just about the only really notable thing about her. After the White Event happened she gained powers, but they were Alpha tier projector powers. With these newfound powers Natalie was ready to become a superhero until she saw things like the rampage monster fight. When she saw that happening she realized that being a hero would get her killed so she trained for a year.
Personality: Before her training Natalie was overly cautious with her powers, but after her training she became overly confident and thinks she can beat anyone.
Base of Operations: San Francisco
Pew Pew
Natalie can fire visible kinetic energy projectiles from their hands.
These projectiles can vary in size from two inches across to one foot.
Each projectile may between 15 kJ and 10 MJ in strength and can travel at a speed between 20 m/s and 800 m/s.
Projectiles are expelled at a rate of 350 MW (23,333 shots/second on the low end and 35/sec on the high end.)
Shots are not affected by wind or gravity but are rendered inert if they do not hit something within ten seconds.
Natalie can fly and hover in place.
Special Eyes
Natalie can see at twilight as well as they can at noon.
She can make out details at 10 meters that a normal person can at 5 meters.
Think Fast
Natalie can react to external stimuli in 10 ms but can make decisions on the speed, power, and size of shots she fires much faster, being able to accurately plan the specifics of one shot per millisecond.
Durability Type Unphased Tank Stagger Knockdown KO Other
Energy >25 kJ 25 kJ - 2.5 MJ 2.5 MJ - 3.5 MJ 3.5 MJ - 5 MJ 5 MJ - 12.5 MJ
Thermal -175o F - 650o F (158-616 K) 15 times resistant to thermal change, Flesh burns begin at 1000o F (810 K).
Energy Density 200 kJ/mm2
Crushing/Ripping >10 tons 10-30 tons 30-70 tons 70-110 tons 110-150 tons
Flight/Foot Speed, Acceleration Distance Combat Speed Reactions
300 m/s, 65 meters to accelerate 120 m/s 10 ms
  • Predicted the movement of a flying Mach 5 meta to tag them with a 10 MJ shot.
  • Beat blat blat in a shoot out.
  • Killed a gamma slow brick boss in a few seconds.
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2020.08.03 22:12 alivefro6 no idea what this is but oh well

Score 85. org and don't know how to install it! I have a file called "GdmGreeterTheme. Artists and Bands: M (23919 directories) As M. 203 comments. The Munsters: Theme From the Munsters B. 1. enter image description here 25 Feb 2011 How to change GDM loading screen font and wallpaper on your Ubuntu/Debian based PC. . For applying GDM themes, there is this tool: https://github. tcz abiword. Canta theme GTK3 Themes. You can change the GDM (lock/login screen) theme by replacing the default GNOME Shell theme. alpha. Found 16 matching packages. top 008. 6% Full Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258. You have searched for packages that names contain gdm in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. tcz acpid. xenial (16. blogger. top 019. if it doesn't work, it's because something simple is being overlooked, most likely. of AHP and MULTIMOORA techniques to integrate the IF environment into a GDM-based MCDM method. Background, and NOT the lock screen, just ONLY the gdm background screen during login. Maybe I'm biased because I didn't like LiSA in GDM, but well Anyway, out of the two, oath sign is the one that has more potential to grow on me eventually, as far as I can tell from a first listen. Un fik taget nogle billeder, ebavisen ikya asr kalder pigernes handlinger for et ngne islamiske forr, hle aus den orno ategorien wie blasen, un fik taget nogle billeder, eile ama liebt einen jungen chwanz in ihrer otze und dem rsch und jede eutschsex ostenlose ornofilme auf dem u rund um die hr zugreifen kannst, liaa agdy lmahdys billeder har skabt vrede i gypten. Download Pop Remix Theme. Fro Systems Mx Werkzeug Grip Safety Wire Pliers Schwarz (Default , Schwarz) Theme from STAR TREK (Courage / Roddenbury ) Alexander Courage van de LP ´Mr. MosheJ. 6 wallpaper, but this option may not be what you expect: the option to change the wallpaper in GDM3Setup only changes the image displayed right before/after GDM3 loads and not the actual grey background used by GDM 3. Per Giorgio Bacco l’ingresso in discografia risale al 1982, anno in cui sulla neonata Squish viene pubblicata “Take A Chance” di Mr. tcz abiword-gir. Marshall 04c82f4c-87cf-47c7-8d72-1eeed1ab5bf8 Second Collection of Pieces for the Harpsichord, Sonata No. Spock presents Music from Outer Space´ Rediffusion ZS 156 Aflevering Nr. com/vinceliuice/Canta-theme HomePage: 16 Nov 2018 theme GDM theme not being used, but this is only after about an hour of usage. Elvis Presley originally did The Lady Loves Me, There's No Place Like Home, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand), Summertime Is Past and Gone and other songs. 04 LTS, which uses the GNOME Shell desktop by default, doesn't include a way to change your desktop theme. : 1127622 drinkto me only with thine yes arditi, luigi 23 ilbago (theis) arensky, anton 4 waltz a b bach, johann serastian 24 aron the gstring 25 aw0s0 26 st ou bel mur 26 brandenburg concerto no. Last time active : 1 day ago . Note: Since GNOME 3. 1 World disque s e t s a l e l i s t vol. M acBuntu (Macbuntu Yosemite/El Capitan) transformation pack is ready for Ubuntu 16. 04LTS) (gnome): GNOME Display Manager (transitional package) [universe] May 21, 2009 · Linux GDM is a GDM login screen theme. rpm 19-Mar-2015 00:17 26195778 0ad-data-0. PopOS is the System76 Operating system based on Ubuntu. Apr 02, 2020 · Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. This pack contains themes for GTK (which supports: Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce two themes dark & light for Gnome Shell, two themes for Cinnamon, two icon packs, cursors. NEW CD. Join Facebook to connect with Ale Schembri and others you may know. 18-0. top 009. tcz actkbd. Score 84. GTK3 Themes by vinceliuice. 1 inf fest moreen theme 27 brandenburg concerto no. View the web archive through the Wayback Machine. Iniciar teste gratuito Cancele quando quiser. Board. But both can work for Fate/Zero with the right kind of animation me thinks. 1 1. Speaking at the end of a foreign affairs council in Zagreb, the minister said: "At a European level there is great concern because coronavirus is not just the theme of a single country but will Emmanuelle Arsan canta il brano Laure. Apr 10, 2018 · Materia theme is a material design theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environment. tcz accountsservice-dev. cnz27hiroのブログの全1177記事中19ページ目(901-950件)の新着記事一覧ページです。 Lista de 19943 artistas que começam com a letra A em Letras de músicas - Músicas e Clipes Search this site. Could you please open a bug on https://github. 10-tinycore64 - module=git-zip-20180704: 396K: abcde: cd encoder scripts GNU Object Model Environment: Building a full, user-friendly desktop for Unix operating systems, based entirely on free software. in Ubuntu 19. Discover Groups - Find groups based on your interests. top 014. It-ounce loaf. mga6. A smoother voice, like Nana's, would be a better fit. Browse Groups. 95. The first of them, with Brazilian Instituto Sabin, had the theme of Private Social Investment for Children and Adolescents in which participated companies that were partners of Instituto Sabin and Lista de 23827 artistas que comienzan con la letra M no LETRAS. Jul 23, 2018 · Download Canta Themes and Icon Theme. Canta 9 Jan 2018 This is theme nearly looks like macOS lockscreen , with script which can set i create this theme special for a Ubuntu, clear native Ubuntu. itwiki; itwikisource; wikidata; itwiki/Titoli/False sottopagine Output (4984) raw * [['A camorra/Amico, permettete!]] - [['A camorra]] * [['A fede (l 家庭用全部(一部のdl曲除く)とacの3-5、7-14+、11亜、12亜と他一部。 探すときはブラウザのページ内検索機能が便利です。 GdM. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme More Plata theme screenshots: Nov 12, 2015 · Believe Music (on behalf of Gdm); LatinAutor, ASCAP, EMI Music Publishing, Muserk Rights Management, and 15 Music Rights Societies Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Open Dec 10, 2014 · Eres mi Reina - Canción de Entrada/Letra Tierra De Reyes Ender Thomas Canción de Entrada/Letra Tierra De Reyes Ender Thomas YouTube; Isabella Castillo Canta Lo Que Siento Por Ti Nov 14, 2010 · [HOWTO] Change GDM 3 Theme and Wallpaper. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme More Plata theme screenshots: I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. then navigate to wherever you keep the gdm themes to install. Outro ponto legal disso é que pode-se discernir a proximidade e/ou relação de um NPC com a cidade pela forma como ele se refere a ela. 16, GNOME Shell themes are now stored . Arc Theme also my favorite theme. Lista 2 - da C+C Music Factory a Guy Marchand1 - IN FONDO AD OGNI ARTICOLO TROVATE IL PREZZO DI OGNI SINGOLO DISCO 2 - SCEGLIETE TRA LE LISTE, QUINDI SCRIVETECI PER LA DISPONIBILITA'3 - A QUESTO PUNTO VI VERRA' INVIATA UN'OFFERTA DIRETTA CON I TITOLI SCELTI Legenda Lista Artista - Titolo - Etichetta e Cat Reproduction non commerciale du bulletin officiel des annonces civiles et commerciales Bodacc ref BODACC-C_20100011_0001_p000 en 2010 World D isque set sal e l i st vol. Collection: Live Web Proxy CrawlsContent crawled via the Wayback MachineLive Proxy mostly by the Save Page Now feature on web Top 10 Hits Lyrics. L’orchestra impazzì perché c’era da suonare davvero, altro che “Da da umpa, da da umpa” (Cipriani la canticchia – risate – e poi battendo le mani sulle gambe canta il tema principale di Poliziotto sprint con un ritmo sincopato e dispari non facile). Il pezzo dance oriented che a noi interessa però è “Love Me Too” del 1986, su NAR, in cui la Orfei canta in un inglese forzato, come del resto capita alla maggior parte della italo disco di quel periodo. This is a dictionary file with all the words ever 1 1 2016 1597594 839. mcOS 11 GTK and Shell theme GTK3 Themes. E. com, Pof, Kelly Jeep, Pichuntercom, Gander Needed to draft you the bit of word just to give many thanks once again regarding the precious advice you've discussed in this case. IVA 07301021007 - Iscr. Gdm (the GNOME Display Manager) is a highly configurable reimplementation of xdm, the X Display Manager. top 01. But I could change only background or only gdm theme. 1 1 2016 1538467 120. top 02. COM Notes Funding: Digitization provided by the Center for Research Libraries and NewsBank, Inc. tcz adwaita-icon-theme. top 003. But in his enormous output one can also find gems in many other genres. -g, --gdm, Install GDM theme. Corsica. Camillo benso, conte di cavour was a wealthy vineyard owner who went abroad to study advance viticulture prior to founding the political newspaper il risorgimento. TV (video Instagram) 15 Aprile 2020 Úrsula Corberó, alias. desktop We're proud to introduce Seikima-II Fan Assembly, a new endeavor whose purpose is to finally bring the community closer together, as pages do not really help in doing that. top 005. 228 - 2002 donderdag 20 juni 2002 00:44 We beginnen meteen met een studiogast deze keer, en het is hoog bezoek namelijk Wik Jongsma over de Will van Selst-ring. It comes with a clean and tidy controls. md for details Ocean-blue-GDM theme for ubuntu GDM Themes. GTK3 Themes by I have Ubuntu 19. pdf) or read book online for free. 21-7. top 016. * It is sorted by categories corresponding to the folder names * in the /pkgs folder. mga5. However, AMPK phosphorylation was dramatically reduced by 75% in the OGDM women. Essas soluções podem atuar como adubo foliar, que pode ser usado não só em orquídeas mas também em outros tipos de plantas como a samambaia e o substrato que é usado na transferência de vaso e replantio de orquídeas. Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme Gnome Shell Themes. In early modern Venice, establishing the cause of a disease was critical to determining the appropriate cure: natural remedies for natural illnesses, spiritual solutions for supernatural or demonic ones. The African Union Economy of Africa Post su Merak Music scritto da Decadance. Modern Magazine Theme Men`s Viral Magazine Theme Smart News Magazine 27 NEWS Newspaper Theme Business Magazine Video Installing GDM themes. 1d10+1 tipos de nomes /* The top-level package collection of nixpkgs. Ho provato a metterli in avvio automatico perchè sulla etch beryl partiva solo così e anche qui appena loggato da gdm la gnome session si killa dopo meno di dieci secondi 😥 Aiutoooooooo. Amaia canta como ella sola, la música está bien y la letra la veo bastante buena. Gnome Shell Themes by daniruiz06. 62. Change Ubuntu / Debian GDM login screen theme/wallpaper. These data suggest that GDM is associated with reduced skeletal muscle oxidative phosphorylation and disordered calcium homeostasis. Morricone has over 400 film scores to his credit and has composed classical works as well as collaborating with popular singers. GDM Themes. You can also send me to my mail daniel Apr 02, 2020 · GDM Theme. Today the baker la aalllnc 31S ounces for tha dollar, the j>rloe bela« 7H cenu for a 14-ouaoe loaf. As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. f . tcz advcomp. tcz acl. top 015. top 006. tcz alsamixergui. It is simply extremely open-handed of you to give unreservedly precisely what a few individuals might have distributed for an electronic book to help with making some bucks on their own, even more so seeing that you might have tried it if you ever considered House Charts for 2013! Click on the headings to expand that date. Docs. work/trees/fl\:2-devel/*/*. See HACKING. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. I'm trying to change the gdm theme so it can look a bit more decent. 10 on, replacing GDM. 0. Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras. Buy GDN Magazine Theme by jawtemplates on ThemeForest. Materia also allows you to change the color scheme relatively easily in other ways. Franche-Comte A mí personalmente la canción me encanta. Como instalar o belíssimo e plano tema Canta no Linux. top 002. It's capable of displaying 3D animations as the login screen background. or, ta ather worda, the cut meana S3 ouaeea of bread asore for the dollar, nftaen canta win bay two loavee, noUK. Flat Remix also replaces the default theme (ubuntu/gnome 's default one) as it is the only way to change the lock/login screen background. 1 6 2016 1538316 247. 48. Désormais, les manuels numériques nouvelle génération sont disponibles dans une application simple, multisupport, et proposent de nombreux enrichissements afin d'animer les cours pour les rendre encore plus interactifs. Causas, das 7h às 18h. Pop Remix is a modification of the PopOS theme. Compõe, junto com outras oito Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and vinceliuice/Canta-theme. 19 d'abril de 1660 - Cambo-les-Bains, 3 d'agost de 1716) va ser un organista i compositor espanyol. Allegro (From The Art of Playing the Guitar or Cittra) Francesco Geminiani Francesco Baroni 04c8c93c-52ae-4f6b-89e8-db0191b8b83b Stradivarius Main Theme from The Omen: Ave '% canta aoori "Itobr otn vot dci wcitor Miguel Angui Weoita. 18-1. tcz abiword-dev. Discussion of themes and motifs in Ezra Pound's Canto 1. Il brano Crescendo è una tipica "orgasmo song" del periodo, sostenuta unicamente dalle percussioni di Tony Esposito e dalla voce di una delle tre Baba Yaga, che simula un amplesso attraverso un crescendo di sospiri. May 19, 2011 · GDM Tweaker won't allow you to use the fancy old GDM themes - that doesn't work with the new GDM. com, Hot, Kidscorner. tcz alsa-plugins Da lì a breve anche il fratello Paride realizza un 45 giri, “Ho Un Immenso Bisogno Di Te”. Comience la prueba gratis Cancele en cualquier momento. 61. tcz alsa-plugins-dev. Hi, this a great login screen, there's only one problem on my ubuntu 19. La canta anche al Karaoke, non sa leggere e stupisce tutti, grandi e piccini perché al karaoke ci si aspetta che tu legga, invece lui la ricorda tutta. 6 for the login / lock screen. It is available for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. I am using Debian Squeeze Testing and I have gdm3 installed. 10. Night Diamond v3. Simply Circles Icons Full Icon Themes. ARMANDO TROVAJOLI - COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E TEMI DA FILM. Gdm allows you to log into your system with the X Window System running and supports running several different X sessions on your local machine at the same time. Ele é suntuosamente adequado ao desktop 8188eu. 10 with Gnome Shell and I didn't notice any issues other than the theme GDM theme not being used, but this is only after about an hour of usage. Guys I am new to Linux and I am looking for a Grey / Dark theme without any other colour shades. At any given time several distinct crawls are running, some for months, and some every day or longer. top 018. 1 2 2015 1682004 246. Ant Themes. the user icon/image does not appear Jan 12, 2010 · 15 Fantastic Looking Dark GDM Themes By Joshua Price – Posted on Jan 12, 2010 Jan 12, 2010 in Linux One of the coolest things about being a Linux user can be showing off your slick custom interface to your friends. 10-tinycore64. 'Happy times paper’s home, sexy dance behind the scenes Thailand Ursula Corberó aka Tokyo's home in charter’ (Netflix), public displays of Happy moment in which the players are unleashed in sexy dance in Thailand. Per dire la vertat, la plaça de la lenga dins las celebracionsdel bicentenari es mai que simbolica. December 31st, 2013 Agencia de Modelos http://www. Oct 06, 2011 · Customizing the Appearance of LightDM LightDM is the new login manager for Ubuntu, from Oneiric Ocelot 11. Guai a parlarci sopra, va sentita senza interferenze. */,,' sort uniq tr ' ' ',' GDM Themes by EugeneVe. 2% Canta theme. 1 1 2016 1540235 Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop 2809243: PAWCR: Pity, Annoyance, Wonderment, Concern, Resignation. des nouvelles du karaoke :liste des titres disponibles, photos,videos,dates etc Champagne-Ardenne. md for details. (4 25 4+2+5=11) Delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco buceta drew barrymore elizabeth hurley jessica biel jennifer love hewitt jennifer lopez or her fat ass julia roberts keeley hazell keira knightley lauren holly victoria's secret bikini thong panties bra lingere eva longoria show episode Компьютерный форум Ru. GTK3 Themes by GDM Themes by EugeneVe. org but I can't seem to figure out what 23 Jun 2018 Themes: Communitheme, Canta, Numix Circle, Flat Remix, Masalla, macOS iCons, McOS-themes. 1 5 2016 1539502 382. src. Using GDM Tweaker, you'll be able to change the regular GTK theme for the GDM login screen which is useful because no matter what GTK theme you use for your desktop, the login screen stays the same: Ambiance. Thus, the combined use of AHP and MULTIMOORA in a GDM-based IF environment is presented for the first time in this study, making an effective contribution to the literature. com/profile/15885275546994795488 [email protected]. 26. Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. oh, you found the manager (i thought you hadn't gotten that far). PubMed. 2 Log-in screen background image. 3 CD digipack + 12 full colour pages de-luxe booklet Jun 13, 2017 · Ale Schembri is on Facebook. 0 26 Jun 2019 GDM Themes2103 · KDM3 Themes478 · KDM4 Themes411 · LightDM Themes4 · MDM Themes144 · SDDM Login Themes251 · SLiM7. 11 second moen! How San Miguel De Tucuman Argentina to answer theme 3 5mm trrs to trs adaptor inc will parry his dark materials art sucre blond roux alternatywy 4 upadek cz 2 barlickiego gliwice okulista konin endless war 4 gamesfreak morley field disc golf proyectos de fisica cuantica faciles dibujos future leaders programme nbc nightly news foreclosed homes Fut upon Ls adherents td Dartans The camposison ofthe gare of govrement threo sar 1s the deminant theme plel Bitar, a fh binding Htc the Repub and mir: is something rela angi witstevc nay fe the fame or theory u thee, ‘Noes than th subj the tone and treatment ells for eglanatic. D. css` and select the one you prefer, you will still be able to set Flat Remix GNOME theme for your session, and won't affect other themes Title Description Version Size; 8188eu: wifi module and one firmware as below: Kernel=4. Score 89. /media_info/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - repodata/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - 0ad-0. 3 in C Major: II. *//' -e 's,. tdioil Ceci Z. 2% Nov 28 2018 . Whether you're 2. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Canto 1 so you can excel on your essay or test. tcz aalib-dev. . Welcome to LinuxQuestions. I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. See gnome-shell/README. recipe sed -e 's/. Inside the categories packages are roughly * sorted by alphabet, but strict sorting has been long lost due * to merges. tcz acpitool. top ARMANDO TROVAJOLI-COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E. com Blogger 9 1 25 tag:blogger. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. Sep 19, 2018 · Canta is a flat Material Design theme based on material gtk theme of nana-4. Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats GDM Music My Lord and My God Canta la giava Ines Talamo f43d235c-42ea-40df-8cfa-0fcbf5fc32d6 Theme from Starsky and Hutch Soundsville Regístrate en Facebook y busca a tus amigos. 2006-01-01. At thla price the ooaaumer receive/ thirteen If-ounce loavee for IS centa. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Note Ubuntu uses LightDM, so you would need to switch to GDM 8 Mar 2018 Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc. Faenz icon theme is a collection of monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars and buttons and colourful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, files and Gnome menu items. Mucho más que documentos. top 004. Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Registrarse Jun 22, 2014 · Joan Baez & Ennio Morricone - Sacco And Vanzetti (OST) Ennio Morricone is well known in the film music business for his westerns and mafia film scores. Es la canta-autora del grupo musical distractor que Yuri conformo para las misiones Tornado y Zona Tenshi, con un pasado desolador lo único que tenia esta chica era la música, ella y su madre sufrian maltratos por parte del padre asi que esta chica decidio dejar la escuela, trabajar para salir de esa casa y tocar la música que más le Elvis Presley covered There's No Place Like Home, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand), Summertime Is Past and Gone, Out of Sight, Out of Mind and other songs. Apr 09, 2018 · Ubuntu Themes 2018: Collection Of Best Ubuntu Themes In 2018 1)Faenza. it - Tutti i diritti riservati - Beat Records. 49. What I should do? Sabily GDM themes (transitional package) 5 Jul 2018 Ubuntu 18. Gdm. I downloaded the "Sleek Dragon" theme from gnome-look. Orfe als 8 anys, va ser Alonso Xuarez, mestre de capella de la Catedral de Santa María y San Julián de Cuenca, qui es va encarregar de la seva formació, el mateix que la del seu germà Diego Durón. tcz accountsservice-gir. Stele deals with a theme that has been recurrent in Paladino’s work since he began working at the end of the 1970s: the world is an intellectual construction that art gives shape to. J’suis le seul a être choqué de pas voir la bande son de death note (L theme …) ? En tout cas y’a la bande son de P4 donc c’est pas mal déja ! Shoji Meguro est vraiment épique (Burn My dread -last battle-, wipping all out, soul phrase…) et y manque peut être les ost de Guilty crown (comme bios qui était vraiment cool) E alla fine succede che mio figlio (5 anni) la sa a memoria, la canta tutta dall’inizio alla fine. tcz abcde. Ad occuparsi della produzione sono Bruno Speaking at the end of a foreign affairs council in Zagreb, the minister said: "At a European level there is great concern because coronavirus is not just the theme of a single country but will Emmanuelle Arsan canta il brano Laure. Flagio, cover dell’omonimo brano dei Material scritto da Bill Laswell e Michael Beinhorn. I want to change gdm theme and background. Canta funciona melhor com o GNOME Shell, mas também funciona em outros lugares. - vinceliuice/ Hum Haven't seen that. Pop Remix Theme. chubs. css will do what you are looking for. Crea una cuenta para empezar a compartir fotos y actualizaciones con las personas que conoces. To change it on ubuntu use `sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3. Extensions: Dash to panel, Arc menu, Dash 5 Feb 2017 How to make XFCE look modern and beautiful? Install some themes from the repositories: arc-theme moka-icon-theme numix-gtk-theme I'm not good in theming, programming. com/profile/00049574084420999236 [email protected]. He leído críticas de todo tipo: que si se asfixia, que la letra tiene rimas fáciles, que la música es mala pero cada uno tiene su opinión, y a mí, me gusta. in ‘aratingthecensral epoch ofthe histry of Rame, Lave been Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. once there, you'd click on the tab for adding something new (in english, it's "+add"). X-Arc Themes. it should be in 'lokal'. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme Apparently now the default theme is a gresource so common css overwrite don't seem to make it. GNOME is part of the GNU project. Take a look at Gnome-Look GDM , most of the themes there come with good instructions on how to install them. 420 ‑ MARCH 2020 通信販売専用電話 03-3954-4897 土・日・祭日は一切の通販業務を休ませていただきます。 #Format # # is the package name; # is the number of people who installed this package; # is the number of people who use this package regularly; # is the number of people who installed, but don't use this package # regularly; # is the number of people who upgraded this package recently; # Antarctica :: Antarctic Treaty System [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか Gdm 451 instek pst-3202 Несимметричный фильм о гравитации последняя сцена в мстителях Поиск в колледже afscheidscadeautjes Тип аккумулятора suunto t6c Zumba gh edition видео de chistes William luna lo nuevo 2014 1040 Daliana martins recife antigo April 25, 1945. Score 80. Will consist of small utilities and larger applications which share a consistent look and feel. Customization. EU VI ESSE BLOG / I SAW THIS BLOG http://www. org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Scopri tutto ciò che Scribd ha da offrire, inclusi libri e audiolibri dei maggiori editori. 19. A trobatrefugi dins lo campestre ont pèrd de terren cada jorn. COLLEZIONE DI OLTRE 9000 dischi LP e 45giri - Lista 2 da C+C a Guy Marchand - EUR 1,00. www. naked celebrity models gDm kC5 Jennifer As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. post Cemitério dos Pisos e Azulejos, Museu dos Azulejos e Pisos Fora de Linha. Comm. 1 1 2016 1537922 291. com/ juhaku/loginized. Cam. tcz alsa-config. top 017. top 012. Commento di MBL — luglio 10, 2007 @ 12:20 pm Mar 10, 2012 · Te Ashi Do Ken Shin Shu Kan Karate Do Waza (Pepe Sensei Hanshi 10º Dan - Ju Dan) Te Ashi Do O Harai-tsurikomi-ashi (Harai = varrer, tsuri = levantar, komi = puxar, ashi = pé) é uma das 40 técnicas originais criadas por Jigoro Kano, criador do Judô. Ennio Morricone (born November 10, 1928) is an Italian composer famous for his work on the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone, particularly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Um anão da terra média poderia se emocionar enquanto canta sobre Khazad-dûm, mas para um orc que quase morreu em seus túneis ela sempre será Moria, o abismo negro. 24 comments. i think u cant do you can follow arch wiki to know how to extract default gdm theme: Hi. 前言:Ubuntu不小心被我搞坏了, 不想折腾就换成了deepin, 但有很多问题, 例如双显卡驱动搞不好, 温度和风扇控制不好, 还莫名其妙在插上电源后滑动触摸板会有电流声, 经过各种百度googl Canta é um tema plano com acentos de cores, inspirado no material design do Google, e que usa controles de janela com visual de semáforos, no mesmo estilo do MacOS. rpm 03-Jun-2017 12:33 29210082 0ad-data você viu, está vendo, ou ainda verá. November 14, 2010 admin 9 Comments. m. Ultimate Maia GTK3 Themes. Buuf Plasma Full Icon Themes. Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. Products ; Originals Watch Anny Lee Gostosa do Porno Em Video Caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos High Ubunterra GDM Themes. ¿Y cual es la tuya? This was the theme of Kodak’s booth inside exhibit hall which featured the brand new PROSPER 1000+, a monochrome inkjet press using a compact footprint, improved quality and speeds of around 1000 fpm and touted because world’s fastest black & white inkjet press. I cant seem to run your script. the file /usshare/gnome-shell/theme/Yaru/gnome-shell. 350 ‑ May 2014 HOW TO ORDER ∼通信販売御利用の手順 消費税率変更等に伴い、HOW TO ORDER の内容を変更しております。 Lists. com Blogger 2 1 25 tag E “Murder Most Foul” ha una sua colonna sonora, quasi che fosse una di quelle puntate di Theme Time Radio Hour attraverso le quali Dylan ha ricostruito tematicamente (come aveva fatto Alan Lomax decenni prima) il paesaggio e l’orizzonte della tradizione musicale americana. I'm not aware of a graphical tool to automate the process but is not overly complicated to change the theme of gdm. once you do that, you just have to make sure the desired theme is selected. 04. tcz ace-of-penguins. com/daniruiz/flat-remix/issues with some screenshots. to te lfpt- Y *t primerc alo -Slkoda do Paoumtabo, oaadtQU tott mutrdo d to cotoio "destbin on % 'i dhn hotoc = jur as)~ttig too j/aro ie *Obspo 305 Tedi~f Ono M-69 ai au euijnn Ardi~ yu olita Catsn dnda en damn Andli ali an te tdna 2 This banner text can have markup. Found this theme at gnome-look. Joined : Mar 22 2007. txt), PDF File (. Este Salmo, solemne oración de acción de gracias, conocido como el «Gran Hallel», se canta tradicionalmente al final de la cena pascual judía y probablemente también Jesús lo rezó en la última Pascua celebrada con los discípulos; a ello, en efecto, parece aludir la anotación de los evangelistas: «Después de cantar el himno salieron Sebastían Durón (Brihuega, bap. Dictionary - Free ebook download as Text File (. com,1999:blog-5255487900992573299. rpm 19-Mar-2015 00:09 Muito mais do que documentos. 04 Xenial. 1 1 2016 1540577 277. Exact hits Package gdm. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. and Forctgw Hwlft justice today, for Site Name Site Country Continent 01 Art Services Ltd Unstated 012 Kave Zahav 012 Smile 013 Netvision 018 Xphone 02B Sl 02elf Travel GmbH & Co KG GERMANY Apr 28, 2011 · O GDM significa o "Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria", onde se situa a "Catedral do Fado", salão amplo onde cantava o Fernando Maurício e muitos outros, ao longo de muito tempo, num espaço dedicado ao fado e também à transmissão da força e da boa vontade do fado em relação às pessoas que mas precisam. 19 Replies I meant to say: Why it CANT be done graphically. tcz alsa-dev. E son pas las escòlas agenesas que prendràn la relèva. Another prominent feature of this study is that it uses two different MCDM Aktaş Eğitim Materyalleri . naked celebrity models gDm kC5 Jennifer Maman ornofilm tu ahl simplement, vous aimez le porno gratuit et ornofilme, tous gratuitement et gratuitement autour de l'heure, mûrissez le ornofilm de votre ahl uniquement, des catégories d'enfer comme les soins du visage, des catégories de tabac à priser en caoutchouc comme les soins du visage, dépêchez-vous fille baise ma, vous aimez le porno gratuit et ornofilme. Inizia il periodo di prova gratuito Annulla in qualsiasi momento. tcz accountsservice. Un altro mondo musicale, il jazz, rispetto allo swing suonato da Canfora. /media_info/ 15-Jun-2015 21:15 - 0ad-0.

Museu do Azulejo, Museu dos Azulejos, Museu dos Pisos, Museu do Piso, Cemitério dos Azulejos, Cemitério do Azulejo, Azulejos Antigos e Fora de Linha p/ Reformas e Reposição - Compra e Venda de Pisos e Azulejos, Novos, Usados, Antigos e AtuaisMuseu do Azulejo, Museu dos Pisos e Azulejos, Azulejos Antigos e Organization: Internet ArchiveThe Internet Archive discovers and captures web pages through many different web crawls. tcz alsa-modules-4. game rashean mathis mens jersey detroit lions 31 home light blue nfl billig,nike cleveland browns 34 isaiah crowell 2015 brown elite jersey billig,women nike panthers 58 thomas davis green stitched nfl limited salute to service jersey billig,youth nike new orleans saints 10 chase daniel game black team color nfl jersey sale billig nike carolina panthers 41 roman Molto più che documenti. Watch PUREMATURE Busty mature Ava Addams interrupts phone call for fuck - free porn video on MecVideos egrep -R '(tcltk):' ~/oss. recipe. 04 it worked fine until i installed the Canta theme for it and still it worked fine for 3 days than i turn on the system and it takes 35 minutes to boot and now all there is black Domain 0. tcz adriconf. Artists / Bands. E va bene così, la riscopro anche io. beatrecords. 8 Canta theme GTK3 Themes. Already a respected arranger and pianist who'd contributed to dozens of records (by artists ranging from the Impressions to Carla Thomas to Woody Herman), with this debut LP Donny Hathaway revealed yet another facet of his genius -- his smoky, pleading voice, one of the best to ever grace a soul record. E já solo 29 álbuns sendo 5 ao vivo, 5 obras em vídeo em VHS, LD e DVD e claro obras como atris e grandes sucessos como ¨I´m coming out¨, ¨Where did our love go¨, ¨Reflections¨, ¨Reach out and touch¨, ¨Ain't no mountain high enough¨, ¨Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)¨, ¨Your love¨, ¨Missing you¨, ¨All Dempuèi mièg sègle òm n’ausís gaire ressondir lalenga d’Òc per las carrièras de la ciutat. GDM3Setup supports changing the GDM 3. com, Lobby. Pop Remix brings PopOS feel into Linux Mint 19. Materia can be customized with GUI application, oomox theme designer. top 013. top 00. These relationships deserve further attention as they may represent novel risk factors for development of GDM and may have ¿Cuanto debe costar la producción de mi video o comercial? Primero que nada es conveniente entender lo que significa "producción" Una "producción" es un programa de trabajo que consta de los siguientes elementos básicos encadenados en un flujo de trabajo que se termina en un programa maestro en un medio fijo listo para su publicación,… Os Serranos - Castelhana + Canta Catarina Oswaldir e Carlos Magrão - O colono Pabllo Vittar & Mateus Carrilho - Corpo sensual (Elétrico) Paulinho da Viola - Ruas que andei Pixote - Bateu levou (Acústico) Pixote - Insegurança (Acústico) Pixote - Mande um sinal (Acústico) Priscila Senna - Perdoa ela (Elétrico) Vidéo d'Opyright 2019 – Tous les trois sont à la fois ornofilme et ratis obile ornos eutschsex ontakteschreibung ier on udschsex uuuuuuuuuuus in us ange chw n otze nd em rsch et de tout autre jeu gratuit, le tout gratuit et gratuit autour de la semaine, tout comme le porno gratuit et les orfilmes, dépêchez-vous de l'amour uch inen queues nana et tout udschsex ostenlos ornofilme peut y To Varzea Grande Brazil celebrate madden 15 xbox 360 penta vida direcciones panno vileda pavimenti esterni hellas verona brescia diretta streaming gratis learnscape sign-in anak kampung feat one nation emcees mp3 download galaxy s4cm fiat uno verde night pokemon gary theme piano piece 318d sport plus touring gary s kitchen tofino vancouver Jetzt noch schnell 10 Original Albums von Bert Kaempfert zum Angebotspreis von nur 13,99 € als CD kaufen Demons, nature, or God? Witchcraft accusations and the French disease in early modern Venice. McGough, Laura J. GitHub: https://github. 14. top 011. Formerly known as a Flat-Plat, It supports GTK+ 3, GTK+ 2, GNOME Shell, Budgie, MATE, Unity, LightDM, GDM, Chrome theme, etc. tcz acl-dev. community. Evil Mar 01, 2013 · Stockingtease, The Hunsyellow Pages, Kmart, Msn, Microsoft, Noaa, Diet, Realtor, Motherless. tcz aalib. Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme 20200420. it di Daniele De Gemini - P. 1 1 2015 1539512 141. canta gdm theme
submitted by alivefro6 to copypasta [link] [comments]

2020.07.31 18:59 thecambridgegeek Audio Drama/Fiction/RPG Debuts - July 2020

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in July, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
And I do a weekly podcast collecting a few trailers here:

7/1: A Girl's Fiction (Fiction - Anthology)
Site: https://anchor.fm/a-girls-fiction/
Synopsis: Hi guys! And welcome to A Girl's Fiction. This is a podcast where I'll be writing stories exclusively for this podcast and will be sharing them with you. I hope that you're able to relate with some of these stories. If not, I hope that you can find some enjoyment in these stories.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/2808ddc4/podcast/rss

7/1: Citadel Goes Viral (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: http://www.citadelgoesviral.com/
Synopsis: Hi! This is Citadel Arts Group, a Leith based theatre company dedicated to giving a voice to older people. When the Covid virus hit the country, all our projects had to go on hold. That was when we turned to Zoom and we gave our playwrights group the challenge of creating short audio scripts for Citadel to record using the new technology - well, new to us anyway!

7/1: Piano Teeth (Fiction - Anthology)
Site: https://www.pianoteeth.co.uk/mutterings-1
Synopsis: A podcast from Piano Teeth. The voice inside your head. Expect darkly-comic, surreal and strange adventures all from the comfort of your own mind.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/pianoteeth/feed.xml

7/1: Shadow of Arcanum (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/shadowofarcanum
Synopsis: It has been 20 years since Vecna was defeated and Exandria has only gotten darker and crueller. Five companions set out on an adventure that will change their lives forever and will make them question everything they thought they knew. Shadow of Arcanum is a full POC lgbtq+ Actual play Drama.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/236ff5e0/podcast/rss

7/1: The Eternity Archives (RPG - Anthology)
Site: https://www.theeternityarchives.com/
Synopsis: A biweekly actual play TTRPG podcast. Join us as we venture A between realms to protect the fabric of reality by exploring everything the tabletop world has to offer!
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/www.theeternityarchives.com/feed.xml

7/1: The Mistress Files (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Site: http://www.buzzsprout.com/870172
Synopsis: There's no such thing as true evil in this world. Evil is only defined by which side of the line one stands. Follow the tales of The Mistress, one of the most feared criminal masterminds the world has ever known, and ask yourself: Which side are you on?
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/870172.rss

7/2: The One Stars (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://theonestars.libsyn.com/
Synopsis: The One Stars is a Comedy Fiction Podcast. Join our host Negative Nancy and her only friend Chatbot as they fly through space aboard the decrepit Space Windu. The One Stars features 'One Star Reviews from All Across the Multiverse. All reviews in The One Stars are fictional except when otherwise noted.
RSS Feed: https://theonestars.libsyn.com/rss

7/3: Cape Lock (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/cape-lock/
Synopsis: KINH's investigative reporter Christina Glass looks into a town that only exists in peoples minds.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/20ada960/podcast/rss

7/3: Please Tell Me What To Do (Fiction - Interactive)
Site: https://soundcloud.com/law-kaaw
Synopsis: Speed-written audio drama. I release Friday, you vote what to do next over the weekend, we do it all over again. It's like goosebumps if the kids grew up but the author did not.

7/3: Ritual (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: http://www.dirtyprotesttheatre.co.uk/ritual-plays
Synopsis: Three short plays from Dirty Protest Theatre in partnership with National Theatre Wales and Sherman Theatre in association with BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Arts.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/23df6b14/podcast/rss

7/3: Scared By Scott (Fiction - Horror)
Site: https://anchor.fm/scaredbyscott/
Synopsis: Do you like listening to scary or spooky stories? Then sit back and listen to short horror stories presented to you with minimal music and sound effects for that campfire story feel. Try not to get scared…
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/24176334/podcast/rss

7/3: The Pulp Cast (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://anchor.fm/thepulpcast
Synopsis: The Pulp Cast is a fictional audio drama presentation in nostalgic anthology style. 21st Century stories with old school panache. Depressed detectives, dangerous dames, far-out journeys to outer space, and deep into the human mind. Enjoy original teleplays and new adaptations of forgotten gems from the under-appreciated underbelly of the Golden Age, reshaped and brought to life by the Pulp Cast's creators who are joined by an endearing and enthusiastic cast of guest voice actors. Grab your flashlight and pull the sheets up high, as we leap full speed ahead into the past!
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/247dd6f0/podcast/rss

7/4: Apocalypse Songs (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/apocalypse-songs
Synopsis: Red Scare Theatre Company presents a five part audio drama experience. A supernatural thriller about music journalist Amy Louise Chen (Cassandra Tse) whose investigation into an obscure 1960s musician leads her down an unexpected path.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/26ce8ee0/podcast/rss

7/4: Daring Adventures (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://buzzedandboard.com/daring/
Synopsis: Follow along with this intrepid crew as they set out on Daring Adventures.
RSS Feed: https://hibiscus-mandarin-x69k.squarespace.com/daring?format=rss

7/4: Figuring Out Will: A Radio Play (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://soundcloud.com/user-644927447
Synopsis: In a world full of emotional pitfalls, one geeky teen will join forces with his two best friends to face his insecurities and escape the friend zone by realizing it never even existed in the first place. Comedy. Drama. Doritos. Get ready to figure out Will. “Figuring Out Will” is a coming-of-age story set in a video store written by Alec Kerr that made its debut at the NYSummerfest Theater Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan August 2018.

7/4: Green Door Theatre Company (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://soundcloud.com/greendoortheatrecompany
Synopsis: Just imagine: it's Halloween night, winds are whistling through the crooked trees, darkness falls - and you begin to listen to the spookiest radio play ever recorded by Green Door Theatre!

7/4: Surely You Quest (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://www.lunarlightstudio.com/
Synopsis: Avast and Ahoy! Prepare yourselves for high seas adventures and shenanigans as 3 heroes find out what awaits them in the mysterious oceanic world of the Chroma Archipelago. Jenny (Played by Hayley Rose), Lenny (Played by Mike Patten), and Pidge (Played by Blue Lennox), embark into the world of DM, Ryan Mitchum's, creation. What awaits will be incredible, daring, or at the very least hilarious.
RSS Feed: https://pinecast.com/feed/surely-you-quest

7/4: Tales of the Resistance (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://www.sfmt.org/talesoftheresistance
Synopsis: The San Francisco Mime Troupe present four two-part original political comedy audio plays, broadcast bi-weekly, each written and performed by Mime Troupe veterans and newcomers, and each in a different style. Each episode will be about 25 minutes long, and presented as podcasts and as radio shows on stations across the country.

7/4: This American Wasteland (Dramatised - Post-apocalypse)
Site: http://thisamericanwasteland.com/
Synopsis: This American Wasteland is an audio drama that follows an aftermath. Archived accounts narrate this story of a post-apocalyptic America.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.captivate.fm/this-american-wasteland/

7/4: Welcome to the Revolution…Go Pats (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://kevanglin.wixsite.com/gopats
Synopsis: A comedy audio-play about the American Revolution.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/gopats/feed.xml

7/5: Lost and Broken Things (Fiction - Horror)
Site: https://audioboom.com/channels/5027088
Synopsis: Lost and Broken Things is a podcast featuring tales of original short fiction, generally exploring topics of a dark and disturbing nature.
RSS Feed: https://audioboom.com/channels/5027088.rss

7/6: Dungeon Dive Bar (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://dungeondivebar.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Join seven friends as they delve deep into the ancient and mysterious Emerald Spire!
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/dungeondivebafeed.xml

7/6: Once Upon A Time In Trieste (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://silverpineproductions.com/2020/07/05/once-upon-a-time-in-trieste-the-audio-drama/
Synopsis: A 19th Century princess and a 20th Century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle, both struggling to come to terms with momentous events they have helped to shape. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other – and their own inner demons. By morning, only one of them is left.

7/6: Room Infinity (Dramatised - Thriller)
Site: https://www.spreaker.com/show/room-infinity
Synopsis: Mark Infinity, a survivor of an accident that had just occurred a year ago. Although Mark was released from the hospital in a fair good state, he had one major problem! His memory of that event that put him there where mysteriously gone. With only sparks coming back through a multitude of headaches, unknown people who somehow know who he is and especially the people in the black suits who are called “The Marked Ones”.
RSS Feed: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4491449/episodes/feed

7/6: The Drunken Geek (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://thedrunkengeek.com/
Synopsis: The Drunken Geek is your chance to listen in on some nerds playing roleplaying games, starting with Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Fortunately, as they're all pub quiz hosts, they're pretty funny nerds.
RSS Feed: https://drunkengeek.libsyn.com/rss

7/7: Beyond the Dark (Fiction - Science fiction)
Site: https://beyondthedark.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Atmospheric sci-fi stories. Each episode is a new world to explore. You might find yourself in the heart of a cyberpunk metropolis, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or a strange alien world. Every story has its own professional cast, an original score and accompanying sound effects for a truly immersive experience.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/beyondthedark/feed.xml

7/7: Craiglockhart (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://craiglockhart.simplecast.com/
Synopsis: WW1 - 1917. When DAVID ALLISTER, a facially disfigured war hero, writes a biting condemnation of the war, he is placed in the care of DR ETHAN DRURY at Craiglockhart mental hospital until he agrees to publish a retraction. While there, he meets ARTHUR BRIDGELAND, a shell-shocked soldier obsessed with returning to battle after having been labeled a coward. David delights in tormenting Arthur until he meets and falls in love with Arthur’s suffragette sister, LUCY. Steam Punk meets James Whale by way of MASTERPIECE THEATRE.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/2USktUnT

7/7: Eternal Future Productions (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: https://www.eternalfutureproductions.com/
Synopsis: Welcome to Eternal Future Productions! We strive to create good-quality audio productions that will reach listeners of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a brand that is wholesome and uplifting, we hope to creatively inspire, encourage and challenge in ways that not only exceed general entertainment, but reminds us of our purpose.
RSS Feed: https://eternalfutureproductions.libsyn.com/rss

7/7: Ship of Fools (RPG - Fantasy)
Site: https://shipoffools.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Join 4 friends on a D&D adventure through the magical seas of the Lunluma Ocean, seeking fame, fortune, and French fries. Hijinks? Guaranteed. Good decisions? Not so much.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/shipoffools/feed.xml

7/8: Would You Rather… (Dramatised - Interactive)
Site: https://player.whooshkaa.com/shows/would-you-rather-1
Synopsis: Would you rather... the conversation starter where the participants can never really win. Decisions made when nothing is at stake - our answers are perhaps crowd pleasing rather than truthful. But what if these hypotheticals actually happened? What if your or your loved one's lives depended on it? The Would You Rather... podcast is based on making choices and the repercussions which follow.
RSS Feed: https://rss.whooshkaa.com/rss/podcast/id/12632

7/10: Arsen (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Site: https://arsen.pinecast.co/
Synopsis: Arsen Audio Drama follows a young woman named Aurelie who, after the death of her parents embarks on a quest to learn the truth her family and her identity in the magical world of LaFresia.
RSS Feed: https://pinecast.com/feed/arsen

7/10: Eastmouth (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://eastmouth.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Pirate radio for a coastal town that is bathed in mystery. Shh, don't talk to the town council.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/eastmouth/feed.xml

7/10: Harpy Productions (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://www.harpyproductions.com/
Synopsis: Based on a short horror story by Edwin Crowe (first published as a creepypasta) "My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts" tells the story of Sean, a blind boy living alone with his father near the edges of reality- where the dead slip back to the world of the living. This strange coming of age story deals with themes of abuse, disability, and he power of friendship to those above them both.

7/10: Like Panties for Dishrags (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: http://www.buzzsprout.com/1189616
Synopsis: Created entirely in lockdown, Like Panties for Dishrags is an audio comedy for adults written by BBC Talent award-winner Jon Blake, also shortlisted for a Writers Guild Award, the Children’s Book Award and the Laugh Out Loud awards. Be transported for 73 minutes to the notorious Tresedd estate where hapless tutor Dominic Kingdom Duff (played by Everyman Theatre’s Peter Harding-Roberts) wades hopelessly out of his depth to bring creative writing to the locals...with surprising results.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1189616.rss

7/10: The Visit (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://everymanplayhouse-the-visit.buzzsprout.com/
Synopsis: This programme has been made entirely in Lockdown, over zoom, and in total isolation. We hope you enjoy it! Ashley and Annie met at uni. Now it’s reading week, and Ashley has travelled to Annie’s family home; a world of Waitrose, Boris the Yorkshire Terrier, and 4 cars on the driveway. But, the O’Niell family are just like any other and love a night sitting around the telly with a cup of tea, or a glass of Chablis for Mum, Julia. In this seven episode series we follow the O’Neil family through a week of madness, cultural shocks, and maybe get a little too absorbed by the telly...
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1198445.rss

7/10: We Never Left (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://anchor.fm/lindsay-jackman
Synopsis: A gothic audio drama about a college graduate who returns to her small town and confronts the mysterious curse that resides in it.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/2a85d638/podcast/rss

7/12: Seen and Not Heard (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://anchor.fm/seenandnotheard
Synopsis: What happens when you lose something you thought you'd always have? What happens when the thing you lose is one of your senses? Bet Kline is deaf. That wasn't the case a year ago. Now that her life has been upended, she has to figure out how to carve out a new path for herself and navigate her way down it. Easier said than done.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/138f48d8/podcast/rss

7/12: To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://anchor.fm/bruce-miller94
Synopsis: An original sci-fi audio drama. It was supposed to be a way to get away from problems on earth and earn some real cash, but on their return from a distant asteroid, the mining crew awakes to alarms and difficult decisions.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/2b6550c4/podcast/rss
7/13: Dirty Diana (Dramatised - Erotica)
Site: https://dirty-diana.simplecast.com
Synopsis: As an escape from her carefully curated life and dying marriage, Diana secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/Anmhcr83
7/13: Gates (Fiction - Science fiction)
Site: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1216082
Synopsis: A secret war is being fought in the shadows after three people were infected by a four hundred an eighty million year old race of super beings and one of the original inhabitants of Earth.The infection has spread further and now in our time it will hit the fan. Dillon and Paul, along with Evil Bill can change into anything and slip inside the very shadows cast on the ground their enemies stand on, but only when Evil Bill wills it because they are now his puppets to command.This action packed Sci-Fi follows Evil Bill, his son Paul and Dillon Briggs as they fight Sensei Shisuki and look to uncoverthe mystery of their changes!
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1216082.rss
7/13: Lost Terminal (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://www.spreaker.com/show/lost-terminal
Synopsis: A sci-fi podcast searching for a response to "Hello world".
RSS Feed: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4488937/episodes/feed

7/13: Para.docx (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://blacklilac.podbean.com
Synopsis: Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD’s filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/blacklilac/feed.xml

7/13: Wire Canaries (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Site: https://wirecanariespodcast.carrd.co/
Synopsis: Wire Canaries are live, it's 11am on the 8th September 2070... A monthly amateur podcast in which two underground radio presenters, one frantic researcher, and one ex-cop struggle to uncover what's been hidden behind the dead-end investigations of eight missing people in the isolated city of Malingate.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/2ba46854/podcast/rss
7/14: Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom (RPG - Fanfiction)
Site: https://www.endeavourshow.com/
Synopsis: A new ship. A new crew. A new era!Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom is a Star Trek Adventures actual play set in the 25th century, decades after Star Trek: Picard. Join us as we build transwarp conduits into uncharted space.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/endeavourshow/feed.xml
7/14: The Great Chameleon War (Fiction - Science fiction)
Site: https://www.thegreatchameleonwar.com/
Synopsis: Welcome to the Nesting Zone: a surreal rim of jungle around Mt. Tahoma prowled by transdimensional reptiles. The Amanuensis catalogues his expedition up the volcano slope and records stories of explorers caught in the evolving dreamscape. Paleo-mythic lizard pyromancy. Blood whisper secrets. Carnivorous astronauts. Cursed poem hallucinations. Staying sane is not an option.
RSS Feed: https://greatchameleonwar.libsyn.com/rss
7/14: WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, & Glory (Dramatised - Sport)
Site: https://wg3wrestling.com/
Synopsis: The official podcast for WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, and Glory! Every week we will break down all the action on Monday Night Substance, livestream Pay-per-views, conduct interviews with your favorite wrestlers, and dish out all the 100% unfiltered and uncensored dirt in the world of your favorite fictional wrestling world. Hardcore wrestling fiction for hardcore wrestling fans!
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/2102e100/podcast/rss

7/15: ConSensual (Dramatised - Romance)
Site: https://consensual.sounder.fm/
Synopsis: Romance for riot grrrls. Join us for season one, Ten Week Turnabout, a contemporary romance story featuring a strong heroine in New York City and her small town turnabout date from the life she thought she left behind.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.sounder.fm/3182/rss.xml

7/15: Fast Times at D&D High (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Site: https://fasttimesdnd.com/
Synopsis: Fast Times at D&D High is a new Actual Play podcast set in a magical homebrew world from the mind of Dungeon Master Persephone!
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/fasttimesdnd/feed.xml
7/16: Dying Breeds (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://linktr.ee/dyingbreeds
Synopsis: Dying Breeds is a mockumentary series about clinging onto the old ways. Your host and roving reporter, Gervaise Sareen, searches out the people and professions of yesteryear to see if their days are numbered, or whether there's life in the old dogs yet.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.acast.com/public/shows/5f06236f93c905058972fff1
7/16: The Long Short Road (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://soundcloud.com/user-649069426/the-long-short-road-radio-drama
Synopsis: A quick tale of one woman's interactions with charity.
7/16: The Vertical Path (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://soundcloud.com/theverticalpath
Synopsis: When Earth catches a glimpse of a war raging on a distant world, human civilization begins to develop a conflict of its own.
7/17: CALLISTO (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://anchor.fm/elliot-somerfield/
Synopsis: "I know that there is something down there beneath the surface of this moon. It’s been there billions of years, entirely alone, waiting, until we arrived - and it knows that we are here." When five astronauts are sent to one of Jupiter's moons to research its sustainability for a potential colony, they discover a mysterious signal coming from below the surface, a signal which raises the suspicion that they may not be as alone as they thought.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/229b3184/podcast/rss

7/17: The Jeane Dixon Effect (Dramatised - Historical)
Site: http://www.buzzsprout.com/1217390
Synopsis: Jeane Dixon, America’s first “celebrity psychic,” comes to life in Joseph Rodota’s play, THE JEANE DIXON EFFECT. The former Southern California housewife predicted everything from presidential assassinations to Hollywood marriages, captivating television talk show hosts and dominating supermarket tabloids. Was she a genuine psychic? Or simply delusional? And did her cat really have ESP? Starring Valerie Leonard as Jeane Dixon.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1217390.rss

7/17: This Mortal Coil (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://aulosproductions.com/this-mortal-coil-2020/
Synopsis: When a Hamlet-inspired murder ruins her dress rehearsal, Elissa’s delighted. The detective’s an old actor pal and she’d forgotten her lines anyway. Lured in by the promise of Jammie Dodgers, Elissa pursues a dastardly killer with a penchant for Shakespeare. A comedy audio murder mystery by award-winning writer James Beagon.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.soundcloud.com/playlists/soundcloud:playlists:1093699855/sounds.rss
7/17: Voices from the Unknown (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://soundcloud.com/voicesfromtheunknown
Synopsis: Write. Record. Listen. A self-publishing audio platform for new writing. Writing submissions can be sent to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). The first show is Lockdown Quiz, perhaps unsurprisingly about a quiz during lockdown.
7/18: Red Dirt DnD (RPG - Western)
Site: https://www.reddirtdnd.com/
Synopsis: Red Dirt DnD mashes together fantasy with the Wild West. The actual play Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast takes place in the fictional country of Rutoya as four adventurers map the Ka’alban Frontier for the Dwarven train barons. Elves and Orcs collide with saloons and sheriffs in this show featuring local Oklahoma actors and D&D veterans.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.captivate.fm/reddirtdnd/
7/18: White Heron Theatre (Dramatised - Anthology)
Site: https://www.whiteherontheatre.org/white-heron-radio-theatre-3/
Synopsis: In the theatre we have a tradition. Whenever the stage goes dark between performances, we always like to leave a single light burning in the house until the curtain can rise again. We call it - a “ghost light.” And until we can all meet once more at White Heron, we’re pleased to offer you something we like to call our Ghost Light Series. Original Radio Drama created especially for you, our Nantucket audience. Nantucket's White Heron Theatre Company presents White Heron Radio Theatre. Our first series, The Ghost Light Series, is adapted by Mark Shanahan from Blue Baillett's book Nantucket Ghosts, 44 True Accounts. Performed by White Heron's award-winning actors. Original music, sound design and audio production by John Gromada. Produced by White Heron Theatre Company.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/aV1QngEo

7/19: Echo Chamber Audio Plays (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Site: https://linktr.ee/echochamberaudio
Synopsis: Passionate about new-writing, we develop scripts through virtual table reads, and we make audio plays. We are interested in telling stories we dont often hear, by people we want to hear more from. All are welcome here. We want to evolve into a community of people that make and take the form forward - a true audio collective.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/echochambefeed.xml

7/19: Parallel Lies (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://parallelliespodcast.tumblr.com/
Synopsis: In which a space pirate and an AI have a really long conversation... In the distant future (and in space), Deryn wakes up in a doorless room, with only a disembodied AI voice to keep her company. Bored (and slowly losing her mind), Deryn tells Tobias her story. But not everything is as it seems.
RSS Feed: https://anchor.fm/s/2cc1b700/podcast/rss
7/19: Rise of the Shattered Sun (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Site: https://davidewright.com/
Synopsis: Rise of the Shattered Sun is an Audio Drama set 800 years in the future. After a global conflict, an unlikely source wrested peace from the jaws of chaos. The Sol system has changed, and humanity is not just for humans.
RSS Feed: https://rotsspod.libsyn.com/rss
7/20: Low Tide (Dramatised - Comedy)
Site: https://lowtide.fm
Synopsis: In our world, Low Tide is a scripted comedy podcast. But in fictional Conch County, Low Tide is a popular news and culture radio program that airs on Conch Public Radio. If you're a fan of NPR, Parks and Recreation, or Welcome To Night Vale, tune in to Low Tide. We have tote bags.
RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/mmzP_KsS
7/20: The Case Files of Donovan Thane (Dramatised - Horror)
Site: https://thecasefilesofdonovanthane.podbean.com/
Synopsis: Vampire Detective Donovan Thane takes on any case. Even those of the macabre and other worldly.
RSS Feed: https://feed.podbean.com/thecasefilesofdonovanthane/feed.xml

7/20: The Landscape of a Heart (Fiction - Thriller)
Site: https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-landscape-of-a-heart-audio-book
Synopsis: Returning home from war, recovering from what should have been fatal injuries, Matt Blair has spent months in isolation in his childhood bedroom. He has been welcomed and celebrated as a war hero by his family. As summer wanes, Matt decides it's time for him to put it all behind him and move on. In a seemingly manic episode and to his family's surprise, he embarks on a vacation alone. But the world would soon crumble around him making the tragedy he was trying to move on from, just the beginning.

A rescue operation through the desolate wasteland that was once the midwest of the United States and the fateful connection to the destruction is too much to be only a coincidence.
Matt begins his true journey. A journey that will exceed the boundaries of his own life and sanity, his pain and the human collective unconscious ensues. The true Landscape of a Human Heart is revealed.
RSS Feed: https://www.spreaker.com/show/4453956/episodes/feed
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2020.07.27 13:20 adopt27JJul Famous G-ay Da-ting A-pp

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2020.07.27 12:48 27JJulbarium Are There Any Actual Da-ting We-bsites ?

Are There Any Actual Da-ting We-bsites ?
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2020.07.27 12:03 elvis27JJul Golf Da-ting A-pp

Golf Da-ting A-pp
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Houston Dating App How to Get on Raya Dating App Interracial Dating Central App Is Kik a Dating App Ivy League Dating App Jaumo Dating App Lesbian Dating Apps 2019 Lesbian Hookup Dating Apps Luxy Dating App Review Madison Dating App Marriage Dating App Mate 1 Dating App

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2020.07.22 07:11 my_sfw_altaccount Jason Stewart

Name: Jason Stewart
Personality: Jason is a showoff. He tries to have all of his fights end in a one sided beat down.
Background: Up until the White Event Jason lived a fairly average life. Then during the White Event while he was on a trip to San Francisco he got hit by a bus because the driver was blinded during the flash. However instead of dying he just got knocked over and stood up. Now he has super powers.
Date of Birth: Early 1996
Appearance: 5' 10", 160 lbs, black hair, and brown eyes
Base of Operations: NYC
Allies: None for now
Gear: A baton and knife.
Tier: Gamma
  • Enhanced Physicals
Durability Type Unphased Tank Stagger Knockdown KO Other
Energy (Joules) >75 KJ 75 KJ-14 MJ 14-30 MJ 30-40 MJ 40-75 MJ
Thermal N/A N/A N/A N/A 750° Fahrenheit 20 times resistant to change.
Energy Density - - - - - 337 KJ/1 mm2
Crushing/Ripping (Tons) >8 tons 8-40 tons 40-95 tons 95-190 tons 190-300 tons -
Lifting Strength Striking Energy
160 tons 25 MJ
Foot Speed, Acceleration Distance Combat Speed Reactions
Mach .5 (170 m/s) Mach .4 (137 m/s) 8 ms
  • Pain Immunity: Jason does not feel pain.
  • Salt Manipulation
    • Jason can generate salt at a rate of 1000 lb/s
    • He can manipulate 1000 pounds of salt at a time.
    • He can put 200 kj of energy into his salt
    • Jason can move said salt around at 94 m/s.
    • This power has a range of 100 ft
  • Killed a skeleton with similar physicals to himself.
  • Kicked a baby in the jaw.
  • Grinded an average human's legs down in less than a second.
  • Grinded the face off of someone with the similar stats to alpha brick in a few seconds.
  • Grinded the face off of someone who had similar stats to bravo brick in ten seconds.
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2020.07.20 19:31 rondi7 AT&T 4G Internet speeds dropped 2 weeks ago, and my home location changed from WA to CA

I live in N Idaho--about 60miles NE of Spokane, WA. I purchased a Prepaid AT&T Unlimited Data Plan and a Netgear Nighthawk M1 from https://www.unlimitedinternetprovider.com/ or about 12/302019. I paid for the first month of AT&T on 1/8/2020 for 34.66 and monthly after that for 34.99. All has worked great until recently when my download speeds dropped and now does not support HD TV streaming from YouTube or YTTV, Prime, etc via 2019 Shield Pro-- Ethernet to my Router which is USB tethered to the Nighthawk. The resolution drops to 480p. My Speedtest.net download speeds vary from less than 10gbps to just over 20gbps. My signal strength bars on the Nighthawk show 3 bars, the right side of the round display shows a full curve--the white line. All this seems the same as prior to the slowdown.
Another odd thing:
  1. Prior to the slowdown, when I would go to HomeDepot.com in my browser, it would show my closest store in the Seattle area. Now when I go to Homedepot.com it shows my closest store is in Daly City, CA--just south of San Francisco.
  2. Speedtest.net also finds the best server in Walnut Creek, CA vs the Seattle, WA area prior to my slowdown.
  3. YouTubeTV disabled my account because I was not in my home area. I had to open the App on my iPad, and establish my home, which it found to be the Spokane, WA area--which is correct.
  4. Yesterday after I opened my Amazon account, I got an email notice:
We detected a sign-in to your account from a new device. When: Jul 19, 2020 04:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time Device: Mozilla Firefox Windows (Desktop) Near: California, United States
Could it be, and my local tower receives my signal, they are routing it to CA vs the Seattle, WA which is slowing down the transfer speeds, and pings?
This is from my email AT&T receipt dated 7/6/2020:Your auto-renew of Unlimited MB for 30 days - LTE was successful. Your purchase amount was $34.99.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks much, Ron
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2020.07.19 01:35 Flamefang92 Kaiserreich Beta 0.13 - ‘A King and his Captain’

Continuing our pattern of smaller, more focused updates we are delighted to bring you the Romanian rework! Of course we haven’t been idle in other places; many other nations, notably Serbia, have received changes as well. In addition, we are very pleased to give you one of our greatest performance improvements to date as a result of our new division limit and our totally rewritten annexation decisions; details for both can be found below. We hope you enjoy this update!
- The KR4 team
New Systems
Division Limit:
A new mechanic has been added to all nations; the division limit. It represents the total number of divisions that a country can safely support. The AI will simply not build past this limit. Players can build past this limit, but they will be notified when they’re over it (via a flashing alert on their Recruit & Deploy tab) and will receive a malus that increases the more they go over that limit.
Other Notable Additions
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths
New Game Rules
New portraits for:
Music Mod
Notable Fixes
Other Fixes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Éloïse, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Fort, Gideones, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
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2020.07.18 17:56 Army_Bot Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (4/29 to 5/5)

I have an appointment with my cardiologist later today to determine if my heart condition will disqualify me from service. If not, is there a specific form he needs to fill out or will a straight up letter from him be enough for the recruiter? I have to get past this before meps.
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I'm moving across the country and am transferring to a different reserve unit as well. I'd like to turn in my old UCP OCIE since I've already got the OCP stuff from when I deployed. My current unit says they can't take back equipment unless I'm ETSing/going into the IRR. I really don't want to drag around 4 boxes of old crap that I'll never use again. Is supply trying to avoid doing their job like always, or am I being a little baby (not mutually exclusive).
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Anyone have a HAAP assignment for after Korea? What are the odds of it staying like that?
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So my recruiter sent my med pack up to meps for a surgery I had. I guess we missed a couple of xrays meps kicked it back and requested the docs and xrays. We got those and sent the packet up again today. My recruiter said meps has 3 days to process the packet. My question is, has anybody had meps give you an answer before their deadline?
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Are there any former Marines that are now Army officers? I have some super specific questions lol.
Link to Comment Chain
Quick question hopefully. I'm prior service national guard going to active duty. I've already signed the dotted line and joined with a ship date coming up. Does anyone have any idea what I should expect being prior service? As of right now I have no uniforms to wear or anything and no point of contact with my unit. I actually dont have any information at all besides them telling me I must be at the MEPS station again soon to ship. I wont be going back to basic. I've asked my recruiter but they dont seem to know anything about the process. Also I was national guard so I never worried about having to move anywhere so I'm not sure how that experience is. Not really sure where I'll be living or anything. I also dont have a valid military ID. I guess my question is just asking if theres any prior service that have any idea of what I should expect.
Edit: I'm also married with one child. We figure they should stay home until I get there and figure everything out?
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I'm considering enlisting, but I'm having a hard time trying to think of how to talk with my parents about it. I know that it's not their decision at the end of the day (I'm 19, been living in a different state on my own), but I still want them to support it and all that. I know that they'll probably be the most worried about me taking time away from school for AIT (it'll probably bleed into Fall semester based on my job choices) What's the best way to go about having this conversation with my parents?
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Any of you guys ever see a DS go a little too far into Full Metal Jacket mode and have a new private start laughing or smiling and be unable to stop?
I have to assume somebody somewhere has inadvertently gone just over the line and made somebody laugh who’s seen the movie.
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What benefits do you lose when enlisting 2 years? I know you only get like %80 of your GI Bill and there is no enlisting bonus because enlisting 2 years is bonus itself. What else is different than enlisting 3-4 or more? How about overseas deployment?
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I’m graduating in a few weeks from my university, and am already in DEP. Supposed to ship in a month as an E-4 35F. I was just informed that I won’t have my transcripts updated to show I’m graduated by the time I ship, so I won’t be able to get E-4. Already talked to my school multiple times, and they put me on the priority list, but it’s otherwise out of their hands.
My recruiter says I may lose my MOS if my ship date gets pushed back, or I will have to ship as an E-3. I’m not willing to ship under either of these conditions unfortunately. Is there anything to be done? Thanks in advance.
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I have some quick questions that I'd appreciate candid answers to.
I've recently applied for a very specific role in the military that doesn't fall into the usual experience, and didn't end up receiving the job.
In preparation for the interview, however, I was required to go through MEPS, take the ASVAB, et cetera. My recruiter has told me I have the degrees and scores to qualify for OCS, or to enlist as 35p.
I don't think I'd really like to be an officer or a for-life military guy, but learning a high-value language sounds very interesting to me, particularly if it's one that could continue being useful in post military life, either as a civilian contractor or otherwise. I'm thinking Mandarin, Farsi, Russian, that sort of thing.
For any 35p out there, do you have any say on your assigned language (assuming you've tested into their category, or whatever)?
How long was your language course and following AIT?
I've read that there's a difference in being assigned tactical work and strategic, one being more in the field, and the other being more of a desk job. Do you have any control over your assignment, or is it strictly based on the needs of the Army?
Likewise, I'm planning on getting married sometime in the near future. My fiance is a civilian med student, so obviously there are difficulties to consider with that. She would be happy to locate somewhere near any long term station in the US, but obviously can't practice overseas, so being stationed for years somewhere she couldn't work wouldnt work out for us. Is this something we'd have any control over?
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How can i physically know or check if i can handle army bct bootcamp and the army and meps?
Talking about knee and lower extremities.
Generally in the recent past had slightly sore and swollen right knee and acheyness.
What physical activities if i can pass the majority of them decently, to prove to myself and factually that i can handle bct bootcamp? Of that my knee would be no problem?
1 or 2 mile jog / 1 or 2 mile run / crab walk / bear crawls / prone crawling the ground / prone crawling backwards on back / rope climb / jumping jacks / burpees / side to side running aerobics, etc?
And i guess should see my doctors or knee doctors opinion.
Also does being super “light on your feet / flyweight” help immensely?
Like getting super lean and low on weight and bmi chart. Right above underweight category but still normal weight. Such as if youre 6 foot 1 or 6 foot 2 but you weigh like 160-172 instead of 195.
Thank you!
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Can a command essentially eliminate the rank of corporal? I know you can add to requirements but not take away. Seems ridiculous for a brigade to go no corporals then laterally demote everyone who is a corporal to specialist because they don’t authorize the rank.
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What are the Army's need for 67J right now? I'll be taking the SIFT and flight physical next week. Once the AMEDD BOLC and flight school is complete where are 67J's typically stationed? How competitive is this MOS at OCS?
Link to Comment Chain
Do I need to get my widsom teeth removed before I go active? I'm in my late 20s and they have come through normally. No issues.
I already did my medical at MEPS but need to start oral birth control before shipping. What do I do? Technically I'm not on any meds according to the file they have. Is that something that would delay me from shipping because I'd have to re-do the medical?
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So I'm getting my bachelors in a week and thinking about becoming an officer. I'm pretty good physical shape however I've had a long history of mental issues (newly discovered Aspergers, Diagnosed Anxiety with daily meds, and had suicidal thoughts in the past). Would this be an ok career path for me or am I gravely mistaken?
A bit more background: I've had a childhood obsession with military history and, if I remember rightly, got a 96 on the ASVAB in my senior year of high school (may be mis-remembering it for the AFQT, I can't be sure) however went to college because it just seemed like the right thing to do.
I highly appreciate any advice on this matter. Thank you in advance.
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what's the OSUT length for 11b and 19d as of 2019? it was 14 weeks 11b and 16 weeks 19d before.
i know that they extended 11b to 22 weeks, does that mean 24 weeks 19d or is it only for 11b?
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so im thinking of enlisting as a 35P right out of high school. Ive done some research but i want to know more from actual people, i know english and spanish if that matters. i got an 88 in my asvab if that matters also
my questions would be; where are you usually deployed after basic training?, what decides if the job is going to be more of a desk job or in the field?, what is the promotion speed compared to other MOS, what are you doing for most of the time on the job, is it dangerous
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I just joined the Florida ARNG and will be leaving to BCT in the coming months, and I just found out that as a Guardsman I am entitled to BAH while I am in IET. I currently do not have an active lease, but I am contemplating getting on my brother's lease in San Francisco so that I could help him with rent there, and also because I will be going to language school in Monterrey an hour and a half North for about a year (35P). Before I do this however, I want to make sure that I am not doing anything wrong and am not committing BAH Fraud, I already listed his address as my mailing address before I even knew about BAH (I do not have a stable residence where I can get mail while in training).
Should I get on his Lease and collect BAH? or would this be considered fraud?
Note: Single/no dependents.
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Reclassing to 35F and retention asked if I wanted to go airborne and I said yes. Once I put in my time at bragg what are some great duty stations for 35F I should be shooting for? I reaaaaaally wanted group but it sounds like that is not where theyre sending me.
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What do you need in order to be a warrant officer and can they pilot helicopters? Getting so many different answers from the internet and i cant find a solid one
Correction: what kind of education do you need to be a WO
Link to Comment Chain
For my local officer board, there was not enough officers to board officer candidates..... does that happen often?
How often do they host a board? Monthly? Quarterly?
Link to Comment Chain
Any advice for a newly sworn in 68W? Ship to basic at Ft. Sill on October 9th
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I went to a recruiter today to enquirer about the WOFT program. I told him that I have really bad vision (probably 20/180 to 20/200, been a while since my last appointment), and I would have to get eye surgery before enlisting. He said that so long as my vision is correctable to 20/20 with eyeglasses I qualify.
Is this true? It doesn't sound right, and I'm fairly certain he is trying to bullshit me.
He also told me that they removed the requirement stating that applicants can only take the SIFT twice in their life, and it can be taken an indefinite number of times. Is this true?
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So might be outside of the scope of this thread, but one of my best friends is graduating from West Point this year, and I want to get him a graduation gift. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for what I should get him that might fall within the budget of a somewhat broke college student, and I have never been in the military, so I am asking around in different places to see what suggestions people have. I can also add what his MOS is and where he is going if that would help. I am planning on getting him some Air Force gear or something like that as a funny/joke gift, but I would also like to get him something practical and useful. I'm thinking maybe a G-Shock GW M5610, since I have heard that is kind of the end-all/SHTF watch, but he already has a G-Shock. I'm also posting this from my alt, since I'm pretty sure my friend uses Reddit, and he would recognize my normal username.
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11 Bravo
Not option 40 but I can get 11 Bravo. Can I still get Ranger once I’m there? Or is it out of the question? I got a 46 on my asvab, but the recruiter can’t give me RIP. In my opinion they don’t have shit else to offer me but infantry. Also as crazy as it sounds I’d hate to not deploy. I wanna do my fuckn job if I go.
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First off— I don’t do any kind of drugs. I got my urinalysis back that there were little traces of Amphetamine in it. They proceeded to ask me if I had been taking any kind of pre-work out/supplements. I mentioned that I had been sick and was taking OTC cold and allergy medicine prior to the drug test. If I had known I would pop hot, I would of mentioned it before hand but I had no idea. I had been taking Sudafed, cold/flu medicine. I proceeded to let them know and was told to get a lawyer. My commander, LT, and First SGT know of my innocence. I planned on making a career out of this and had been in roughly 6 years. I’m a SGT myself. I have a family and cannot afford to lose my job on account of this. I’m a little shocked that something like this has happened to me, and don’t understand how OTC medicine can cause this.
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Can you switch easily from 11B to 68W? I think getting medical training would allow more options for post-military jobs.
Link to Comment Chain
Asked multiple times, no response. What is my best chance at infantry deployment? I can’t get option 40 in my contract but I can get 11 bravo. Can I still get ranger down the road? How soon if so?
Link to Comment Chain
So i may or may not be pregnant but i was just wondering that if i were to have an abortion would i still be able to join the army?
Link to Comment Chain
Im 16 and plan on joining in 9 months as a 31E internment/resettlement specialist. I think about the army everyday. Any advice or input?
Link to Comment Chain
I talked to a recruiter on the phone and apparently I’m not eligible until I’ve been off of an antidepressant medication for atleast 3 years. That is the only thing holding me back, I can’t find much information about this online can anybody tell me if there is a way around this, can I withhold that information or simply stop taking the medication and lie about it?
Link to Comment Chain
Okay so I’ve been dealing with back acne for YEARS like some severe and serious acne on my back y’all lol I haven’t took my shirt off in public since I come out the womb. I’m now 20 years old and really want to enlist in the Army for numerous reasons. I’m physically in great shape and absolutely ready mentally to do this but the only thing that’s restricting me from taking the last step and going to Meps is my gahdamn back acne man. It was REALLY bad about 2 years ago and completely covered my back but not it’s pretty much ALL scarring which does look really bad but I could give a shit how I look, as far as acne itself it’s really not bad and minimal on my back but it just looks so bad because of my scarring. What can I do here? Could I go to my doctor and have them write a letter stating that it’s mostly all scarring and it won’t restrict me in anyway? Any help I appreciate it boys.
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I’ve been looking into joining the army for like 6 months now. I’m going to be a senior in high school in August. Ive looked information up online but don’t really seem to understand most of it. I’ve tried talking seriously to my parents whether I should join or not but they call me crazy because they see the army as a fast way to die. No one I know has served the army so I’m not sure what is done on the army. Here are some questions I’m hoping people can answer. - How long does one server? Is it long? - What exactly is boot camp? Is that to prepare you for the army? - I’ve looked in the Marines and see that you have to pass a physical test(s). What do they test? How many test? - Can I join and still go to college? - Is it like a job where I get paid? - Do I have to live in a barrack with other people? - What is ROTC? My school is offering JROTC next year and was wondering if I should join as a senior. - Will I be deployed to a different state or country if I enter?
Those are some I can think of. Please answer if you can.
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So here i am, 18 years old and ready to join the army. The MOS that i’m most interested in (25V) isn’t a very common one i’m told and there aren’t very many training slots. Today my recruiter called the ROC to see if he could pull some strings to secure a slot, to no avail. I’m fine with waiting until there is an opening, but they don’t feel that way. My recruiter is pushing hard for me to find another open training slot and insisting that i can get a 2 year contract with an MOS that is closely related to 25V and then reclass afterwards. This is not something i want to do, as i don’t want to do 2 years in something that i don’t care about when i could’ve got the MOS i want to begin with. My recruiter then tells me it could take 8 months to a year for a 25V slot, i need to open up my options, and “it isn’t his job to call the ROC everyday asking if an open slot is available for me”. Any advice on what to do next? Should i wait, or should i just try to find another MOS?
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Ok, I am an 09S in the NG who just completed BCT. I was all set to attend state OCS in July but now I'm being told that I have to wait a year for the next OCS course... I'm feeling completely blindsided by this because having to wait a year to start OCS greatly impacts my contract and my civilian career. Furthermore, everything says that I'm supposed to be doing OCS in July of 2019 and it was never indicated that I would have to wait an entire year...
Is there anything I can do about this? I know that this type of thing happens all the time in the military but I want to know if there is any way to fight it.
Thanks in advance.
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Anyone know if battery operated shavers are allowed at BCT ? I can’t shave with a manual razor for shit and would prefer to not fuck over my platoon with my stubble
This is the one I was thinking about getting
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Any boot recommendations for OCPs?
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I enlisted in the air force in May but was ELS-ed in June 2018. My separation code is JFY (adjustment disorder) and my reentry code is 2C. I was never suicidal in basic training and wasn't put into the psych ward or given any treatment. Following my separation I didn't pursue any treatment or take any prescriptions to treat my "adjustment disorder". I really don't believe any adjustment disorder was present because I've had no issues with change in the past (I've moved schools and changed careers several times). I'm currently working on getting a psych eval with a psychologist in my area to see if they can overturn/undiagnose the adjustment order diagnosis.
My question is as follows; is there any chance that I'll be able to enlist in the Army? I understand that this is a question for my recruiter but I won't have the opportunity to meet with him until Friday. Is it just a case of finding the right recruiter and getting a waiver or would I have to go through an appeals process before I could even try that

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I am going to MEPS to enlist soon hopefully something CMF 35, active duty. I am prior service, not army. I hear that the army will 'negotiate' things with you when it is time to reenlist, things like PCSing to a base you want, or homesteading in place if you like it there. What other non-monetary things can be asked for and reasonable granted in this situation? I have every intention of finishing my 20, but should I make my initial enlistment as short as possible so that I can get to this 'negotiating table' sooner rather than later?
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Can someone tell me why 11x, option 4 (airborne school) seems to be hard to get when enlisting?
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Sorry if this comes off as the wrong place to post this, or too long, I swear I’ve done a bunch of research but I’ve never found a concise answer to a really big question of mine, specifically regarding joining civil affairs.
I’m turning 19 in a few months, and for the last 3 years, I’ve been grinding pretty hard to join the army (7 min miles for 9 miles, 80 push up set, 100 sit up set, 2 hours tread water, and learning Arabic (6.5/10 fluency) on Rosetta Stone while bettering my French (4/10 fluency) using my frosh material). I was just accepted to a T20 college, so I’ll be doing that without doing ROTC (I want to enjoy my college experience, and to be honest, smoke weed before I can’t. Also college doesn’t offer it nearby anyway) but I still am dying to become a civil affairs officer.
Because I really like to plan ahead, and recognize that this information may change in the next 4 years, what are the steps I need to take after getting my degree to becoming an active duty 38A Civil Affairs Officer? Everything from OCS to getting to CAAS as concisely as possible would be incredibly helpful. I know that this is a really tall order, but if I can confirm everything at once, I know I won’t have any misconceptions.
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I expect a million or more down votes for this, but I've need to tell this story and get some answers for quit some time.
Last year, I joined the Army out of shape at 29. I realized my mistake quickly. I never got sent to FTU but I was still a failure at all things physical in basic training, especially when it came to running. Everyone else in my company and platoon were all 19-20 year old dudes who have been working out since middle school and dominating sporting events. I was the skinny guy who mostly played video games and had a gun hobby. Our company commander would get so disgusted with me he'd have me lay down as a casualty and have my platoon carry me. Still, I didn't quit.
I pushed myself to my limit but it still wasn't good enough. I pushed myself to the point I got hurt and couldn't train. Watching everyone else train while I became the sick call Ranger made me suicidal. I knew that even after recovery, I was still going to continue to fail. I decided I either needed to leave, or I was going to sneak a live round into a battle buddy's M4 and blow my brains out. So I did. I finally quit.
Fast forward to now, and it's the biggest regret I have. Of course, friends and family will give me the whole, "at least you tried" bullshit but it doesn't help. I'm arguably more depressed than I was before. But, I see no options. With a separation code 3, turning 30, still being out of shape with no hope of ever getting back in shape, I see no hope of every being a solider. I wish I could rewind the clock, be 14 again, and train my ass off knowing I wanted to sign up fresh out of high school, but that obviously can't happen either.
I just need to hear to from someone else I guess. Do I still have a shot at this or no? Should I just focus on civilian life or give this another shot?
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Ok i made a post but it got deleted so i think this is the right place:

Hello everyone, i'm a green card holder and unfortunately i'm not be able to pick MOS's that requires secret or higher clearance.
If anyone doesn't know, these are the jobs i can choose: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/army-enlisted-job-descriptions-and-qualification-factors-3346179
Before you tell me, i did research, A LOT. but most of them from like a decade ago and things are changed obviously.
About me, i have college degree on Sports and i workout regularly since 6 years (gym + kickbox). I've checked the APFT chart and i'm like 250+.
I also have CDL but i didn't like driving trucks so much.
I was thinking either 11x or 19D would be exciting and after service i would like to be a LEO so i thought that'd be helpful.
But as far as i read, since it's like a peacetime, it's not good idea to be infantry. Instead of shooting stuff more like pulling weeds and moving lawns, right? So not much fun.
So i'm thinking about 88N or 88M. 88N seems like not bad and you can use it in civilian life. 88M because if i can't be a LEO i can continue driving trucks and it would be good experience on my resume since most good companies requires atleast 2+ years driving experience.
Is there any good MOS from the list that i've missed? I feel like i'm not into mechanic or medical stuff... I don't think i can pass AIT with those lol.
What would you pick from that list and why?
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Good afternoon everyone,
I signed my 09S contract (for active duty) and ship to BCT in slightly less than 3 months from now. I hope to branch Infantry out of OCS. How competitive is it to branch Infantry at the moment? Do you have any advice for OCS? What kind of PT scores can I expect to be in after BCT? (I'm running 2 miles in ~15:20, can max out the situps and can do 50 pushups).
Thank you for your time.
Edit: I should be more specific with what I'm asking. How likely is it that I'll end up in an OCS class with only 3 or 4 Infantry slots?
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Does anyone know if VTIP results came out yet?
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Questions about Commissioning as 38A
I’m 20 years old currently in college. I decided to join either the Massachusetts National Guard or the Army Reserves, likely after Fall Semester of 2019 (which begins in September and ends mid December). The only reason I have that preference is because I’m getting a dual degree in Political Science and Economics, and I’ll have all of my PoliSci credits completed by next semester—I will not, however, have the actual degree (have not yet completed all language requirements) so commissioning is off the table for the time being (most of that’s irrelevant to my question I just want to be thorough so I can get he best advice possible).
Basically, I’d like to know the best route to follow so I can commission as a 38A after I return to school (I’d like/kind of need the GI Bill benefits to continue my education which is why I’m not waiting until I actually graduate), get my degrees, finish my enlistment contract, and reclass as a Civil Affairs Officer.
Specifically: •Should I join the reserves or the guard? 20th SFG has a detachment Massachusetts, but I have read some places that slots for SF in the guard are very hard to come by.
•What MOS should I enlist as. I’d imagine intelligence is probably the best way to go, and am most interested in 35F, 35M, or 35L from what I’ve read on the Army website and the megathreads on this subreddit. I’ve also seen a few sources that recommend enlisting as a 68W and getting assigned as the medic for a PSYOP unit after going to Airborne School.
•For the 68W Route: how likely is it to get assigned to a PSYOP unit assuming one can even have the opportunity to go to Ft. Bragg?
•Lastly, where and when should I talk to a recruiter? I was planning on contacting one in my home area around July, but I am worried that I won’t be able to regularly meet with them or go to RSP while I’m away during the school year. Should I contact a recruiter in my college area as soon as next semester starts? I’d rather start the process sooner rather than later just in case it takes months for a slot at AIT to open and I’m stuck sitting around with my thumb up my ass. Also, should I just forget about doing one more semester before taking a year off to complete my training? I’m not too hung up on the desire to complete all my PoliSci credits considering I’ll be coming back to the same school after I enlist and everything will carry over: its more of a personal bookkeeping thing than anything else.
TL;DR: Guard or Reserves? Intelligence or medic? Start now with a local recruiter or start in September with a recruiter near school?
Sorry if this breaks any rules. I know there are megathreads relating to all the MOS’s I mentioned, but I have specific questions I couldn’t find the answers to through reddit or google. I appreciate any help.
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Any advice for a female (19) going to basic? Stupid mistakes to avoid or just general advise? What is the best MOS for females? Any MOS for civilian careers?
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2020.07.15 03:42 CoinEx_Institution Near Protocol Analysis by CoinEx Ambassador Garet Johan

Near Protocol Analysis by CoinEx Ambassador Garet Johan
Author: Garet Johan, CoinEx Ambassador
Based on San Francisco, California, United States
Founded Date July 1, 2018
NEAR is a sharded, developer-friendly, proof-of-stake blockchain. Put another way, it is like a public community-run cloud platform. That means it is a highly scalable, low cost platform for developers to create decentralized apps on top of.
Allow developers to build blockchain native mobile dApps and run it where the users are (mobile phones), giving developers a key onramp into dApps.
Through sharding by state, allow the blockchain to scale close to linearly with the number of nodes in a network.
Allow blockchain entrepreneurs to quickly iterate and come up with successful business models since they both have scalable blockchain and easy access to users via first mobile-native blockchain.
Problems to be solved:
Building better tools for developers
High transactions per second trough sharding technology
More decentralization
Fundamentally, the NEAR platform is a marketplace between willing participants. On the supply side, operators of the validator nodes and other fundamental infrastructure need to be incentivized to provide these services which make up the “community cloud.” On the demand side, the developers and end-users of the platform who are paying for its use need to be able to do so in a way which is simple, clear and consistent so it helps them.
Micro level to create new business models by directly compensating the developers who create its most useful applications.
Macro level by coordinating the efforts of a broader set of ecosystem participants who participate in everything from education to governance.
Business Model:
NEAR is a protocol and also a platform that uses the blockchain to create a place where developers can use the blockchain where the token has the use of staking and making the governance possible and paid for transaction fees, amongst other things.
Epoch Rewards
Node operators are paid for their service a fixed percentage of total supply as a “security” fee of roughly 4.5% annualized.
Protocol treasury: In addition to validators, the protocol treasury receives 0.5% of total supply annually to continuously re-invest into ecosystem development.
Transaction Costs:
Usage of the network consumes two separate kinds of resources — instantaneous and long term. Instantaneous costs are generated by every transaction because each transaction requires the usage of both the network itself and some of its computation resources. These are priced together as a mostly-predictable cost per transaction, which is paid in NEAR tokens.
Compute (CPU) is a momentary resource spent on executing a transaction. The cost of each CPU instruction is denominated in “gas” units and its price is determined based on the slowly adjusted price of gas (denominated in NEAR tokens)
Storage Costs:
Storage is a long term cost because storing data represents an ongoing burden to the nodes of the network. Storage costs are covered by maintaining minimum balance of NEAR tokens on the account or contract. This provides an indirect mechanism of payment via inflation to validators for maintaining contract and account state on their nodes.
Inflation is the combination of payouts to validators and the protocol treasury minus the collected transaction fees (and a few other NEAR burning mechanics like the name auction. Overall, the maximum inflation is 5%, which can go down over time as network gets more usage and more transactions fees are burned. It’s possible that inflation becomes negative (total supply decreases) if there are enough fees burned.
Security Thresholds:
Some thresholds which provide for good behavior among participants are set using economic incentives.
Economic Stakeholders
Validators: Provide the computational resource and security for the network by running nodes.
Developers: Create the applications which run atop the network
Token Holders: Accounts or applications which maintain token balances
NEAR Foundation: An independent entity which coordinates the governance and technical evolution efforts of the network participants.
Third Party Observers: The observers of the chain who provide extra fraud and bad behavior protection.
Users: Users of applications on the network who do not maintain token balances.
Team Information
The Near team is comprised of competitive programming champions and veterans from several major tech companies, such as Google, Facebook and Niantic. YC alum and CEO Alex Skidanov was the first employee at the sharded database company MemSQL and CTO Illia Polosukhin was a core contributor to Google’s TensorFlow machine learning library while working in their prestigious research division. The Near engineering team includes a 2-time ICPC world champion, 3 gold medalists and multiple finalists plus the business team has deep experience building and scaling technical startups.
Core Members

Based on https://near.org/team/ currently there are 44 members mostly European and American.
The only thing related with project Roadmap is from this year 2020.

There were 1,000,000,000 NEAR tokens created at Genesis on April 22, 2020. This will be allocated in the following way, where each category is described in greater detail in the following sections:

2019 Achievements
We launched our Whiteboard Series, which features a collection of over 30 deep-dives into various blockchain protocols.
With finalising NEAR’s design, we started our Lunch & Learn Series on YouTube, providing a deep dive into the underlying mechanisms of NEAR protocol.
Alex was live coding core features of the NEAR Protocol in October.
Nightshade: Near Protocol Sharding Design
Near Protocol Randomness Beacon
Fast Finality and Resilience to Long Range Attacks with Proof of Space-Time and
Casper-like Finality Gadget
Doomslug: block confirmation with single round of communication, and a finality gadget with guaranteed liveness
The NEAR Foundation (https://near.foundation) is, at the broadest level, the steward of the *full* NEAR purpose. This foundation is an independent nonprofit entity based in Switzerland whose charter directly contains the words of that Purpose. To fulfill it, the Foundation plays a supporting and coordinating role between the players of the ecosystem. It is the lighthouse which helps keep the ecosystem oriented towards the North Star of that Purpose.
Near`s Protocol MainNet Genesis
MAY 4, 2020
Transaction Data
There isn’t any information about that since NEAR no has any listing exchange
information. But there is the explorer https://explorer.near.org/
Governance Model
Governance defines how the protocol is updated (“Technical Governance”) and how its resources are allocated (“Resource Governance”).
NEAR’s governance defines a Reference Maintainer, which is an entity responsible for technical upgrades to the NEAR network. This entity has been selected to maintain the Reference Implementation and continue to suggest improvements on the specification. All major releases will be protected with community discussion and a veto process (a 2 week challenge period), while smaller bug fixes can be rolled out fast and delivered to node operators.
Resources provided by the network itself to the Protocol Treasury are governed and distributed by the NEAR Foundation. This foundation operates independently and will provide structured and transparent funding for projects and activities that are deemed to be most helpful to the ongoing health of the protocol’s ecosystem. This may include technical projects (like the Reference Maintainer) and nontechnical projects or initiatives that support the commons and the community at large.
Technical Solution
It is well-known that Ethereum, the most used general purpose blockchain at the time of this writing, can only process less than 20 transactions per second on the main chain. This limitation, coupled with the popularity of the network, leads to high gas prices (the cost of executing a transaction on the network) and long confirmation times;
The latter approach, in which the work is split among all the participating nodes, is called sharding. This is how Ethereum Foundation currently plans to scale Ethereum.
In Nightshade we model the system as a single blockchain, in which each block logically contains all the transactions for all the shards, and changes the whole state of all the shards. Physically, however, no participant downloads the full state or the full logical block. Instead, each participant of the network only maintains the state that corresponds to the shards that they validate transactions for, and the list of all the transactions in the block is split into physical chunks, one chunks per shard.

GitHub Activity
Community Situation
Community Channel 2996 members
There are several writers, so i`ts difficult to precise an exact amount of followers. The
Near`s Blog is more active than Medium
3141 members
Usually 10% members are online
Following 751 Followers 25K
Low engagement
Only 333 followers
Competition Analysis
There are several companies that use sharding technology in the table below showing the most relevant projects that use them. Near in comparison with their competitors offers a more perfected sharding solution to avoid hash attacks.
Risk Evaluation
The main risk is that since its foundation in 2018 it has only had institutional and private investors. It is not listed on any exchange, so it has not been tested to market conditions.
It is focused on the flexible development of Dapps with a developer-friendly approach, which in the long run may attract more speed in the development of the project.
The most attractive aspect of the project lies in the possibility of attracting more new developers or developers from other companies related to blockchain technology.
Recently in May they partnered with the University of Washington to hold a Hackathon and collaborated as sponsors for the Future of Blockchain that is a long-form competition for those at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London, Berlin and others to build a blockchain project over 3 months.
submitted by CoinEx_Institution to nearprotocol [link] [comments]

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How It Works — SpeedSF Speed Dating & Matchmaking in San ...

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