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2020.10.30 04:59 winterfireandblood 30 metre/ 98 feet cat 6 cable - flat or round

I’ve heard a lot of conflicting opinions regarding flat vs round cables. I only need it for Zoom meetings in my room as I get disconnected very frequently.
The reason I need such a long one is because there is no data point in my room and I have to loop a cable around the living room to prevent tripping. My folks do not want to lay a permanent cable across the house. It won’t be a permanent thing, as I will have to pack the cable away after each Zoom session (2x a week, 2 hours each time).
Is it okay to get a 30 metre/ 98 feet flat cable or will it really cause problems in terms of speed, interference, etc?
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2020.10.30 04:56 HighestCommonFactor [Round 85667] coords within 10 metres of the base of the circled structure

[Round 85667] coords within 10 metres of the base of the circled structure submitted by HighestCommonFactor to PictureGame [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 04:06 OddPhenomena Type 59G(BD) Durjoy
The Type 59G(BD) Durjoy is a heavily upgraded Type 59 in service with Bangladesh, with assistance from China. It is one of the more radical upgrades of the Type 59/T-54/T-55 series, and brings the old chassis up to more modern standards. China offered Bangladesh 300 Type 59 tanks free of charge, and in return Bangladesh would pay for the tanks to be upgraded at 902 Central Workshop at Gazipur. Each upgrade kit costs around $1 million, and includes the following features.
  1. 125mm smoothbore main gun capable of firing APFSDS, HEAT-FS, and HE-FS
  2. New suspension system
  3. Thermal imaging system for the gunner
  4. Kontact-5 ERA copy
  5. Ballistic computer
  6. NBC kit
  7. Target data management suit
  8. Smoke grenade launchers
  9. Improved composite armor protection
  10. Independent commander's vision
The reason for this upgrade is because Bangladesh has a lot of rivers and swamps, and the Bangladesh Army needs something light, while maintaining good firepower, mobility, and protection. It is also much cheaper to upgrade the older Type 59 and Type 69 tanks Bangladesh has been using since the 1980s than to buy a completely new tank, about one third of the cost. The Type 69-IIG upgrade is already in War Thunder as China's 8.7 premium tank. However, I think it would be good for China to get the Type 59G(BD) Durjoy as a 9.3 premium, due to the new features of the tank. It would be
Type 69-IIG
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2020.10.30 03:21 Queef-Elizabeth Legion is a significant downgrade from Watch Dogs 2

I really hate feeling like a negative Nancy right now cause I'm sure there are some very appealing features in this game that make it a better experience than 2 for many people but I'm sorry, it is staggering to see how many features and mechanics have been omitted from previous games and this whole 'recruit anyone' system just does not feel worth it.
In just 6-8 hours of playtime in Legion, I have noticed the removal of:
- Pop up phone menu
- Car stealth
- Move to cover button
- Music finder or being able to listen to music outside of your car
- Music playlists
- Hacking options
- Many shop interiors
- a likeable protagonist
- No more gang warfare
- Citizens don't call or report you to the police if they witness you committing a crime
- Car garage and customisation (although very mild in 2)
- any effort put into free running

On top of that, melee combat is a chore for the most part and just isn't fun with the operatives I've been given. Pressing square 3 times and then triangle doesn't make for engaging combat and I'd much prefer the one button attack 2 had. But Ubisoft had to forced in enemy health bars once again into their games so that enemies are damage sponges and it just takes me out a bit. The open world also doesn't feel as widely available from the get go like it did with WD2 and the lack of easy fast travel seems like more of a negative to me than forcing 'exploration.' The game also performs really poorly and is consistently buggy as I've had times where I got on a motorbike only to be flung 20 metres down the street, in the middle of a pursuit.
Something about this game feels off. I understand that some sequels remove features to make way for something new but this just feels like a total regression for the franchise. The recruitment feature is awesome in theory (and in practice at times) but it seems like it came at a cost of all the nice little immersive details that were in the previous games and imo, it doesn't work anywhere near as well as it should. Ironically, in their attempt at doing something unique with their property, Watch Dogs feels more generic than ever in the way the open world functions.
And one more thing, the lack of any protagonists (once again, while cool in theory) just doesn't work for me. If you're going to commit to something so daring, it has to be done perfectly and so far, the dialogue feels plainly robotic. It doesn't feel like two people having a conversation. It feels like 2 voice actors in a recording booth going through their lines. And on top of that, voices barely match the faces of the characters.
The game has its good sides, like the city of London being a breath of fresh air to explore and the effort being put into having every NPC become a player character with their own recruitment missions (although I foresee the missions becoming rather repetitive as the game goes on) but I'm having a hard time getting over the lack of neat features that gave the series some life in the past.
Are some of the features that I mentioned unlockable later in the game and I just haven't seen them? Have I missed anything?
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2020.10.30 03:18 GoodMorningib Arthropleura (Greek for jointed ribs) is an extinct millipede arthropods that lived around 345 to 295 million years ago. Reaching sizes of around 2.5 metres long it is considered the largest known land invertebrates of all time, and would have had few, if any, predators.

Arthropleura (Greek for jointed ribs) is an extinct millipede arthropods that lived around 345 to 295 million years ago. Reaching sizes of around 2.5 metres long it is considered the largest known land invertebrates of all time, and would have had few, if any, predators. submitted by GoodMorningib to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 03:03 -en- @AFP: VIDEO: Big wave riders surf giant swells at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal. The largest surfable waves in the world can reach up to 20 metres

@AFP: VIDEO: Big wave riders surf giant swells at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal. The largest surfable waves in the world can reach up to 20 metres submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 01:48 LadyPhoe How can I deter an eastern koel from waking me up every night?

My partner and I moved into our first home in early September and have been loving it here but come mid October, one night, we were awoken by this ungodly bird in a tree about 6 metres from our bedroom window (the tree is in the neighbours yard). Every single night, anywhere between 1 and 4am it will start its call that continuously increases in pitch and volume. It is like an alarm clock that cannot be turned off. My partner and I often only get a few hours sleep each night now and it is driving us insane. Despite it getting hotter as we move closer to summer, we close all our windows at night and wear earplugs to bed in hopes that we won't hear the bird's call but the tree is so damn close that our efforts have proved fruitless. It still wakes us up without fail.
Please, if anyone has any methods of deterrent that work, you would be a life saver!
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2020.10.30 00:59 Gerardinski I met my doppelganger while waiting for the train. This is how he tried to end me.

My day started off like any other. I woke up to the jarring sound of my alarm clock and I slapped the snooze about five times before I crawled out of bed. I hated commuting to college. It meant getting up at 6am in the cold darkness that was winter mornings. I know I shouldn’t complain. After all, I’m lucky to be going to college. I was the first one to get there in my family and I was fortunate enough for my parents to pay for it. Even so, if I didn’t have to commute, I would have never encountered the deranged psychopath who tried to kill me. The psychopath who looked exactly like me.
The train station where I lived was unsettling. Dusty brick walls coupled with rusty guttering made the place less than inviting. The station was old, colourless and beginning to deteriorate. The black curtain sky covered any stars that might give off a semblance of light. A grainy fog creeped inwards. I waved goodbye to my mother and went to buy my ticket. Everything seemed normal.
How wrong I was.
I walked through the tiny station, nodding at the porter who gave a half-hearted smile. The bags under his eyes were almost as deep as mine. I strolled towards the automatic sliding door when I felt weird. Something in me told me to turn back and run to the car. I glanced back to check if anyone was behind me. I shrugged it off, I thought the eerie quietness of the train station was putting me off. That was my first mistake.
I walked out and thankfully, lamp posts pierced the darkness of the platform. There was a man waiting in the distance.
I walked up the platform, as that was where the train usually arrived. The man was about 20 metres away. I glanced at him and recognised something off about him but it didn’t register at the time. That was my second mistake. He was wearing an oversized shadow black rain jacket and a grey hat.
The train still hadn’t arrived, it was late as per usual. The feeling of uneasiness hadn't left me. I drifted towards the man’s direction in boredom. “W-What the hell?” I stammered. I had a double take. The man had removed his mask and I could see his chestnut eyes, dark eyebrows and jawline. He looked exactly like me. Even our facial structure was similar. The only difference was the small smirk he gave me.
“Wow... It is like I am looking in the mirror” He said, his voice flat, enunciating every word carefully.
“Holy shit” I bellowed, stepping back. I was inches away from the vertical drop of the platform. I felt my body tingling, no it was shaking. And it wasn't from the cold.
He squinted, moving closer. Despite looking like me, his mannerisms were completely different to mine. He stood up dead straight and stared at me. He didn’t even seem surprised when he saw me.
It's not everyday you meet a stranger who is the spitting image of you.
I jumped at the sound of the train horn, nearly plummeting off the side of the platform.
“The experiment was a success” My doppelganger stated, tilting his head. His eyes were wide with amusement.
The train began to come up past the station towards us, slowing gradually.
That's when he shoved me. I stumbled, attempting to regain my balance as I tethered on the edge of the platform. The train sounded its horn, causing my ears to ring. I saw the conductor's panicked expression in the train window. And I fell.
My back smashed against the rail tracks. I had twisted in the air, away from the train as I fell. I groaned. My parasympathetic system was going haywire as adrenaline was pumped around my body. The train stared down at me with monstrous teeth and glowing eyes. This was no time to be a bitch. The train had almost slowed to a stop. I had no time to stand up. I placed my hands on the rails. The train towered over me. I heaved. The train roared. CRAACK.
I smashed my wrist as I rolled sideways on the jagged rocks that lined the embankment. Pain jolted through my arm like knives.My shirt was drenched in a sea of red. The train had missed me by a hair. I was breathing heavily now.
“Are you ok?” the conductor called out to me. The train had come to a stop.
I stood up, I felt a world of hurt in my right wrist and chest. It was undoubtedly broken. I stood up. And looked around the head of the train. He was gone. The conductor never saw his face through the mist.
These days, I constantly watch over my shoulder, in fear. Waiting for the day, he decides to finish what he started.
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2020.10.30 00:53 damtastic Epic : Ride 20000 metres in a vehicle Me: trying not to puke

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2020.10.30 00:47 LickingCats So apparently not all 2040 extrusions are the same

I just bought a couple metres of 2040 extrusion from a local supplier for another project. I try to buy local where I can, these guys were a few bucks cheaper and I could pick up right from their shop.
The outside dimensions of the 2040 is 20mmx40mm which you'd expect, but the slot depth is not as deep as the 2040 slot on my Ender 5, and the width of the slot opening is also smaller. So the 2020 5mm nuts I bought don't fit in there.
They did have the exact specifications on the website, so they're not lying at all but CLEARLY there is at least more than one standard that people are calling "2020 extrusion" or "2040 extrusion".

In the hopes that someone else can avoid my fate, and also to educate myself did this happen? Is 2020 and 2040 not an actual standard size? Do manufacturers just get to make up whatever they like?

Edit: okay so the answer is that 2020 and 2040 is NOT a standard so just because something says it is 2020 or 2040 you have to check the specifications to see what it really is.
It seems that 2020 and 2040 is more of a suggestion, more of an implication of an idea rather than any specific thing.
Edit2: thanks everyone for your feedback. I'm a little salty that I spent time and money getting this but you've all elevated my knowledge about this
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2020.10.30 00:36 HighestCommonFactor [Round 85662] coords of that min within 10 metres?

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2020.10.30 00:34 PredatorShikari Need urgent assistance with a murderous gerbil

Hey there, a bit of backstory. Back in May me and my other half got two gerbils, smokey and bandit. We bought all the usual things from a pet store including a run of the mill small gerbil cage. 2 months later they started fighting really badly and we had to separate them. We bought a 1 metre by half metre, by 60cm cage and reintroduced them to each other. They got along and that was that.
Yesterday, without any prior warning, or signs of anger, smokey has killed bandit. We are both naturally really upset, but I'm trying to look out for the still living one. He is fine physically, but he seems lost and confused since he finished his brother, and I'm looking for advice.
We are not home enough to be a proxy for the playmate he has had, so we don't want to keep him alone as that isn't fair for his own welfare. Would it be safe to try and introduce him to a new friend or a pair of friends, as I am worried he might do it again. Otherwise would it be kinder to rehome him with someone who can give him the social time he would need living alone? Any advice is super appreciated.
I want to get it sorted quickly before he becomes to depressed!
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2020.10.30 00:11 Spuford PC WIFI issue

I don't know if this belongs in this sub reddit but I don't know where else to ask.
My PC is next to my PS4, when playing games on my PC my ping sits at about 900 making the games far from playable. However, when I play games on my PS4 my ping sits at about 40. But they are on the same WIFI connection and literally a metre apart. And I would obviously prefer to play on my PC.
Does anyone have any idea on what could be causing this absurd amount of ping, and/or how to fix it?
Also, an ethernet cable is not an option because my family doesn't want an obscenely long cable running through the living room, up the stairs and into my room.
I have tried using an internet booster but that hasn't worked in the slightest.
I have narrowed it down to SKY being a poor internet choice but I am not an expert so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it.
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2020.10.29 23:36 teutonicRAVEN (Not scary) Just some weird encounters.

I have many unexplained stories about the paranormal i never really talked about it as no one believed me one of them in short was wacthing my door close with my family down stairs ive had a purply coloured orb moving in the croner of my room me, my dad and sister have all see a figure walk down my stairs and only the other day i was in my living room looked round and what looked like a small boy wearing a blue top sliding down the stairs but in my opinion the weirdest was when i put my ipad with my head phones on my desk went to brush my teeth to come back to them on the floor i didnt think of it much as i thought my dad could be joking with me so i put them back and made sure they were secure and couldn't fall off i had my ipad laid the head phones on top and my phone in the middle knowing they would not fall on accident around half an hour of me trying to fall asleep my phone had been flung on the floor landed about a metre away from the desk i couldnt move i was frozen my dad came in as he heard the loud bang of the phone and realised how paniked i was and i slept in his room as i was terrified looking back on it for my phone to be flung of the desk and make a loud enough noise to wake my dad up something had threw it with force my phone would have also had to be picked up as the headphones kinda made a wall round it as the phone was in the middle another weird accourense was when me my dad and little brother was wacthing t.v my sister was out and my mum was at work and a bouncy ball from my room had bounced in towards us we dont know who or how it happened but yeah just little things but weird things.
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2020.10.29 23:26 fit_acceptance Tips moving heavy IKEA bed into position?

I just finished building my bed from IKEA, yet the bed is on the other side of the room and is too heavy/awkward to lift it to exactly where I want it positioned.
Any hacks or tips for sliding or moving the bed over a few metres without damaging it or me?
Or do I need to call for help?
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2020.10.29 20:17 neutrino46 Another gift

On the back of someone giving me a ubitx V6 last week, someone has given me a yeasu ft 817 Nd, ant tips on getting the best out of the radio, I have tried receive on 2 metres, I couldn't hear anything on the included whip antenna, whereas I could hear on my baofeng UV-R5
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2020.10.29 19:53 devdawg31 *DOG OWNERS* People in this city ruin dog parks

Wanted to know if other people go through this. I have 3 dogs that I bring to the park just about every day, mostly Buena Vista and sometimes Terwillegar. I’ve had some comically bad experiences with the people at these parks.
I should mention one of my dogs is a fairly large puppy, she’s a Bernese cross, about 90 pound and she’s 1 year old. It’s insane to see how other dog owners (specifically of small dogs) react when my dog tries to play with there’s. She plays indiscriminately with other dogs, small or big she loves to run around with dogs. But when she runs around or plays with small dogs the owners either freak out or distance themselves. Just today when we got to Buena Vista my dog ran up to this little Wiener Dog to play, she got maybe two metres away from this dog when he started yelping and crying and she immediately backed off. The lady with this dog looked like she was ready to freak out and picked up her little dog and shot my dog a death glare. Why? Just cause she’s big?
Then maybe 10 minutes later, a little dog APPROACHES HER, and as soon as she begins to run with him he started biting at her face. He actually got her on her tongue leaving it bleeding. This little dogs owner grabs him and pretty much cradles him, and when my girlfriend went to grab our dog, she apologized to him (just to be nice) and he gives her a nasty look.
And don’t even get me started on bikers in parks. They ride there bike THROUGH THE DOG PARK and when a dog gets in there way or wants to say hi, they make some snarky comment or give dirty looks. I actually had one biker yell at my girlfriend, then conveniently rode off when I began to approach him.
Other large dog owners, do you experience these problems? How have you handled these situations?
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2020.10.29 19:27 turtleybob 13 year old beardie doesn’t want to eat anything

My cousin was watching my bearded dragon for me while I moved. We picked him up yesterday. According to my cousin, he hasn’t really eaten for the past couple weeks. He’s always been picky and feeding him is always difficult (he’s very particular and will only eat if handfed).
Most days, he’ll move to a different resting spot once or twice and then just lay there for most of the day, if not multiple days. There are occasions where he’s briefly active (walking around his terrarium and checking things out), but they’re short lived and very far between. When he’s out of his terrarium, he usually only walks around within a metre of where I set him down, and that’s usually only to find somewhere comfy he can sleep.
If he decides to eat again soon, I know it’s going to be in a few days because he’s probably stressed about moving, but I doubt he’ll just decide he wants to eat again anytime soon (he’s gone 5 weeks refusing to eat anything before). What do I do??
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2020.10.29 18:58 Dglitch_K RGB Music Sync

I have the 5 metre Govee Light Strips that sync with music, however I was wondering if there was a way I could make them sync without having to play the music through a speaker maybe an app or something?
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2020.10.29 18:51 HighestCommonFactor [Round 85647] coords within ten metres of that structure

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2020.10.29 18:50 giveyameetagoodolrub Is my exp shotgun trash?

I’ve had the exp shotgun for a while now and have used it extensively, so don’t get me wrong I love it like a disowned child but I needed an interesting title. But it feels like the range on Xbox is horrible, as in when I shoot it automatically goes off at about ten metres. I get that it’s a shotgun and its meant for close combat but I watched a video at one point where when he shot the gun and its range was like 50 metres. He was on pc so does it have something to do with platform?
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2020.10.29 18:27 Gerthanthoclops Landlord threatening to evict for smoking weed occasionally outside the house; is this legal?

Hello all:

I am renting a room in Ontario in a shared house from the landlord who lives downstairs; the only thing we share is a laundry room, they have their own self-contained kitchen and living area and that. I signed a lease initially 2 years ago for a period of 1 year but have since gone month-to-month. I do not have a copy of the original lease and so am not sure whether there was a non-smoking clause. I have never smoked anything inside the house or directly in front of the door or anything, always a few metres away outside.
Apparently this bothered the landlord when she saw me doing this the other day; she sent me a message saying if I do not cease this, she will evict me. Although I am a law student, I don't know much about this area of the law and would appreciate some advice; I know with no-pet clauses, they are not legally enforceable in Ontario. Is she able to evict me for smoking occassionally outside and well away from the house? This seems fairly draconian to me but again, I don't know. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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